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Paris Buckingham
Paris Buckingham.jpg
Diamond White as Paris Buckingham
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Diamond White
Current status Present, Contract
Duration 2020-
First appearance November 2, 2020
Introduced by Bradley Bell
Gender Female
Born 1998
Age 23
Residence Los Angeles, California
Parents Reese Buckingham
Unknown mother
Siblings Zoe Buckingham
Romances Zende Dominguez (boyfriend)
Finn Finnegan (crush)

Paris Buckingham is a character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Diamond White since 2020.


Paris is the daughter of Reese Buckingham and Grace Buckingham and sister to Zoe Buckingham. She works at Forrester Creations and had a romance with Zende Dominguez, Eric Forrester's adopted grandson.

Arrival in Los Angeles, work at Forrester Creations, a relationship with Zende (2020-2021)

Paris surprised her sister Zoe Buckingham when she showed up in Los Angeles. Zoe wasn't completely happy to see her younger sister, but Paris looked ecstatic to see her older sister. Zoe immediately developed a crush on Zende Forrester Dominguez and he also liked her which made Zoe mad as she herself liked him too despite being in a relationship with Carter Walton. Even when Zoe and Carter got engaged Zoe still hated the fact that Paris and Zende are flirting with each other. Carter wanted to do something good for this future sister in law so he made sure that Paris gets employed at Forrester Creation's Foundation as she had the right education for it. Paris was very happy to get this proposition, but Zoe demanded her younger sister leave LA instead of working in the same company as her. Paris told Zoe that she's not a little girl anymore and she won't be bullied. She took the job at Forrester. Zoe tried to kiss Zende and Carter found out. He left Zoe and since Zende didn't want her either she was left alone. She blamed Paris for this situation. Angry Zoe spoke about it with Quinn Forrester and they decided to put laxatives in Paris's drink right before Paris had a date with Zende. The date was a bit awkward due to Paris's stomach problems, but Zende was still smitten with Paris and very eager to develop their feelings. At one point Zoe overheard Quinn and Shauna Fulton talking about Quinn's and Carter's affair. Quinn threatened to destroy Paris is she spill's the beans to her husband and Zoe and told her that it makes no sense to destroy Zoe's and Carter's relationship as they only gotten back together days before. At first Paris agrees to keep quiet, but she's feeling guilty. Quinn and her husband Eric Forrester planned to make a vow renewal ceremony, but Paris and Brooke Logan Forrester stopped the ceremony to reveal the truth to Eric. Heartbroken Zoe left town when she learned that her future husband was sleeping with her friend and Zoe remained in LA and continued to date Zende. At one point Paris was looking for an apartment at LA. When Steffy Forrester heard about it she and her partner Finn Finnegan invited her to live with them. Paris was grateful and decided to stay there for some time. During her time at Steffy's Malibu home she developed a crush on Finn, but apart from having some fantasies nothing happened. She never reacted on her feelings for him and still continued to date Zende who became in love with her. One time Paris and Zende made love after a romantic evening that he prepared for her. Not only Zende was high over hells for Paris, but also his cousin Thomas Forrester developed a crush on her and offered her a room in his apartment. One evening Thomas prepared a meal for Zoe and tried to make moves on her, but she declined and said that she's dating Zende.

A crush on Carter and Grace Buckingham's moves in to Los Angeles. (2022-)

Zende asked Quinn Forrester if she can help him with creating a special engagement ring for Paris. Carter found out that Zende wants to propose and he let Paris know. Paris immediately told a very disappointed Zende that she wants to keep things between them casual and she kissed Carter shortly after. She said that she's young and there are still so many things that she wants to experience. One day Zende surprised Paris with her mothers arrival. Grace Buckingham told Paris a lot of good things about Zende, but was not as impressed with Carter knowing his history with her other daughter. Grace told Paris that she received a job offer and thinks to stay in LA. Paris invited her to live with her in Thomas's apartment.

One day Paris agrees that Zende can see other people. He makes it clear that he still hopes for a future with her. Paris confesses to Carter that she felt jealous when she saw Zende with a Forrester model, but she doesn't regret that she discouraged Zende to propose to her and that she can't stop thinking about the kiss she shared with Carter. He says that he also can't stop to think about their kiss. She is grateful for the job at Forrester Creations she got because of him and for his guidance. They kiss again, this time in Carter's loft. Carter suddenly tells Paris that they should stop. Paris reminds him that Zende is out on a date with another woman right in that moment and Carter tells her that Zende is still in love with her and tells that she she's amazing, beautiful and sexy which pushes Paris to kiss him again. When things got very heated Carter stopped it again saying he doesn't want to go the same route he went when he bedded Quinn Forrester, Eric Forrester's wife. Paris says they are both free, but the fact that Zende loves her makes Carter feel bad. He reminds her that somehow he came out of the whole situation with Quinn with some respect in tact and he doesn't want to get involved with another woman that is connected to a Forrester man. Carter considers the Forresters a family and he doesn't want to lose them, but the same time he doesn't know how he is going to stay away from her and he doesn't want to push her away, but he has to. Paris leaves Carter's loft when her mother calls her and asks her to meet her. Grace demands to know what is the situation between her and Zende.

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