Morgan DeWitt
Morgan DeWitt
Sarah Buxton as Morgan DeWitt
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Sarah Buxton
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 2000-2001, 2005
First appearance February 15, 2000
Last appearance April 2005
Cause/reason Institutionalized
Introduced by Bradley Bell
Gender Female
Occupation Former Fashion Designer
Former Head Designer at Forrester Creations
Residence Los Angeles, California (presumably)
Parents Natalie DeWitt
Romances Ridge Forrester
Tim Reid
Morgan DeWitt was a fictional character from The Bold and the Beautiful. The role was played from 2000-2001 and again in 2005 by actress Sarah Buxton.

Before the start of B&BEdit

Morgan, a former Forrester model in the early '80s, then had an affair with the boss' son, Ridge Forrester, who was quite a few years older than her. Stephanie, Ridge's mother, didn't approve to the relationship. When Morgan turns up pregnant, she confides in Stephanie, who's convinced that her son is too young to raise a child. She convinces the young woman that an abortion and leaving LA is the only solution to this matter.


At the request of the new CEO, Brooke Logan, Morgan (Sarah Buxton) begins to work as a designer for Forrester Creations. Ridge, who is now married to Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester, was surprised to see his former lover back in the family business. Morgan seems to have recovered from their one-time affair and becomes very good friends with Taylor.

But soon she discovers that she's still not able to get over the abortion, and blamed Stephanie for everything that has gone wrong in her life. She finally admitted to Ridge that she had an abortion all those years ago, who is shocked of the actions of his mother. Ridge and Taylor decide to stand by Morgan's side when she will get herself artificially inseminated. Just before the insemination she changed her mind. She just didn't want any man's baby, she wanted a child by Ridge! Unfortunately, Ridge and Taylor weren't keen on the idea.

When Taylor was out of town, Morgan tricked Ridge in believing that his wife has agreed that he donated sperm to allow Morgan to get pregnant, and even agreed with them doing it the 'old-fashioned way'. Ridge found out that Morgan had lied to him and demanded a pregnancy test. Morgan, who wanted to keep Ridge from wanting to be involved with the baby, showed him a fake pregnancy test. She then confessed to Clarke Garrison that she was truly pregnant with Ridge's baby.

She could keep her pregnancy hidden for a while, but Stephanie soon forces Morgan to admit the truth. She told Ridge then that she was going to keep quiet about the father of the baby, and tells everybody that she was artificially inseminated.

After some months Morgan realized she still was in love with Ridge, and decided to pull out all the stops to break up his marriage and make him hers.