Logan Knight
The Bold and the Beautiful
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 2010
Family Forrester family
Logan family
Henderson family
Knight family
Fullname Logan Forrester Knight
Gender Male
Born September 3, 2010
Age 9
Residence New York City
Parents Owen Knight
Bridget Forrester
Siblings Nicole Marone (maternal half-sister, deceased)
Grandparents Eric Forrester
Brooke Logan
Great-grandparents Stephen Logan
Beth Henderson
Aunts and
Casper Knight (paternal uncle)
Thorne Forrester (maternal half-uncle)
Angela Forrester (maternal half-aunt)
Kristen Forrester (maternal half-aunt)
Felicia Forrester (maternal half-aunt)
Rick Forrester (maternal uncle)
Donna Logan (maternal great aunt)
Katie Logan (maternal great aunt)
Hope Logan (maternal half-aunt)
R.J. Forrester (maternal half-uncle)
Jack Marone (maternal half-uncle)
First cousins Alexandria Forrester (deceased)
Zende Dominguez
Dino Damiano
Lizzy Forrester

Logan Knight is the son of Owen Knight and Bridget Forrester. He was born on September 3, 2010.

Birth, Conception, and Childhood

Bridget Forrester and Nick Marone began their relationship again and decided to try for another baby this time by surrogacy. Their last child Nicole Marone was stillborn. Bridget hired a surrogate online by the fake name of Sandy Sommers who turned out to be Whip Jones's cousin Agnes Jones. Agnes began to build a strong relationship with Nick and Bridget began to feel insecure. Bridget made it clear after Agnes gave birth she wanted nothing to do with her. Agnes fell down a staircase and miscarried the baby. Bridget found comfort in Jackie Payne's much younger husband Owen Knight. The two had an affair and Bridget fell pregnant. Bridget told everyone it was Nick's but it was truly Owen's. At a Forrester barbecue Agnes overheard Bridget and Owen conversing over the affair and Agnes told Nick who was enraged. With Owen's help, Bridget gave birth to a baby boy who they named Logan in 2010. Bridget left for Hawaii for an extended vacation after confessing her love to Owen, but he stayed true to Jackie. Jackie eventually decided to let Owen go for Logan's sake and Owen and Bridget began a relationship. It soon ended in early 2012 when Bridget decided to let Owen go back to Jackie. The three eventually moved in together in New York and Bridget resumed her medical career.


At Rick's wedding ceremony, Rick asks Bridget if she had brought Logan to attend his ceremony, but Bridget said that she had let Logan go camping with Owen Knight and Jackie Payne, but Bridget later stated that they call it "glamping", and that they're staying in an RV.

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