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Storm Logan †
Storm Logan-0.jpg
William deVry as Storm Logan
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Ethan Wayne (1987-88, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003)
Brian Patrick Clarke (1990-1991)
William deVry (2006-2008, 2012)
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 1987-1988, 1990-1991, 1994, 1998, 2000-2001, 2003, 2006-2008, 2012
First appearance March 23, 1987
Last appearance September 26, 2012
Introduced by William J. Bell
Family Logan family
Henderson family
Fullname Stephen Logan Jr.
Nickname(s) Storm, Stormie
Namesake(s) Stephen Logan
Gender Male
Born December 13, 1963
Died April 28, 2008
Age 44 (when he passed)
Cause of death Shot himself
Occupation Lawyer
Residence Los Angeles, California
Brian Patrick Clarke.jpg
Brian Patrick Clarke as Storm Logan
Ethan Wayne.jpg
Ethan Wayne as Storm Logan
Parents Stephen Logan
Beth Henderson
Siblings Brooke Logan
Donna Logan
Katie Logan
Romances Taylor Hamilton (Engaged 1987-1988)
Kristen Forrester
Ashley Abbott (Ex-lovers 2007-2008)
Shauna Fulton (Fling)
Children Flo Logan (daughter with Shauna)
Grandparents Helen Logan (paternal grandmother)
Nieces and
Rick Forrester
Bridget Forrester
Hope Logan
R.J. Forrester
Marcus Forrester
Will Spencer
Other relatives Logan Knight (great-nephew)
Rosie Forrester (great-niece)
Lizzy Forrester (great-niece)
Beth Spencer (great-niece)

Stephen "Storm" Logan Jr. was a fictional character on the daytime soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. He was last portrayed by William deVry from 2006-2008, then a guest appearance in 2012.


Storm Logan is the eldest child of Stephen and Beth Logan and the older brother of Brooke, Donna, and Katie Logan. Storm and his family lived in the San Fernando Valley. His anger towards his father when he abandoned the family earned him the nickname "Storm." Being sometimes overly protective of his sisters, he was upset when Brooke wanted to help out Dave Reed with a sting operation and when his mom, Beth, pursued a relationship with her college sweetheart, Eric Forrester. In 1990, his high school friend and sweetheart, Taylor Hayes, arrived in Los Angeles. Storm and Taylor briefly reignited their relationship and even became engaged, but Taylor called off their engagement when she began developing feelings for Ridge Forrester. Storm, along with Donna, left Los Angeles for San Francisco where he practiced law and occasionally returned for family events.

Storm returned in 2006 at Ridge's request to defend Taylor, who was on trial for Darla Forrester's death. The following year, he was hired by Nick Marone to be Forrester Creations' legal staff when Nick and his mom, Jackie Marone, took over Forrester. He retained his position at Forrester Creations when Eric and Stephanie Forrester regained control of their company and seemed happy to be reunited with all three of his sisters.

In 2007, Storm represented Brooke at a hearing when she lost custody of his niece and nephew, Hope Logan and R.J. Forrester. Brooke was scared to tell her brother that she was attacked at her house and raped by a man named Andy Johnson that Stephanie had hired to distract Brooke. Donna eventually called Stephen to return to Los Angeles to help out with Brooke's problems. Storm was resentful of his dad's sudden return and placing himself back into the lives of his sisters. Later that year, after a fashion show at Forrester Creations, Stephanie was suddenly shot by an unknown person. The police arrested Stephen for the shooting, but Brooke and Katie were shocked when Storm revealed he was the shooter and framed his father for it. He admitted that he shot Stephanie due to the way she had treated Brooke throughout the years and her involvement in Brooke's rape and admitted to framing their father for the crime because of his abandonment when they were kids. When Stephanie eventually found out that Storm was the shooter, Brooke and Katie convinced her to not say anything as Storm was getting psychiatric treatment for his issues. Stephanie caved in and agreed to not say anything in exchange for Donna calling off her affair with Eric.

In 2008, Storm took an interest in newly hired Ashley Abbott after Brooke fixed them up on a date. However, Ridge Forrester was against the idea of having his ex-fiancée paired up with the man that shot his mother. Storm was heartbroken when Ashley broke off their relationship after she found out about Storm's crime. He went to Ashley's house to convince her that he was a changed person and suddenly brought out the same gun he shot Stephanie with. Katie, who had gone to see Ashley, peeked through the windows and saw Storm showing Ashley the gun. Misunderstanding the situation, Katie bursts in and fought with Storm for the gun, accidentally getting shot in the process. When Bridget Forrester told the rest of her family that Katie would die without a heart transplant, a guilty Storm went into another hospital room and shot himself so he could give Katie his heart on April 28, 2008.

In April 2019, it was revealed that Storm has a daughter named Flo Fulton that nobody ever knew about. Flo's mother Shauna Fulton never searched for Flo's father, but a DNA Test came back with a match to the late Stephen "Storm" Logan Jr., and confirmed that he is in fact her biological father.

Vision of Storm Logan

Storm was then seen in 2012, after Katie gave birth to his nephew, Will, Katie has a near-death experience, whereas a vision of Storm appears. Katie sees the vision, and is ready to join him and their mother in heaven, but Storm says that it's not her time yet, and that Bill and Will need her, with the vision fading away.

Flo Fulton discovers that that Storm is her father

Flo Fulton (currently Flo Logan) came to LA and learned that Storm is her biological father. Flo was sad that she will never meet her father, but was relieved to know where she comes from. Her happy reunion with the Logan family was just calm before the storm because once the Logan women found out that Flo was helping Reese Buckingham to sell Hope Logan's baby they banished her from the family. After Flo gave Katie Logan her kidney Katie and Donna Logan forgave her. It took Brooke Logan Forrester more time to forgive her, but Hope Logan told her that she will never forgive her for keeping her daughter away from her for so long and for making her spend 8 months, thinking her daughter had died at birth.