Tawny Moore
Tawny Moore profile
Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Andrea Evans (1999-2000, 2010-2011)
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 1999-00, 2010-11
Family Moore
Gender Female
Residence Los Angeles, California
Children Amber Moore
April Knight
Grandchildren Rosie Barber-Forrester
Nieces and
Becky Moore
Other relatives Joe Moore
Tilly Moore
Gertrude Moore

Tawny Moore is the mother of twins, Amber Moore and April Knight. She is portrayed by Andrea Evans.

Storylines Edit

Tawny's daughter, Amber was Rick and Bridget Forrester's babysitter who instead of babysitting Rick she seduced him when he was 17 and they both fell in love. Tawny pushed Amber to go after Rick for the Forrester fortune and that's what she did. Amber and Rick then married and adopted Amber's cousin Becky Moore's baby who she didn't want. She led Rick on to think it was his and they named it Eric lll or "Little Eric".  and reuinted with Rick. Rick's ex-girlfriend Kimberly Fairchild went to go ask Amber's cousin Becky in France about their marriage. Becky said it was a total mistake and she was the only woman she loved. Kimberly traveled back to the U.S. Kimberly went to confront Amber when Tawny pulled a gun in front of her face. Kimberly admit he wasn't in love with her and months after pushed him back with Amber. Becky was married to C.J. Garrison but the baby's father was Deacon Sharpe. Amber was engaged to C.J. after Becky died when Deacon walked in and interrupted their wedding ceremony. Amber figuring she'd have better odds of custody with Rick, broke up with C.J.  Then when Amber got pregnant, she didn't know if it was Oliver Jones's or Liam Spencer's. Tawny pushed her to go for Liam because Oliver's broke and Liam's rich. Amber led Liam on to thinking it was a Spencer baby. Amber gave birth to a mixed race baby and realized it was from her one night stand with Marcus Forrester. The baby girl was named Rosie Barber Forrester after Amber's full first name Ambrosia. Wealthy powerful Bill Spencer was furious about Amber's lie and almost let her fall off a cliff until Steffy Forrester saved her.

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