Actor Brent Jasmer portrayed Irving "Sly" Donovan in 1992 and from 1995 to 1996. Sly worked at The Bikini Beach Club in the early 90's.

Family conflicts led to Macy Alexander and Thorne Forrester getting a divorce. She became an alcoholic and one potential love interest, Sly, became an enabler. After crashing her car with Kevin Jones inside, Macy sought help. She fell into the clutches of murderous Anthony Armando, and Sally Spectra literally took a bullet to save Macy’s life!

At Cedars Sinai Hospital, C.J. Garrison sits by Clarke Garrison's beside and begs his father to keep on fighting. Sally, Macy and Darla Einstein look on as Clarke tries to prepare to tell his son the truth. Maggie Forrester informs Stephanie Douglas that Sly raped Jessica Forrester. Dylan Shaw races to the Bikini Bar and asks Stephanie to call the police. Dylan arrives just in time to save Jessica and Jasmine Malone who were trapped to die by Sly. Furious that his plan is foiled, Sly goes after Dylan. The two man fight when Sly who falls into flames. Screaming as he is severely burnt, Sly is hit by piles of wood as the Bar partially collapses.

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