Agent McCaffrey
Vincent Duvall
Vincent Duvall as Agent McCaffrey
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Vincent Duvall
Current status Former, Guest
Duration 2015
First appearance June 10, 2015
Last appearance June 19, 2015
Gender Male
Occupation Agent
Residence Los Angeles, California
Agent McCaffrey is a federal agent and a minor character on The Bold and the Beautiful. He is portayed by Vincent Duvall since 2015.


Agent McCaffrey is an agent who first appeared at Forrester Creations handing Ivy Forrester deportation papers. He explained she is an illegal immigrant and her father filled out the papers incorrectly. Ivy thought that because her father is an American citizen and her mother is an Australian one that she had dual citizenship. McCaffrey, however, told her she has a week to pack for Australia, and she broke the law. Ivy would have to resign for a passport which could take months or even years.

Agent McCaffrey stopped by the office and Ivy stated she is now married to an American citizen, whom Quinn Fuller Sharpe explained was the Liam Spencer. McCaffrey found it quite suspicious how she didn't mention her engagement the last time they spoke. Ivy claimed they've been planning this for months. McCaffrey asked if she had moved in with him and Ivy confirmed that. McCaffrey stated he'd stop by later to question them. McCaffrey stopped by to investigate the validity of their marriage. He found suspicion in the broken vase on the table that Steffy Forrester smashed when she was enraged. Liam left so McCaffrey could speak with her privately. McCaffrey informed her that she does in fact have dual citizenship and that it wouldn't make a difference if she was married to Liam Spencer or not.

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