Othello R. Clark as Othello
The Bold and The Beautiful
Portrayed by Othello R. Clark
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 2011-15, 2018
Gender Male
Occupation DJ
Music director for Forrester Creations
Othello was a recurring character in The Bold and the Beautiful. He is portrayed by Othello R. Clark.


Hope and Liam were getting married and Liam was at a club and ran into his ex-wife Steffy Forrester but nothing happened. Liam came back with dyed hair and a tatoo. Hope thought Steffy and Liam did something.  Rick Forrester, Hope's half-brother had a friend Othello who was DJ-ing at the club. He told Hope they were very passionate together because Rick got him to lie to keep Hope and Liam from reuniting. The wedding was off.

Othello is Rick and Caroline's friend and current DJ. He showed up for a party that Caroline made Rick take her to even though he was with Maya and took her also. Othello asked Rick how was his girlfriend Caroline. Rick told Othello he was with this new girl Maya and they met. He DJ'd for a party that Bill Spencer Jr. set Jesse Graves up at who was the reason Maya went to jail so Caroline, his neice could be with Rick again. Othello then showed up to DJ the Hope For The Future line that would be the ending factor to Rick,s presidency debate.

Othello showed up to help Bill Spencer and Brooke Logan climb a mountain in Aspen, Colorado. Bill slipped and was dangeling but he saved himself from fallling.

Othello questioned Oliver Jones about his relationship with Alexandria Forrester right after Ridge Forrester almost fired him thinking Oliver found a way to keep his job.

Othello attened a Forrester meeting and it was said that Othello was the music director for Forrester. Othello was surprised to learn that Quinn Fuller is gone from the company.

In December 2014, Maya invited Othello over to her new apartment Rick bought her. Othello was surprised at how cocky she was acting saying it'll only be temporary until she gets her own mansion. Maya confided in Othello that she and Rick are back together even though Rick was thought to go back to Caroline even after she kissed Ridge. But Maya told Othello he can't tell anybody until the truth officially comes out.

Othello also helps work with The Bold and the Beautiful cast in serving at a soup kitchen for the homeless on Christmas Day.

Othello deejays for Forrester's first California Freedom fashion show. He also deejays while Nicole Avant struts around on the catwalk while Zende Forrester Dominguez joins her.