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Nicole Forrester Dominguez
Nicole Avant-2
Reign Edwards as Nicole Avant
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Reign Edwards
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 2015-2018
First appearance January 16, 2015
Last appearance January 18, 2018
Cause/reason Left town
Created by Bradley Bell
Introduced by Bradley Bell
Family Avant family
Forrester family
Dominguez family
Nickname(s) Nic (by Sasha)
Namesake(s) Elizabeth Nicole "Lizzy" Forrester
Gender Female
Born 1994
Age 25
Occupation Former computer science student at UCLA
Hope for The Future Model at Forrester Creations
Jewelry Model for Forrester Creations
Intern at Forrester Creations
Residence Logan Mansion
200 North Beston Place
Los Angeles, California
Nicole theme song
Opening Theme Headshot
Parents Julius and Vivienne Avant
Siblings Maya Avant (sister)
Sasha Thompson (half-sister)
Spouses Zende Dominguez (2017-)
Romances Wyatt Spencer
Thomas Forrester (kissed)
Children Lizzy Forrester (daughter with Rick via surrogacy, legal niece)
Grandparents Myron Avant (paternal)
Aunts and
Caroline (aunt)
Carleen (maternal aunt)
First cousins Alexander Avant

Nicole Forrester Dominguez (née Avant) is a fictional character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Reign Edwards from 2015 to 2018. 


Nicole is the younger sister of Maya Avant, and the younger daughter of Julius and Vivienne Avant. She arrived in L.A., at the door of Rick Forrester's office in Forrester Creations, asking  Ivy Forrester and Caroline Spencer for Maya Avant. Ivy asked who she was and Nicole stated she was Nicole Avant, Maya's lttle sister.

But Maya seems tensed and nervous every time she sees Nicole around. Rick then offers that Nicole stay at the mansion after she had a falling out with her roommate. Nicole accepts the offer, but Maya still seems unsure. Nicole admits to Maya that she knows Maya's secret and that she hasn't told Rick. Maya confronts Nicole about what she has over her head saying she hasn't done anything wrong and that Rick knows everything about her. Nicole then reveals that Maya's real name is Myron and she is actually Nicole's brother, revealing that Maya is a transgender woman. Nicole stated she found Maya's birth certificate tucked away that said Myron Avant. She at first assumed her parents lost a baby, but realized it had Maya's birthdate and said they gender was male. Maya admit she changed it and was born male but crossed over so her outside could match her inside. After that she ran away and her parents didn't mention anything of her. Nicole questioned her baby. Maya explained that the child she raised was the daughter of Jesse Graves, and the biological mother was out of the picture. After Maya was sent to jail, the baby was sent to a foster home and she died in a car accident. Nicole stated she didn't come to L.A. to blackmail her or cause trouble. She just wants to get to know her sister, who is kicking her out. Maya agreed to tell Rick until or when he proposes. Maya made Nicole promise she can't tell anybody until she tells Rick herself. Rick noticed the tension between Maya and Nicole and explained he allowed Nicole to move in for them to get closer. If they can't get along, they'd help her move into an apartment. Nicole asked Maya if she wanted her to life and Maya let her stay.

Nicole saw Forrester's photographer, Oliver Jones, having a photoshoot of models and asked him if he'd give her a shot at being one but Oliver stated she has to get permission from Rick or Maya. Nicole arrived at Rick's office to see Maya who was talking with Carter Walton, who assured her he's there for her. Maya was nervous that Nicole might slip something about her pecret to Carter. Nicole stated this and demanded an audition as one of Forrester's models. Carter stopped by Oliver's office and Oliver brought up Maya's sister, Nicole, who wanted to be a model but is a college student. Carter confided in him that she dropped out of UCLA. Carter realized that's why Nicole went to see Maya. Carter overheard Maya and Nicole talking about Maya's secret she's not telling Rick and Nicole blurted out that Maya was born a male. After Nicole left, Carter entered Rick's office to talk to Maya. Carter was enraged that they were involved and engaged and Maya never told him! Maya convinced Carter not to tell Rick until he proposes.

Wyatt Spencer, Liam Spencer, and Ivy Forrester tried coming up with ways to remove Rick from his CEO position. Wyatt listened in on Maya and Nicole discussing something about a big secret that could ruin Rick's career and Forrester Creations. Wyatt informs this to Liam, Ivy, Bill and Katie. Wyatt casually approaches Nicole and starts conversation with her. Nicole is delighted and when Wyatt asked questions about Rick and Maya, he saw Nicole tense up. Nicole claimed to have to be somewhere as an excuse. Nicole stated to Maya she really likes Wyatt and that he's handsome and nice.

Wyatt purposely ran into Nicole again, and promised her a position as a jewelry model which she gladly accepted, making Maya a little thoughtful. Wyatt brought Nicole to his beach house and Nicole put on upbeat dancing music and convinced Wyatt to make some margaritas. Wyatt kept insisting that Nicole can be open to him about secrets and she can trust him. Wyatt continuously questioned life with Rick and Maya. Nicole began to get suspicious and asked a secret about him. Wyatt admit until a couple of years ago, he didn't know he was a Spencer, and the son of Bill Spencer, whom his mother kept from him all these years claiming he died. As Wyatt kept insisting confidence, Nicole asked him how her hands looked, Wyatt stated they are very beautiful like her. Nicole stated they would look better with rings on it, and Wyatt stated he's still married for a couple more months, then making it a joke realizing she meant for the jewelry line. Nicole asked about his marriage and Wyatt which he averted. Nicole asked if he was married long and Wyatt stated he hasn't but she's the first woman in his house since Hope left and she still managed to get a laugh out of him. Wyatt asked about Rick and Nicole questioned why he wants to know so much about him. Wyatt explained he works at Forrester and wants to know him as much as possible. Wyatt stated he seems a like a tyrant. Wyatt explained that after he came back from Milan trying to work things out with his ex-wife, Hope, Rick's sister, he asked him to get down on his knees and beg. Nicole walked out of the room and Wyatt got on his phone. Nicole returned and stated she called a cab when Wyatt stated he wants her to stay and kissed her.

Wyatt took Nicole on the Spencer jet on a trip to San Francisco. Wyatt kept insisting confidence when Nicole stated she had a secret. She began to say "Maya is..." Wyatt questioned Maya and Nicole backed away. Nicole met up with Carter being very enthusiastic about hanging out with one of Bill Spencer's sons on a jet. When Nicole brought up the confidence, Carter questioned if she told Wyatt about Maya when Maya arrived. Nicole stated she never would and Wyatt told her his Spencer family secret. Maya questioned that and Nicole stated his not realizing he's a Spencer.

Wyatt arranged another date with Nicole and after he kept insisting honesty and confidence she admit to him that Maya, born Myron, is a transgender. Wyatt was speechless and Nicole explained she doesn't want anything bad to happen to Maya and hopes Rick stays with her. Wyatt promised to keep his word when Liam barged in after eavesdropping outside. Wyatt stated to Liam the huge secret that he wants all of Spencer to exploit.

When Nicole read Spencer Publication's headlines she arrived in Rick's office as everybody else was frantic. Rick was proposing to Maya in Big Bear Cabin and Maya was supposed to be telling him the secret. When Eric accused Ridge of alligning with Bill, Nicole admit she told Wyatt and she really regrets it.

Rick was upset but very understanding. Maya was upset that he saw her as an embarrassment and grabbed her bag and got in the car. Rick pounded on the car trying to talk things out by Maya drove off. Rick got in his car and raced after her on the roadside. Rick called Maya from his car and Maya declined. He called her again and she picked up crying. Rick apologized and asked for her to pull over. Maya asked him if he still loves her and wants to be her husband. The call ended. Rick had crashed his car off the road. Maya thought Rick was done with her and moved into her old apartment at Dayzee's. Maya was on a laptop typing her resignation to Forrester, sending it. Nicole arrived at her apartment. Nicole explained she told Wyatt and Maya was a little upset but forgave her. Nicole asked Maya if Rick walked away from her and she said she walked away from him. When the headlines came out, Nicole was very upset with Wyatt and stated she could never trust him again.

Nicole stated she needed to speak to Rick privately. Rick explained he couldn't get the chance to answer because his car crashed. Nicole told him that Maya's at her old apartment at Dayzee's. Rick dressed up as a waiter in the same tye dye shirt asking Maya for her order. Rick explained the story to Maya and that he still loves her. Maya claims she was leaving town but Rick convinced her to stay while he had a business meeting to go to. Rick and Maya stayed together.

Maya attended the internship meeting for Forrester. Pam explained to her that this meeting is for interns which Nicole stated she's applying for. Nicole sat down next to a young man named Zende as they started talking. Zende claimed he's not very familiar with the Forrester's company and Nicole stated she'd give him pointers. Ridge questioned why Nicole was here but she handed him her application and apologized for acting like a big shot and explained she'd like to stay at Forrester. Nicole also stuck up for Zende stating he might not know business well but he's a decent guy who is willing to learn. Ridge gave them all the internship. Ridge sent love to his mom when Nicole noticed they must know each other. Ridge stated Zende's mother, Kristen, is his sister, making Zende his nephew. Nicole was amazed Zende didn't tell her he's a Forrester. At the same time, Zende never knew Nicole is Maya's little sister. They continued talking about their families and how they got here. They both agreed they're still looking for the right person.

Nicole showed up with Zende at the Fourth of July party at the Forrester Mansion. Maya told Nicole in private how attractive Zende is and how she's happy for her. While Maya and Nicole were talking, they were surprised to see their mother, Vivienne Avant, standing at the door. Maya, Rick, and Nicole stepped outside to talk. Rick introduces himself to her. Vivienne told Nicole she's taking her home. Nicole resisted and Vivienne stated she doesn't want her sister to brainwash her.

Rick let the three Avant women into the guest house to hash it out. Vivienne thought Nicole staying with Maya with people who run a clothing company wasn't healthy. Vivienne was unhappy to hear that Nicole dropped out of UCLA but wasn't surprised. Nicole stated she's doing well living with Maya. Vivienne stated their father sent her and that he never laid a hand on either of them. Maya stated she's not afraid of their father anymore. Vivienne stated Maya broke her father's heart. Nicole stood up for Maya stating she's proud of Maya. Vivienne questioned why she wouldn't wanna come back with her parents who love her. Nicole stated Maya loves her and whenever she is in the wrong, Maya will forgive her. Nicole stated she's staying if it's all right with Maya. Maya insisted to Vivienne that Nicole stays. Maya stated she won't throw Nicole out the way her parents did to her. Vivienne stated there's nothing worse than losing a child and she's sorry about the baby Maya lost. Vivienne stated she saw the picture in the paper. Maya informed her about the biological mother leaving and Jesse being the father. Vivienne left stating she's learned to take care of herself too.

Wyatt tried apologizing to Nicole in Ridge's office. Nicole was upset at him because he used her and manipulated her. Wyatt stated they needed to get Rick out and they thought the secret had to do with him. Nicole stated there could've been another way. Zende overhears Wyatt tell Nicole he does think she's special and had a fun time hanging out with her. And the fact that he felt something when they kissed. Nicole claimed she's over it and Wyatt left. Zende entered and stated that he picked up that she and Wyatt were in a relationship. Nicole stated it's over. Nicole stated Zende's actions are pretty cute. Zende stated she thinks he's cute but Nicole denied ever saying that and claimed he's putting words in her mouth. Maya entered the room and told Zende that Nicole had a fun time with him at the 4th of July party. Maya and Nicole talked privately. Nicole stated whatever their mom says, she's staying in L.A. Nicole gets a call from Vivienne to meet her at the coffee shop down the street.

Nicole arrived at the coffee shop and sat down with her mother when her father, Julius Avant, appeared. Julius insisted that nicole packed her things and left with her parents to Illinois. Nicole was adamant about staying. Julius and Nicole began to argue. Nicole stated she is a grown woman able to make her own decisions. Nicole explained she has an internship at Forrester Creations now and met a really nice guy who is also interning. Nicole explained how Forrester Creations is a corporate business and she wants to get to know Maya in the process. Julius called Maya a freak which even made Vivienne gasp. Julius explained his disgust for his son's decisions. Nicole stated that Maya is a woman. Nicole ended the argument explaining that his intolerance is driving both his daughters away soon Julius left without Nicole

Nicole accedes to being the maid of honor for Maya and Rick's wedding. Just before Maya is about to walk down the staircase, she hears her parents bickering. Julius repeatedly expresses his disgust and intolerance for Maya by using words like "freak" and "freakshow" and discriminating transgender people. Maya is heartbroken and runs back up to her room and starts to cry. Nicole runs up to go get her only to find her crying. Nicole supports Maya and encourages her to forget about their dad for this one day and focus on her and Rick. Maya decides to continue the ceremony. Maya walks down the stairs and walks to up to rick with both of her parents. The ceremony starts but Maya pauses it because one person of their friends and family can't accept her, her father. Maya demands to speak with Julius and they publically bicker. Maya expresses her distress while Julius lashes back with intolerant insults. Julius starts to cry and explains his father, Myron Avant, a hard working man, gave him a check before he died because he felt his namesake disowned him. Rick stands by Maya but Julius responds by asking Rick if how he feels about having a woman no other man wants. Vivienne steps in and speaks her mind to Julius, explaining how wrong he is. Julius admits he's leaving but Vivienne insists on staying. Julius leaves and Vivienne apologizes for all the wrong she has also done to Maya. Vivienne tells Maya how proud she is to be her mother and they hug. Maya decides to move forward with the ceremony and Rick and Maya say their vows and marry on August 12, 2015.

Thomas Forrester kisses Nicole but Nicole believes he is just going through things and is preoccupied with another woman. Zende saw the kiss but is not fazed by it and kisses Nicole. Nicole and Zende take their relationship the next level when Zende invites Nicole over to the Forrester Mansion while he cooks them a meal.


Rick and Maya decided to settle down and have a baby. Rick considered adopting but Maya really wanted their baby to have Avant-Forrester blood in its body so that's where she came up with the idea to have a baby via a surrogate. There was but one person Maya considered to ask to carry their child... Nicole. When Maya asked Nicole if she would be willing to carry her and Rick's baby for them, she accepted the task because it would be her way of giving back and thanking her for all the times she Maya was there for her. Maya and Rick were more than thrilled that Nicole tells them she'll have their baby for them but have given her beyond every opportunity to say no and back out of it but Nicole refuses to say no to Maya.

Weeks later Vivienne and Julius return to town because they both agreed for Julius to give Maya the good news that he'd done some soul searching and that he's ready to accept his transgender daughter, Maya. Everything went downhill once Maya announced to her parents that she was having a baby. Julius, knowing Maya can't get pregnant, wondered who was going to carry her and Rick's baby. Maya told him that Nicole agreed to carry the child, much to Julius' dismay. Julius believes what Maya is asking Nicole to do is sick. He even went so far as to accuse Maya of taking advantage of Nicole, seemingly knowing that Nicole would never say no to Maya because Nicole is one of those people who wants to make everyone happy, especially her sister. Nicole and Julius were at war about this but she held her own. Nicole was determined to have their baby with or without Julius' and Viv's approval since Rick, Maya, and Nicole are all adults anyway.

Zende was shocked when she tells him Maya asked her to be their surrogate but was supportive of her decision and loves that Nicole would give Maya and Rick such a beautiful gift. But they still had their concerns. Julius went to see Zende at Forrester Creations and tried but failed to talk Zende into giving Nicole an ultimatum. Nicole either tells Maya to find somebody else to have their baby or he doesn't want to be her boyfriend. Zende tells Julius what everybody else is trying to get through to him, that it's Nicole's decision and hers only. Maya and Rick still have given Nicole every right to say no and change her mind, Nicole still refuses to turn back on her agreement to have their baby and especially won't do so on her parents' account. She has been warned by a nurse at the clinic that she might be attached to the baby when it's Rick and Maya's. Nicole is fully aware of the risks and is even willing to risk her relationship with Zende for their baby. But Nicole asks Zende if she has their baby, are they over? Zende commits his relationship with Nicole. Julius is angry that Zende refuses to coerce Nicole into not having their baby and hanging their relationship over their head because again he tells Julius it's her decision.

Vivienne and Julius go back to their apartment in Los Angeles where Julius had been praying that Nicole decides against having Rick and Maya's baby but to no avail. Viv is starting to agree with Julius' way of thinking but there is no need to be so brutal about it! The two agree to hold a meeting with Rick's parents about what to do about Nicole being pregnant with Rick and Maya's child. In the middle of the meeting they get a phone call notifying Julius and Vivienne that Zende, Rick, Maya, and Nicole are at the clinic prepping Nicole for pregnancy. Julius and Vivienne race down there demanding it gets called off. Nicole and Maya were surprised that Vivienne was weighing in her opinion, agreeing with Julius. But Nicole and Maya disagree with Julius and he, having failed to convince her against getting pregnant, storms away and walks off with Viv. Nicole continues on with it. The nurse later informs Nicole that she is indeed pregnant.

Second SisterEdit

Nicole is ecstatic when her best friend from childhood, who was like family, Sasha Thompson, arrives in Los Angeles. Sasha arrives at Nicole's parents' residence where Nicole arrives thinking she walked in on a tense conversation between Julius and Sasha. Sasha greets Nicole and they have a joyful reunion. Sasha is surprised to her that Nicole is pregnant via surrogacy for Rick and Maya and has a Forrester boyfriend, Zende. Nicole takes Sasha to Forrester Creations and shows her, her office which Sasha is greatly impressed.

When Nicole leaves for a moment, Sasha eyes an elegant dress and decides to try it on. While she begins changing, Zende walks in and believes Nicole is behind the changing wall but is stunned to see Sasha wearing only her bra and underwear. Sasha begins showing interest in Zende, not knowing that who he is and he is dating Nicole.

Later on, Sasha arrives at the Forrester mansion and is reunited with the entire Avant family, including Maya. Julius continues to show disgust that Sasha is in town and once again tells her to leave and go back home, but Sasha refuses every time. Sasha then reveals that she and Julius share a secret that the rest of the family doesn't know about. Sasha stops by the motel to visit Vivienne, but she has to run out to the store. While alone, Sasha and Julius continue their bickering. On December 21, during another argument, Sasha opens up that she and Julius are father and daughter.

Seeing that Nicole's pregnancy will never work for him and that he was getting tired of it, Zende decided to break it off with Nicole, much to the sadness of both of them. Alone in his room, Sasha decides to pay him a visit, and asked him about Nicole and what was making him sad - and she got the answer she was hoping for. Taking advantage of the heartbroken man, Sasha decided to kiss Zende, leading the new couple to sex.

Zende and Sasha went strong for a period, though Zende wished to be with Nicole more than anything - though he could no longer handle the pregnancy. When Nicole gave birth, however, Zende decided to dump Sasha and be with the woman he truly loves - Nicole. Hearing about this and wanting Zende back, Sasha decided to fake a pregnancy to draw Zende to her. While believed by Zende, Maya and Nicole did not. They forced her to come out with the truth by giving her a pregnancy test, which she made read "positive" after stealing a pregnant photographer's wife's urine. Feeling this was the wrong thing to do, Sasha eventually owned up to lying about it, much to the aggravation of Maya, Nicole, Zende, and father Julius.

Birth of Lizzy and Marriage to ZendeEdit

Nicole presented Rick and Maya with a baby girl, touched when she was told Zende had snuck into the hospital to witness the birth. Nicole happily took Zende back, but was less enthusiastic when Zende revealed Sasha was pregnant. A disbelieving Nicole teamed up with Maya to get Sasha to take a pregnancy test; after Sasha revealed she'd faked a positive result, Nicole rejected her half-sister until Julius called a family meeting to implore his loved ones to forgive each other for their transgressions. Later, Nicole voiced her opposition to Sasha modeling lingerie, causing Zende to back out of being Sasha's photographer. Nicole and Zende moved past it, and she finally lost her virginity to him.

Nicole happily attended baby Lizzie's christening, which included Sasha. But when Nicole and Zende argued because she had agreed to carry a baby for Rick and Maya a second time, Nicole learned Zende was on the Forrester jet and came to tell him she had changed her mind, only to find him in bed with Sasha. Nicole again turned her back on her half-sister and refused Zende's repeated marriage proposals, proclaiming she didn't want a marriage like Vivienne's and telling Sasha she could have Zende. Eventually, Nicole was overwhelmed by Zende's extravagant horse-and-carriage proposal and said yes, marrying Zende in a lavish ceremony at the Forrester mansion.

Later, Nicole and Zende tried to comfort Wyatt, who was drinking because his brother, Liam Spencer, was marrying his ex-wife, Steffy Forrester. Also, Nicole sided with Zende when he expressed mistrust of new intern Coco Spectra given her great-aunt, Sally Spectra, had been known for stealing designs from Forrester Creations for her own design house, Spectra Fashions, but soon found herself becoming friends with Coco despite Zende's warnings.

Nicole was eager to start a family with Zende, especially when they got a chance to sit with baby Lizzy while Rick and Maya were out of town. But Nicole refused to believe it when a doctor told her that the uterine scarring she sustained while giving birth to Lizzy may have rendered her unable to have another child. Nicole confided in her parents and got a second opinion, trying to emulate Zende's hope that they could still conceive yet wondering if she had given Maya the only baby she would ever have. But when a clerical error rendered Lizzy's adoption papers invalid, Nicole hesitated signing a new set and considered keeping Lizzy, particularly with Julius insisting that she do. Despite pressure from all sides, Nicole paid heed to Zende's assurances and once again finalized Lizzy's adoption.

Nicole modeled alongside Maya, Rick, and Carter for a Forrester calendar teasing an upcoming swimsuit fashion show in Monte Carlo, which turned into a fashion duel with Spectra, where Nicole also worked the runway. Nicole begged off celebrating at a club in favor of staying at the hotel with Lizzy, which upset Zende. Nicole was thrown when Maya and Rick suddenly suggested that Nicole and Zende work at the Forrester International office in Paris. Initially hesitant, Nicole agreed with Zende that it was a great opportunity and moved overseas with her husband. Nicole visited at Thanksgiving and spent the holiday with her parents and sister at the Forrester's Thanksgiving feast.

Crimes CommittedEdit

  • Hacked into Maya Avant's prison bank account, (circa 2012).
  • Tried to blackmail Maya with the knowledge that Maya is a transgender woman, (2015).

Maladies and InjuriesEdit

  • Diagnosed with amenorrhea, an abnormal absence of menstruation. Unable to conceive again (May 2017).
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