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Ending Cause:

Taylor cheating and Ridge's unresolved feelings for Brooke


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Back in the day when Taylor was portrayed by Hunter Tylo and Ridge by Ronn Moss.

Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes are fictional characters and a supercouple from CBS's daytime soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. Ridge is the son of business mogul, Massimo Marone, and Stephanie Forrester, but raised as the son of fashion designer, Eric Forrester. Taylor is the daughter of the mentioned Jack and Sharon Hamilton.

Ridge was portrayed by Ronn Moss and Taylor was portrayed by Hunter Tylo. They are commonly referred to by the couple name "Tridge."

Today Ridge is portrayed by Thorsten Kaye and Taylor by Krista Allen.


Ridge is the son of Stephanie Forrester and Eric Forrester (biologically Massimo Marone revealed years later) . His siblings include Thorne Forrester, Felicia Forrester, Kristen Forrester, and Angela Forrester (deceased). Taylor is the daughter of Jack Hamilton and Sharon Ashford. She has a brother Zach Hamilton.


Taylor's and Ridge's first meeting

First kiss ever

Ridge and Taylor met in 1990 when Taylor was Caroline Spencer's doctor. Caroline was Ridge's wife at the time. Taylor and Brooke Logan informed Ridge about his wife's leukemia. After Caroline's death Taylor told Ridge that his wife wanted him to move on after her passing. Their next meeting ends with a kiss however Taylor was also interested in Storm Logan and went out on dates with both men. Stephanie Forrester told Taylor that Ridge should be with Brooke as it was Caroline's dying wish however she said it only because Brooke was married to her ex husband who she wanted to get back and hopes that Ridge and Brooke reuniting would make it happen. Ridge father, Eric was grateful to Taylor for helping his son to cope with his wife's death. Ridge loved Brooke, but he was infatuated with Taylor and Brooke was married to his father which in his eyes made her unattainable. Taylor really started having serious feelings for Ridge and asked him to think over what he really wants as she didn't want to be with him only because he can't have Brooke. Her fears become even bigger when she witnesses Ridge and Brooke sharing a kiss. Jealous Brooke tried to discourage Taylor from being with Ridge even if she was married to his father. Disheartened Taylor ignored Ridge's invitation and went to see Storm. When Storm asked Taylor to marry him Ridge told him that it can't happen as Taylor has feelings for him. Ridge asked Taylor to go to Europe with him, but she refused both to travel with Forrester and to marry the Logan man.

Taylor's ex husband returns to town

Blake Hayes, Taylor first husband showed up in town. He reminded her how he helped her financially during her studies when she couldn't pay her expenses and told her that he wants her back. She refused. Ridge soon asked Taylor to help his mother who suffered with amnesia. Taylor helped Stephanie, but tried to avoid Ridge as she was scared to get hurt. She agreed to see Blake again, but when they entered Pierre Cafe Taylor noticed Ridge and Brooke sitting by one of the tables. Disappointed and hurt she ends up at her place kissing Blake and remembering the better times with him however Blake sleeps on the couch. Ridge found out that Taylor and Storm are not together and decided to talk to Taylor, but she told him that she can't be with a man that is not stable however she agrees to spend time with Ridge and started warming up to him. Soon Taylor starts getting annoyed with Ridge not being romantic enough and decides to go on a date with Blake. She's shocked to see Ridge and Brooke on what seems to be a date. After witnessing Blake kissing Taylor Ridge decides to kiss Brooke. Taylor is devastated thinking that Brooke and Ridge are having an affair and has sex with Blake. This gave Blake a false hope that he could re-marry Taylor, but she quickly told him it's impossible. Taylor confronted Brooke about her date with Ridge, but she said that she isn't having an affair with Ridge. After talking to Brooke Taylor also confronted Ridge and said that she doesn't want Ridge to treat her like a fling. Ridge replied with a passionate kiss.

Ridge and Blake conflict

Ridge tells Taylor that he wants to met her ex husband and asks her why the two divorced. The two men confront each other and Ridge gets annoyed when Taylor doesn't tell him why it ended between her and Blake. Blake tells Taylor that he didn't have a manic episode in years and that he takes his meds. They both go down memory lane. Ridge shows up and asks Taylor to marry him, but she questions his intentions. He assured her that he wants to marry her and loves her and remind her that Brooke is married to his father. Taylor is angry when she witnesses Brooke apologizing to Ridge for not telling him that she and Eric are planning to have another child. Taylor believed that the only reason Ridge asked for her hand was because he and Brooke fought. Taylor told Blake that she never wants to see Ridge again and gave Blake her house keys. Brooke told Taylor that she and Ridge will always have a bond, but she is happily married to his father. Ridge told his family that he and Taylor are engaged which made Taylor angry as she didn't agree yet. She demands Ridge tells his family the truth and leaves. Ridge tried to win Taylor back, but she gives him his ring back. They both suffer after their split. Taylor is comforted by Blake, but tells him that she isn't ready to marry him.

Ridge's night with Brooke

Soon Ridge and Brooke find themselves making love in the FC lab. Brooke already had problems with Eric and wanted Ridge, but he realized that he can't do this to his father who was still very much in love with Brooke so he continued pursuing Taylor. Blake shows Taylor a recording where she see's Brooke and Ridge having sex. She's heartbroken and calls Blake cruel for showing her a video like that. Stephanie is happy when she found out about Ridge's and Brooke's moment of passion and she's even more happy that Taylor wants to avoid Ridge more than ever after seeing it. Taylor found out that Stephanie was the one that had Ridge and Brooke filmed and that she was manipulating the situation to put the two back together for some time. Stephanie starts feeling guilty seeing Taylor's suffering. Soon after Taylor almost gets raped, but is saved by Blake. He tells her that he will get married with a new woman. Taylor was jealous, but still wanted Ridge more. Taylor invited Blake for dinner, but he reminds her that he is engaged and they share a goodbye kiss.

St. Thomas, marriage and Brooke's pregnancy


Ridge made love with Brooke once more, but when he saw how much Eric is in love with his wife he decided to fight his feelings and went after Taylor that went to St. Thomas to avoid him and the feelings she had for him. The two reconnected on the tropical island and got engaged. They got married in May 1992. Their happiness didn't last long as Brooke was pregnant and claimed that Ridge might be the father. Ridge and Taylor didn't split and assured one another that they are committed to make their marriage work despite Brooke's pregnancy. Brooke gave birth in Big Bear. Ridge was there to help her with Taylor on the phone. Sheila Carter, who hoped to be with Eric, falsified the DNA test and made Brooke's daughter Brigitte Ridge's daughter when in fact Eric was the father. Sheila got what she wanted. Eric divorced Brooke and started a relationship with her, but Ridge remained with Taylor. Brooke hoped that Ridge will come back to her for Brigitte's sake. Taylor was struggling with accepting that Ridge's first child is not with her, but she came around.

Taylor cheating with James

Taylor and her friend James Warwick got stuck in Big Bear after a huge earthquake. Both were sure that they will freeze to death. James confessed to Taylor that he is still a virgin and asked if she would be intimate with him so he doesn't die without ever being with a woman. Taylor agreed and the two had sex. Surprisingly the two were rescued and Taylor felt bad for betraying Ridge especially because Ridge was jealous for her friendship with James before they even had sex. She decided to write Ridge a letter with a confession as she was scared to say it to his face. She left the letter for Ridge to see and left to attend a conference. Stephanie and Taylor's father Jack saw the letter and decided to hide it.

Taylor "dies" in a plane crash

Everyone believes that Taylor died in a plane crash during her business trip. Ridge is heartbroken as he doesn't know that Taylor is alive in a coma under the care of a Moroccan Prince, Omar Rashid. Taylor wakes up from the coma, but has amnesia and Omar doesn't tell her the truth about her identity and names her Laila. Ridge finds comfort in little Brigitte still believing that he is her father. Eric and Thorne advised Ridge to fight for Brooke before it's going to be too late. At first Ridge wanted to respect that Brooke was in a relationship with James Warwick, but after he found out that Brooke's children don't accept their new step dad he decided to fight for his ex. Ridge told James that he shouldn't rush to marry Brooke as her kids do not know him well enough. When Brooke and James were about to marry Ridge stopped them. The two men fought and Brooke decided to call of the wedding, but continued to see James. After that Ridge proposes to Brooke two times and gets rejected both times. He still decided to send her flowers and proposed for the third time and this time he also gets rejected. Brooke realized she made a mistake and decided to leave James to be with Ridge. Meanwhile Taylor was still in Morocco and saw news about Ridge's and Brooke's upcoming wedding. Her memory started to come back. Taylor wanted o fly back to Los Angeles, but Omar doesn't allow her to leave. After Ridge and Brooke got married they went for a honeymoon and by coincidence they stayed the night at Omar's palace. Taylor saw Ridge and Brooke and how much in love they were and decides to not come between them as she wanted Ridge to be happy. She agreed to marry Omar, but only if she won't have to make love to him. Taylor's and Omar's wedding photo was in a newspaper. Warwick started thinking that the woman from the photo might be Taylor. He went to Morocco and found out that she is in fact alive. James asked Taylor to go back with him, but she refused however when Taylor found out that her father Jack got a heart attack she runs of from the palace and returns to LA. Jack is overjoyed to see that his daughter is still alive. Taylor didn't tell Ridge that she's alive not wanting to interfere Ridge's happiness with Brooke, but when Ridge was at the hospital after an explosion in Forrester creations and temporary losing his sight she dressed as a nurse and took care of him. Ridge continued to have a feeling that Taylor is alive. He confessed to Brooke that sometimes he still thinks about Taylor. Stephanie and Brooke discovered that Taylor is alive and meanwhile Omar came to LA and asked Taylor to go back with him. Not wanting to complicate Ridge's life Taylor agrees to go with Omar. Last minute Taylor changes her mind and runs to Ridge. He is shocked to see Taylor alive and well.

Taylor fighting for Ridge

Taylor told Ridge that she still loves him. He replied by saying that he has to think things over. Ridge confronted Omar and when he found out that Stephanie and Brooke he was angry. Ridge was livid when he also learned that Taylor married Omar in Morocco. Stephanie suggested her son should go back to Taylor and Brooke was fighting to not let Ridge go. After thinking about it Ridge decided to stay with Brooke. Taylor gets divorce papers and Ridge plans on marrying Brooke. Ridge and Brooke started having problems when Rick made it clear that he doesn't like that his older brother became his step father because kids laugh of him at school. Ridge looked for comfort in Taylor. The two talked and Ridge fell asleep at her home. Brooke found out and confronted Taylor who told Brooke that Rick is not accepting the fact that she and Eric are not together anymore. Ridge told Brooke that she has to allow Taylor to help Rick or he will be leaving her. Soon Ridge gives a heartbroken Taylor an invitation to his and Brooke's wedding. Ridge still wanted to marry Brooke even if the two often fought. Ridge found out that he is not Brigitte's father. Brooke was devastated. To make things worse Ridge found a letter where he could read that Brooke paid 1 million dollars to have the test results changed. Ridge didn't believe when Brooke said she didn't do it. Later it came out that it was a scheme started by a man named Mike. Ridge and Brooke decide to not get married on the date they set before and another DNA test is made. Brooke is horrified when she learns that Eric is Brigitte's father. Ridge, still not trusting Brooke, decides that they need to rest from each other. Brooke was hurt and decided to go to Paris and Ridge suffers when he see's Eric holding Brigitte. After some time Ridge was surprised that Brooke is not contacting him. When Ridge called Beth she told him that Brooke left 2 days earlier. Ridge learned that his fiance had a nervous breakdown and was in Barbados. When Ridge fund her at first Brooke has no memory, but regains it and the two travel back to LA. Taylor decided that she has to leave town because it's too hard for her. Ridge asked her to remain in LA, but still asked Brooke for her hand. Ridge asked Brooke to wed him immediately, but she asked him to get things in order first as they still both struggled with finding out the truth about Brigitte's paternity. Ridge was heartbroken and traveled to Paris. He met Taylor in the airplane and Brooke was sure that Ridge is cheating on her while he planned to propose to her again. Brooke is jealous when she heard that Ridge offered Taylor work at FC.

The birth of their son and marriage.

Taylor, Ridge and their son Thomas

When it seemed that Ridge and Brooke were finally happy and ready to get married Ridge saw Grant Chambers kissing Brooke. He was devastated and angry so he decided to publicly propose to Taylor with the ring he bought for Brooke. The Logan woman was blindsided and in revenge she asked Chambers to marry her. He was in love with Brooke and immediately agreed to wed her. Ridge asked Grant do not marry Brooke and offered him a long contract at Forrester Creations in return, but Chambers was set on marrying the Logan woman. Ridge tried to stop Brooke's and Grand's wedding, but was late. Thorne told Taylor what Ridge has done. She confronted Ridge about it. Taylor decided to call off the wedding thinking that Ridge is not ready to be her husband. Ridge was furious with Thorne and asked him to stay away from his fiance. Ridge again ruins everything when he talks with Brooke instead of attending his date with Taylor. Hayes is so heartbroken that she turns to alcohol. Drunk Taylor almost lost her life in a fire. At first Taylor refused to see Ridge, but warms up to him and the two end up making love. Taylor was happy when Ridge told her that he stayed with Brooke in 1995 for children's sake. The two were happy, but Thorne was trying to steal Taylor away from his brother. He even hid Ridge's love letter to Taylor. Soon after Brooke also started fighting for Ridge's affection, but he refused to make love to her and said he wants to be loyal to Taylor. One day Ridge misunderstands something and thinks that Taylor wanted to be with Thorne so he got drunk and Brooke used it to take him to bed. The two didn't have sex, but when Taylor saw them in that position she was sure that it happened. After Taylor left Ridge Brooke continued to pursue Ridge, but he was not ready for a new relationship. Brooke found out that Taylor is pregnant with Ridge's baby, but is keeping it a secret because she's angry with him. At first she thinks that Ridge should know the truth, but when he proposed to her she decided to stay quiet in order to not lose him. Brooke told Ridge that she is pregnant with his baby when she saw that Taylor is warming up to Ridge. Taylor tried to get to the church to stop Brooke and Ridge from getting married, but labor started and she had to be rushed to the hospital. Ridge believes that Taylor gave birth to Thorne's son. Brooke told Ridge that she lost her baby and asked him to go on a honeymoon as fast as possible. Ridge found out that he is the child's father and he is angry with both Taylor and Brooke. Logan begs Ridge to stay with her. Both Brooke and Taylor were waiting for Ridge's decision and he decided to stay with Taylor and their son Thomas who was named after St. Thomas, the place where Taylor and Ridge created beautiful memories. Soon Ridge and Taylor got married.

Steffy and Phoebe are born

In 1998 Ridge is jealous when Taylor works with Pierce Peterson. Pierce is in love with Taylor. The two fought, but in the end the two made peace and Ridge even bought a beautiful house for him, Taylor and their son from Peterson. In 1999 Taylor tells Ridge that she wants to have another baby. Ridge disagrees because he thinks that Taylor wants to do it as she is insecure because of Brooke who is still longing for Ridge. Taylor's concern grows when she witnesses Ridge's jealousy for Brooke. The Logan woman went on a date with Victor Newman to make Ridge jealous and when it worked Forrester went to their table to end their date. Taylor felt hurt and disrespected. When Ridge saw how much he hurt his wife he apologized to her and assured her that he also wants to have another baby. Brooke saw Ridge and Taylor making love and cried outside their home. Ridge noticed her and spoke to her. He told her that he is committed to Taylor. The Logan woman had to accept that Ridge is in love with Taylor. He also informs Brooke that he and Taylor try to have another child and she shouldn't come to their home. Taylor successfully gets pregnant. When Taylor heard that she's expecting twins she decided to stop working and be a stay at home mom. Ridge and Taylor were happy, but one day Taylor got infected with pneumonia while she tried to help a homeless man. At the hospital Taylor refused to take meds to not harm her unborn babies. Soon labor starts and after a dramatic delivery Taylor "died". Ridge is devastated however Taylor wakes up from her near death experience. Ridge's and Taylor's children are named Phoebe and Stephanie.

Ridge accidentally cheats on Taylor

Morgan De Witt comes to town. She's Ridge's ex girlfriend. She befriends Taylor and reveals that she was once pregnant with Ridge's baby, but was forced by Stephanie Forrester to abort the baby. Ridge was shocked when he heard about it and both he and Taylor felt sorry for her. When Taylor was visiting her ill father Morgan used Taylor's absence for her own advantage. She sent an email to Ridge from Taylor's laptop in which Taylor agrees so Ridge being the father of Morgan's baby. Ridge gets fooled and impregnates Morgan. After finding out the truth Ridge is devastated. To make things worse he soon found out that Morgan is expecting. Ridge finds comfort in confiding in his mother. Stephanie is furious and wants Ridge to stay quiet. She also plotted to terminate Morgan's pregnancy. Ridge decided to tell Taylor the truth and she was livid. She felt like a fool for trusting Morgan and is angry that her husband had sex with a woman she considered a friend. Morgan tried to convince Taylor that she should see her baby as a blessing and be a part of his life, but Taylor refused. Morgan didn't want to leave Taylor alone and followed her around the house. She tried to stop Taylor from leaving by putting her hands on her and when Taylor pushed her away Morgan fell from the balcony on the floor. Taylor was horrified and called for help, but the baby died due to the fall. Morgan was heartbroken and blamed Taylor for her child's death.

Morgan kidnapping Steffy

When Taylor and Ridge finally were able to start moving on with their marriage after Ridge's betrayal Morgan stole Ridge's and Taylor's daughter Steffy and made the two believe that she died after a shark attack. Taylor and Ridge were heartbroken. Taylor was so inconsolable that she decided to leave town, but before she wanted to confront Morgan. When she was at Morgan's home she heard a child and recognized Steffy's voice. She ran upstairs and saw Steffy. Morgan and her friend Tim kept Taylor hostage while Morgan still tried to pursue a heartbroken Ridge. Tim helped Morgan believing that she wants to be with him and didn't want to listen to Taylor when she told him that Morgan is just using him to win Ridge's heart. Ridge saw Steffy's drawing in Morgan's purse and started suspecting that something isn't right. He started pretending that he is interested in Morgan just to find clues. When he found out the truth he rode his car into Morgan's home to safe Taylor and Steffy. He came right in time as Morgan was about to kill Taylor. Ridge's ex girlfriend ran away as police was on their way and Steffy was reunited with all her family.

Brooke fighting for Ridge again

Brooke, who was married to Thorne for some time, decided to leave him because she realized that she's not over Ridge. Logan pursued him, but he refused. Taylor was very annoyed with Brooke and even attacked her one day. Stephanie, Taylor and Massimo Marone all take a part in a scheme to get rid of Brooke. Massimo paid Brooke's parents for lying that her father is very ill and Logan went to Paris to take care of him. Taylor was happy to have Brooke out of their lives. Massimo asked his friend to seduce Brooke in Paris and during their meeting Brooke falls of the Eiffel tower however she didn't have a long fall and lived. Soon after Ridge and Brooke found out about the scheme. Brooke was angry with her parents and Ridge mostly with his wife. Seeing that Ridge is angry with Taylor Brooke hoped that Ridge will leave her, but he forgave her.

Taylor's "death"

Taylor, Ridge, Steffy, Phoebe and Thomas shortly before Taylor "died".

In 2002 Taylor and Brooke were shot by Sheila Carter. Brooke recovered, but Taylor died at the hospital in her husbands arms. Ridge was devastated and tried to strangle Sheila. Ridge had to tell the children that their mother died. They were all sad and Thomas refused to accept it. Brooke was comforting Ridge when he was grieving Taylor's death. The two reconnected in Portofino, Italy and Ridge newly falls for his ex flame. The two married and raised Brooke's and Ridge's children together. They also had a son RJ.

Taylor comes back from the dead

During Nick Marone and Brigitte's wedding Ridge spotted a woman that looked like Taylor. He believed that she might be alive and he decided to check if her body is in the coffin. He discovered that Taylor's body is not in the coffin. It was a mannequin. At the cemetery Ridge met Omar and he informed Ridge that after Taylor's presumed death he took her from the hospital and faked her death. He kept her alive in a coma. Next thing Taylor appeared and Ridge was shocked. The two went back home where Taylor saw that Ridge has his ring on his finger and thought that for years he never took it off. She had no idea that he married Brooke. Taylor was heartbroken when she leaned that Ridge married Brooke and they have a son Ridge Junior. Ridge was torn between two women that he loved, but eventually choose Taylor after his mother faked a heart attack and wished to see him and Taylor back together on her "death bed". Brooke was devastated. Ridge and Taylor renewed their wedding vows and Forrester tried to be a good husband to Taylor however he still had feelings for Brooke after spending years with her. Ridge was even ore torn after finding out that Stephanie faked her heart attack, but decided to remain by Taylor's side and to work on their marriage.

Ridge discovered that Taylor cheated and their divorce

Taylor's and Ridge's goodbye

Taylor felt lonely and insecure. Hector Ramirez, who was in love with Taylor comforter her. The two ended up kissing. Brooke caught them and Taylor asked her to be quiet. Brooke agreed that Taylor needs to tell Ridge the truth herself. Taylor told Ridge about Hector and she went a step further. She also revealed that she had sex with James years before. Ridge was disappointed and told Taylor that she judged Brooke for so long while she had a secret herself. He made it clear that he doesn't even know who she is anymore and ran to Brooke. At first Brooke didn't want Ridge back and encouraged Taylor to fight for Ridge, but Taylor replied by saying that a year won't pass until she and Ridge will be together and she called Brooke names. Taylor fell into depression and started drinking.

Losing Phoebe and almost getting married again

Taylor and Ridge shortly before Brooke interrupted their wedding

Taylor was in a relationship with Phoebe's ex boyfriend and Brooke's son Rick. He helped her to deal with her alcohol addiction. The two got engaged, but Taylor eventually left him because of her feelings for Ridge. She asked Ridge for another chance, but he wanted to stay with Brooke. Ridge and Taylor soon faced the worst tragedy losing their daughter Phoebe in a car accident. They blamed Rick who was driving the car. This accident created major problems in Brooke's and Ridge's relationship. Everything escalated when Steffy, Taylor's and Ridge's other daughter started seeing Rick. Ridge went to Big Bear with Taylor and had sex with Taylor under the influence of pills. Brooke was angry when she found out and decided to end her relationship with Ridge. Since Brooke's and Ridge's marriage wasn't valid the break up happened really fast. Soon Ridge and Taylor gave themselves another chance and got engaged. Brooke started to regret her decision. Steffy and Thomas wanted to make sure that Brooke doesn't mess things up for their mom. Steffy replied to Brooke from Ridge's phone and asked her to stay away. After Brooke found out she stopped Ridge's and Taylor's marriage. Taylor decided to step away when she got tired and Ridge went after Brooke when she tried to leave the country and the two got married again.

Ridge and Taylor give themselves another chance

In 2011 Thomas, Ridge's and Taylor's son lies to them that he had sex with Brooke Logan. Brooke doesn't remember anything because she was under the influence of psychedelic berries. Feeling guilty and disgusted with herself Brooke lets Ridge go and gives most of her money to charity. Taylor was furious with Brooke for sleeping with her son. She also got closer to Ridge and took the ring off his finger encouraging him to end things with Brooke. The two also shares some kissed. Brooke told Taylor that she should be with Ridge. The two got engaged. The truth about Thomas's lie has been revealed during the marriage ceremony. Ridge told Taylor that he loves her, but he went back to Brooke. Furious Taylor was disappointed with her son and told Stephanie that their friendship has ended as she was the one that encouraged Thomas to lie in exchange for Forrester shares.

Taylor still pining for Ridge

In 2018 Taylor kissed Ridge and declared that she still loves him, but got rejected.

A chance for a new start (2021-2022)

First "Tridge kiss" by Krista Allen and Thorsten Kaye in 2022

Taylor showed up in town again and Steffy invited her to live with her, Kelly, Hayes and Finn. Ridge showed up, wanting to see his daughter and grandchildren and he saw Taylor. They were both pleased to see each other. Soon after their children Steffy and Thomas came to a conclusion that their parents should and could be back together. They both started to encourage their parents to be together again, but Ridge was the husband of Brooke Logan Forrester. One day Brooke got drunk because Sheila Carter exchanged her non alcoholic champagne with the real thing by changing the labels. The Logan woman got drunk and to make thing worse Brooke's ex Deacon Sharpe was there. Brooke, who was already buzzed started drinking vodka with Deacon. The two ended up kissing and Brooke woke up in bed with Deacon. The two didn't have sex, but Brooke's ex did spend the night sleeping in the bed that belonged to Ridge. Brooke was hiding it from Ridge and both Taylor and Steffy saw that the Logan woman is acting weird. One day Douglas Forrester, Thomas's son, told Thomas that he saw grandma Brooke kissing Deacon. Steffy and Thomas asked Charlie Webber to check Brooke's private security system. They found out that Deacon left the house in the morning and they told Taylor everything. Taylor decided that she has to the one to tell Ridge the truth. When she told her ex husband about Brooke's infidelity Ridge ran straight to Brooke. She told him the truth when she saw him and was shocked that he already knew. Ridge was asking his wife if Deacon spiked her drink, but she said no. After this he decided to see Deacon and Taylor visited Brooke to confront her about hurting Ridge. when Brooke arrived at Deacon's work place she saw the two men fighting. Ridge was furious when Brooke told him that's not Deacon's fault so he ran straight to Steffy's where he was comforted by Taylor and their children. Thomas hid Ridge's phone and kept Brooke away from the house when she tried to see Ridge and Steffy was actively encouraging her parents to get back together. When she left Ridge said that she never betrayed him and asked her if he can go back home. The two ended up kissing and spent the night in one bedroom however they did not share a bed. Taylor asked Ridge if he regrets anything and he replied by saying that he only regrets Brooke throwing away what they had and choosing Deacon, but he doesn't regret that they just came back to each other. Soon the two are faced with a tragedy as their daughter Steffy gets shot and her husband Finn get killed. They stay by Steffy's side at the hospital. When Steffy woke she didn't remember Finn and their son Hayes. Ridge and Taylor both disagreed with Brooke who wanted Steffy to know the truth and wanted Liam to play Steffy's husband. When Steffy's doctor Bridget Forrester said that she's strong enough to hear the truth Liam, Ridge and Taylor told Steffy about Finn. A heartbroken Steffy was soon back at home with her kids and still grieving. Taylor and Ridge were there for their daughter, living under the same roof, but Ridge was still not ready to share a bedroom with Taylor and was torn between her and his wife Brooke. After some days Steffy remembered that Sheila was the one who shot her and Finn and during a confrontation Sheila revealed that she was the reason Brooke was drunk on new years eve. Steffy confirmed that it's true and that Thomas knew about it. Taylor encouraged Ridge to go to Brooke and tell her about it. After talking to Brooke Ridge came back home and said that he needs to move out to Eric and think things through. Steffy tried to convince her father to not get back with Brooke again, but Taylor asked Steffy to not pressure her father. Soon Taylor and Ridge confronted Thomas about keeping the secret about Sheila from them. Ridge told Thomas that Brooke is his wife whether he likes it or not which made Taylor really sad. Both Ridge and Taylor agreed to keep what Thomas did a secret. Soon Taylor encouraged Steffy to go for a trip with the kids so she can get away from a place with many painful memories. After Steffy left Taylor and Ridge met on many occasions during which they flirted and spoke about Steffy.

Ridge goes back to Brooke

Ridge was worried for both Brooke and Taylor when he found out that Sheila Carter escaped prison. One day he found Brooke with a broken ankle and went to Taylor to tell her that he is going back to his wife to take care of her and try again. Taylor was heartbroken and angry. She also reminded Ridge how Brooke hurt him, but his mind was set and after their conversation he went back to his wife. When Ridge and Taylor heard that Steffy checked into a mental facility because she can't cope with losing Finn he and Taylor went straight to Monaco. When Ridge and Taylor arrived in Monaco they got a call from Bill Spencer Jr. and Finn Finnegan. They were over the moon when they heard their beloved son in law is in fact alive. Finn met up with his parents in law in Monaco and they all searched for Steffy. Finn was lucky and found Steffy by the church where they happily reunited. Ridge and Taylor were happy to see their daughter and grandchildren back with Finn, but Ridge's joyous moment was stopped when Taylor showed him a photo that his step daughter Hope Logan posted online. It was a photo where she was together with Brooke and Deacon at Forrester Creations. Ridge felt deceived which lead to a kiss between him and Taylor.

Tridge Gallery

Ridge and Taylor Wedding 1998

Brooke, Ridge, and Taylor

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Taylor and Ridge first meet!