Robin Mattson as Sugar
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Robin Mattson
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 2003
First appearance September 29, 2003
Last appearance October 10, 2003
Gender Female
Occupation Warden
Kimberlin Brown as Sugar, after Sugar had a plastic surgery to look like Sheila Carter.
Romances Nick Marone
Sugar is a fictional character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Robin Mattson.


Sugar is a warden who helped to Sheila Carter to escape from the prison. Sheila and Sugar kidnapped Ridge Forrester. His half brother, Nick Marone, and his wife, Brooke Logan Forrester tried to save the Ridge, but they also were caught by Sheila and Sugar. Nick flirted with Sugar to he, Ridge and Brooke will be able to escape, but his plan was foiled by Sheila. Ridge and Nick's father, Massimo Marone comes to save them, and Sheila tells him that they have a daughter together Diana, but then Sheila and Sugar fled with Diana.

Sheila had tricked Sugar into having plastic surgery in order to look just like Sheila, and she also closed Sugar in to the police, and so Sugar sent to prison in place of Sheila. After Sugar escaped, she stabbed Scotty Grainger in an attempt to kill him. Unfortunately for her, the police showed up and arrested her. At the police station Lauren discovered that the woman isn't Sheila at all. Sheila's ankle was broken, so she couldn't be able to walk without crutches. Sugar then explained what Sheila did to her and said she "wanted to destroy the one thing that ever meant anything to Sheila". After that she was taken away by the police and locked behind bars.

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