Tiny doberman
The Bold and the Beautiful
Current status Former, Minor
Duration 2006-2008?
Cause/reason Death
Family Douglas
Gender Male
Cause of death Donna shoved him a plate of Pam's lemon bars
Occupation Attack Dog
Parents Pamela Douglas

Tiny Douglas was a supporting character in The Bold and the Beautiful. He was Pamela Douglas's deceased and vicious Doberman Pinscher.

Storylines   Edit

Pam's dog Tiny is a vicious Doberman Pincher. When Pam went into a mental bipolar, Pam played many malicious tricks on Donna. Pam trained Tiny to hate and attack Donna Logan (who tried to break up Pam's sister Stephanie and Eric's marriage and eventually did. Donna's older sister Brooke Logan also did prior). This dog had threatened Donna many times.

Pam (who is obsessed with Lemon Bars) casually brings Tiny Douglas to work at Forrester Creations in which Pam is the current receptionist. Pam leaves and Donna passes by the hallway. Tiny is laying on the floor barking at Donna. Donna's scared and throws a stale lemon bar at him quoting" Here take a lemon bar, stupid dog! Donna scatters off. Donna knocks over the lemon bar plate and Tiny has several. Felicia (Pam's niece) and her boyfriend smell a bad odor and rush out the door to find it, and Pam rushes to Tiny. Pam sees Tiny won't get up even with her calling him, tears up, and immediately turns to Donna and Donna looked and was guilty. Turns out Tiny can't have lemon bars because of the amount of sugar is bad for dogs and died.

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