Samantha Kelly
Samantha Kelly
Sydney Penny as Samantha Kelly
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Sydney Penny
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 2003-2005
First appearance August 13, 2003
Last appearance April 26, 2005
Created by Bradley Bell
Gender Female
Occupation Interior decorator
Residence New York City
Parents Preston Kelly
Priscilla Kelly
Romances Hector Ramirez
Children Caitlin Ramirez (daughter with Hector)
Samantha Kelly is a fictional character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Sydney Penny.


Samantha grew up in Los Angeles and was a close friend of the Forresters. She was sent to New York after she got pregnant at age 17. When she gave birth to the child, she was told that the infant was a stillborn. She tried contacting the babydaddy, Hector Ramirez, by writing letters to him at the 'new address' her mom had provided her, but the letters were sent back and never reached Hector. After becoming a successful interior designer, Samantha returned to Los Angeles in 2003, along with her dog Pucci. After a short-lived crush on Ridge Forrester, the death of her dog brought out the truth Samantha had kept hidden for years about the daughter she gave birth to, but believed to have died. When she ran into Hector, she was surprised that he was happy to see her and not angry at her at all. After a long talk, Samantha realized her mom had lied about her baby's supposed death and had given her to Hector, claiming that Samantha didn't want the child. Samantha finally met her daughter, Caitlin Ramirez and was reunited with her lover and child. Samantha and Hector then got engaged, but she fell off campus inconspicuously. Hector revealed to Taylor Hayes Forrester and Darla Forrester that he and Samantha couldn't work things out due to that they couldn't commit to each other. Samantha left Los Angeles and returned to New York, along with Caitlin.

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