Marone Industries is a shipping conglomerate, based in Los Angeles, California, on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Marone Industries was founded by Massimo Marone after he graduated from Northwestern University. It grew into a multinational corporation with ports and offices in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East. For years, Massimo ran Marone Industries with an iron fist as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, but when it was revealed that Ridge Forrester was Massimo’s son, he became Vice Chairman, but later resigned returning to Forrester Creations, but still kept an office at Marone Industries.

Massimo's youngest son Nick Marone also became an executive at Marone Industries after it was revealed Massimo was his father. After tensions became unbearable Nick forced the Marone board to remove Massimo as Chairman and CEO and make him the new CEO but Nick eventually quit to work for his mother at Jackie M Designs.


  • Massimo Marone (Founder; Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board)
  • Nick Marone (Former Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board)
  • Ridge Forrester (Former Vice-Chairman of the Board)
  • George Septolino (Senior Member of the Board of Directors)
  • Oscar Marone (Employee of the Holland offices)