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Steffy Forrester
Steffy Forrester profile
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Cameryn McNabb (2002-2003)
Jordan Mella (2003-2004)
Kylie Tyndall (2004-2005)
Alex Hoover (2005-2006)
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (2008-)
Current status Present, Contract
Duration 1999-2006, 2008-2013, 2015-
First appearance September 21, 1999
Created by Bradley Bell
Family Forrester family
Marone family
Douglas family
Hamilton family
Ashford family
Fullname Stephanie Forrester
Nickname(s) Steffy
Steff (by Thomas)
Queenie (by Sally)
Namesake(s) Stephanie Douglas
Gender Female
Born September 21, 1999

(revised to September 21, 1989 then April 18,1990)

Age 34
Occupation Chief Executive Officer of Forrester Creations
37.5% Shareholder of Forrester Creations
Residence Forrester Cliff House
Malibu, California
Alex Hoover
Alex Hoover as Steffy Forrester
Kylie Tyndall
Kylie Tyndall as Steffy Forrester
Parents Ridge Forrester
Taylor Hayes
Siblings Thomas Forrester (brother)
Phoebe Forrester (twin sister; deceased)
R.J. Forrester (paternal half-brother)
Jack Marone (maternal half-brother)
Spouses Liam Spencer (2011-12; 2013; 2017-2018)
Wyatt Spencer (2016-17)
Finn Finnegan (2021-present)
Romances Marcus Forrester
Rick Forrester
Owen Knight (unreciprocated)
Oliver Jones (unreciprocated)
Bill Spencer Jr.
Children Aspen Forrester-Spencer (miscarried son with Liam)
Kelly Spencer (daughter with Liam)
Hayes Finnegan (son with Finn)
Grandparents Eric Forrester (paternal)
Stephanie Douglas (paternal; deceased)
Massimo Marone (paternal; biological)
Jack Hamilton (maternal)
Sharon Ashford (maternal)
Aunts and
Thorne Forrester (paternal)
Felicia Forrester (paternal)
Kristen Forrester (paternal)
Zach Hamilton (maternal)
Diana Carter (unproven claim)
Nick Marone ((paternal; biological)
Nieces and
Douglas Forrester
First cousins Alexandria Forrester (deceased)
Zende Dominguez (adoptive)
Dino Damiano
Oscar Marone (biological)
Jack Marone (biological)
Nicole Marone (biological; deceased)
Other relatives Pamela Douglas (paternal great-aunt)
John Forrester (paternal great-uncle)

Stephanie "Steffy" Forrester is a fictional character on the American soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. She is portrayed by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood.

Steffy, along with her late twin sister Phoebe Forrester, is the second-eldest child of supercouple Ridge Forrester and Dr. Taylor Hayes.


Steffy and her fraternal twin sister Phoebe were born to Taylor Hamilton and Ridge Forrester. She was named after her paternal grandmother, Stephanie Douglas. She has an older brother named Thomas and she has a younger half-brother named R.J from Ridge Forrester and a younger Legal Maternal half-brother Jack Marone that her mother Taylor Hayes gave birth to. Jack is biologically Brooke Logan Forrester's and Nick Marone's son which makes him biologically Steffy's cousin. Steffy has two living children. One daughter, Kelly Spencer with her ex husband Liam Spencer and Hayes Finnegan with her current husband Finn Finnegan. Her son Aspen Forrester-Spencer died in her womb after a motorcycle accident. Liam Spencer was that baby's father.

Early Childhood and Teen Years[]

Steffy lived with her parents and two siblings when Morgan DeWitt decided that she wants to steal Steffy's father Ridge Forrester. In the past she was pregnant with Ridge's child, but Steffy's grandmother Stephanie Forrester secretly convinced Morgan to have an abortion. Tormented ever since Morgan decided that she has to get pregnant by Ridge again to re-gain what she lost because of Stephanie. Morgan pretends to be Taylor's friend, but secretly schemes and fakes a message from Taylor to Ridge in which Taylor agrees that Ridge should impregnate Morgan. Ridge gives in believing his wife wants it and Morgan gets pregnant. Ridge hides that Morgan is pregnant with him for months, but ends up telling his wife the truth and Taylor is heartbroken. She doesn't want to forgive her husband and accuses Morgan of destroying her family. Morgan is pleading with Taylor and asks her to see her child as a blessing, but Taylor isn't having it. She tries to get away from Morgan, but the woman follows her upstairs. When Taylor refuses to listen to her and tells her to get out Morgan starts to struggle with Taylor and while Taylor tries to push her away Morgan falls over the balcony and loses her baby. Morgan blames Taylor for losing her baby and shortly after decides to kidnap Steffy from a boat during a storm with a help of her acquaintance that was working on a boat. Taylor and Ridge believe that their daughter fell into the ocean when they find Steffy's lifejacket bitten by the sharks, but Steffy has been hid from them and taken to Morgan where Morgan colored her hair red and asked her to call her mommy. Taylor and Ridge are grieving.One day Steffy manages to call her father when Morgan is not at home. He is shaken when he hears a child calling him "daddy", but Morgan is there and convinces him to ignore it. Taylor is inconsolable and makes a decision to take some time alone. Before she stops by at Morgan's home and hears Steffy calling "mommy". Morgan tries to stop her, but Taylor storms into the room and see's Steffy. Taylor and Steffy have a tearful reunion. When Taylor tries to call Ridge Morgan hits her head and leaves Taylor unconscious. Taylor becomes Morgans hostage. At one point Ridge finds Steffy's drawing in Morgan's purse and starts being suspicious. He confronts Morgan and she lies to him. He drives his car though the wall of Morgans home to get inside. He see's Taylor and Steffy being alive. Morgan has a gun and her friend Tim Reid encourages to kill Ridge so they don't end up in jail. Morgan isn't able to kill her ex boyfriend so she and Tim flee the scene. Taylor and Ridge bring Steffy at home where she is happily reunited with her siblings.

In 2002, Taylor was "killed" in an altercation with Sheila Carter. After a period of mourning, Ridge remarried Brooke Logan, Taylor's enemy and rival for Ridge's heart. They didn't know that Taylor's former husband, Prince Omar Rashid of Morocco replaced Taylor's body with a wax dummy and healed the real Taylor at his palace. When Taylor reappeared in 2005 she was shocked to see that Ridge re-married and that he has a son with Brooke, but she was very happy to see Steffy and her other two children again. The children wanted their parents back together. Another person that wanted it was Stephanie Forrester, Ridge's mother that always preferred Taylor over Brooke. Ridge was torn between Taylor and Brooke, but Stephanie fakes a heart attack and Ridge, wanting to make his mothers dream come true returns to Taylor. Ridge and Taylor make love and Ridge assures Taylor that he loves her, but soon the couple starts to have problems because Ridge misses Brooke. Heartbroken and insecure Taylor allows Hector Ramirez to kiss her. Brooke uncovers it and tells Taylor to tell Ridge or else she will. Taylor decides to be honest even if Stephanie tells her that she will lose Ridge if she does it. She also revealed that long ago she had slept with James Warwick, which torpedoed her marriage to Ridge. Ridge called her a hypocrite that constantly judged Brooke. Taylor was heartbroken. Steffy and Phoebe left to attend boarding school in London, although Phoebe returned by herself in 2006.

Return to L.A. in Adulthood[]

In 2008, Steffy arrived home determined to work her way up at Forrester Creations . She started in the shipping department, where she met Marcus Forrester. When Donna Logan took over at Forrester, Steffy dug up dirt and found out that Donna was Marcus' birth mother. Though Ridge disapproved of Steffy dating Donna's son, things went well until Rick Forrester got control of the company himself and sent Marcus to Forrester International so Steffy would be available.

Romance with Rick[]

Rick had been dating Phoebe, but after she broke up with him due to him cheating on her with Ashley Abbott Rick bonds with Phoebe's and Steffy's mother Taylor Hayes. Rick helps her to deal with her alcohol problem and the two end up in bed. Phoebe found out and became enraged because she still loved Rick and had hopes that they could re-kindle their flame. Taylor tried to calm her daughter and decided to stop seeing Rick. After some time Phoebe told Rick and Taylor that she gives them her blessing however Taylor leaves Rick because she's still in love with her ex husband Ridge. Phoebe heard from Steffy that Rick tried to kiss her. Phoebe was hurt that not only did Rick sleep with her mother, but not he also pursued her twin sister. Phoebe's rage lead to an angry confrontation in Rick's car. Phoebe lashed out at Rick and pushed the gas with her feet while she tried to push the stop pedal and the car crashed causing Phoebe's death. Ridge, who didn't like Rick from the beginning, was enraged and blamed Rick for Phoebe's death. Steffy also blamed Rick initially, but bonded with him over their shared grief eventually leading to a kiss. Marcus returned and wanted to marry Steffy who, by that time, was more interested in Rick. When the secret relationship was exposed, Ridge fumed because of Rick's part in Phoebe's death, and Steffy found the entire family against her including her brother Thomas who almost killed Rick in an explosion that was meant to scare him. Steffy agreed to marry Rick, but he resented Ridge's treatment of Brooke over the years and even though he claimed that he loves Steffy a part of him proposed to Steffy also to hurt Ridge and ruin his marriage to Brooke. Rick boasted about it to Ridge who was secretly recording the conversation. Steffy dumped Rick after hearing it but briefly took him back before finally realizing that their relationship would never withstand all the family opposition. Marcus later tried unsuccessfully to revive things with Steffy.

Attempts To End Bridge/Tridge Love Triangle[]

Steffy was thrilled when Ridge ended up going back to Taylor on his own after he and Brooke broke up after an argument about Rick and his involvement in Phoebe's death, but as their wedding approached, Steffy faked text messages to Brooke to make sure the marriage happened. She knew that Brooke suddenly wanted her father back and she was scared that they will get back together if they see each other and talk. Brooke found out and stopped the wedding, cementing her place as Steffy's enemy. Brooke and Ridge went back together and Steffy's mother ended up disappointed once again.

Pursuing Owen Knight[]

Steffy became attracted to Owen Knight after he saved her life, but he was married to Jackie Payne. Jackie thinks that Steffy could give Owen a child as she is young. Owen was tempted by Steffy's overtures, but remained faithful to Jackie and nothing more than a kiss happened between him and Steffy.

Uses Bill to get Forrester Back[]

Bill Spencer Jr. acquired Forrester Creations and Steffy became intrigued by the older man. Steffy earned a promotion to Head of Public Relations. Bill was engaged to Katie Logan, but had an undeniable attraction to Steffy and didn't mind when she kissed him. Steffy was disappointed when Bill married Katie and outraged when he made her CEO of Forrester. When Katie gave her sisters leadership positions in the company, Steffy launched an all out war against the entire Logan family. Using the attraction between herself and Bill she arranged a seduction and swiped Katie's engagement ring from Bill's bedroom before any lovemaking could take place. Steffy threatened to tell Katie how she got the ring if Bill didn't sign the company over to her. Steffy edged the Logans out by dividing the company's stock equally between Ridge, Stephanie, Eric Forrester and Taylor.

Exposing the "Broliver" Scandal and Rivalry with Hope[]

Stepping up her battle against the Logans, Steffy tried to seduce Oliver Jones, the boyfriend of her step-sister, Hope Logan. Oliver didn't bite, but Steffy did manage to publicly embarrass Hope at a showing for her Hope For The Future fashion line by rigging the sign to read "Ho" For The Future. When Oliver inadvertently videotaped Brooke's daughter, Bridget cheating on her husband, Steffy wanted to use the footage to hurt Brooke's family, but Oliver talked her out of it. Instead, Steffy went for the jugular after Brooke "accidentally" had sex with Oliver at Hope's graduation party, where everyone wore masks. Steffy told Brooke she wouldn't go public about the tryst if Brooke left Forrester and sent Hope away to college. Oliver also had to date Steffy. Brooke diffused Steffy's bomb by telling Ridge about Oliver herself. A forgiving Ridge forced Steffy to craft a video tribute to Brooke. Computer tech Liam Spencer mistakenly recorded Steffy talking to Ridge about Brooke's betrayal. Justin Barber, Liam's boss at Spencer Publications, coerced Liam into augmenting Steffy's video with the recording, betting that Brooke's latest scandal would help sell magazines. Ridge fired Steffy when the video went public, but Steffy got Liam to help clear her name. Taylor demonstrated her faith in her daughter by gifting her with her 25% share in Forrester. Angry with Ridge, Steffy momentarily considered selling her stock to Bill, who still wanted the company.

Thomas' interest in Brooke[]

Steffy transferred to Forrester International after making a few moves on Liam, who had started dating Hope. Steffy came home with Bill Spencer on her mind. She recalled their flirtations and declared that she was a better match for Bill than Katie. Steffy claimed to understand Bill's motivation after saving Amber Moore from Bill's murder plot, which prompted Katie to walk out. Later, she desperately asked Bill for help when Thomas went missing at sea. Bill declared his love for Steffy after the rescue brought them closer, but he refused to leave Katie. Steffy was overjoyed when Ridge divorced Brooke and planned to remarry Taylor upon learning that Thomas and Brooke had sex on a deserted island while hopped up on psychedelic berries. Ridge later returned to Brooke when it turned out Thomas lied about the encounter because Stephanie promised him her stock.

Affair with Bill Spencer Jr.[]

Steffy's and Bill's romance started to become more serious. At one point Bill wanted to leave his wife for Steffy. Bill and Steffy bonded because while Katie couldn't accept that Bill tried to murder Amber the Forrester girl showed him love and understanding. Bill saw Steffy as a "ride and die" girl. They almost made love, but Taylor caught them and stopped the two before they could consummate their affair. Steffy buys a loft so she and Bill can be intimate without interference, but Bill and Steffy never had sex in the loft because Steffy's mother Taylor decides to do the right thing by informing Katie about her husband's and Steffy's affair. Katie confronts Bill and he confesses. Katie has a heart attack. Bill vows to be there for Katie and he breaks things off with Steffy. Steffy tries to minimalize the importance of Katie's heart attack and doesn't want it to be the reason of why she and Bill can't have a life together, but Bill refuses to stay with her. Steffy is angry and starts breaking things at her loft. A heartbroken Steffy gets a visit from Hope. The Logan girl tells her off for trying to break her aunts marriage up which infuriates Steffy.

The Beginning of "Steam"[]

Steffy slipped in her bathtub and almost drowned. She was saved by Liam (who had stopped by to return his key) and developed an attraction to him. She kissed him right on the spot which shocked him. Steffy tried to win Liam over by seducing him and showing him that she can give him what Hope can't. She pointed out that Hope doesn't offer him sex and that she is more focused on her line than him. Liam is tempted by Steffy's attempts to win his heart, but he remained with Hope even if he was growing increasingly more sexually frustrated and he was attracted to Steffy. One day Steffy witnessed Liam proposing to Hope during a fashion show, but encouraged by her mother Taylor Hayes who said that "engaged isn't married" she continued to pursue Liam also when he was already engaged. One day Hope decided that she and Liam are so close that there is no reason to wait and she went to his house where she was a parked car and inside Steffy and Liam that were sharing a kiss that Steffy asked Liam for. It was supposed to be their goodbye kiss. Hope went to put her engagement ring on the mantle and when Liam saw it he was heartbroken and angry because he had no idea that Hope saw him cheating with Steffy. In the heat of the moment Liam put Hope's ring on Steffy's finger and they made love. Shortly after Steffy and Liam go to Aspen. Hope regrets overreacting and follows them after learning where the two went. She asks Liam to see her on the top on the mountain. Liam decides to see Hope on the mountain and waited there for her. Steffy and Bill found a way to stop the gondola that Hope was in on her way to the mountain. Hope saw Liam, but Liam didn't see her. Steffy walked towards Liam in a wedding dress and the two married while a devastated Hope had to watch them exchange their vows. After Liam and Steffy came back home a shocked Liam learned that Hope tried to go to the mountain top. Brooke told Liam that Hope went to his house and wanted to give herself to him, but saw him and Steffy kissing and she didn't break up with him for no reason. Liam tells Brooke that although he cares for his wife what he and Steffy have doesn't even come close to what he and Hope shared. Steffy does everything she can to keep her husband happy, but she can notice that he still cares for Hope. One say Steffy decides to confess to Liam that she took a part in stopping Hope's gondola and she excused it by her love for him. Liam goes straight to Hope, but Thomas stops him and reminds him who his wife is. Thomas and Hope flirt which drives Liam crazy even if he himself is married and sexually active with Steffy. Steffy makes a pact with Thomas. He is supposed to pursue Hope so she and Liam can have a peaceful marriage without Hope Logan in their lives. Steffy and Liam decide to go to Cabo. Thomas, not knowing to which resort Steffy and Liam went, decides to take Hope to the same resort. Steffy likes the reasort even if she learned that the name of the resort is "Hope" in Spanish. Her good mood ends when she spots Hope and Thomas. Steffy is angry with her brother, but he explains that he didn't know. The two decide to keep Hope and Liam apart. While Steffy thinks of ways to keep Liam and Hope in the dark that they are spending time in the same place Liam daydreams about Hope and occasionally wonders why his wife is always roaming around the resort instead of spending more time with him. Steffy and Bill organize an engagement ring so Thomas could propose to Hope. Hope declines. Steffy is determined to rush things between her rival and her brother so she starts buying drinks for them and asks the hotel staff to deliver the drinks to Hope and Thomas. Hope lets herself go and decides to enjoy the free drinks that are coming in while a concerned Steffy observes her brother and Hope from above. Liam shows up and notices Hope and Thomas. He realized that Steffy kept the truth about Hope being in the same resort from him and when Liam starts to call for Hope Steffy's hearts break and she starts crying. Thomas see's Liam and decides to take Hope away on a quad. Instead of staying with Steffy and talking it out Liam decides to follow Thomas and Hope. Steffy follows right after them, but unfortunately she has an accident on her way to catch her husband. Liam reaches Hope and Thomas and shares a kiss with Hope on the beach. Thomas informs Liam and Hope that Steffy got hurt. Steffy gets rushed to the hospital where Ridge demands Liam to stand by his wife. Hope and Liam are crushed when they realize that they can't be together when the doctor says that Steffy has a blood cloth and she might die if she has too much stress. In reality Bill covinced the doctor to say this to Steffy and her family to secure Liam's and Steffy's marriage. This time Bill schemes alone and unaware Steffy is convinced that she is in grave danger. Katie, Hope's aunt, discovers that Steffy's head scan is fake. Bill tries to stop her, but she manages to inform Liam and Hope. Liam is sure that Steffy knew and runs straight to Hope. Steffy begs him to stay with her, but he insist on being with Hope. Steffy confronts Bill for lying and not only destroying her marriage, but making her believe that she might die. Liam asks Steffy for an annulment because Hope wants to get married fast. Steffy doesn't agree and wants the 6 months waiting period and a normal divorce. Rick, Hope's brother, tries to convince Steffy to sign the annulment papers and offers her ro re-kindle their old flame but she tricks him and writers "loser" on the document instead of signing them. Rick thinks that he did it and informs Hope and Liam just to realize that Steffy tricked him. Hope tries to convince Steffy into signing the annulment papers a couple of times, but each time she refuses and once calls Hope Liam's rebound which infuriates Hope that initiated a chocolate fight with Steffy.

Skiing Accident[]

Steffy was sure Liam would be back if she waited it out especially because of Hope's purity vows however Hope, sexually frustrated, decides to make love to Liam and tells Steffy that they did it. Steffy calls her an adulteress and reminds her about her Hope for the future massage. When Bill finds out the press calls Hope a hypocrite. The hate she received pushed the young Logan girl into therapy where she receives anti anxiety pills. When they end Amber Moore gets more. Steffy created a ski line and attended Aspen's Fashion Week, which also brought Liam out to cover the event. Hope made the trip as well. Bill, knowing where Hope is, sends the press after Hope. Bullied by the paparazzi's almost everywhere she goes a stressed Hope gets high on her anti anxiety pills and goes skiing with Liam and she accidentally crashed into Steffy. Both girls are unconcious for a moment. Hope wakes up before Steffy and asks her if she's ok. Steffy replies with a "what the hell Hope?" and Hope apologizes. Hope leaves and when Steffy tries to stand up she discovers that her knee is hurt and she can't stand up. Liam shows up and Steffy tells him what happened. Liam takes Steffy to the doctor where Steffy encourages Liam to go check on Hope. Liam is angry and confronts Hope. He blames her for not staying with Steffy, but Hope tells Liam that when she asked Steffy if she's fine she confirmed and that's why she left. Hope gives Liam her pills and says that she doesn't want them anymore and that she loves him. Liam is worried how their marriage will look like. Hope assures Liam that they will be alright and she promises him that she'll do what she has to do. After his conversation with Hope Liam comes back to the hospital to support Steffy while Hope leaves Aspen alone. Liam convinces Steffy to go with him to the home he shares with Hope in Aspen to discover that Hope already left and left him a note in which she admits she let him down, that she loves him and waits for him in LA. Steffy and Liam are alone in the house and during their conversation Steffy gives Liam signed annulment papers. Liam is surprised that Steffy would agree to annul the marriage after declining so many times before. Steffy said that things went out of control to the point that Hope was being chased by the press while she ended up in the hospital two times. First in Cabo and later in Aspen. Steffy confessed that she was driven to insanity by her love and that she had good intentions fighting for their marriage, but it shouldn't be a fight so she sets Liam free. Steffy and Liam both share a love for Bob Hope and Steffy decides to sing Bob's song "thanks for the memories". Liam joins her and when they finish Steffy starts crying. Liam decides to tore up the annulment papers and kisses an overjoyed Steffy.

Steffy hopes that Liam will choose him but he chooses Hope[]

Back in LA Steffy confides in her grandmother Stephanie Forrester that Liam tore up their annulment papers and kissed her and she told her grandmother that Hope bumped into her while skiing and left her without mentioning that Hope didn't leave until she asked her if Steffy's was ok first and that she herself didn't know that she was hurt until she tried to stand up. Meanwhile Hope informs a surprised Liam that she will move out of the Malibu home and she won't live with him until they're married. She also asked him if he still wants to marry her and Liam replies that he loves her and is very much committed to her and he doesn't tell her that he kissed Steffy in Aspen. He admits that the accident horrified him and that she shouldn't go skiing after taking pills. Hope agrees that Liam is right and she swears that she will never take another pill again.

Steffy tells Ridge, Thomas and Taylor that she believes that she and Liam might go back together, but her family is cautious. Steffy thinks that the collision she had with Hope might be the best thing that happened to her and Liam. Ridge shares the story about the Aspen kiss with Ridge. She tells her dad that she feels that she and Liam belong together and her marriage is far from over.

Steffy and Hope meet at Brooke's house. Hope apologizes to Steffy for accidently hurting her and hugs her. Steffy says that Hope didn't mean to hurt her. Steffy notices that Hope came to Brooke with her bag and Steffy finds out that Hope moved out of Liam's home. Hope asks Steffy if she would like to come to her wedding. Steffy gives her a diplomatic answer to not set anything in stone until their plans are made. Hope reveals that the wedding will happen in the south of Italy.

Ridge doesn't agree to design Hope's wedding gown and tells Brooke that Steffy and Liam are already reconnecting while Hope asks Steffy if Liam said anything about changing his mind about marrying her. Steffy confirms that something happened between her husband and her and tells her that this divorce is never going to happen, but she doesn't tell Hope the details.

After her conversation with Liam Steffy paid Liam a visit. She tells Liam that what happened between in Aspen are their little secret. Liam invites her in and she says that she won't step a foot in that house until he tells her that she has to come back home. She tells Liam that Hope is secure that he is committed and it was hard to listen to Hope's wedding plans. She tells Liam that what happened between them in Aspen was the most romantic moment in her life. Steffy gives Liam a kiss and says goodbye to him.

Steffy visits Liam and Spencer Publications, but Hope happens to already be there. Hope mentions that Steffy said something happened between them in front of Liam. Liam gets nervous. Hope starts talking about their upcoming wedding in Italy and hugs Liam and Steffy leaves.

Steffy has a talk with her grandma again and Brooke overhears. She found out that her daughter's fiance, Liam tore up the annulment papers. Steffy calls him and tells him about it. Liam says maybe it's for the best and Stephanie reads Liam's words as he is making a decision that he is going back to Steffy. Liam asks Brooke to not reveal the truth about Aspen to Hope.

The last day of Steffy's marriage arrives. Steffy has a timer set and she waits for Liam to stop the divorce. Bill goes to Liam and encourages him to go back to Steffy. When Bill leaves, Ridge visits him too and reminds him that he needs to make a decision.

Liam calls Steffy and asks to see her. Steffy is very happy to receive that call and goes to the Malibu house. Steffy screamed out of joy and started getting ready. Stephanie hears the scream and she's super happy for Steffy and asks her to text her with news. Stephanie informs Taylor that Liam called Steffy. Taylor wonders if she will get a happy call from Steffy or a sad one. Steffy arrives at the cliff house and see's a romantic setting with candles and wine. Steffy and Liam drink wine together. She tells him that it would be hard for her if their marriage ended and she knows that it would be hard for him too. Liam reminds Steffy about all of their moments in Aspen and Cabo and says it was a hell of a ride and that he wouldn't trade it for anything. He tells her that she is the only person that understood his fascination with Bob Hope. He notices that Steffy didn't take the engagement ring off. Steffy replied that she will always treasure their time together and asks them if it's their end or a new beginning. Liam tells her that they will never end married or not. Steffy reminds Liam of the countdown till midnight that ends their marriage. Liam received a video chat from Hope where she shows him her wedding dress. Liam tells Hope she is so beautiful. Hope and Liam exchange "I love you's" in front of a sad Steffy. He apologized to Steffy for making her feel uncomfortable. Steffy tells Liam that a part of him wants to be with her and wants to call off the divorce. She said that she saw love in his eyes when he video chatted with Hope and he can't disappoint her or be with the both of them. Steffy and Liam both cry and Steffy takes off her ring and tells Liam to just hold her. Liam gives her a kiss right before the midnight comes and their divorce is final. Steffy thanks Liam for the memories and leaves.

Hope and Liam's Wedding in Italy[]

Having forged a tentative truce with Hope, Steffy hesitated accepting an invitation to Hope's wedding in Puglia, Italy Bill realized that Liam still had unresolved feelings, and hinted the tide could turn in Steffy's favor, so Steffy attended. Steffy was at Liam's side when he found a note that implied Hope had jilted him, so Liam kissed Steffy and prepared to go away with her on the Spencer jet. Hope later returned and explained that the appearance of her estranged father, Deacon Sharpe, had delayed her and that the goodbye note was from her father to her. Steffy heard everything from the bathroom and was heartbroken when Liam went to marry Hope. Steffy watched the ceremony from afar, but slipped and fell into the Adriatic Sea. She was furious when she discovered that Bill had sprung Deacon Sharpe from jail in an attempt to push Liam back toward Steffy. An iPad had accidentally recorded video of Liam and Steffy making out in Italy. Steffy deleted it but first e-mailed a copy to herself. One day Hope saw the video and declared she hated Steffy before insisting on a fresh wedding to Liam. The night before the ceremony Hope and Liam were supposed to be together, but Steffy's grandmother started feeling bad and Hope stayed with her instead., Liam hung out with Steffy, having followed her to a club, and had a great time dancing together. They woke on the roof of the club, and Liam was sporting dyed hair and a tattoo. Steffy dropped off the very late and hung-over Liam at the wedding venue. Hope heard the motorcycle and realized Steffy had delivered Liam, and then after seeing him, she called off the wedding and dumped him. Bill angrily advised Liam to forget her after Liam humiliated himself by begging Hope on his knees. Taylor spoke to a devastated, crying Liam, reminding him that Steffy still loved him. Later he sought out Steffy. Steffy took him to a bungalow on Brooke's property where she had spent time with Ridge as a child to talk. After talking, Steffy and Liam made love which Donna Logan saw and reported back to Bill and Brooke.

Steffy's Pregnancy[]

After Hope left Liam believing that Liam has cheated Steffy and Liam bonded and went back to each other and travelled together. Steffy and Liam's flight to Hawaii was diverted to Aspen when Bill and Brooke needed the Spencer jet to look for Katie, who had disappeared during a bout with postpartum depression. Steffy helped Liam look after his new baby brother, Will. When it was evident Katie wasn't in Aspen, Steffy and Liam found time to go parasailing together. Returning to Los Angeles, Liam asked Steffy to move in with him. Steffy agreed, but kept her penthouse loft in an effort to maintain some independence. Steffy was very hopeful and secure in her relationship, but meanwhile Hope found out that Liam didn't cheat on her with Steffy and that it was a lie fabricated by her brother Rick. The truth came out thanks toCaroline Spencer II, Liam's cousin and Rick's girlfriend at the time who pushed Hope's brother to confess. Hope ran straight to Liam and apologized to him. She kissed the shocked Spencer man and he went home and confessed what happened to Steffy. Steffy asked if that changed things, but Liam assured Steffy that he likes who they are together and that it's simple and fun, natural and that she is the one that makes him smile. Steffy then leaves Liam home and goes straight to Hope to asks her what she is planning and Hope says that she wants to win Liam back. Steffy tells Hope to not try because she had her chance and that she won't accept Hope interfering in her relationship with Liam. Hope tells Steffy that truth has changed everything, but Steffy thinks that the clock can't be turned around because she and Liam are connected. Hope asked Steffy if she wouldn't interfere if would be the other way around and Steffy admitted that she didn't play fair, but said that now it's different. Hope said that she won't use any games, but she won't back off. Steffy mentioned how Hope's mother flaunted her sexuality to get Steffy father Ridge, but Hope replies that she is not her mother. When Steffy left Hope's home Liam came by to see her and they embraced. He told Hope that he revealed the truth to Steffy, but Hope informed him that Steffy already came and informed her about it and said that she and Liam were in bed when he told her. Hope said that Steffy also told her to not interfere because nothing had changed. Hope asked Liam if that's true. Liam replied by saying that she believed Rick and Othello, Rick's friend instead of him. He said that he and Steffy grew closer since the time he and Hope broke things off. Hope says she knows that she will have to earn his trust back and asks Liam to not count her out. Liam smiles to Hope in response. Back at home Liam has a conversation with Steffy. Steffy tells Liam that she knows that Hope is on his mind, but it's her job to take her out of it and they kiss. Steffy flirtingly shows Liam a piece of sexy see through lingerie from the Intimates collection asking for Liam's "professional opinion". They joke around and kiss again. Steffy stars walking around in lingerie from her line and tells Liam that she cares only about him and making him happy. She reminds Liam that he is in a good place, relaxed and free and asks him to not go into all the Hope drama again. They toast and kiss again. Steffy tried to encourage Liam to stay with her instead of going to work, but Liam says he has to go. Liam arrived at work where he meets Hope that informs her that his father Bill accidentally pushed Caroline from the balcony during an argument. Bill wants Steffy and Liam to be together and he was upset that his niece worked to reveal the truth to Hope which might create problems for his son's relationship with the woman he wants for him. Hope again apologizes to Liam for being too proud and too selfish. Liam asks why is she doing this now and reminded her how he begged her in the past. He reminds Hope that he lives with Steffy now. He tells Hope to stop and comes to a conclusion that too much has already happened. Liam expresses his hate for Rick and tells Hope that maybe there is a guy out there that will live up to her expectations, but Hope says her expectations have changed and she doesn't want prince charming anymore. She says she will prove to him that they do still have a chance. Liam said that they would go through it if not for Bill and Rick. Hope wants Liam to remind himself all their great moments like the kiss in Cabo. While Hope and Liam talk at Spencer Publications Steffy informs her mother about Hope's new plan of winning Liam back. Steffy calls Liam's work and finds out that Liam talks with his ex fiance. Steffy tells her mom that apparently Hope didn't listen when she told her to respect her relationship with Liam. Liam goes to see his cousin Caroline and the hospital where he meets Rick in. He blames him for his role in an unfixable situation he has put him in and punches him. Meanwhile Steffy goes to talk with Hope at Forrester creations. She reminds Hope that she was the one that told him to move on because she believes the lie. Hope admits that this time Steffy is a victim too, but she wasn't always innocent. Steffy laughs it off. Hope reminds Steffy that her relationship was attacked by Bill and her from the start. Steffy says that she wants her to stay away from Liam. At home Steffy asks Liam why is Liam to upset with Hope's brother. He replies that he made their lives complicated, but Steffy says he didn't make their relationship more complicated. The same time Hope finds out that also Bill manipulated her life in Italy and that almost everyone, but her knew, but they didn't say it to her because Liam and Steffy already re-connected and the situation was complicated. That made Hope only more determinate to fight for Liam. She runs straight to Liam and tells him everything. Liam is devastated that his father lies to him again after manipulating his life so many times in the past. During that time Steffy tells her brother that she thinks that she and Liam are in a place that Hope just can't touch and she's not intimidated by her rival. Liam goes to confront his father and Hope says in the Malibu home.When Steffy gets home she see's that Hope is inside the house that she and Liam share. She is surprised that she see's her there and asks Hope why she is here. Hope told Steffy that now Liam know everything, including his dad's latest scheme. Steffy says she had no involvement in it even if she had her suspicions that Bill did something in Italy. Hope says that she and Liam would be married if not for outside forces and that she believes that one day they will be. Steffy tells Hope again that Liam moved on and this is their home and Hope can't just walk in and tear everything up. When Liam came back home he questioned her why she didn't tell her about her suspicions that Bill is scheming again and she replies by saying she didn't want to ruin their father/son relationship. Steffy informs Liam that her father invited her to Paris and she's going. The two make love. Liam says he will miss her and assures her that he is committed to her. Steffy goes to Forrester Creations before leaving to Paris and takes a pregnancy test. She cries tears of joy when she realized that she's expecting a child with Liam. At that time Hope tells Liam that she's taking him back because they were robbed. Hope says she knows that he cares for Steffy and that she changed for the better, but that doesn't erase what she did in the past and that she is glad that Steffy is on her way to Paris. Steffy starts packing up Steffy's clothers and wants to move her out of Liam's home and says that she is through with being nice. She wants to come back home. Liam tries to stop her, but when Hope screams that she loves him he says that he loves her too and they kiss passionately. They fall on the bed and start kissing on Steffy's clothes that Hope threw all around the bed. They didn't now that before leaving for France Steffy wanted to stop by and inform her boyfriend that she's pregnat. Steffy peeks thought the window and see's Hope and Liam making out on the bed. Steffy is heartbroken and caught off guard, but she decides not to confront them and leaves. At one point Liam stops the kiss and says it's not fair to Steffy. Liam makes it clear that if there is any future for them he needs time. Steffy arrives at FC where Taylor confronts her after finding her pregnancy test. She notices that Steffy is stressed and tries to find out more, but Steffy asks her mother to keep it between them and leaves. Steffy goes on the plane for Paris and cries on her way there. Steffy video calls Liam from Paris and pretends that she didn't see anything just as Liam doesn't tell her what he and Hope did behind her back. Steffy reminded Liam about the complications Hope brought to their relationship and said that manipulations waren't the only reason he and Hope were kept apart. Steffy says that she and him share something that he doesn't share with Hope, but she will give him some time with Hope because he needs to sort it out and get it out of his system. Steffy video chats also with Taylor and explains to her that she doesn't tell Liam about her pregnancy because she wants him to choose her over Hope and not because she's pregnant. With Steffy away Liam and Hope spend a lot of romantic time together. Taylor visits Liam and see's that Hope is with him. Taylor isn't pleased with Hope being there while Steffy is thousands of miles away and Hope asks her if she thinks that Steffy wouldn't do the same thing if the roles were reversed. Taylor is temped to reveal the news about Steffy's pregnancy, but she stays loyal to Steffy and doesn't. She gives Hope hints that there is a reason why Liam will end up with her daughter and she's going to get hurt and encourages her to bow out gracefully. Liam begins being very torn. Steffy comes back from Paris and she tells Liam what she saw before leaving. Liam tells Steffy that she has to move out so he can figure out with whom he should be. Steffy is heartbroken and leaves without telling Liam about their baby that's growing inside of her.

2nd Marriage to Liam[]

Steffy and Hope have a heated argument. When Steffy started yelling and insulting Hope's mother the Logan girl not knowing that Steffy is pregnant pushes her and she falls on the desk. Steffy and Taylor went to the sonogram and heard that fortunately Steffy's baby is unharmed. Brooke organizes a surprise wedding for Hope and Liam in Malibu to rush Liam's decision. She brings the priest from Puglia to re-create the Italian wedding Hope and Liam had in Polignano a mare. Liam is caught off guard, but decides to put a ring on Hope's finger and commit to her. Steffy and Taylor found out about Brooke's plans to marry Hope and Liam. Steffy changed plans and doesn't want to wait for Liam to make a decision without knowing about their child. She and Taylor go to Malibu and stop the wedding second before Hope and Liam would become husband and wife. Steffy whispered in Liam's ear that she's pregnant. Once Liam heard that Steffy is pregnant he told Hope that he won't take a possibility of a full family from his child. Soon after he and married Steffy in Eric's mansion. Steffy shocked the wedding guests by riding up the aisle on a motorcycle, wearing a black dress/suit ensemble that she had gotten Eric to design. Liam surprised her by having her "all-time favorite" singer, Julia Michaels, perform at the reception. Steffy then correctly guessed that Liam had arranged for their honeymoon to be in Aspen, and she and Liam even considered naming their child Aspen in honor of their favorite place. Steffy and Liam were very happy thinking about the future that they will have with their baby.

Tragic Miscarriage[]

Liam and Steffy gleefully bought baby clothes and picked out colors for the nursery. She then paid a visit to Thomas, who had moved into Taylor's old beach house with Oliver. Steffy told Thomas how happy she and Liam were, unaware that a tearful Hope was within earshot. She empathized with Hope and was so moved when Hope broke down and admitted she was happy for Steffy that she hugged her rival. Not wanting to keep Liam waiting, Steffy decided to dodge a traffic jam by riding her motorcycle home though she had promised Liam she wouldn't ride while pregnant. A car darted in front of her which caused her to wipe out. Having suffered another concussion (on top of the concussions she'd had before), Steffy didn't remember being pregnant. But with Liam's coaching, she put the pieces together and was horrified to learn she had lost their baby. As Steffy slid into a deep depression, Taylor begged her not to blame herself for riding the motorcycle. She took a baseball bat to the bike and latched on immediately when Taylor suggested that Steffy and Liam have another baby. What Steffy and Taylor don't know is that Liam is secretly furious with Steffy because before the accident that caused the death of baby Aspen he specifically told Steffy to not ride the motorcycle. Bill encourages Liam to scream at him and pretend that he is Steffy because he can take it and she won't be able. Liam also reveals to his father that he has thought about leaving steffy because of Hope and if not for the pregnancy he would marry her that day in Malibu when Brooke organized the surprise wedding. Liam didn't openly say "no" to the suggestion that he and Steffy should have another baby, but he complained to Hope that he is not ready for it. Hope expressed that she thinks that maybe the miscarriage was meant to be and encouraged Liam to go back to her. Despite everything Liam continued to support his grieving wife.

Infertility and moving to Paris[]

One day Katie Logan, Hope's aunt told Steffy that Liam was about to marry Hope and got married to her only because of the pregnancy. Steffy gets upset and passes out. Katie takes her to the hospital where Steffy hears that she's infertile. Steffy was told a botched D&C procedure had rendered her unable to have more children. She refused to tell Liam about her infertility and swore Katie to secrecy. After spending the night alone in her loft to think, Steffy announced she was moving to Paris and told Liam she wanted a divorce, cryptically insisting that Hope could give him something she couldn't. . Liam is confused. Hope is there and even though Liam considers a future with her he still wants to go to Steffy to get anwsers. In Paris, Steffy ignored Liam's voice mails and texts and was surprised weeks later when Liam showed up on her doorstep wanting answers. Steffy eventually broke down and admitted she couldn't conceive again, but rejected Liam's suggestions of adoption or surrogacy. Steffy stood her ground about him returning to Hope. As Liam left, Steffy thought better of it and tried to catch him in the hallway, but she was too late.

Later, she notified Liam by e-mail that she would only accept a divorce and not an annulment, meaning Liam (who had moved on with Hope) would have to wait six months before marrying her. Steffy continued to communicate with Liam, ultimately changing her mind and agreeing to his request for an annulment so he could wed Hope. Liam was over the moon when he received the annulment papers from Steffy because he was in a rush to marry Hope and the reason was because his new-found biological brother Wyatt Spencer became a rival for Hope's heart.

Liam, wanting to impress Hope created a romantic video using their photos. He was horrified when he realized that by mistake he sent it to Steffy. Steffy asked if he could make a romantic video for them too. Liam decided to accept his ex wife's request and made a video for Steffy as well. Hope accidentally saw it which opened a can of worms and brought an opportunity for Wyatt to steal Hope away.

Steffy's Procedures and Quinn's support[]

Steffy returned to L.A. for a doctors appointment and came to see her grandfather Eric again where she met Quinn. Quinn gets a smile to see Steffy. While Steffy was getting on her plane to fly back to Paris, Quinn told Eric she'd meet at Forrester International in Paris and catch the flight with Steffy. Quinn arrives on the jet and convinces Steffy to break up Hope and Liam. Quinn continues to persuade Steffy to go back to Los Angeles and reunite with Liam so Hope can be with Wyatt, but Steffy shows no interest of going back and Quinn is told of how Steffy tragically miscarried Liam's child after a motorcycle accident. Once settled in at Forrester International, Quinn overhears Steffy on the phone with Dr. Caspary in which she informs Steffy that after several medical procedures is finally able to conceive a child to full term. Quinn again tries to convince Steffy that she should go back and reunite with Liam as well as deliver the news that she is able to conceive again. Steffy once again shows no interest of going back to Los Angeles, but can't hide her feelings she still has for Liam. Liam also gave Hope an ultimatum and she chose to be with Liam and Liam made her cut ties with Wyatt and Quinn from Forrester. Eric disagreed with this after Quinn put her spin on the whole situation.

Quinn convinces Steffy to go back to L.A. and to meet with Liam in the cabin. Quinn leaves a note in Hope's bedroom before her wedding with Liam that Liam wanted her to meet him in the cabin despite tradition. Steffy backed away when Liam saw her through the window and he brought her in to talk. Steffy told Liam the great news in which he was happy for her. Hope trailed down and saw them talking and called off the wedding running off. Hope flew to Hawaii with Wyatt and rehired Quinn Artisans Jewelry. Hope remained loyal to Wyatt and Steffy flew back to Paris. Ridge and R.J. then moved back to L.A. shortly after. Hope later marries Wyatt in Milan, when Hope was supposed to marry Liam in Paris, but Quinn pushed Ivy Forrester into the Seine, forcing Liam to save her, and be too late in meeting Hope. Hope miscarried Wyatt's baby and said goodbye to Liam & telling him she would always love him & explaining she was not being able to stay in LA because of all the pain she had incurred there especially the miscarriage so she left for Milan to be with Brooke, and Wyatt later did the same but Hope told him to go back to LA which he did. Liam shortly thereafter started a relationship with Ivy.

Return to L.A. and Feud over control of Forrester Creations[]

Forrester Creations was at war with Rick as CEO after Caroline and Ridge's affair. Liam told Bill he wants to take over Forrester Creations. Bill asked Liam how is he going to do that and Liam stated he was married to her. Bill was thrilled Liam wanted to use Steffy and Liam stated she's in L.A. because he followed her online post. Liam called Steffy and explained he wanted to meet with her and Steffy stated at his house. Steffy appeared at Liam's remembering all the great memories they've shared. Steffy asked if he missed her and he stated how could he. Liam asked Steffy if her and Ridge are still talking and she didn't reply but stated she talked to Hope. Liam asked how she was and Steffy stated some topics don't come up. Steffy then stated she never replaced that motorcycle. Liam and Steffy continued to talk and laugh. Liam explained he wants to take over Forrester Creations with her. Bill owns part of the company and Steffy and Thomas own a part that combined equals 30%. Liam told Steffy together they can take over Forrester Creations. Steffy was hesitant. Steffy and Liam reminisced about all their memories and hugged on the couch when Ivy came home from shopping. Ivy was a bit jealous and Steffy excitedly greeted Ivy who was equally happy to see her. Before Steffy left, Liam told her to keep it in mind which she agreed to. Liam and Bill got Wyatt in on the plan but were shocked he quit after Rick gave him attitude. Liam and Bill explained the plan and made Wyatt ask Rick for his job back. Steffy told Liam she couldn't do it. Liam convinced her she's strong, and independent, and a fighter! Steffy admit she can't come to work seeing him every day with Ivy, and he's doing this for Ivy not her! Steffy admit she's still in love with him! Liam stated he's moved on to Ivy and Steffy refused to go through with it. Liam told Ivy about the plan and the fact that Steffy's still in love with him. Ivy supported the plan. Liam told Bill that Ivy's on the plan and Bill got enraged that Liam tell another Forrester. Ivy told Steffy she supports the plan and wants her to control Forrester Creations. Steffy stated her father might still want to run the company and Caroline and Ridge might even be enough to motivate her. Ivy asked if there was another roadblock. Steffy stated the fact that she's still in love with Liam. Steffy stated all their history and she left after the miscarriage. Steffy insisted if she comes back, she comes back to it all. Steffy then congratulated Rick on his CEO position. Bill convinced Liam to dump the plant and go back to Steffy, the woman he was always meant to be with. Steffy then warned him she likes that chair.

After Ivy left Liam's beach house, he called Steffy to meet him there. Steffy arrived at Liam's in a skimpy bikini and a towel around her waist which she took off. Liam was very attracted and Steffy stated she misses LA'S water so much. Paris only has one river, which nobody swims in, well except for Ivy. Steffy kept trying to convince Liam to go swimming in the ocean even when Liam stated how cold the temperature was but they decided to go have fun. They came back from their swim, Liam stated how much he misses her, and Steffy kissed Liam. Steffy explained if he wants to run Forrester with her, they have to be lovers. Liam tried explaining to Steffy he's in love with her cousin. Steffy explained she can't do this without their relationship and Liam stated any man would want to be with her. Steffy kissed Liam on the couch and then laid him down and made out with him on top of him when Ivy arrived in the doorway. Ivy hid to the side and eavesdropped. Liam turned her down because of Ivy. Steffy was adamant about the deal but Liam stated they can do this another way. Ivy talked to Liam about what she overheard and Liam stated he loves her. Ivy had words with Steffy. Steffy explaining she and Liam have history, and Ivy explaining she thought Steffy would be a fun person to hang out with coming back to L.A., but this was unbelievable. Ridge tells Steffy that Liam told him the plan about Forrester. Liam told Ridge that Bill would sell his shares to him, so Bill would have no part of the company. Ridge stated Steffy still loves Liam and she admit she does. Ridge's main concern was the plan would be putting Eric out of business. Steffy stated it's the only thing to do with Rick. ridge stated Eric loved him and treated him just like a son. Steffy stated Eric is favoring his brother now. Steffy was explaining to Ridge in his apartment that she is leaving for Paris, at least for now, when Caroline arrived home. Before Steffy left back for Paris, she civilly said goodbye to Ridge and Caroline.

After Eric wouldn't appoint Ridge as CEO, Ridge called Steffy on the phone to meet him at Forrester. Steffy arrived informed that Maya is transgender and Eric won't remove Rick as CEO. Ridge insisted he needed Steffy and him to be a team to take over Forrester and she agreed. Ridge insisted this is bigger than her getting Liam back and him getting CEO. Rick arrived in his office giving them a hard time. Ridge called Liam to meet him at Forrester. Liam was happy to see Steffy and she was also pleased. Ridge convinced Liam to use Steffy's, Thomas's, Bill's controlled by Liam, and Thomas's to overpower Eric. Steffy stated there are no conditions this time. Liam agreed and Ridge insisted to Eric that they're taking over while Eric insisted he's in charge which Ridge stated he's in charge now. Ridge was the new CEO, with Steffy president, and Liam vice president, which he is also at Spencer's. Steffy and Liam agreed they would make a great team. Liam stated Steffy's change like a cool mountain stream. They remembered their time in Aspen by a stream. Steffy stated she is not afraid to state that she loves him and will always love him with Ivy overhearing.

Rick and Eric were getting nervous that Steffy, Ridge, and Liam were going to use Ridge's, Steffy's, Thomas's, and Bill's shares to take over Forrester Creations. Rick came to Bill to make a business proposition. Rick tried convincing Bill to use his shares to his and Eric's advantage and he'll have more control around the company. In the middle of the meeting in Rick's office, Bill barged in explaining their deal and his predicament. Bill explained he doesn't like the way Ridge treats him. Bill asked Ridge and Rick to convince him why he should take their side. Bill commended Liam for protecting Caroline and Ivy. Ultimately, Bill chose to side with Rick under one condition, Maya, the face of Forrester Creations, has to go. Rick punched Bill and withdrew from the deal. Ridge became the new CEO with Steffy president and Liam vice president. Steffy and Liam were congratulating with champagne when Aly Forrester saw Steffy kiss Liam. Aly came by to confront Steffy about throwing herself at Liam. Steffy claimed it was a congratulatory kiss. Aly warned Steffy to leave Ivy and Liam's relationship alone. Aly claimed Ivy is a good model for Forrester Creations with morals. Meanwhile, Ivy told Liam she was encouraging Wyatt to ask Steffy out. Wyatt stated any man would fall in love with Steffy because she's incredibly intelligent and beautiful.

Wyatt was friendly with Steffy that they're both trying to get over similar situations. Wyatt started flirting with Steffy stating she's beautiful and intelligent and she should give him a chance. Wyatt kissed Steffy. Wyatt insisted he doesn't play second to his brother.

Quinn questions his love life and mentions Hope and Maya's little sister went south. Wyatt explained Nicole was fun but there might be a new woman in his life. Quinn was asking questions. Wyatt turned Steffy's picture around on Ridge's desk. Quinn was shocked but then stated "She's so hot!" Wyatt explained he told her to give them a chance, right after he kissed her.

Steffy stopped over at Liam's and explained that there might be another man in her life. Liam was bothered by this and asked who and Steffy stated he works at Forrester and has his last name. Liam was upset that out of all people it was Wyatt. Steffy stated that Wyatt kissed her and she just enjoyed it. Steffy stated there's only one person she wants to kiss, if he still wants her. Liam admit he has been feeling those feelings about Steffy again. Ivy walked in eavesdropping hearing Liam tell Steffy he'll help Ivy understand over dinner tonight. Ivy was heartbroken and ran out crying. Quinn convinced Ivy to ask Liam to marry her so she won't be deported. Liam told Ivy he wants to help her understand something but Ivy stated she already knows. Liam wants Steffy back and Ivy mentioned she's being deported. Liam was shocked and angered. Ivy informed him that her father filled out the paperwork incorrectly. She has a week to pack her bags for Australia. And she'd have to register for another passport which could take months or years if that. Liam stated he wished there was another way and Ivy stated maybe there is. Ivy asked him to marry her, to which he agreed. They were married on June 16, 2015. However, when Steffy found out about the marriage, she was furious because she felt that Liam had created a situation where they could never be together. Steffy said she's done with Liam because she won't share him with another woman again, especially not his wife! Steffy was enraged and rushed to the Forrester rooftop lounge where Wyatt comforted her and kissed her.

Agent McCaffrey returned to Liam and Ivy's to inform Ivy that they made a mistake. Ivy does indeed have dual citizenship, married to Liam or not. Ivy was worried about telling Liam he doesn't have to be married to her because of his feelings for Steffy. Quinn convinced Ivy not to tell him since he married her because he loves her. Ivy stated he doesn't love her the same way he loves Steffy. Ivy explained to Liam that he didn't have to marry her, she always had dual citizenship, and they made a huge mistake. Liam hugged Ivy. Liam rushed to Steffy with the information. Steffy didn't want him to explain anything at first but after he did she had mixed feelings. She was still mad that he married her in the first place. Ivy confronted Liam when Steffy questioned his intentions. Liam admits to Ivy he wants an annulment. Ivy explained she understands that they have history and she can't compete with memories. Steffy explained to Liam if he still feels anything for Ivy, she won't do this again.

Ivy confided in Aly who was uninformed about the surprise wedding. Aly went to confront Steffy who was having Liam feel her lingerie for the line. Aly snapped at Steffy claiming they replaced a tyrant with a slut. Liam stated Aly's out of line but Aly kept trying to convince Liam that he can't do this to Ivy and he married her because he loves her. Liam stated Aly's out of line. Liam left and Steffy changed back into her dress. Aly wouldn't drop it and Steffy mentioned Aly's "issues". Aly stated he issue is that Steffy's mother killed her mother. Steffy was shocked and stated Aly forgave her mother because she was there. Aly stated she was persuaded to say the words but she could never forgive Taylor for killing her mother. Steffy took the situation delicately and explained it was an accident. Aly blasted both of them by saying Taylor and Steffy are both sluts and use their sexuality to get whatever they want. As Steffy was trying to help Aly, Aly envisioned Aly saying the words "drunken mother" and "get rid of her". Steffy tried snapping Aly out of it. Steffy just figured they should stay away from each other. As Steffy was trying to work things out with Aly, Ridge stopped in to mention the meeting is in ten minutes. Aly asked if she could come and Ridge allowed her to. Ridge announced that Hope For The Future is over which offended Aly. Ridge announced to everybody the new line "California Freedom" which uses a lot of the morals and dignity of Hope For The Future but encourages women to be free with lines including lingerie and swimwear. Aly stated she'd expect this from Steffy but not Ridge. Aly asked if Steffy was going to model for the lingerie and Aly snapped at ridge for letting his daughter being viewed in underwear. Aly went off about the morals that her grandmother and grandfather instilled in this company and how they're being forgotten. Everybody else agreed it was a good idea and tried to placate Aly. Aly ended the meeting with irrelevantly bashing Steffy for killing Darla. Steffy tried to get through to Aly once again.

At the Forrester's Fourth of July party, Aly became hateful of Steffy and Maya for wearing bathing suits. Aly snapped at Oliver for allegedly checking out Steffy's body. Aly saw Darla tell Aly to get rid of Steffy again and her glow darkened into a sadistic looking dark glow. Aly snapped at Steffy for exploiting her sexuality in a public place. Steffy stated people wear bathing suits and their dad's grew up here, it's not even public. Steffy took Liam for a surprise. They left the mansion to run outside where Steffy held a message session. When Liam's head was down, Steffy got up and pretended to be the masseuse and felt lower and lower down his back and grabbed his butt cheeks much to his surprise and admitted liking. Steffy flirted, saying she hoped he was ok with a little pressure and kissed him. As they walked around, Liam stated he's still trying to sort out his feelings but his feelings for Steffy are coming back. Steffy licked her lips, saying they belonged together and pressed her large lips against him in a hungry kiss. Ivy asked Liam to schedule a date for them some time, just do nothing and be very boring, nothing special. Liam stated he would like that.

Caroline, Ridge, Steffy, Rick and Maya held another meeting for Forrester's new line, California Freedom which Aly attended. Aly was being very hostile towards Steffy and Maya for embracing their sexuality the way Maya and Rick treated her and upset that Ridge allowed a new line involving lingerie and swimsuits. Maya genuinely apologized for the past. Aly stated "No wonder. Maya doesn't want to talk about the past." Steffy stated if she's just going to criticize everything, maybe she should just go back to Thorne in Paris. Steffy told Aly "You're my cousin, and I love you, but why would we want you to stay?" Aly stated "Uncle Ridge said I could stay." Ridge explained he said she can stay if she behaved. Aly got teary eyed and stated if she feels something's wrong, she has to speak out and she wants to help with the shoe line. Ridge stated "Then you know what you have to do."

Attacked by Aly and Aly's Death[]

Aly watches the California Freedom fashion show in disgust of the transgendered women and the loose clothing. Steffy tries being nice to Aly and involving her but Aly is trying to hold back her hatred. Steffy tries to involve Aly by asking her to have a drink with Wyatt, Ivy, Liam, and her but Aly states she's not 21 yet. Steffy said she's sorry that she forgot but she tried. Darla appeared bashing Steffy and Taylor for alcohol and telling Aly she's glad she didn't accept and give in. Darla convinces Aly that she has to end this tonight.

Aly pops Steffy's tires to her car and lurks behind. At the after party, Ivy goes up to Aly's room to find her and is shocked to find the collage on Steffy and Maya pictures crossed out and scribbled on. Ivy shows Wyatt and Liam who are worried. Steffy gets in her car to go to the Forrester after party as Aly drives behind her and follows after. Steffy's car hits a flat and she can't believe it. Steffy gets out and gets her tire iron from her trunk and starts cranking at the tire. Aly is watching with her car parked behind her. Aly keeps hearing Darla's voice and has flashbacks of the accident. Aly pulls forward and drives close up to Steffy and Steffy yells in fear. Aly stops the car right in front of her. Steffy is scared and yells at her. Steffy pulls Aly out of her car and the two argue. Steffy realizes Aly was the one who popped her tire. Liam calls Steffy but her phone's in the car. Aly takes the tire iron and swings at Steffy who dodges the swings and tries to placate Aly. Steffy grabbed the tire iron from Aly. Steffy and Aly both fell to the ground. Aly picked up a rock and attempted to kill Steffy. Ivy was pulling up in her car and was shocked to see Aly and Steffy. As Aly tried to bash Steffy with the rock, Steffy swung the tire iron at Aly causing her to stumble and hit her head on a rock, rendering her seemingly unconscious. In shock, Steffy threw the tire iron away. Steffy cried of sorrow and Ivy came out of her car and cried and Steffy explains what happened and that Aly attacked her. The paramedics came and tried to revive Aly and presumed her dead when she had no pulse. Steffy told the police that Aly slipped and fell on a rock.

Steffy staggers into the Forrester Mansion very devastated. Liam rushes to her and comforted her. Steffy explains how her tires popped and she had to fix them with a tire iron and a car drives towards her and stops inches away. Liam asks what crazy idiot would do that. Steffy states it was Aly. Steffy informs him how she pulled Aly out of the car and Aly attacked her and she slipped and fell and died. Thorne comes downstairs, explaining he found out about the pictures and explains Aly's anger and hatred but she can be a good, happy person. Thorne asks where his daughter is. Steffy explains Aly tried to hit her with her car and attacked her. Thorne claims Aly isn't dangerous and didn't want to hear it. Thorne asks where she is and Steffy stated "She's gone". Thorne is devastated and leaves to find Aly.

Steffy feels guilty the day of Aly's funeral but Liam comforts her and the two show up at the funeral which her brother, Thomas, returns to L.A. for, but he couldn't get in contact with Steffy yet. After the members left, Ivy confronts Steffy about what really happened that night. Ivy believes Aly didn't just slip and fall and die. Steffy was upset for getting accused of something and explains she doesn't need to explain herself to anyone. Liam had a minute with Ivy and broke up with her at Aly's funeral which greatly upset her while Wyatt had a second with Steffy to guess that Liam's dropping the bomb on Ivy right now. Ivy had the video recording of Steffy hitting Aly with a tire iron but Wyatt convinced Ivy to keep it a secret. Ivy was still shaken up by this and Wyatt kissed her to distract her from her distress by Aly's death and Liam dropping her for Steffy. Liam continues to assure Steffy she has nothing to feel guilty about and that it's not her fault. Steffy and Liam slept in Liam's bed although Steffy still carries the guilt.

Thomas reunites with Steffy to comfort her. Steffy explains the details of what happened the night Aly died. Steffy admits to only Thomas that she remembers hitting Aly with a tire iron and that Aly didn't slip and fall. Steffy feels extremely guilty and Thomas assures her it's not her fault. Steffy thinks about telling the police but Thomas insists she keeps it a secret since she's not guilty and if she changes her story, she'll get arrested. Steffy admits to Thomas that Ivy witnessed the accident and she's been acting weird ever since. Thomas insists on confronting Ivy.

Ivy's blackmail and Steffy's guilt[]

Thomas confronts Ivy and tells her to stay away from Steffy and that it's not her fault. Ivy shows Thomas the video on her phone of Steffy hitting Aly with a tire iron. Steffy becomes very nervous about Ivy and confides that in Thomas. Thomas confronts Ivy a second time and explains he didn't tell Steffy about the video because he didn't want to scare her. But Thomas demands Ivy to delete the video. Ivy blackmails Thomas into making her the new face of Forrester Creations to keep her silence or Steffy will go to prison. At the conference, Ridge was leaning on choosing Steffy when Ivy stated she'd like to give it a shot. Steffy and Ridge were initially concerned but Wyatt backed her up and Thomas spoke up and agreed that Ivy would be better because people are still talking about the incident with Aly. Steffy is angry with Thomas and he informed her about the blackmail and the video.

Steffy has a meeting with Wyatt, expecting a promotion. Steffy informs him she knows about the video. Steffy is not happy that Wyatt is taking her side and states she thought they were friends which Wyatt states he thought that too. Wyatt defends Ivy because Steffy took her man and her best friend. Wyatt is also a bit upset that Steffy and him didn't get to have their "Summer of Fun" and that she chose Liam over him. Steffy keeps trying to convince Wyatt to delete the video and he complies with her. When Ivy goes to take a bath that Wyatt convinced her too, Wyatt takes her phone and tries to delete the video, when Ivy comes back out angry. Ivy made love to Wyatt so he wouldn't delete the video.

Steffy informs Liam that Ivy is blackmailing Steffy and Thomas to become the new Face of Forrester with a video that makes it look like Steffy murdered Aly. Steffy adds in that she asked Wyatt to delete the video which he has to. Liam enters Wyatt's beach house to fiind Ivy and Wyatt on the couch. Liam states he wants the best for them. Liam demands to see the video. Ivy hands Liam over the phone. Ivy keeps labeling Steffy as a murderer but Liam explains there was a rock and she can't see it in that angle. Liam states that they are blackmailing Steffy which is illegal.

Ivy gives Quinn attitude about the jewelry designs and storms out the door. Ridge calls a meeting and chose Steffy to be the new Face of Forrester. Ivy is visibly upset and Steffy asks for a few minutes alone with Ivy. Steffy informs her she knows about the video. Steffy explains to Ivy that she is using blackmail which is illegal. Ivy claims she's trying to prove justice for Aly. Steffy explains that Ivy is using Aly's death to advance herself and Aly wouldn't have wanted her to act like this. Ivy claims there is no rock in the video and calls Steffy a murderer. Ivy claims she owns Steffy. Steffy grants Ivy the position as the Face of Forrester. Steffy informs Liam about Ivy's blackmail. Liam is very unhappy and confronts Ivy. Liam brings up that he saved her from the Seine and more recently married her to stay in the country. Ivy states he didn't love her which he admits he did but Ivy chimes in not the same way he loves Steffy. Liam tries to wake Ivy up and admits that Ivy is becoming colder and darker and the Ivy he knew wouldn't resort to blackmail. Ivy claims the Ivy he knew is tired of getting stepped on and she's gone. Ivy returns stating she's the new Face of Forrester making Quinn wonder. Quinn states the obvious choice would be Steffy because she's hot and has experience. Ivy asked what's wrong with her look and Quinn didn't care for them. Quinn still questioned why Ivy was given the position but Wyatt hinted she has something up her sleeve.

During the Forrester meeting, Ridge decides to hand the Face of Forrester position to Steffy but Steffy declines and allows Ivy to have it. Steffy is angry at Wyatt for not having the video deleted. Steffy arrives at Wyatt's beach house while Ivy is out and about to make sure the video deletion is completed. Steffy encourages Wyatt to delete the video but just as he's about the press the button, Ivy enters the beach house, angry at the situation. Wyatt is tired of the fighting and wants them to bury the hatchet. Steffy and Ivy apologize to each other. Ivy deletes the video. Steffy informs Liam they buried the hatchet and Liam is happy about that.

Rivalry with Ivy[]

Steffy decides to fire Ivy from Forrester Creations because she can't work with people she can't trust. Ivy is shocked and Wyatt is unhappy but Liam stands by Steffy. Ivy refuses to leave the building and Steffy arranges security to escort Ivy out. Wyatt feels empathy for Ivy and proposes to his mother his new plan. Wyatt thought Bill could establish a fashion house under Spencer Publications. Wyatt and Ivy invite Bill and Katie over to propose the idea. Katie agrees it's a good idea but Bill is against it because Spencer Publications is a publishing company. Ivy returns to Forrester and begs Steffy for her job back. Steffy grants her the position and came up with an idea. Ivy promises she'd do anything Steffy says. Steffy proposes Ivy to be the lead model for the lingerie line. Ivy is hesitant but Steffy encourages her to go for it. Ivy models for Wyatt at the beach house but feels insecure about strutting in front of millions of viewers. Wyatt encourages her to embrace this position. At the photo shoot for Ivy's lingerie line, Liam stops the shoot. Liam states that it's wrong of Steffy to make Ivy do this and that Ivy and Steffy have both made mistakes. Ivy agrees to a truce with Steffy.

At a Halloween party, Thomas pushes Ivy out of the way of a crashing spotlight from the ceiling. Ivy feels grateful towards Thomas who shows interest in her. In an office room, Thomas begins complimenting Ivy on her beauty. Ivy is at discomfort at first but admits Thomas is handsome and allows him to kiss her twice. Ivy stops him and tells him it can never happen again. Steffy admits to Wyatt that he's a good guy and she is genuinely happy for him and Ivy. Steffy questions Thomas's relationship with Ivy. Thomas admits to Steffy that he kissed her twice. Steffy is shocked but Thomas claims to really like Ivy. Thomas makes a bet with Steffy that he could get Ivy for himself. Steffy believes Ivy is committed to Wyatt. Liam proposes to Steffy which she gladly accepts. When Wyatt and Quinn travel on a business trip to San Francisco for the weekend, Ivy decides to stay the night at the Forrester Mansion. As a thunderstorm rolls in and Ivy if left alone with Thomas. Thomas flirts with her and follows Ivy up to her room and continues. Ivy allows Thomas to make out with her in bed. Ivy feels complete guilt over what happened and is unable to tell Wyatt when he returns home the next morning, fearing she would lose him. However, Steffy overhears Thomas and Ivy talking about what happened that night. After telling Liam about what she had heard, Liam demands that Steffy stay out of it and not say anything, but after seeing her later that day, Steffy reveals to Ivy that she knows everything that happened and gives Ivy an ultimatum: either Ivy tells Wyatt what happened or Steffy will. Ivy agrees to tell Wyatt right away, but instead agrees to tell him later that evening when they're alone.

Once again, Steffy is unable to keep her mouth shut and tells Wyatt about Ivy's infidelity. Wyatt is crushed and hurt and later confronts Ivy, but allows her to talk first about it. Wyatt is upset that Ivy made out with Thomas after only being gone for one night and telling everyone, including Thomas, that Ivy is not the kind of person that would be unfaithful. Wyatt leaves, angry and Ivy goes after Steffy.

Ivy finds Steffy backstage at Forrester while Steffy is watching over an old electric panel that begins shooting out sparks. Ivy and Steffy soon come to war of words and as Steffy tries to walk away, Ivy follows her. The two are standing extremely close to the exposed electric panel and when Steffy tries to retrieve her cell phone that Ivy threw, Steffy pushes Ivy into the panel Ivy is electrocuted. Steffy immediately calls 9-1-1 and begins administering CPR. The paramedics soon arrive and take Ivy to the hospital.

At first, things weren't looking good for Ivy but she eventually makes a full recovery. She and Wyatt make up, but Ivy admits to him that she is now afraid of Steffy. Steffy enters the room thankful she's okay but Ivy warns her to stay away. Steffy asks if Ivy's afraid of her. Lieutenant Baker enters the room with a restraining order for Steffy which makes her upset. The restraining order didn't permit Steffy and Ivy to work in the same building. Since the restraining order was filed against Steffy, she had to pack up her things and work from home. Wyatt explains to Steffy that the restraining order's only temporary.

Liam goes to Wyatt's beach house while Wyatt is at Forrester, to reason with Ivy. Ivy agrees to drop the restraining order under one condition. Ivy claims her near-death experience provoked some feelings she still has for Liam. Liam sticks up for his brother that he's been good to her which Ivy agrees and she claims she's very happy with. But Ivy asks if he ever thinks about what could've happened and Liam says he does. Ivy thinks they should explore their relationship and give each other another chance. Ivy kisses Liam. Steffy is very thankful to Ivy for dropping the restraining order and wants them to move on and become friends. Ivy keeps insisting on Liam that she's in love with him. Wyatt tells Quinn he is going to propose to Ivy which she isn't thrilled about. Quinn eavesdrops on Ivy telling Liam she's still in love with him at Forrester. Steffy and Liam are invited to Wyatt's while he proposes to Ivy in front of them. Quinn barges in and stops the proposal. Quinn calls Ivy out by saying "Tell him you you're really in love with". Wyatt and Steffy are confused while Ivy and Liam don't say a word and stare at each other. Quinn blurts out that Ivy's in love with Liam and Wyatt gets frustrated with his mother. Ivy is speechless and Liam eventually admits Ivy's feelings for him. Wyatt is upset and sends Steffy and Liam away. Wyatt is upset at Ivy and ends things with her for good.

Ivy gets ready to pack up for Australia. Steffy tells Liam she doesn't want Ivy contacting him at all. Liam warns Steffy not to go by Ivy. Steffy follows Ivy up the staircase at the Forrester Mansion. Ivy states she's just packing her things but Steffy warns her to not contact Liam. Steffy and Ivy argue and Ivy tumbles down the stairs. Liam arrives and is angry at Steffy. Liam dials 9-1-1 and Ivy is taken to the hospital. Liam claims he is done with Steffy. Ivy makes a safe recovery at the hospital. Wyatt is happy to see her okay. Steffy tells Liam all he has to do is come home tonight if he still wants to be with her. Liam agrees to take Ivy to the airport. Quinn convinces Wyatt to be at Steffy's to support her.

Marriage to Wyatt[]

Liam buys two seats on the plane for Ivy to lay her feet on. Liam boards the plane and sits with her to make sure she's okay. Liam goes into the bathroom and turns on the sink which splashes water everywhere and Liam slips and falls unconscious. The flight takes off while Liam's stuck in the bathroom. Liam is forced to fly to Australia and get a flight back to Los Angeles. Wyatt arrives at Steffy's, expecting Liam. Wyatt tells Steffy he knows it wasn't her fault Ivy fell down the stairs. Steffy is upset about Liam and Wyatt comforts her by telling her she deserves better and that they both do. Wyatt hugs Steffy. Steffy and Wyatt share some wine and Steffy vents to Wyatt about Liam and Wyatt understands and agrees. Steffy calls Liam on her cell phone but he does not pick up. Steffy is upset about Liam and goes to her room in her undergarments. Wyatt tells her he's staying on the couch. Wyatt enters her room and asks her if she wants to go swimming but didn't realize she was sleeping. Wyatt climbs on her bed and tells her he thinks they're meant to be together. Steffy says she's in love with his brother. Steffy tells Wyatt he is a good friend and she just needs somebody to hold and cuddle. Wyatt states he can do that as a friend. Steffy and Wyatt cuddle in bed. Liam returns home and sees two bottles of wine. Liam goes to the bedroom and finds Wyatt and Steffy in bed together and sits in the chair and goes unconscious.

Liam wakes up in Bill's office at Spencer Publications the next morning and Steffy and Wyatt never knew about Liam being in the bedroom. Liam goes to his beach house. Steffy is glad he's okay and was worried. Liam tells her that they can't be together because of what she did. Steffy doesn't know what she did and Liam tells her to pack her things and move out. Liam quits his job at Forrester and packs up his things. Steffy tries to convince him to stay with her and kisses him. Steffy tells Liam that if he wants to be with her, all he has to do is come to the beach house. Liam leaves the building and Quinn follows after him. Quinn badgers Liam to leave Wyatt and Steffy alone and Liam faints. Quinn picks Liam up and puts him in her car and drives him to her cabin in the woods.

Quinn texts Wyatt from the cabin to comfort Steffy. Wyatt arrives at the beach house and comforts Steffy who is losing hope. Wyatt convinces Steffy he knows exactly what she needs to feel better. Wyatt and Steffy leave and go to the beach. Steffy lies in the beach and puts tanning lotion on. A remote controlled helicopter whirls around her head. She looks around and laughs to see Wyatt controlling the helicopter. Steffy runs over to him and they play with the helicopter and throw a football around. They then have fun surfing in the ocean. Once they get out of the ocean, Steffy is ecstatic and tells Wyatt how great he's made her feel. Wyatt and Steffy kiss. Wyatt and Steffy go to Wyatt's beach house where Steffy takes a shower. Steffy notices they use the same orange conditioner. Wyatt states that's Ivy's, he hasn't cleaned her stuff out yet. Steffy states that explains the shower cap. Wyatt states that the flowery shower cap and slippers are his which made Steffy laugh. Wyatt and Steffy share another kiss.

Wyatt takes Steffy to the garage for a great surprise. Steffy spots a boogie board and Wyatt talks about how he got it at fifteen. Wyatt takes a tarp off of a motorcycle he bought for Steffy. Steffy is stunned at first. She explains to Wyatt that she lost her baby on her motorcycle and she hasn't been near one since. Wyatt convinces her that it's time to move on. Steffy agrees to riding the motorcycle but she has to go by herself. Steffy rode her bike through town feeling like herself again. She was very grateful to Wyatt for making her feel this way. Wyatt decides to take Steffy on another adventure back to the beach. Wyatt sets up a picnic for the two of them and they laugh and eat food.

Quinn tells Liam that somebody keeps calling her and bugging her on her cell phone. He asks if she's told him to stop but she claims he won't listen. Liam asks if it would help coming from a man's voice. Quinn agrees and tell Liam to tell them "It's over", "Don't call this number again" and "Get a life", which she records on Liam's phone. Quinn enters Steffy's office at Forrester while Wyatt and Steffy are called for a meeting. Quinn picks up Steffy's phone, her phone, and Liam's phone on the table. She calls Steffy's phone with Liam's and plays the message. Steffy and Wyatt come back in and Quinn informs Steffy that her phone ringed. Steffy listens to the message and is very upset. Quinn tells Steffy that Wyatt is there for her. Back at Wyatt's beach house, Wyatt comforts Steffy and they make love for the first time.

Wyatt asks Steffy to move in with him in which she agrees after she had just moved back into the Forrester Mansion. Wyatt proposes to Steffy who is hesitant at first but Wyatt convinces her to say yes. Caroline is ecstatic to hear the news and Ridge gives Wyatt his blessing. Quinn texts Wyatt from Liam's phone convincing him to take over his position at Spencer Publications. Steffy and Wyatt go to the Forrester Mansion when Caroline gives birth to Douglas Forrester upstairs.

Charlie shows Wyatt footage of Liam fainting in Forrester's parking lot and Quinn picking him up and putting him in her car. Wyatt confronts his mother about it and she claims she was driving him to the hospital and while driving, he woke up and adamantly refused to go to the hospital, and she has no idea where he could be.

Wyatt asks Bill to be his best man for the wedding which he agrees. While talking to Bill, Wyatt takes his shirt off to take a shirtless selfie for Steffy because she asked Caroline to be her maid of honor before Wyatt asked Bill to be his best man. Wyatt is disappointed when Quinn shows up to his wedding without "Adam". Quinn states that she thinks that would be inappropriate since the wedding day is about them. On April 1, 2016 Wyatt and Steffy get married in an intimate ceremony at the beach where their romance first blossomed.

Wyatt decides to stop by Quinn's cabin before she left for a vacation with "Adam". Wyatt enters the cabin only to find Quinn and Liam kissing. Wyatt is infuriated and Quinn takes Wyatt outside to argue. Quinn explains what happened and tries to convince Wyatt to keep it a secret to save his marriage. Wyatt busts through the door and realizes Liam has amnesia. Wyatt sets Liam straight while Quinn explains part of the story to Liam. Liam remembers Steffy and recognizes Wyatt as his brother. Liam and Wyatt trap Quinn in a closet in the cabin. Wyatt takes Liam down to the path to the beach and shows him the way to Steffy sitting on the beach. Liam runs up to Steffy and they hug and kiss. Liam explains to Steffy that Quinn kidnapped him and he has amnesia. Liam is thankful to Wyatt but still believes that he and Steffy are engaged. Steffy tells Wyatt she needs time to tell Liam that they're married. Deacon returns to the cabin and frees Quinn from the closet and they leave together. Wyatt and Steffy get matching wedding band tattoos. Liam calls Steffy and tries to woo her over but realizes the tattoo on her finger. Liam is distressed to find out that Steffy married another guy and even more upset to find out that it's Wyatt. Liam confronts Wyatt and tries to force him to step aside and let Steffy pick the man she wants while Wyatt tells Liam to respect his marriage and accept reality.

Steffy is surprised when Liam decides not to press charges against Quinn, because Wyatt asked him to. Bill calls a Spencer family meeting in his office. Bill tells Liam in front of Steffy, Wyatt, and Katie to respect his brother's marriage and move on, while Katie tries to get Liam to understand. Liam reluctantly agrees to respect Wyatt's marriage to Steffy. Liam tells Steffy in private that he will try his best to respect her marriage but he will always have feelings for her.

Liam hears noises in his house one night and takes a flashlight to search for an intruder. He sees a man in the dark and hits him over the head with a shovel. Liam calls Wyatt and Wyatt tells Steffy he's going to the police station. At the station, Liam picks out the man who entered his house. Wyatt realizes that the man's Reverend Rydell who married him and Steffy. The reverend greets Wyatt while Liam is confused. Wyatt informs Liam that he is the reverend who married them. Wyatt admits that he found him online. Liam believes he could be a fraudulent reverend and rushes off to his house where Steffy is. Liam tells her that if her marriage isn't real, she's free to be with him. Steffy makes clear that her vows to Wyatt were real and the love they share is real. Liam gives her a seashell to remember him. Meanwhile, Bill and Wyatt have Bill's old friend, Emmy, research files about Rydell. She concludes that Wyatt's marriage to Steffy is valid. Steffy returns home to hear the good news and is happy to hear the marriage is valid. Bill warns Liam to back off Steffy and respect Wyatt's marriage.

Steffy and Wyatt arrives at her beach house where she finds Quinn holding a spatula. Quinn claims she just prepared them some lunch. Steffy snaps at her for what she did to Liam and all of their lives. Wyatt arrives to find them arguing. Steffy declares she doesn't want Quinn to be a part of their lives. Wyatt approves of her wishes and bans Quinn from their house. Quinn leaves their beach house and watches Wyatt and Steffy hug through the window, which Steffy sees.

Wyatt and Liam meet with Bill to discuss business propositions in Bill's office. Liam pitches the idea of taking a portion of Spencer's profits to donate to charities to fix major world issues. Wyatt and Bill both object stating that Spencer Publications is a business and not a charity. Steffy enters the office and she is filled in on the debate. Liam asks if Steffy agrees with him bu she is more or less stuck in the middle. Wyatt states they need money for his future kids with Steffy. Bill and Wyatt don't decide to support Liam's idea. Bill hires a caterer, Marcy, to set up a table of caviar and expensive wine for Wyatt and Steffy which they greatly appreciate. Bill claims they're shining stars in his cloudy life. Wyatt wonders if Bill has any problems which Bill evades answering directly. Marcy states she is a photographer and takes a picture of Steffy eating caviar and is also a model and takes a picture of both of them. Wyatt and Steffy inform Bill how much attention social media attracts. Wyatt persuades Bill and Steffy to market Steffy's face on social media for Spencer Publications, which Steffy agrees to. Liam enters and is filled in but still wants to fund a foundation. Steffy agrees with Liam's idea but Wyatt and Bill still object to it. Bill mandates that Steffy, Wyatt, and Liam take a vacation to Monte Carlo to attend the Spencer Summit. Wyatt convinces Eric, who is CEO again, to tag along.

Monte Carlo[]

Eric, Liam, Steffy, and Wyatt all aboard the Spencer jet. Wyatt takes selfies of Steffy and her glass of champagne. Liam gets jealous and accuses Wyatt of smothering her. Wyatt and Liam bicker over the selfies but Eric tries to make peace. Wyatt and Steffy decide to go to bed in their special room on the plane. Liam admits to Eric he has feelings for Steffy and that he wishes Quinn would just break them up.

The four arrive at the Summit where they are accompanied by their friend, Eva, who is a publicist. The fans and reporters are all over Steffy and her selfies. Wyatt announces Eric's new role as CEO and Eric gives a speech about it. Liam is also asked to answer a few questions. Steffy and Wyatt have fun on the beach by the umbrellas and chairs taking selfies. They are interrupted by Liam who walks over insisting that he saw Quinn. Wyatt doesn't believe Liam saw Quinn and is trying to ruin their fun. Steffy agrees that Liam could have been mistaken. In the hotel room, Steffy asks Wyatt to support Liam and believes he is trying to do good with his foundation. Wyatt agrees to support Liam. Steffy and Wyatt share glasses of champagne and a few kisses. Liam is greeted by Eva who stopped by his hotel room to comfort him. Liam confides in her that it's been hard seeing his ex-wife marry his brother with Quinn's help. Eva suggests Liam to go on a date with her but Liam turns her down. Eva kisses Liam and leaves the door open.

Outside a limo, Quinn wearing a big, floppy hat kisses Eric. Steffy sees Eric kiss a woman but cannot see her face. Eric and Quinn wave to each other as Eric hops in the limo. The limo drives away and Steffy runs up to meet the mystery woman as Quinn darts away. Steffy chases after her while Wyatt says to a crowd of fans "Is that Steffy Forrester?" Steffy is slowed down by fans but continues to sprint after Quinn. Steffy gets close enough to pull her hat of and Quinn takes a tumble. Steffy is surprised and furious to find out it's Quinn. Quinn stands up and tries telling Steffy that she knows she's upset but her relationship with Eric developed into something real. After freaking out, Steffy slaps Quinn to the ground. Steffy warns Quinn to stay away from her and her family.

Steffy vents to Wyatt about Quinn and how frustrated she is. Wyatt is shocked and appalled that his mother would do this. Steffy says that she's done and can't do this anymore. She tells Wyatt that he has to tell his mother to leave them alone. Steffy freaks out at Eric who believes his personal life isn't any of her business. Steffy forbids Eric from being with Quinn. She demands that he breaks up with Quinn or he loses his relationship with her. Wyatt tells Quinn to take a plane ticket back to LA and leave them alone. Eric tells Quinn he's glad she came and she made him very happy. But he breaks up with her for Steffy's sake and Quinn flies back to LA.

Steffy tries to stop Eric's relationship to Quinn[]

Returning to LA, Eric and Quinn couldn't help but resume their relationship with each other. This makes Steffy feel angry and upset. Wyatt is there for Steffy and tries to support her feelings about her grandfather's relationship to Quinn. Quinn insists to Wyatt that her love for Eric is real and that it makes her happier than she's ever been. Wyatt starts to accept their relationship for his mother's sake. Steffy is angered by this and wants Wyatt to support her. Steffy decides to give Quinn an ultimatum, either she breaks up with Eric or Steffy promises to leave Wyatt. Quinn refuses to break up with Eric and tells Steffy she wishes that she and her son can work through this. After many weeks of arguing, Steffy decides to move out of Wyatt's and live with Thomas temporarily. Wyatt vows to stay faithful to Steffy and to work through their separation.

Eric and Quinn plan to get married at the Forrester Mansion in front of their friends and family. They invite all of the Forresters to attend however the only one who showed up was Ivy. Eric feels devastated but nevertheless marries Quinn out of his love and devotion for her. The rest of the Forrester family, including Felicia and Thorne, gather in Eric's office and wait until Eric arrives. They want to use the company's morality clause against him. Eric and Quinn successfully get married with Perez Hilton as their officiate. Eric arrives in his office upset at his whole family. The Forresters try to explain that they were doing this for his own good and Quinn is a danger to the family. Eric calls everybody out on the immoral things they've done but reminds them that he forgave them.

Eric collapses on the floor. The family goes to see Eric in the hospital, and then he slips into a coma.

At Forrester Creations, Liam supports Steffy, who is upset about the situation with Eric. She gets to thinking, and they start searching for the marriage certificate. Once they find it in an envelope, Steffy is surprised that Eric didn't sign the marriage license. Steffy tells Liam that Ridge is on his way. Quinn may not be Mrs. Forrester after all. In the hall, Carter chats with Pam about the stress of waiting. Carter is concerned that things are going to get more difficult, before they get better. In the office, Ridge arrives and Steffy shows him the unsigned, non filed marriage certificate. Liam pipes up, “Legally speaking, Quinn can’t be Mrs. Eric Forrester.” Ridge notes that he has Eric’s power-of-attorney, and with this news, he can make sure Quinn doesn’t hurt the company or family. Once alone, Liam and Steffy speculate on what Ridge will do next. Liam reflects on the misery Quinn has caused and they embrace.

Steffy decides to fix things with Wyatt and move back in. Carter finds a legal document making Quinn, Eric's power-of-attorney. Wyatt overhears Ridge and Steffy beg Carter to keep it a secret. Steffy defends their reason for protecting the family. Quinn rushes to his hospital room to see her husband, but the doctor tells her that he will only allow immediate family. The Forresters try to tell Quinn that she's not legally married but Quinn demands to see her husband anyway. Quinn has a heart-to-heart with Eric, causing his finger to move and start to wake up. Eric and Quinn sign their marriage license while Eric recovers at the Forrester Mansion.

Steffy decides to free herself from her marriage and breaks up with Wyatt. She gets on her motorcycles and drives over to Liam's house. They decide to reconcile and Liam promises to get her a ring when her finger heals, he'll put a ring on her and marry her. Steffy and Wyatt have a laser removal doctor come to Forrester to remove Steffy's tattoo, which is only half complete. The doctor tells Steffy to make another appointment. Steffy plans a special night with candles and wine for Liam as she tells him how much she appreciates him. Wyatt calls Steffy to come over to his beach house. Steffy comes over and Wyatt gives her a glass of wine to celebrate all the great times they had together. Steffy feels like Wyatt's trying a last ditch effort to win her over and brings it up to him. But Wyatt picks up an orange envelope with the divorce papers in them and gives them to her to sign. Steffy feels grateful yet empathetic and signs them and gives them to Wyatt, who signs them for her. The laser removal doctor comes through the door, for Steffy's second half of the removal surgery. Steffy thanks Wyatt for doing all of this for her. Liam then proposes to Steffy which she accepts.

Quinn convinces Eric to make Ridge co-CEO along with Steffy. Liam is opposed to it but Eric convinces Steffy that it's what's best for the company. Meanwhile, Thomas and Rick are both upset that Eric didn't choose either of them, however Thomas gets jealous of Steffy being handed the position over him. Steffy explains that Thomas hasn't been in L.A. because he was in New York with Caroline. Thomas explains he was trying to raise a family with Caroline which didn't work out, resulting in his return.

Feud with Sally Spectra[]

Knowing Liam was becoming increasingly frustrated over Eric and Quinn pushing Wyatt on her, Steffy finally got her divorce from Wyatt, only to learn Liam had headed to the airport. Steffy stopped Liam from getting on a plane with her divorce news and happily accepted Liam's proposal. Steffy was intrigued by Ivy's suggestion that she and Liam marry in Australia in a double wedding with Ridge and Brooke, but butted heads with Rick and Thomas after she was asked to split her CEO duties with Ridge instead of one of them.

Steffy made an instant enemy in fledgling designer Sally Spectra, the namesake grandniece of infamous knockoff queen Sally Spectra. Goaded into a public food fight with Sally, Steffy was furious to learn that Sally, who was planning her first showing, had staged the altercation and uploaded a viral video of it to piggyback on Steffy's social media presence. Catching Sally masquerading as a caterer at the wedding of her cousin Zende Forrester Dominguez, Steffy got back at Sally by shoving her face into a cake but was further annoyed when that contretemps ended up online, too.

Wedding in Australia[]

With Ivy's help, Steffy zip-lined into her wedding Down Under and exchanged vows with Liam. Steffy was shocked to see that Thomas had invited Sally as his date; Steffy's argument with Sally during her beach reception ended with Sally falling into the water. Steffy stayed behind in Australia after the family went home and honeymooned with Liam. Steffy was furious when Sally stole Forrester designs by planting cameras in the jewelry of her sister, Forrester intern Coco Spectra; Steffy felt for Coco, but insisted that Sally be arrested.

After Thomas saved Sally from a prison sentence, Steffy was secretly relieved. Steffy felt conflicted when Liam discovered that Sally had only stolen from Forrester because Bill sabotaged her with a bad review of her original work, wanting to demolish Spectra and put up a skyscraper; Steffy ultimately told Thomas but had mixed feelings when Ridge fired Thomas for investing $100,000 in Spectra Fashions to stop Bill. Steffy also had her hands full with Zende, who felt snubbed when Steffy and Ridge informed the novice designer they didn't have time to train him; Steffy agreed to give Zende a shot in Thomas' absence, but asked Eric to intervene on Thomas' behalf. Steffy was thunderstruck when Thomas defected to Spectra and became its lead designer; Steffy wasted no time letting Sally know she thought Sally was only using Thomas to breathe new life into Spectra.

Steffy was pleasantly surprised when Katie joined Forrester in PR and suggested they mount a swimsuit fashion show at the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo. But it was game on for Steffy when Thomas and Sally decided Spectra needed to get in on the event; Steffy vowed to best Spectra and modeled for a calendar teasing the showing. Still disapproving of Thomas' relationship with Sally, Steffy brought Thomas' ex-love and mother of his child, Caroline Spencer back from New York to lure him away from Sally.

Steffy became concerned when Eric took off after a fight with Quinn; learning that Eric was with Sheila Carter, his notorious criminal ex-wife who was responsible for Taylor's near-death, Steffy grabbed an old gun of Stephanie's and got Liam to track Eric's phone. Having been told by Quinn that Sheila might have a gun in her purse, Steffy shot Sheila when she thought Sheila was reaching for it, not knowing Sheila was trying to produce the electric razor Eric had sent her for. Steffy apologized for grazing Sheila's arm and was surprised when Sheila helped them lie to authorities about what went on. Steffy fumed when she learned the reason Eric was holed up in a hotel was because Ridge and Quinn had kissed on several occasions, blasting them both.

Steffy flew to Monte Carlo and declared the Forrester/Spectra swimsuit fashion duel was on, grudgingly admitting that Thomas and Sally had produced good designs. Spectra won the duel by popular vote, but Bill decided to call it a tie out of bitterness against Spectra. Steffy couldn't help being pleased when Thomas suddenly ditched Sally and moved back to New York with Caroline; however, Steffy was horrified when Liam revealed that Thomas had only done so because Bill had lied that Caroline was dying, even though she knew of Bill's plan beforehand. But yet both Liam and Steffy kept the secret and told no one about it.

Liam cheating by kissing Sally and Steffy cheating by sleeping with his father, Bill, behind Liam's back[]

Steffy convinced Liam to keep quiet, but felt bad for Sally when Spectra Fashions burned down. Steffy blanched when she learned from Liam that Bill had arranged the Spectra fire, and disapproved when Liam secretly recorded Bill's confession and used it to wrest control of Spectra Fashions from him. Steffy tried and failed to broker peace between Liam and Bill, lending Bill her support and spending more time with him when his new wife Brooke walked out on him.

Steffy objected when Liam took part in a sit-in with the Spectras to keep Bill from destroying Spectra Fashions, but risked her own life searching through the rubble when Bill unknowingly blew up the building with Liam and Sally inside; Steffy even pulled Sally from the wreckage first. Yet Steffy walked out on Liam when she discovered he had kissed Sally while trapped. Taking refuge at the Forrester guest house, Steffy let Bill in and ended up making love to him. Steffy tried to tell Liam but instead got caught up in his desire to renew their vows. Steffy rebuffed Bill's claim they should have been together years ago and swore him to secrecy about their tryst, determined to make her marriage to Liam work. But when Steffy learned she was pregnant, she reluctantly had a DNA test to find out whether Liam or Bill was the father. It was confirmed that Liam is the father to Steffy's baby. Steffy is relieved, and tells Bill the news. Also they both agree to never tell Liam about their betrayal.

Truth Revealed About Paternity Test and the birth of her daughter Kelly[]

Steffy returns home, and talks to Liam about their future and their family. Liam is happy and tells Steffy that he cannot wait to meet their child. While Steffy is daydreaming about her, Liam, and their child, Liam hears Steffy's phone go off in her purse. Before he retrieves it, Liam see's the paternity test in her purse, and goes outside and shows it to her. When Liam and Steffy go inside, Liam demands Steffy to tell him the truth on why she took a paternity test.

Liam then realizes that Steffy lied to him about spending the night in her car, but instead was at Eric's guesthouse when Quinn told him where Steffy was that night. Liam also learns that she cheated on him with someone when she was hesitant on renewing their vows. Steffy finally confesses that it was Bill who she had slept with. At first Liam believes that Bill took advantage of Steffy because she couldn't think clearly, and that he vowed revenge. However Steffy tells Liam that Bill did not rape her and that they had consensual sex.Liam angrily berates Steffy for taking Bills side over his, and wanting to get back at him for kissing Sally.

When Steffy tries to explain and begs for his forgiveness Liam storms out the house and leaves Steffy crying. After awaking in the front lawn Steffy goes back in the house, and Katie comes by for work. Steffy confesses to Katie that she cheated on Liam with Bill, and that she fears that he will never forgive her. Katie comforts Steffy. The next day Bill and Steffy talks and Bill assures her that Liam won't walk out on her or their child.

Wyatt stops by Steffy's house and informs her that he knows. Wyatt tells her that Liam is very heart broken, and does not know if he will get past it. When Liam returns home, Steffy thinks he has forgiven her. However Liam tells her that he will never forgive her or Bill for ruining his life and takes off his wedding ring. Also Liam gives Steffy annulment papers, but tells her that he will always be there for his son/daughter, and cannot wait to meet their child. Steffy is sad about Liam moving out of their house, but tries to win Liam back. Hope Logan returns from Milan, and offers Steffy and Liam friendship. Steffy later tells Brooke , and her father who is angry about Bill taking advantage of her.

Hope later confronts Steffy for breaking Liam heart, and warns her that if Liam decides to divorce her, she has no one to blame but herself. Steffy agrees with Hope, and is shocked when Hope tells her that she wants to help her to win Liam back. Throughout her pregnancy, Steffy has to deal with Bill's obsession of being with her and starts to scheme to break up her marriage. Overtime Steffy and Hope bond over getting Liam to come home, and when Bill was shot.

Steffy discovers that it was her mother Taylor who shot Bill when she confessed to her, and almost tried to shoot Bill again. Steffy later tells Liam that he did not tried to kill Bill, when he had a vision of him shooting his father. Steffy and Hope's rivalry heats up again when Steffy learns that Hope is in love with Liam again, and tries to get him to leave her. In order to get Liam to come home Steffy buys the cliff house from Bill to surprises Liam, and both hug.

However one day Bill stops by and blackmails Steffy into being with him by signing the annulment papers, and to not have her mother arrested for shooting him. Steffy signs them, but warns him that Liam will never forgive if he continues to scheme to be with her. Steffy is happy when Liam tells her that he is coming home, and brings her white roses as a sign of forgiveness. When Liam arrives at the house, he asks Steffy if she is still seeing his father, and Steffy truthfully tells him besides hugging him for letting her buy the house, that she has not betrayed him again. Also Steffy confesses to Liam that it was her mother who shot Bill.

Liam does not believe that Steffy and Bill are not involved and announces to her that he will fill the annulment papers. Steffy tries to get Wyatt to convinces Liam that she has not betrayed him again. Wyatt also does not believe her and tells Steffy that Liam deserves better than what she gave him, and exits. Steffy is shocked when she learns that Liam is getting married to Hope, and that their marriage has been officially annulled. Steffy confronts Hope, and warns her that Liam will come back to her because she has not betrayed him again. At her doctors appointment Steffy asks Liam to not marry Hope until their daughter is born, to get him to forgive her. Steffy later talks to Taylor and tells her that her relationship with Liam is over. Steffy gets a call from Ridge that the wedding has not started. Liam invites Steffy to Brooke's cabin and tells her that he and Hope did not get married because Wyatt told him that Bill manipulate him into thinking that he and Steffy are still involved by staging a scene where it looked like Steffy cheated on Liam again. Happy about this news, Steffy convinces Liam to be with her and have a family with their daughter. However Liam leaves with deciding on who he want to be with. Bill stops by again to try to get through to Steffy to be with him. Steffy confronts him about his obsession with her and demands him to leave. When Steffy kicks Bill out, she falls and goes into labor. Liam and Steffy welcome their daughter Kelly, who Steffy named after Liam's mother. Liam decides to finally forgive Steffy, and proposes to her.

Calling off Engagement with Liam and almost marrying Bill[]

Afterwards Steffy enjoys having Liam home, and being a mother. However on the 4th of July, Liam tells Steffy that Hope is pregnant with his child. Steffy is devastated, but wants to marry Liam as soon as possible and is saddened when Liam tells her that he is in no position to get married at that time because he still doesn't know what Hope's pregnancy will mean for them. Bill comes by to inform Steffy that Liam cheated on her with Hope, by showing a picture of them in a compromising position. Steffy does not believe him, and goes to Forrester's to see for herself. Steffy catches Hope and him kissing in the Forester Creation's dressing room, and is furious and heartbroken. Steffy lashes out at Liam and Hope for destroying her family, and leaves upset.

Bill once again persuades Steffy that they belongs together after she tells him about Hope and Liam. Bill proposes to Steffy and promises to give her and Kelly the best lives. Steffy decides to take Bill's offer on the condition that he gives her his remaining Forester shares. After arriving home Steffy pack some of Kelly things and hers. Liam see's her and tries to beg for her forgiveness. Steffy announces to Liam that she's done, and that he can be with Hope. Steffy tells Liam that she tried to beg for his forgiveness throughout her pregnancy, and tried to keep Bill away from him. Steffy refuses to be like her mother Taylor, who waited on Ridge to be faithful. Liam is shocked when he see's Bill's swords necklace on her. Steffy announces to Liam that she and Bill are getting married, and that she is providing a future for her daughter even if it means to give up on love.

Steffy takes Kelly and moves temporarily in with Bill. When Steffy see's her wedding dress that Bill picked out, Steffy decides not to go through with the wedding. Bill apologies to Steffy, and gives her his 12.5 % shares to Forester as a sign of good faith. Steffy walks out of the house with a new confidence.

Steffy has a meeting with Ridge and the new models to announce that she and Eric are now both biggest shareholders in Forester Creations. Ridge is happy that Steffy did not marry Bill, and got his shares. Steffy decides that her Intimates line is back while Hope's Hope For The Future line is going to the backburner. Hope, Brooke, Thorne and Liam oppose, but Steffy wins with her father's approval.

Liam apologies for hurting her. Steffy informs Liam that she will not be with him after catching him kissing Hope, and realizing that he still can't pick between her and Hope. Also Steffy does not want to repeat history when it came to Ridge going back and forth with her mother and Brooke, and wants so set an example to Kelly. When Hope walks in, Steffy gives Hope her blessings to be with Liam. She puts her engagement ring on Hope. Liam tells Steffy that she shouldn't propose for him and that he should do it alone. Later that day Steffy secretly saw Liam proposing to Hope with another ring and she cries. Steffy and Hope agree to put their children first, and to show that they can be a blended family. Steffy attends Hope and Liam's wedding along with her mother, to show the family unity and understanding however Steffy's mother Taylor Hayes has other plans and decides to destroy Hope's and Liam's wedding cake.

Adopting "Phoebe" and leaving for Paris[]

When Liam and Hope lost their baby Beth Spencer, Steffy is there to support Liam and Hope, and attends the funeral. When Steffy talks to Taylor about adopting a sister for Kelly, so that she can have a sibling to be close with, like her twin sister. Taylor tells her that her colleague Dr Reese Buckingham, has a mother who is willing to give up her baby. Steffy and Taylor meets the mother Flo Fulton, and her daughter. Steffy hold her and decides to adopt her and names her Phoebe Forrester after her deceased twin sister. Liam and Hope meet Phoebe for the first time and have an instant connection with her. Steffy takes Phoebe and Kelly to Paris when Hope starts to become too attached to Phoebe, and wanting Hope and Liam to work on their marriage.

Returns home from Paris[]

Steffy returns home from Paris and learns about Flo being related to Hope, and Thomas messing with Liam and Hope's marriage. Also Steffy and Liam one night have sex. However Steffy is unaware that Thomas spiked Liam's drink so that he can willing have sex with her. The next day Liam tells Steffy that he still love Hope even when they had sex, and has to tell Hope. Hope stops by to tell Steffy that her and Liam are getting an annulment, and that she can have Liam. Also Hope wants Steffy to be with Liam to raise her daughters together. Liam moves back in Steffy's house, and decides to be a father to Phoebe. Steffy attends Thomas and Hope's wedding along with Liam and the girls. Liam is on the balcony at Eric's mansion and overhears Thomas and Flo arguing about keeping a secret from Hope. Liam get suspicious of Flo and asks Wyatt to talk to her more, who then reveals to him that Flo said she never had a child but cleared it up with him. Liam then question's Steffy about Flo, and if the adoption is legit. Steffy assures Liam that it is legit and Flo can be trusted. Liam then investigates Phoebe's adoption to see if the adoption is legal.

Truth about Beth is revealed[]

The next day Liam is playing with Phoebe and Steffy adores it. Afterwards he calls the hospital on the birth certificate. The receptionist tells Liam that they cannot give Flo's information to him, but tells him that he can call Dr. Cortez. Liam then contacts the doctor on the birth certificate When Hope, Douglas, and Thomas arrives, Liam cannot stand Thomas. Thomas brags to Liam about his honeymoon with Hope. Liam warns Thomas about hurting Hope. After Thomas goes in the girls room, Liam expresses to Hope that Thomas is using her. Hope tells Liam that Beth is gone and that she is trying to move on. Douglas then tells Liam and Hope that their daughter Beth is alive. Hope gets emotional and leaves. Liam questions Douglas on why he said that, and Douglas reveals that Thomas said that Beth is alive, but was not aware that he heard him. Liam talks to Steffy about Douglas being positive about Beth, and reveals that Thomas had said it.

Steffy believes that Douglas is just confused, and will talk to Thomas later. Liam gets a phone call from Flo's doctor who reveals to him that Flo was not her patient, and that she was out of the country on the day that Flo had supposedly given birth. Also the doctor reveals that there was no records of Flo being at the hospital. Liam then realizes that Douglas is telling the truth and that Phoebe is Beth. Liam walks and goes into her room and pick her up while crying. Steffy ask Liam why he called Phoebe Beth, and angrily tells him to stops calling her daughter Beth. Liam tries to tell Steffy that Beth is alive and that Douglas is telling the truth. Liam storms out of the house to confront Flo. Meanwhile Steffy and Ridge talks about Liam thinking that Phoebe is Beth. Ridge assures her that Liam maybe grieving over Beth still, and that Douglas may have been imagining things. Steffy hopes that when Liam comes back that this discussion about Beth is over.

When Steffy returns home with Kelly from her doctors appointment. Steffy is shocked that Hope is here holding Phoebe. When Steffy questioned Hope on why she is not on her honeymoon with her brother, and Liam running out of the house to talk to Flo.

Liam tells Steffy that Flo is not the biological mother to Phoebe, when he confronted her and that she confirmed it. Hope tells Steffy that Phoebe was stolen. Liam goes on to reveal that a doctor kidnapped a mother's child and switch Phoebe and was able to switch her with a baby who was already stillborn. Liam goes on to say that this man did it because of a gambling debt. When Steffy wants to keep Phoebe still, and fears that she may be sued, she tries to call Carter. However Liam tells her that this involved her mother. Hope reveals to Steffy that Taylor told her colleague that she was looking for a child for her daughter to raise. However Liam says that Taylor did not know about this and wanted to give a child to her daughter.

Also informs Steffy that she paid a lot of money for Phoebe. Steffy realizes that her colleague told her mother that Phoebe was adoptable and abandon. Hope tells her that the colleague was the doctor who kidnapped Phoebe. Steffy is shocked that Dr. Buckingham is the one who kidnapped Phoebe and sold her a baby. Liam informs Steffy on who knew about this including Thomas. Hope tells Steffy that she thanks her for watching out for the baby, when she reveals to her that she is the mother that Dr. Buckingham took her baby and sold her.

Hope finally reveals to Steffy that Phoebe is Beth. Steffy at first refuses to believe it, and vows to not have Hope take her away from her. Steffy and Hope argue about Beth. Ridge and Brooke arrives at the house to comfort their daughters after learning about Reese and Flo's deceit.

Steffy then realizes that Phoebe is Beth, and tries to convince Hope to not take Beth away from her. Steffy is devastated that Reese did this to her and learns that Reese then had Flo pretend to be the birth mother to Phoebe so that it would not looked suspicious. Also Flo knew all this time and didn't say anything to her. Liam talks to Steffy and thanks her for being a mother figure to Beth, but tells her that Hope was robbed out of being Beth's mother for months. Which lead to her being depressed and blaming herself.

Upon realizing that Hope never got the chance to be Beth's mother, Steffy gives Beth back to Hope and says goodbye to Beth. Hope promises her that she will never out of Beth's life. After Liam, Hope, Brooke, and Beth leave, Steffy collapses in Ridge's arms and cries over the loss of her baby.

Steffy later visits Thomas in the hospital when Brooke pushed Thomas off a cliff and fell. Steffy confronts Thomas on keeping Beth a secret for months and had her raise a child that belonged to Hope. Also for manipulating Hope and Douglas's grief. Steffy informs Thomas that she will never forgive him for hurting her, and will never be in Kelly's life again. Steffy visits Flo who is arrested for fraud, and kidnapping charges. Steffy talks and confronts her about ruining her family's life and hers and hopes that she spends her life in jail.

Her Motorcycle Accident, Addiction and Recovery from Pain Pills and Newfound Love with Dr. Finn[]

Steffy is still sad over losing Beth and Liam and Hope remarrying. One day Steffy decides to go on a bike ride and Bill Spencer Jr. accidentally hits her with his car. Steffy wakes up in a hospital and the first thing she sees is Dr. Finn Finnegan. Steffy and Finn instantly liked each other. Steffy is in alot of pain because she sprained her back and broke a few ribs. Dr. Finnegan gives her some pain pills that would ease her pain a bit. When Steffy gets home she often feels overwhelming physical pain. She tries to take care of Kelly, but she suffers when she bends or carries her daughter. To make things worse she feels emotional pain each time she looks at the photo of her and Liam and losing him to Hope once again. Finn visits Steffy from time to time and checks on her. One day all the pills Finn prescribed to Steffy are gone and he refused to give her more, but Steffy gets some pain killers from her brothers friend Vincent Walker. Thomas brings them in a package to her, but has no idea what is inside and that he is giving his sister more opioids. Steffy decides to take the medicine in secret from everyone including Finn. When Finn visits Steffy she tells him that she doesn't need more pills and at one time Steffy kisses him and that's how their romance starts. At that point Finn is absolutely unaware that Steffy is in danger. One day Steffy's ex husband Liam visits her and sees Steffy passed out on the couch. Liam panicks when he can't wake her up. Steffy finally wakes up and told Liam that she is fine. Liam didn't believe her and he found the pill bottle and he took Kelly from Steffy's home saying he didn't believe that Kelly is safe there. Absolutely desperate Steffy decides to drive under the influece of pills and follow Liam to Brooke's home where Liam took Kelly. When Steffy arrives at Brooke's, she demands that Kelly goes back home with her. When Brooke, Liam and Hope refuses, saying that it's temporary and she needs to get help first, she accuses them of kidnapping and pointed out that Hope took "Phoebe" and Liam away from her and asked her if now she wants to take Kelly too. At one point Steffy pulled a knife out and threatened everyone in the room. Ridge arrives and he asked Hope and Liam to take care of Kelly while he goes to help Steffy. Steffy ends up in rehab where Finn visits her frequently. She gets better and reunites with Kelly with Finn by her side.

One Night Stand with Liam, Thomas's Hospitalization, her New Pregnancy and Another Paternity Test[]

Finn became a frequent visitor at Steffy's Malibu home. He often stayed the night and things between them started being serious. Steffy seemed really happy until one evening a distraught Liam has visited her. He told Steffy that his wife Hope Logan has kissed Steffy's brother Thomas Forrester. Steffy told Liam that it had to be a mistake, but Liam was sure of what he saw. Steffy and Liam started drinking and at one point Liam asked Steffy if she and Finn are serious and said that the photo of them that Steffy has on her wall might be an indication of what is to come. The couple kissed and started making love on the sofa. In the morning they both looked guilty, but assured one another that it was beautiful and natural. Liam went to confront his wife and found out that she didn't kiss Steffy's brother. It was a mannequin and Thomas had hallucinations. Hope informs Liam that Thomas fell to the ground and is in the hospital. Liam arrives there and tells a devastated Steffy that Thomas kissed a mannequin and not Hope. Steffy is heartbroken that her brother has been hallucinating and she asked Liam if he stays with Hope. Liam tells Steffy they should confess, but she told him it's best to stay quiet because she and Finn are in a good place and she doesn't want to lose him. Finn tells Steffy and Ridge that Thomas needs an emergency surgery. The surgery is a big success. Steffy tries to put the latest events behind her and makes passionate love to Finn. Liam tries to convince her to come clean a couple of times, but each time Steffy convinces him that it's for the best to not hurt Hope and Finn with the truth. One day Steffy discovers that she is pregnant. She invites Liam over and tells him about it. Steffy realized that it can't be a secret anymore. Liam revealed the truth to a heartbroken Hope and Steffy told Finn. While Hope is angry and isn't sure if she can ever forgive Liam Finn is finding it in his heart to forgive Steffy for the betrayal and he hopes that she child is his. Finn blames the one night stand mainly on Liam and tells him that if the child will be his then there will be new rules at home and Liam won't be able to stay at Steffy's whenever he wants. Steffy, Liam, Finn and Hope wait for the test results which reveal that Liam is the father. Steffy is confused because she said that she felt it was Finn's baby. Finn still wanted to stay with Steffy and one day he and Steffy's brother discovered that Thomas's friend Vincent Walker faked the test so Hope would leave Liam which would open the doors for Thomas. Thomas was shocked as he didn't even ask his friend for this. Overjoyed Finn tries to find Steffy to tell her the good news, but hears that she's secretly leaving for Paris. Finn catches Steffy at the Malibu home shortly before she was about to leave. Steffy tells Finn that he would eventually hate her because she's carrying Liam's child. Finn proposes and Steffy agrees to marry him once he revealed that Vinnie tampered the test results and he is in fact the father of her baby. Finn proposed with a ring that belonged to his adoptive mother Li Finnegan. Steffy, Finn and Kelly decided to travel together for some time and shortly after the happy family arrived back in LA Steffy found out that Liam is in jail for a hit and run. The victim was Vinnie, the guy that faked the paternity test results. Steffy believed that it was just an accident and supported her ex husband in jail blaming Bill Spencer Jr. for taking an unconscious Liam from the accident scene which changed Liam's charges. At one point it was revealed by Thomas Forrester that Vinnie intentionally jumped in front of Liam's car. He sacrificed his life to incriminate Liam so Hope could be single again and ready to date Thomas. Shortly after Steffy went into labor and gave birth to her mother's namesake Hayes Finnegan.

Marrying Finn, meeting Finn's adoptive parents and finding out that Sheila is Finn's biological mother (2021)[]

Steffy decided that she wants to get married once she meets Finn's parents. Finn had to confess to Steffy that he was adopted. Steffy takes these news lightly and is very impressed with Finn's adoptive parents Li and Jack Finnegan. All of Steffy's family feels the same way and finally Steffy and Finn have a beautiful wedding day at Eric Forrester's home. Everyone is having a great time, but at one point Finn goes to the guest house to make a few calls. In the guest house Sheila Carter appears. She tells him that she is his biological mother. A joyful Finn takes Sheila to the reception where everyone reacts with anger and tell her to leave. Steffy is devastated that Finn is Sheila's son and her son Hayes has her genes, but tells Sheila that ultimately she didn't ruin their day and tells her to keep away from her family and slaps her. Finn is shocked to find out that Sheila shot Steffy's mom and wanted to kill his wife's grandmother. Steffy is supposed to go for a business trip with Hope Logan, but the flight gets delayed due to bad weather. Steffy see's it as a sign to go back home. Meanwhile Sheila asks Jack Finnegan if she could see Finn and Hayes at least one time. Jack decides to help Sheila because he is Finn's real father and Sheila was his ex mistress. Li and Finn don't know and he is scared that it might come out. Jack tells Finn that Sheila is coming and doesn't even allow him to decide first. Finn isn't happy about it, but in the end he allows it to happen. Sheila arrives and she holds little baby Hayes in her arms when a shocked Steffy enters the house. She's livid and slaps Sheila again. Steffy's angry at both Finn and his father for allowing this to happen. Steffy is so angry with Finn that she decides to not sign the marriage license and Finn has to sleep in the guest room. Eventually Steffy forgives Finn and Sheila decides to leave LA. She sends her son a loving text message to which Finn secretly replies with a heart emoji. That one text from Finn ensured Sheila that she shouldn't leave. She visits Finn at the Malibu home once again and when Finn makes it clear that he is choosing Steffy over her Sheila pretends that she passed out. A distraught Finn calls the ambulance for her. Steffy arrives at the hospital and tries to convince her husband that Sheila is manipulating him however Finn is determined to help his biological mother to recover. The test results show that Sheila is healthy and then Finn and Steffy know for sure that it was a lie. Sheila is infuriated that she is losing again. One day Finn tells his wife that he saw his biological mother by accident and that she is dating Deacon Sharpe, Hope's father. Steffy tells her husband that it's another scheme. She tells both Finn and her ex husband Liam Spencer that Deacon is also bad news and she actively tries to convince Liam that he should convince his wife to stay away from her father. Steffy is angry that her father has to deal with Deacon because he lives on the same property as Hope where her father visits her.

Taylor's return, a new war with the Logans (2021-2022)[]

Taylor surprises Steffy with her return. The two have an emotional reunion and Steffy convinces her mother to stay at her home. Steffy enjoys seeing her parents interacting and one day she noticed that they were holding each other which sparked a hope that her parents might reunite. Steffy started to suggest to both of her parents that they should be together again. Steffy told her father Ridge Forrester that Brooke Logan Forrester is always bringing drama while her mother Taylor Hayes has always put him first. Steffy's brother Thomas Forrester joins his sister and also tries to convince their dad that he should reunite with Taylor. One day Hope Logan stops by and asks is Steffy knows where is Douglas's ball. Taylor says it's on the porch, but when Hope tries to leave and take the ball Steffy and Taylor invite her for desert and inform her that Ridge is coming as well. Hope informs them that Ridge is with her mother Brooke and that she needs him now. Steffy and Taylor try to find out what's going on with Brooke, but Hope doesn't explain to them her mothers situation and instead she asks Steffy and Taylor to respect her mothers marriage. Steffy replies that it will be her father's decision. Later Steffy and her mom talk about Hope and Brooke. Steffy says that she was raised to be kind and take the high road while the Logans manipulate to get what they want. She asks her mother if she wouldn't like to get revenge on Brooke and declares a war between the Logans and the Forresters.

Steffy invited Ridge to have a dinner with her, Thomas and Taylor. Ridge said he has to check his schedule and Steffy asks if he doesn't know if he can make it was because of Brooke. Ridge replies that he doesn't want to talk about Brooke, but he will let her know if he can show up at the dinner. Steffy finds an excuse to take Thomas out of the office and leaves Taylor and Ridge alone so they can have a private moment. Taylor assures Ridge that she is a good listener if he needs to talk. Ridge said that he appreciates her and that he is happy that she's back. Taylor confessed that she did a lot of self exploration. She said that the main reason she stayed awat was Brooke. She said that she wondered what would have happened, what would be, if Sheila wouldn't shoot her. Ridge embraced her. After Steffy witnessed another hug her parents shared, she again started encouraging Ridge to leave his wife. When Ridge left the building, Taylor told her to stop trying to undermine her father's marriage, but Steffy said that she wants her father to know that he has a choice. After that Steffy went to Brooke's and Ridge's house and asked them what is wrong with Brooke. They didn't reply so she invited Ridge for dinner. Ridge wanted to stay with Brooke, but she assured him that she would be fine. While Ridge was at Steffy's, Thomas came over with Douglas and he started revealing that on New Years Eve, he saw Grandma Brooke kissing Santa. Shortly after Hope calls Thomas and asks him to bring Douglas back to the cabin. Steffy isn't thrilled that Douglas had to go back home. When Douglas was visiting Steffy's house again he said that Santa was Hope's father Deacon Sharpe.

Illegally obtaining proof of Brooke's kiss with Deacon and encouraging Ridge to leave Brooke for her mother, Taylor[]

Steffy decided to call Charlie Webber and asked him to come over and not tell anyone about his visit at her home. When he arrived she explained that she wants him to check Brooke's security system because she suspects that Brooke is cheating on her father. Charlie agreed even though it was illegal and showed Steffy and Thomas the footage. When Steffy and Thomas saw that Deacon left Brooke's house the next morning they automatically assumed that he and Brooke had sex and they told everything to their mother. Steffy showed Taylor the footage. Taylor comes to a conclusion that she has to be the one that tells Ridge the truth. Steffy said it could be a beautiful, new chapter for their family. The two embraced. After that Steffy went to Brooke's and enters her house without knocking. Brooke hears the door and when she looks at the entrance, she sees Steffy. Steffy says that she wants to talk about her father who is an amazing man. She reminds Brooke about her history with her dad and sarcastically smiles when she mentions the word "destiny" that Brooke often used as a reference to her and Ridge. She told Brooke that Ridge was defending her for all her scandals and betrayals. Brooke is shocked and asks Steffy where all this was coming from and then she tells her that her father deserves someone who is committed to him and only him and that will never be her. Brooke asked Steffy to leave because Ridge will be coming back soon. Steffy goes back to the cliff house and asks Taylor if she spoke to Ridge. Taylor said that she tried, but he didn't want to believe her. Steffy wanted to go and talk to Ridge, but Taylor stopped he by saying that he went to Brooke's. Steffy was annoyed that Ridge didn't believe Taylor and defended Brooke. Steffy was annoyed upon hearing that Ridge didn't believe her mother right away and she was worried that Brooke will find excuses.

Steffy decided to talk to Hope at Forrester Creations to inform her that she knows about Brooke's indiscretion with Deacon and that she feels sorry for Hope for having a mother like Brooke. Hope reminded Steffy that she has no room to judge after her own past mistakes, but Steffy changed the topic back to Brooke and accused her of decades of similar behavior. Hope asked Steffy if she holds her father accountable for all of his indiscretions or does he get a pass. Steffy replied by saying that her father never claimed to be perfect, but when Hope asked if her mother even made such claims about herself Steffy accused Brooke of being manipulative. Hope said that Ridge loves her mother, but Steffy replied that she wants her father to be with her mother, who "unlike Brooke is good for him".

Ridge came to Steffy's home with bruises and told her Taylor and Thomas that he got into a fight with Deacon. Steffy and Thomas started telling Ridge to leave Brooke again and started to promote their mother to him. At one point Steffy told Ridge and Taylor that she is giving them a moment alone and encouraged her mother to be honest about her feelings. Steffy left and Ridge told his ex wife how he felt when his own parents found their way back to each other. Taylor assured Ridge that she wants the best for him. Ridge asked Taylor for her opinion about Brooke and she replied that Brooke was never worthy of him because of her pattern to turning to other men meanwhile Steffy saw Thomas outside the house and he informed her that Brooke was looking for their father. Steffy complimented her brother when he said that he hid Ridge's phone so his wife can't call him. Back at home Ridge and Taylor continued talking. Ridge told Taylor that Steffy and Thomas always wanted him to "go back home". Ridge said that maybe he should be with her, with someone who never betrayed him. Ridge tried to kiss her, but Taylor stopped him and said she can't go through this again, but she kissed him when he said that he wants to come home.

Ridge reunites with Taylor briefly[]

Steffy and Thomas walked in on Ridge and Taylor kissing. Ridge informed his children that this is his home now while embracing Taylor. Ridge told them that his eyes are open now and there is a lot of time he needs to make up for. Steffy and Thomas decided that they will go for a walk and leave their parents alone. Steffy congratulated her parents before leaving. When the kids left, Taylor told Ridge that maybe they had to go through so much to finally arrive to that moment and that they are a living proof that it's never too late to start over. Taylor told Ridge that she feels like the kids are watching them and asked Ridge if he wants the two of them to have some privacy. Steffy and Thomas came back home and Liam suddenly appeared and said that he stopped by to see Kelly, but Steffy reminded him that she told him that Kelly had a playdate with a friend. Thomas and Steffy asked Liam if Brooke sent him to speak to Ridge. Liam admits that he came for Brooke because she's scared and they aren't even letting her talk to her husband. Thomas explained that if they would let Brooke in, she would beg, plead and cry like always and that Ridge deserves a little time away from her. Steffy agreed with Thomas and told Liam that their father is moving on with their mother. Liam reminded the two of them that Brooke and Ridge are still married and Steffy replied by saying that they shouldn't be, after the way Brooke has treated him. Thomas and Steffy said that they lost count when it comes to Brooke's indiscretions and that Brooke and Ridge are over. Liam asked why won't they let Brooke talk to Ridge even if it's over. Liam also mentioned that he heard that Thomas has his fathers phone, but he said that he isn't holding his father hostage and he could leave and go to Brooke whenever he wants. Liam asked where Ridge is and why are they so cryptic and asked them why are they so scared of Brooke and Ridge communicating if they are so confident that their parents will be together. Thomas said that there is someone Ridge would rather be spending his time with and Steffy said that it was the last time Brooke was going to disappoint her father.

Steffy shows up to the office and finds Hope there with her father, talking to him about her mother, Brooke and how much she still loves Ridge and asking him to forgive her and to give her another chance. Steffy tells Hope that her father is through with Brooke once and for all and that he is back with her mother and that's how it is going to stay.

She and Finn being shot by Sheila (2022)[]


Steffy and Finn laying in an alley after Sheila shot them


Steffy is shocked to see how big Kelly is after losing a big part of her memory

After overhearing Thomas on the phone a couple of times, Steffy becomes very suspicious of him & what he is hiding. After asking him about it and him denying that there was anything wrong, she follows him and ends up seeing him in an alley, in an intense conversation with none other, than Sheila. Steffy goes home and shares this with Finn immediately afterwards. Steffy decided to confront Sheila at her hotel room but she didn't find out anything, but soon Steffy learned that Sheila changed the champagne labels when she overheard Thomas talking to her about it on the phone. Steffy called Sheila and decided to talk with her. The two women met at il Giardino. After Steffy told Sheila once more that she will never be a part of her family and revealed that she knows about her manipulating Brooke's life, Sheila pulled out a gun and was about to shoot Steffy. Finn was worried that Steffy wasn't answering his calls and pinged her phone to see where she was and left work and went to il Giardino himself. He walked in just as Sheila was about to pull the trigger with her gun and he took the bullet for her. Sheila was horrified that she shot her own son. Finn opened his eyes for a moment and told Steffy that he loves her and also mentioned Hayes and then he closed his eyes again. Steffy started screaming and crying and wanted to call 911, but Sheila demanded from Steffy to put the phone down. In the end she decided to shoot Steffy also and then she stole their rings, wallets, and a few other things so it would look like a robbery. She left the two in the alley where Deacon Sharpe found them and called for help. After the paramedics get there, they tell Deacon that Finn didn't make it and he calls Ridge and tells him that Steffy and Finn have been shot and that Finn died. They take Steffy to the hospital and Bridget tells her parents, Ridge and Taylor and her brother Thomas, that she has been shot in the chest and is in critical condition. They gather by her bedside and beg her to fight and tell her that they love her. Soon after, Liam, Hope and Brooke come to the hospital as well. Sheila was also there and she was afraid that Steffy would wake up and tell everyone that she killed Finn and shot her. Tormented with guilt Sheila tried to take her own life by jumping of the roof, but Taylor stopped her. While Taylor was preventing Sheila from falling, she herself slipped and almost died. Sheila pulled her up and a grateful Taylor embraced Sheila and told Ridge about Sheila saving her life. Taylor even called Sheila one of them not knowing that Sheila almost killed her daughter and did kill her own son and Steffy's husband, Finn. When Steffy woke up everyone was overjoyed, but Sheila wasn't. Ridge asked Steffy who did this to her, but Steffy didn't remember. Sheila advised Ridge to not push Steffy for answers, all the while pretending that she's worried for Steffy's health. When Steffy saw Liam, she got emotional and started calling him her husband. When Liam informed everyone about Steffy's amnesia, Taylor and Bridget didn't recommend Liam telling Steffy the truth right away, much to Hope and Brooke's displeasure. During a conversation with Liam, Steffy remembered Kelly and said she wanted to go home to her. Liam was worried when he realized that Steffy does not remember her son Hayes. Steffy asked to see Kelly so after a conversation with Hope, Liam went to get her. When Hope went inside her room, Steffy was susprised because they didn't always get along. Hope asked Steffy if she remembers anything about the night she was shot or anything before it happened. Steffy said she remembers her home and her family with Liam and Kelly. Hope replied that her family is so much bigger and they will all support her. When Liam arrived with Kelly, Steffy was surprised by how big Kelly was. Steffy told Hope, she wanted some time alone with her daughter and husband. When Hope left Steffy's hospital room, Steffy told them that she loved them as Hope watched them from behind the door. Sheila, being scared that Steffy will remember, she tried to mess with her medical equipment when Taylor walked into the room and made Sheila's attempt to murder Steffy, impossible. Steffy was again questioned, this time by detective Bradley Baker, but she wasn't able to remember anything.

Mourning Finn's Supposed Death[]


Bridget told Liam, Hope, Brooke, Thomas and Ridge that Steffy's test results are good enough for her to hear the truth. Liam, Ridge, Thomas, Taylor and Sheila gathered around Steffy. Liam revealed that he is not her husband and that she has a child with Finn, her husband. Steffy got emotional when she remembered Finn and Hayes. She wanted to see them and asked where Finn is. When she heard that her husband was dead, she was shocked and cried. When Steffy was sleeping, Sheila again came to her room and thought about killing her or messing with her medication because either way, her problem would be solved. Liam felt that something was off and he entered Steffy's room. When he saw Sheila he confronted her about being there. Sheila was angry because she was again stopped from killing/harming Steffy.

Steffy went home after Bridget said that there was no need for her to stay at the hospital. She was happy to be reunited with her children, but still sad about Finn being gone. She looked at Finn's photos and cried. Kelly called Liam and asked him to come over. When Liam came to the cliff house, after Kelly went to bed, Steffy begged him to not leave her alone for the night because it's her first night without Finn and she doesn't want to be alone. Liam agreed to stay with his ex wife which made Hope, his current wife very uncomfortable.

Remembering Sheila shot her and Finn[]

Sheila arrived at the cliff house and convinced Taylor to let her in using her grief over her son and wanting to see her grandson Hayes as an excuse. When Steffy saw Sheila, she became very irritated and nervous. While arguing with Sheila, Steffy's memory about the shooting started to come back to her. While she was still grappling with her memory, her father, Ridge came in to see Steffy, and he grew concerned about what was going on with her and especially after being told that Sheila had just left the cliff house. Finally Steffy started remembering more vividly. She then realized that Sheila was the one who shot her and killed her own son and her husband when he jumped in front of her to protect her from Sheila. After telling her parents about what she remembered, she asked them to get Sheila to come over. Taylor called Sheila and she came over thinking that she got a new chance to be in her grandson's life, but instead she was confronted by Steffy, Taylor and Ridge about what she has done. At first Sheila tried to pretend that she's innocent, but soon she confessed and tried to blame Steffy for Finn's death. She also confessed that she was the one that caused Brooke Logan's relapse and that Thomas Forrester knew about it. Taylor didn't want to believe that her son kept a secret from them, but Steffy confirmed that she remembers that too. What Sheila didn't know is that the police was listening to her confession the whole time. She has been captured and taken to jail. Steffy was satisfied to see Sheila being dragged away by the police, but she had a very hard time coping with her husband's death and she wanted to celebrate Finn's life by organizing a memorial service for him. Steffy invited Finn's adoptive mother Li Finnegan over but she didn't want to hear about organizing a memorial service for Finn and didn't tell Steffy where Finn's ashes are. Steffy was even more heartbroken when Li brushed her off. Steffy's mother told her that she should take her children and travel as it might help her to grieve far away from all the painful memories. Steffy was torn because to her it felt like leaving Finn, but eventually she decided to take Kelly and Hayes to France.

Reunion with Finn[]

Steffy traveled from Paris to Monaco where she searched for professional help. She couldn't handle the pain of losing Finn and admitted herself into a special facility specialized in helping people that are going through grief. When Taylor and Ridge found out, they decided to travel to Monaco and help Steffy. When they arrived in Monaco, they couldn't find Steffy and then they heard from the facility worker that Steffy went for a long walk. While they were waiting for Steffy, they received a call from Finn and were shocked to learn that he was alive. Finn arrived at the facility and reunited with his in laws, his son and step daughter. Steffy has no idea what was happening and she kept walking around the streets of Monaco. She was looking depressed and one woman advised her to visit the church so Steffy went there and burned a candle in Finn's memory. When she walked out of the church, Finn noticed her and called out to her. Steffy couldn't believe her eyes and they both started running towards each other. After their happy reunion, they went to celebrate Finn's return together with Steffy's parents and their children. Once in LA, Finn and Steffy were ecstatic to have their happy family life back however Steffy felt angry when she heard that Finn's adoptive mom Li Finnegan was hiding Finn from her all along. She confronted her mother in law, but Li refused to apologize and said that Finn was her only concern and that he was okay until he got to know her and the Forresters which basically brought Sheila Carter back to his life.

War with the Logans continues[]

Steffy knew that her parents shared a kiss in Monaco and she encouraged her parents to get back together, saying that it's obvious that they are still in love. Steffy didn't only want her father back with her mother, but also her nephew Douglas Forrester to be back with her brother Thomas Forrester on a full time basis so when she heard that Thomas wanted him back, she decided to take his side and she made it very clear to Hope where she stands. In Steffy's opinion, Hope had Douglas under her care long enough and despite her brother's troubled past and the abuse he put his son through, in her opinion, he was a changed man. Steffy wasn't the only person that believed it, as her mother Taylor Hayes did also and she encouraged Thomas to take Douglas back even before he came to this conclusion. Ridge also agreed with them which put him in a tough spot with his wife Brooke Logan Forrester. Steffy, Finn, Ridge, Thomas and Douglas all gathered in Eric Forreste's home to celebrate their Forrester legacy and Finn's return. Shortly after Steffy wanted to see her family back at her grandfather's mansion, but she wasn't pleased when she saw that Hope Logan also came by and she made it obvious that she's not happy about it. Steffy continued encouraging her mother to fight for Ridge and also encouraging her father to go back to Taylor. At one of their family gatherings, this time at Steffy's house, Steffy noticed that Brooke is calling Ridge so she secretly picked up the phone and wouldn't put her father on the phone and told Brooke that she won't be married to Ridge for long and that she can see how much her dad loves her mother. After that Steffy hung up on a shocked Brooke. Hope confronted Steffy about it, but the Steffy was unapologetic. When Taylor told Steffy that she doesn't want to wait for Ridge to make a decision and she wants to leave town, Steffy encouraged her mother to not give up. Bill Spencer Jr. called Steffy and said that he wants to sell his house in Aspen and told her that she is free to travel there and check it out. Steffy took him up on his offer and told her mother that they could go to Aspen together. Taylor told her that she wanted to get away from LA. Ridge was over at Eric's for a visit with Douglas. While there CPS showed up, wanting to check on Douglas, which angered Ridge.

After their visit, Thomas suggested that he should call a childhood friend to find out who had called CPS on him. The man came over and played the recording of the phone call. Ridge found out that supposedly Brooke called Child Protective Services on Thomas and he was angry with his wife. Steffy called Ridge and told him that Taylor wants to give up on them and leave town. Steffy and Thomas, both were pleased that Ridge was angry with Brooke and wants Ridge to be with Taylor once again and they are determined to make sure that it happens. What Steffy and everyone else didn't know is that Thomas himself made the CPS call and used the voice changing application to sound like his step mother.

Steffy's victory over Brooke[]

Steffy was comforting her depressed mother in Aspen while Ridge was heartbroken when he confronted Brooke and asked her if she made the CPS call on Thomas. Brooke denied which made Ridge angry so he told her that he left something at the office and left. When he was wondering why Brooke did this to him a pine fell on his head and he immediately thought of Aspen and Taylor so he flew Forrester private jet and appeared in front of Steffy's mom. Steffy saw that her parents talk and she informed Thomas. The two siblings became hopeful that it's a new start for their parents. Ridge managed to convince an initially unsure Taylor to be with him again, but he didn't tell her anything about the CPS call he believed Brooke made. Steffy was overjoyed that her parents are back together and they shared a family hug. After that all three called Thomas and confirmed what he was already expecting. Steffy's mood changed for the worse when she spotted Brooke and Ridge talking outside. She wanted to interfere, but Taylor stopped her and said that she wants to see how Ridge will handle her rival. The two women looked through the window and when Taylor started having slight doubts Steffy assured her. Taylor decided to take a walk and shortly after Ridge came inside the house and confirmed that he and his wife are done. When Ridge went looking for Taylor Steffy decided to talk to Brooke who was sitting outside the house. Steffy told Brooke that her mother's goodness and dignity finally paid off and that she can be sure that her relationship with her father is done. Steffy decided that she needs to go back to LA to give her parents some alone time in Aspen. She told Ridge that she's glad that he came back to his senses and she left. Before leaving, Steffy made sure to put up romantic candles in her parents bedroom to create a romantic atmosphere. It seemed to work because Taylor and Ridge soon made love in that bedroom while Steffy was on her way home. Back in LA, Steffy met with her brother, Thomas and expressed to him how happy she is about their parents reuniting. In Steffy's mind, Taylors's goodness finally paid off and she wanted to be more focused on her family's happiness right now. Back in LA Steffy and Thomas announced that their parents are back together in front of Donna, Eric, Katie, Carter and Paris. Katie was shocked as it was the first time she heard it. Eric started talking about Quinn Fuller. The Forrester man told everyone that she left LA and Forrester Creations. Carter explained that Quinn left him and how he feels about it. Steffy quickly changed the topic back to her parents reunion. When she was alone Hope went inside her office and told her that she knows how she and her mother operated to pull Ridge from her mother. Steffy said that her mother isn't a home wrecker and has integrity, but Hope reminded Steffy how flirty Taylor was with Ridge and that she saw it with her own eyes. Hope told Steffy that she and Taylor won't be the reason why her mother's marriage will get destroyed and she will do what she can to stop her.

Losing hope for parents reunion[]

Steffy was over the moon when her parents told her that they are getting married. On the wedding day Steffy was helping her mother with make up and styling her hair however their happiness didn't last long. Douglas Forrester, Steffy's nephew, has revealed to Steffy that the reason why Ridge and Brooke divorced was a fake CPS call that his father Thomas Forrester made. He explained that Thomas framed Brooke by using a voice changing app. Steffy was furious with Thomas and she confronted him. Steffy's brother tried to talk her into keeping this between them for their parents sake, but the Forrester woman didn't listen to him and she revealed it to her shocked mother. Taylor was heartbroken and disappointed by her son's actions, but she decided to believe Ridge's words about choosing her not because of anything that Brooke did. When the time of vows arrived Steffy noticed that Taylor isn't telling Ridge the truth. Not wanting to see her parents marriage starting with a lie she exposed Thomas before her parents said their "I do's". Ridge was shocked and angry with Taylor and even more with Thomas. Ridge left to talk to Brooke. Steffy and her brother started arguing and Taylor was on Steffy's side agreeing that telling the truth was the right thing to do. Steffy hoped that her father will come back to the Forrester home and still marry her mother, but that didn't happen. After Ridge told Brooke about everything all hell broke loose. Everyone was angry with Thomas and he got fired from Forrester Creations. Soon Steffy found out that Taylor and Brooke became friends and that they both decided to not fight for her father's love any longer. Steffy was very surprised, but happy for her mother. She explained to Taylor that she advocated for her and Ridge so much because she thought that this is what she wanted.

Sheila Carter is back (2023)[]

Finn decided to share with his wife that based on his research his biological mother, Sheila, isn't really dead. Steffy as shocked when Finn proved to her that the cut on Sheila's finger couldn't be caused by a bear bite. The married couple went to Il Giardino to see Deacon Sharpe because he was Sheila's friend. Deacon told them that he didn't see Sheila, but he secretly helped her. Steffy went to the bathroom where she met a dressed up Sheila. At first the Forrester woman didn't know it was her mother in law, but when she saw Sheila's feet and the missing toe she realized that her and Finn's shooter is standing in front of her. Carter used Steffy's panic attack to run away. The police has been informed and when Deacon was asked to show the recording from the security camera he deleted it at Sheila's request. Steffy, now sure that Sheila is alive, informed her family about her discovery. Everyone was horrified to learn that their biggest enemy is still alive and could potentially hurt them. Finn promised Steffy that he will protect her and their family. Police was able to detect Sheila, but she escaped with her car. Not long after Steffy had the shock of her lifetime when Bill Spencer Jr. revealed that he is with Sheila and that she and Finn can't testify against her because then he will tell the cops about Taylor's past. Horrified by the thought of her mother ending up in jail Steffy decided to not testify and Finn supported her. Sheila was freed and Steffy's mom was shocked to hear that Bill threatened to reveal that she shot him years ago. Taylor said that she will confess to almost killing Bill, but Steffy didn't allow her mother to turn herself in. Steffy was surprised when her nephew Douglas Forrester, decided that he wants to live with her and Finn in Malibu as he doesn't want to hurt any of his parents during the custody battle. Steffy assured an emotional Hope that it's just temporary. Thomas thought that he could show up anytime he wants and spent time with his son at Steffy's home, but she set boundaries. Thomas didn't like what he heard and the siblings argued while Taylor tried to be the peacemaker. Steffy as amazed when she found out that Bill worked together with the FBI and her father Ridge. Bill faked his feelings for Sheila just to force a confession out of her. Carter revealed to Spencer that she killed two men and the FBI had it on tape. Sheila tried to run away and she ended up at il giardino. She tried to convince Deacon to escape with her, but she didn't know that Bill and Ridge confronted Deacon earlier and made a deal with him. When the police showed up at the restaurant Sheila realized that Deacon betrayed her and she went to the alley in which she shoot Finn and Steffy. The memories started to flood back and she had a heart attack. At the hospital, Steffy was stunned when Li Finnegan encouraged Finn to let Sheila die. Finn didn't listen and saved Sheila's life. Steffy was proud of her husband.

Sheila in jail, getting involved in the Hope/Thomas/Liam drama[]

Steffy and Thomas made peace after their mother Taylor Hayes encouraged it. With Thomas assuring Steffy that he has changed this time and with Hope For The Future line getting bad reviews, Steffy decided that either Thomas goes back to being the designer or Hope's line gets cancelled. The Logan woman was surprised because when she proposed Thomas's come back before Steffy objected. Hope agreed to work with Thomas again despite her husbands disapproval. Steffy informed a happy Hope that Douglas wants to come home. The boy was happy that his parents made peace and didn't hide that he hopes that one day his parents could live together. When Steffy learned from Paris Buckingham that Hope once said that Thomas is hot she got concerned. Paris didn't reveal that Hope said that Thomas is hot, but her husband Liam is the hottest man in the world. Steffy asked Hope if she has feeling for her brother, but she said no.

In April 2023 Steffy decided to visit Sheila in jail and taunted her. Later she told her husband that if felt really good to see her mother in law behind bars.

In May 2023 Steffy witnesses Hope and Thomas holding hands after they got news about their latest success. The Forrester woman accused Hope of flirting with her brother and she told he that she won't let anyone set Thomas back now that he is doing so well. Steffy implied that Hope is changing into her mother, Brooke. Hope assured Steffy that it isn't true. The Forrester woman complained about her suspicions to her husband Finn. Steffy didn't tell anything about what she saw to Liam until he came for a visit to see their daughter and started complaining about Thomas. Steffy, feeling protective about her brother, decided to reveal to Liam what she saw and that in her opinion Hope is the one having feelings for Thomas and not the other way around. Finn wasn't happy about his wife getting in the middle of Hope and Liam's marriage and possibly creating problems for them. Hope confronted Steffy about what she said to Liam and again assured her that she doesn't have romantic feelings for Thomas. The Logan woman also reminded Steffy that she had to fight for Liam with her in the past. Soon after a fashion trip for Hope For The Future was planned. Steffy was excited, but worried about Hope and Thomas being in a romantic city together. Steffy asked Liam to come to Rome, but when he said he won't go, she told him that she will observe the situation for him.

Also in May 2023 Taylor announced to Steffy that her friendship with Brooke is over. Taylor said Brooke accused her of breaking the pact however Taylor believed that Brooke is the one who broke the pact first. Steffy learned that her mother tried to set Deacon Sharpe up with Brooke and the Logan woman accused her of scheming. Steffy asked her mother if she wants to be with Ridge and Taylor said there was not a time that she didn't want to be with him.

Finn’s developing feelings for birth-Mother Sheila, continued Liam drama; and Sheila saving Kelly from drowning[]

Finn found out that Liam saw his wife kissing Thomas Forrester in Rome. He got worried that now that Hope and Liam's marriage is falling apart he will try to sniff around Steffy again. Steffy tried to assure Finn that everything is okay, but she was hiding that Liam kissed her in Rome and later in LA. Liam also made it clear that he wants to move on with Steffy, but she rejected him. Sheila requested to see Finn. Initially he was cold towards her, but when she forced a hug suddenly tears begun to swell up into his eyes and he hugged her back. Finn admitted that when she held him he felt something that he missed his whole life. Not long after Finn and Steffy went to court for Sheila's sentencing. They were absolutely sure that Sheila will spend her life in jail. When Finn saw that Liam showed up in the court he was annoyed and reminded Liam that it's a family matter. Liam assured that he is there because the case also matters to him as he is Kelly's father and he cared for the safety of his child. Everyone was shocked when the judge said that the evidence against Sheila Carter wasn't legal and she's free to go. At the corridor Sheila and Finn saw each other and shared another hug. Liam spotted it and recorded the hug. When Liam showed it to Steffy she was shocked, but she decided to trust her husband and didn't tell Finn that she knows anything about it. Liam tried to put doubt into Steffy and continued to nag her about Finn not being trustworthy around their daughter Kelly. At the time Finn and Kelly were at the beach and Sheila was looking at them from a far. Finn got a phone call from work and he asked Kelly to stay in one place. When he turned around Kelly decided to go into the ocean and she started drowning. Sheila saw it and she ran to rescue her. Finn was shocked when he saw his birth-mother pulling Kelly out of the water. Kelly learns Sheila is Finn's mother. Finn thanked Sheila for saving Kelly's life. Steffy is outraged.

Stabbing and supposedly killing Sheila in self defense (2024)[]

After Steffy’s daughter Kelly takes a selfie with her smartwatch and sends it to Steffy, Steffy overreacts seeing Sheila in the background of the photo and frantically calls Lucy who is babysitting. Lucy informs Steffy that Sheila came up and physically spoke to Kelly and asked her if she remembered her. Steffy proceeded to Sheila’s home to confront her about the incident. Sheila defends herself by insisting she had no control over Steffy’s daughter being brought by Lucy to Il Giardino where Sheila works. The confrontation escalates and Sheila shoves Steffy to which Steffy responds by punching Sheila. The confrontation is soon broken up by Finn and Deacon. Finn and Steffy leave and Deacon tries to calm Sheila. Deacon, after seemingly convincing Sheila not to react to the situation; leaves to return to the restaurant. Sheila insists to him that she won’t go after Steffy. However, Sheila throws over the dining table and leaves anyway. She is later seen standing outside of Steffy and Finn’s residence while Steffy is home alone and Finn is away at the office. Sheila utters to herself “Tonight you die.” in reference to Steffy with intent to kill her. A brewing storm knocks the power out at Steffy’s residence and she calls Finn to ask him to come home. Sheila then enters the residence while Steffy is looking for candles in the dark. Steffy sees a shadow lurking on the wall in the moonlight. She turns around and is confronted by a veiled and hooded Sheila. She assumes it’s Sheila and tells her to leave while backing away, falling over the sofa. Steffy quickly then runs to the kitchen and grabs a knife she was using prior to prepare food. Sheila continues to approach Steffy despite her threats of defending herself with the knife and lunges towards her; to which Steffy proceeds to stab Sheila. Steffy then calls the police and Sheila is soon after pronounced dead. Finn returns as the police are leaving to find Steffy alone and distraught. She informs Finn that Sheila is dead and that it was her who killed her in self defense. Finn begins having a hard time coping with Sheila’s death, taking offense when Ridge refers to Sheila as an animal. Stating “That animal was my mother.” Finn kneels down and places his hand in Sheila’s blood. He says Sheila’s “blood is on my hand, and on yours Steffy.” Finn eventually comes around and forgives Steffy for supposedly stabbing his birth-Mother. Deacon eventually sets up a memorial service for Sheila that only Finn, Hope and himself showed up for. She was being cremated after the service when the sheet fell off of her feet as she plunged in the fire and Deacon saw that she had 10 toes instead of 9.

Convincing Thomas to leave Hope and LA[]

Steffy learns that Hope declined Thomas's proposal when her brother comes to complain to her. Steffy explains to her brother that he deserves more and she confronts Hope about messing with her brothers feelings. Hope demands from Steffy to leave them alone, but Thomas's sister is sure that she can convince her brother to break up with Brooke's daughter. Steffy tells her older brother that he should take his son Douglas to Paris and assures him that he is wonderful and deserves the best. Thomas takes Steffy's advice to heart and makes the decision to take his son to Europe. Hope is heartbroken after Douglas says goodbye to her. Steffy, satisfied with her victory, gloats to Hope about Thomas finally seeing Hope for who she really is. Steffy calls Hope a slut and compares her to Brooke, her mother. Hope tries to slap her, but Steffy stops her.

Sheila found chained alive by Sugar in an abandoned building[]

Not being able to let go of seeing 10 toes on the body cremated in the mortuary, Deacon sets out to find clues as to Sheila’s potential whereabouts. To the dismay of Steffy, Hope and others; Deacon informs Finn about the situation and requests help from him in locating Shiela. Steffy remains supportive of Finn through his grief over losing his birth-Mother. After being informed of Sugar’s plastic surgery by Lauren Fenmore from Genoa City (Y&R) in which Sheila had conned Sugar into getting plastic surgery south of the border to look identical to Sheila in order to frame Sugar; Deacon proceeds to inform Finn that his Mother is alive and that he wasn’t just seeing things. Convinced that Lauren stood nothing to gain from fabricating this information since she also despises Sheila, Finn agrees to assist Deacon in solving the mystery of her potential whereabouts. After looking through Sheila’s Credit Card history, Deacon notices she spent a great deal of money at a convenience store in her final transaction before her disappearance. Deacon and Finn leave Deacon’s home to follow up on the lead. When they arrive, the store employee smoking out back tells them she hasn’t seen Sheila and goes back inside. A homeless gentleman overhears their conversation and offers his assistance in exchange for a little money. He assures Deacon and Finn that he never forgets a face. He recognizes Sheila and said he last seen her entering the abandoned building across the alley and heard screaming but didn’t interfere because “you learn to mind your own business around here.” Gunshots and police sirens follow as the gentlemen wishes them luck and proceeds to leave the area. Finn and Deacon decide to check out the abandoned building in hopes of locating Sheila. Upon entering the building and breaking through several locked barriers, a dirty mattress is discovered with someone laying on it covered with a blanket. Food wrappers and empty water bottles are scattered about on the floor around the mattress. Deacon removes the shoe from the woman laying on the mattress and discovers a missing toe revealing the woman to be Sheila. While conversing with Hope, Steffy wonders why Finn isn’t answering the phone. Finn attempts to revive Sheila and she awakens dehydrated and weak. Sheila is alive meaning it was Sugar that Steffy had killed, not Sheila. Steffy is horrified when she learns the truth. Finn believes that his wife will be happy that she didn't kill his birth mother, but it's the opposite. Steffy can't believe that Finn actually expected her to believe that Sheila is a hero because she tried to protect her and the children from Sugar. Steffy asks Finn to choose her or Sheila. Finn chooses his wife. Steffy goes to see Sheila to let her know that she needs to stay away from their lives. Soon Steffy and Finn find out that Sheila and Deacon are getting married at the beach. Steffy, believing that Sheila won't be at il giardono that day, asks Finn to buy Deacon's special pizza's as they are Kelly's favorite. Finn is shocked to see that the wedding is at il giardino and not the beach. Sheila convinces him to watch the ceremony while waiting for the pizza. At that time Steffy is talking to Liam and assuring him that Finn knows that he can't go to Sheila's wedding. Finn comes back home and tells Steffy about the wedding. She see's a photo on-line where she can see him along side Sheila, Deacon and Hope. Steffy expresses how disappointed she is in Finn and announces that he let her down.

Another war with Hope[]

Steffy invites Hope to her office and announces that Hope For The Future is in trouble. Hope accuses Steffy of trying to take her line away out of spite. Steffy disagrees with her and claims it's strictly business. Ridge decides that HFTF will get a chance to bounce back. Hope is furious when Steffy asks Brooke to leave a business meeting and reminds how many things her mother has done for the company. Soon after Finn walks in on Steffy and Hope and asks his wife why does she want to cut Hope's line. Steffy is taken aback by her husbands words and asks him to stand in his lane as she knows the fashion industry better than him. Steffy leaves the office and Finn stays with Hope. They both talk and Finn starts complimenting his wife's rival. Finn starts massaging Hope's head to cure her headache, but it begins to be very inappropriate and they start making out. Meanwhile Steffy and Liam talk at the Cliff house. Liam tells Steffy that there is a "bug" in her relationship with Finn because he is still torn between her and Sheila. Steffy says it is a "bug", but she and Finn will be ok. Steffy starts telling Liam about the bad influence Hope has on Finn.

Misdeeds and Crimes[]

Maladies and Injuries[]

  • Broke her arm (humerus fracture) as a child after jumping from a cliff because she believed that she can fly; wore a cast for 8 weeks.
  • Almost drowned after slipping in bathtub and hitting her head (2011).
  • Suffered a head injury after falling off ATV in Cabo San Lucas (2012).
  • Fell off a cliff and plunged into the Adriatic Sea (2012).
  • Suffered a concussion after a high Hope skied into her after taking pills (2012).
  • Hurt knee when Hope crashed into her on a ski slope in Aspen (2012).
  • Pushed into a desk while pregnant by Hope (2013).
  • Miscarried her son in a motorcycle accident (2013).
  • Became infertile during a botched D&C procedure (2013).
  • Attacked and nearly killed by her cousin, Aly (2015).
  • Suffered memory loss due to the shock of killing Aly (2015).
  • Fell down after slamming the door and went into labor (June 2018)
  • Fractured broken ribs and sprained her back in a motorcycle accident (August 2020).
  • Got addicted to pain medication (August to Dec 2020)
  • Was shot in the neck by Sheila Carter after she had shot her son and Steffy's husband and her. Finn jumped in front of Steffy to protect her from Sheila, his biological mother (April 2022)
  • Had post traumatic amnesia after witnessing Finn's death and getting shot herself.
  • Had to look for professional mental health support in Monte Carlo because she couldn't cope with losing Finn. (July 2022)
  • Suffered a panic attack after seeing Sheila Carter at Il Giardino (December 2022)

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