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The Bikini Beach Club first made the scene on B&B in the early 1990s when Sly Donovan (Brent Jasmer) was the club’s shirtless, hunky bartender.

The club and its nearby beach was the setting for one of Thorne Forrester (Jeff Trachta) and Macy Alexander’s (Bobbie Eakes) weddings in the 1995 where C.J. Garrison (Kyle Sabihy) and Rick Forrester (Steven Hartman) had a knockdown drag out fight that resulted in some bloody noses!


On May 28, 1992 Kristen and Felicia visit the newly opened Bikini Bar where they get acquainted with Zach, the manager, and Sly, the bartender. Both guys seem smitten with the sisters. Zach concocts a dangerous plan to get Felicia's attention. Later on their way home, Felicia and Kristen run into a stranger with their car! Felicia opens up to Stephanie that Zach declined her invitation for the dinner party. Sensing that her daughter is falling for the young man, Stephanie goes to the Bikini Bar to personally extend the invite. When Zach turns her down without giving a proper reason, Stephanie orders him to stop playing Felicia.

Previous Employees:

Flo Logan - Bartender