Pierre Jourdan is a fictional character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Robert Clary from 1990-1992.

Biography Edit

Pierre is a vocal talented Frenchman and owner of the Paris Cafe Pierre Cafe. In April 1990, he joins Brooke Logan's table, who is experiencing a breakup with a man. Pierre makes her feel better. Brooke confides to him about her affair with Eric Forrester and the plan to terminate pregnancy. Pierre offers her to live in a room above his cafe. He also finds Brooke's home address and phone number. He contacts her sister, Donna, to inform her about Brooke's plans. Soon, Eric arrives in Paris. Pierre helps him determine which hospital Brooke is in. Forrester goes there and stops abortion. Brooke and Eric return to Los Angeles together. In May 1990, Eric makes Brooke a surprise and brings Pierre to L.A., where he sponsors the opening of his restaurant. In July 1990, Pierre sings for Dr. Taylor Hayes and Storm Logan. In January 1991, Pierre is present at the wedding of Eric and Brooke. In August 1991, Forresters celebrate the success of Felicia's collection with Pierre. In September 1991, Pierre joins a thoughtful Taylor table. They talk about what is most important in life.

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