Maggie Forrester
Maggie Forrester-0
Barbara Crampton as Maggie Forrester
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Barbara Crampton
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 1995-1998
First appearance May 30, 1995
Last appearance May 15, 1998
Cause/reason Left town
Created by Bradley Bell
Family Forrester
Nickname(s) Maggie
Gender Female
Residence Unknown
Spouses John Forrester (divorced)
James Warwick (1996-97)
Romances Dylan Shaw
Eric Forrester
Children Jessica Forrester (daughter with John)
Margaret "Maggie" Forrester (formerly Warwick) is a fictional character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Barbara Crampton.


Maggie was the wife of John Forrester, Eric Forrester's brother. In 1995, she arrived in Los Angeles a year after her daughter, Jessica Forrester did and began a love affair with her daughter's ex-lover, Dylan Shaw. Dylan had been in a relationship with Jessica before, but after being acquitted when he and Jessica had unlawful sex, Dylan and Jessica grew apart. Neither had any idea of their respective connection with Jessica. When it was finally exposed, Maggie and Dylan amicably broke things off for Jessica's sake. Maggie soon started a friendship with Sheila Carter. But when Maggie found out that Sheila was behind her ex-sister-in-law, Stephanie Forrester's mercury poisoning, they ended up in a vicious catfight, ending with Maggie pushing Sheila onto a fire poker, injuring her. Later on, Maggie and Sheila became romantic rivals due to their attraction toward James Warwick. Their rivalry led to Maggie being kidnapped by Sheila, eventually being released to prove to James she was 'better'. Some other stunts during their rivalry include Maggie being arrested for attempted to kill Sheila by shutting off her oxygen tank while in the hospital, Maggie kidnapping Sheila and locking her up at the house from the movie Psycho at Universal Studios Hollywood, and Maggie teaming up with Lauren Fenmore Baldwin, Sheila's rival from Genoa City, in order to try to drive Sheila over the edge. In the end, James fell in love with Sheila, who gave him a daughter, and Maggie left Los Angeles in 1998 when she lost all hope of ever getting James back and she now has fantastic sex with the Chinese Man Matthew See.

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