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Vincent Walker
Joe LoCicero as Vincent Walker
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Joe LoCicero
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 2019-21
First appearance June 27, 2019
Last appearance June 21, 2021
Occupation Drug dealer
Maternity laboratory attendant

Vincent "Vinny" Walker was a fictional character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Joe LoCicero from 2019 to 2021.


Vinny was a childhood neighbour and friend of Thomas Forrester and Ridge Forrester, who claimed to move away due to ongoing issues at home.

In 2019, Thomas contacted Vinny about a substance to drug love interest Hope Logan with, who was less interested in a relationship than Thomas was. However, after attending a celebration at sister Steffy Forrester's house, Thomas decides to spike Liam Spencer's drink with it instead. This led to him losing inhibitions, performing crazy stunts on the beach, behaving erratically and, eventually, sleeping with Steffy (his ex-wife and mother of their child).

After this proved to work, Vinny delivered more drugs to Thomas and Hope to make their wedding night special, but it was never used as the same day Hope learned the truth about her baby Elizabeth "Beth" Spencer, and Thomas’ role in masking the truth about her being alive. Thomas, now shunned by his family for his role, was offered to live in Vinny's apartment, along with Zoe Buckingham whom Thomas later developed a failed relationship with.

When Steffy was later involved in a car/motorcycle accident and became addicted to painkillers during her recovery, Vinny provided her with extra medication when her doctor and later love interest Finn Finnegan denied her prescription repeats. In the space of a few months, Vinny was employed at the hospital in the maternity laboratory. After Liam mistook Thomas kissing a mannequin of Hope and slept with Steffy once again, she fell pregnant and was unsure if the child was Liam's or Finn's. The paternity test she took indicated Liam was the father, not Finn - this enticed both Thomas and Finn to confront Vinny at the hospital, beat him up, and accuse him of switching the test results, to which he confessed. Thomas then blocked Vinny's phone number and immediately went to tell Hope, and Finn told Steffy before proposing to her.

During this space, Vinny fell into a deep depression and regretted his actions. In an attempt to make it up to Thomas and give him what he felt he wanted (Liam to be out of the picture for Hope), Vinny sent Thomas a video of him tracking Liam's location, who was driving down a highway with his father Bill Spencer Jr. as a passenger. Bill and Liam were discussing how Liam can fully win Hope back after his betrayal with Steffy, when Vinny committed suicide by jumping in front of Liam's car. The video sent to Thomas once recorded.

After much mental and emotional anguish, lying about the accident and Bill convincing Liam not to, Liam turned himself in to the police and was arrested and jailed on counts of suspected murder. As Bill was at the police station to turn Liam away while he spoke to Deputy Chief Baker, he too was jailed as an accomplice.

Finn investigated Vinny's body at the hospital's morgue, and asked Thomas to formally identify him. Thomas was distraught over his former friend's death, tried to find ways to forgive his actions and vowed to make whoever killed him pay. Thomas didn't receive the video of Vinny's suicide until much later when he unblocked Vinny's phone number, and immediately told Justin Barber who was representing Bill and Liam in their court case. Justin appeared interested and thankful, but knew that if he could keep Bill and Liam imprisoned, he would remain the Acting CEO of Spencer Publications. Justin knocked Thomas out, took him to the Spencer Publications basement and held him hostage in a cage. Justin kept Thomas' phone in the CEO Office, which Hope found after being concerned about Thomas' location. Hope followed Justin down to the basement one day and found and released Thomas, who turned in the footage of Vinny's suicide just in the nick of time before Liam would be transferred to another prison.

After much discussion, Deputy Chief Baker decided that Liam could be released early, but on the conditions of a substantial fine and suspension of driver's licence.

Crimes Committed

  • Sold drugs to Thomas Forrester twice; once to drug Liam with, and again to drug Hope with (2019).
  • Sold prescription medication to Steffy Forrester, which she was addicted to (2020).
  • Altered Steffy's paternity test results to appear as though Liam was the father of her unborn child (2020).
  • Committed suicide by jumping in front of Liam's car, so Liam would be charged with murder and be kept away from Hope (Mar 2021).

Hospitalizations and Maladies

  • Beaten up by Thomas Forrester and Finn Finnegan after finding out he altered Steffy's paternity test results (2020).
  • Committed suicide by jumping in front of Liam's car (Mar 2021).