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Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester are fictional characters and a supercouple from CBS's soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. It is a great show about drama. Liam is the son of publishing magnate, Bill Spencer and Kelly Hopkins.  Steffy is the daughter of supercouple, designer Ridge Forrester, and Taylor Hayes.

Liam is portrayed by Scott Clifton, and Steffy is portrayed by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood. They are commonly referred to by the couple name "Steam".


Steffy took an interest in Hope's boyfriend, Oliver Jones. Steffy stated to Hope that Hope's just a kid and Steffy's an adult, and then pushed a wedding cake down on her.  Oliver rejected Steffy. At a pool party, Brooke and Oliver had sex, Brooke thinking he was Ridge, and Oliver thinking she was Hope. At Hope's graduation party, Steffy has a tape and exposes this scandal. Steffy was actually manipulated by Bill Spencer's son, Liam Spencer, and she forgives him. They develop deep feelings for each other, and Steffy takes an extended business trip to Paris, France before their marriage. While Steffy's gone, Liam moves onto a relationship with Hope Logan, who insists on getting married, this is Steffy's 2nd love triangle again with Hope Logan.

Steffy returns and refalls in love with Liam's father Bill who is now married to Brooke's younger sister Katie Logan. Bill nearly drives both Liam, Oliver, and Marcus's ex-girlfriend, Amber Moore, off a cliff for leading Liam on to think Amber and Marcus's baby was his for Bill's fortune, and Steffy saves her and keeps it a secret. Bill and Steffy then have an emotional affiair, when Katie realizes, she nearly has a heart attack.

Steffy nearly drowns in a bathtub, saved by Liam Spencer who's engaged to Hope. They have another relationship, Hope sees them kiss, and dumps him. Liam then proposes to Steffy and they travel to Aspen, Colorado  and get married. Liam then is divided between Hope and Steffy, and chooses Hope knowing Bill and Steffy's history. Steffy signs the divorce papers, then Liam tears them up and kisses her. Later Steffy and Liam do get divorced when Liam and Hope travel to Italy to get married. When the wedding ceremony begins, Liam confesses his love for Steffy and calls it off. Hope and Liam again plan to marry, but then Liam comes back with a new hairdo and Hope finds out he was at a party and bumped into Steffy. Hope thought something happened, when it didn't and called it off.  Later Hope's mother Brooke, has the priest from Italy, come over to L.A., and Brooke recreated they're Italy scene. While, coming from Dr. Caspary's. Taylor drives Steffy to Liam's to tell him she's pregnant with his child. Right when Hope and Liam are ready to get married, Steffy runs up and whispers to Liam she's pregnant. Soon both Hope and Brooke find out. Brooke says it's not true and she only wants to take Liam away from Hope. Steffy and Taylor hand Brooke the sonogram picture to prove it's true. Hope and Liam have a conference, and Hope says that even though Steffy says she changed, she's poisoning his mind. Liam can't make up his decision. Hope tells Liam to marry Steffy because she's pregnant. 

Hope turns to Liam for support when she decides to end her relationship with Oliver. Their friendship blossoms into romance partly due to Hope, like Liam, having grown up not knowing her birth father. The relationship continues to thrive until Hope's ex sister-in-law, Amber, enters the picture, telling them that she and Liam slept together. He comes clean to Hope, who forgives him, but they end up drifting apart which Oliver sees as a chance to get back together with Hope. Despite Amber making advances towards him, Liam remains loyal to Hope. The Amber saga ends on June 20, 2011 when DNA tests reveal that Marcus Forrester, not Liam or Oliver, is the father of Amber's baby daughter.

Liam and Hope's relationship gets back on track and starts to get serious. However, after saving her from drowning in her bathtub, Liam garners the attention of Hope's archrival, Steffy. She's crushed, however, when he proposes to Hope at a fashion launch party. Ridge, however, is suspicious of Liam's intentions adn asks him why he seems eager to marry Hope. He also lets Liam know that Steffy may have developed feelings for him.

Determined to make him hers despite his engagement to Hope, Steffy gets support from Bill, who doesn't approve of Liam and Hope's engagement. She then gets close to Liam, resulting in a friendship between the two. He confides in Steffy his frustration with Hope's decision to wait until their wedding night to make love. Liam and Steffy grow closer as his relationship with Hope falls apart. The engagement ends when Hope catches Liam and Steffy kissing. Liam, in the heat of the moment, proposes to Steffy with Hope's ring. She happily accepts, and they make love. However, Liam begins to wonder if he did the right thing. His father, however, arranges for Liam and Steffy to go to Aspen, Colorado on a little getaway. On October 11, 2011, Liam and Steffy marry. They later get divorced.

Liam soon gets married to Steffy, as she rides in on a motorcycle. Steffy tries to make peace with Hope, but Hope insists she'll fight for Liam. Later when Liam is having a barbeque, Steffy's at Oliver and Thomas's beach house, trying to get home in heavy traffic. Steffy takes the motorcycle, even though Liam doesn't want her on it while she's pregnant. Steffy slams into a white car. In the hospital Steffy had a miscarriage. Steffy was extremely heartbroken about this. Steffy wanted to try again. But at Bill and Katie's house, Bill was working, and when Liam left, Katie (Liam's stepmother) screamed at Steffy, wanting Hope with Liam. Steffy had a concusion, and they both went to Dr. Caspary's. An accident occured and Steffy could no longer have kids. Steffy thanked Katie for being there for her. Steffy told Liam she wouldn't come home that night, Liam not knowing what happened. Steffy told Hope she could have Liam and could give him what she couldn't. Hope was confused. Steffy was even more heartbroken, and decided to fly away to Paris, France where her father Ridge is currently living. Hope (being a Logan) saw this as an opportunity and rushed right over to Liam's and told him what happened. Liam was extremely confused. He called Steffy to try to get some answers, but she said they're not married anymore, even though they legally are. Bill encouraged Liam to stay with Steffy, and Brooke encouraged him to stay with Hope. 

When Liam, Steffy, and Katie were in Katie's house, and Liam left, Katie shouted at Steffy that Hope, Katie's niece (Brooke's daughter) should be with Liam, and Steffy faints. Katie feels bad and takes Steffy to the hospital and Dr. Caspary tells Steffy she can no longer conceive. Steffy is sad and thanks Katie for staying with her. Later Steffy and Katie have a fight, Katie saying she knows what it's like, and Steffy saying she does not.

Then Brooke sent Hope and Liam to Big Bear Cabin surprisingly, and Liam could only think about Steffy. Hope thought he should go home, and she'd stay there. Hope took a walk and took a picture on her phone of a naked guy taking a solar shower. Her heard the click, grabbed some clothes and chased after her. Hope laughed and tripped. The guy, Wyatt Fuller, kissed her and took her back to the cabin. They're now a new relationship. Wyatt came back later, gave Hope her phone, and told her his name was Wyatt. Hope told Brooke and Rick about Wyatt. Brooke strived for Hope to stay with Liam. Wyatt did turn out to be Bill and Quinn's child and Liam's half-brother.

Liam couldn't stop thinking about Steffy. He flew to Paris, to ask what happened, after Dr. Caspary couldn't tell him anything, and gave him the plan. Steffy told him she couldn't have kids anymore, and, despite his pleas, to leave. Liam, realizing that this is truly the end for him and Steffy, goes back to the United States. Steffy, feeling horrible over what she has done to Liam, cries.

Liam later takes Hope for a walk and pulls Steffy's ring out of the fountain and propses to her. This time Hope's very hesitant. but said yes even though Hope had become very attracted to Wyatt. The next day Wyatt randomly brings up Steffy's message to Liam on his tablet about her not wanting an annulment but wanting a divorce making Hope and Liam wait 6 months to get married which stresses Hope out like crazy because of what happened before int he past. This gives Wyatt an opportunity to mess up their relationship. Hope demands Liam fly to Paris and make Steffy sign the annulment papers, or they don't get married. However, Steffy decides to do the right thing and signs the annullment papers, which officially ends her marriage to Liam. When Liam was making a special video about him and Hope while Hope was on a business trip in Mexico with Wyatt, he accidently sent it to Steffy and Hope. Steffy texting Liam, thought it was beautiful and wanted Liam to make one for them, a tribute to their marriage, so he did. During an HFTF fashion show at Forrester Creations, Quinn found Liam's laptop and played the video. Quinn found Liam's laptop during a fashion show and watched the video, sent it to her phone, and deleted the thread. Quinn then created an account, sent their video to Hope, and deleted her account. Hope freaked out and left Big Bear Cabin, leaving Hope and Liam never to get married. Liam came back to L.A. and Hope wanted to patch things up with Liam and went back to Big Bear. Brooke told Wyatt where she was, and he left for Big Bear. Brooke then told Liam she was in Big Bear.

Steffy returned to L.A.  for a doctors appointment and came to see her grandfather Eric again where she met Quinn. Quinn gets a smile to see Steffy. While Steffy was getting on her plane to fly back to Paris, Quinn told Eric she'd meet at Forrester International in Paris and catch the flight with Steffy. Quinn arrives on the jet and convinces Steffy to break up Hope and Liam. Quinn continues to pressure Steffy into returning to Los Angeles and reuniting with Liam so Hope can be with Wyatt, to which Steffy shows no interest of doing. After more pressure, Steffy is forced to reveal to Quinn the reason why she left Liam and Los Angeles due to her miscarrying Liam's baby after a motorcycle accident. Arriving at Forrester International, Quinn apologizes to Steffy for making her relive the pain. Steffy then gets a phone call from Dr. Caspary informing Steffy that after several medical procedures is now finally able to conceive a child to full term. Quinn overhears the phone call. Quinn agains tries to convince Steffy to return to Los Angeles to reunite with Liam and deliver the spectacular news about her being able to conceive again, but Steffy still shows no interest whatsoever in going back, but still can't let go of her deep feelings she still has for Liam.  Quinn finally convinces Steffy to go back.

Quinn had Wyatt text her where Liam was which he got from Oliver. Quinn told Steffy to tell Liam in the cabin. Steffy thought hard about it but backed off when Liam saw her through the window. He noticed her and inside she told him she can conceive which Liam was happy for her. Quinn planted a letter in Hope's bedroom that Liam wanted to meet her at the cabin before their wedding. This is when Hope saw Liam talking to Steffy. Steffy told Liam the great news in which he was happy for her. Hope trailed down and saw them talking and called off the wedding running off. Hope flew to Hawaii with Wyatt and rehired Quinn Artisan Jewelry. Hope remained loyal to Wyatt and Steffy flew back to Paris. Ridge and R.J. then moved back to L.A. shortly after. Hope and Wyatt later get married in Milan, when Hope was supposed to marry Liam in Paris, but Quinn pushed Ivy Forrester into the Seine, forcing Liam to save her,a dn be to late for Hope. Hope miscarried Wyatt's baby and fled for Milan to be with Brooke, and Wyatt later did the same. Liam started a romance with Ivy

Forrester Creations was at war with Rick as CEO after Caroline and Ridge's affair. Liam told Bill he wants to take over Forrester Creations. Bill asked Liam how is he going to do that and Liam stated he was married to her. Bill was thrilled Liam wanted to use Steffy and Liam stated she's in L.A. because he followed her online post. Liam called Steffy and explained he wanted to meet with her and Steffy stated at his house. Steffy appeared at Liam's remembering all the great memories they've shared. Steffy asked if he missed her and he stated how could he. Liam asked Steffy if her and Ridge are still talking and she didn't reply but stated she talked to Hope. Liam asked how she was and Steffy stated some topics don't come up. Steffy then stated she never replaced that motorcycle. Liam and Steffy continued to talk and laugh. Liam explained he wants to take over Forrester Creations with her. Bill owns part of the company and Steffy and Thomas own a part that combined equals 30%. Liam told Steffy together they can take over Forrester Creations. Steffy was hesitant. Steffy and Liam reminisced about all their memories and hugged on the couch when Ivy came home from shopping. Ivy was a bit jealous and Steffy excitedly greeted Ivy who was equally happy to see her. Before Steffy left, Liam told her to keep it in mind which she agreed to. Liam and Bill got Wyatt in on the plan but were shocked he quit after Rick gave him attitude. Liam and Bill explained the plan and made Wyatt ask Rick for his job back. Steffy told Liam she couldn't do it. Liam convinced her she's strong, and independent, and a fighter! Steffy admit she can't come to work seeing him every day with Ivy, and he's doing this for Ivy not her! Steffy admit she's still in love with him! Liam stated he's moved on to Ivy and Steffy refused to go through with it. Liam told Ivy about the plan and the fact that Steffy's still in love with him. Ivy supported the plan. Liam told Bill that Ivy's on the plan and Bill got enraged that Liam tell another Forrester. Ivy told Steffy she supports the plan and wants her to control Forrester Creations. Steffy stated her father might still want to run the company and Caroline and Ridge might even be enough to motivate her. Ivy asked if there was another roadblock. Steffy stated the fact that she's still in love with Liam. Steffy stated all their history and she left after the miscarriage. Steffy insisted if she comes back, she comes back to it all. Steffy then congratulated Rick on his CEO position. Bill convinced Liam to dump the plant and go back to Steffy, the woman he was always meant to be with. Steffy then warned him she likes that chair.

After Ivy left Liam's beach house, he called Steffy to meet him there. Steffy arrived at Liam's in a skimpy bikini and a towel around her waist which she took off. Liam was very attracted and Steffy stated she misses LA'S water so much. Paris only has one river, which nobody swims in, well except for Ivy. Steffy kept trying to convince Liam to go swimming in the ocean even when liam stated how cold the temperature was but they decided to go have fun. They came back from their swim, Liam stated how much he misses her, and Steffy kissed Liam. Steffy explained if he wants to run Forrester with her, they have to be lovers. Steffy tried explaining to Steffy he's in love with her cousin. Steffy explained she can't do this without their relationship and Liam stated any man would wanna be with her. Steffy kissed Liam on the couch and then layed him down and made out with him on top of him when Ivy arrived in the doorway. Ivy hid to the side and eavesdropped. Liam turned her down because of Ivy. Steffy was adamant about the deal but Liam stated they can do this another way. Ivy talked to Liam about what she overheard and Liam stated he loves her. Ivy had words with Steffy. Steffy explaining she and Liam have history, and Ivy explaining she thought Steffy would be a fun person to hang out with coming back to L.A., but this was unbelievable. Ridge tells Steffy that Liam told him the plan about Forrester. Liam told Ridge that Bill would sell his shares to him, so Bill would have no part of the company. Ridge stated Steffy still loves Liam and she admit she does. Steffy leaves back for Paris.

After Eric wouldn't appoint Ridge as CEO, Ridge called Steffy on the phone to meet him at Forrester. Steffy arrived informed that Maya is transgender and Eric won't remove Rick as CEO. Ridge insisted he needed Steffy and him to be a team to take over Forrester and she agreed. Ridge insisted this is bigger than her getting Liam back and him getting CEO. Rick arrived in his office giving them a hard time. Ridge called Liam to meet him at Forrester. Liam was happy to see Steffy and she was also pleased. Ridge convinced Liam to use Steffy's, Thomas's, Bill's controlled by Liam, and Thomas's to overpower Eric. Steffy stated there are no conditions this time. Liam agreed and Ridge insisted to Eric that they're taking over while Eric insisted he's in charge which Ridge stated he's in charge now. Ridge was the new CEO, with Steffy president, and Liam vice president, which he is also at Spencer's. Steffy and Liam agreed they would make a great team. Liam stated Steffy's change like a cool mountain stream. They remembered their time in Aspen by a stream. Steffy stated she is not afraid to state that she loves him and will always love him with Ivy overhearing.   

Rick and Eric were getting nervous that Steffy, Ridge, and Liam were going to use Ridge's, Steffy's, Thomas's, and Bill's shares to take over Forrester Creations. Rick came to Bill to make a business proposition. Rick tried convincing Bill to use his shares to his and Eric's advantage and he'll have more control around the company. In the middle of the meeting in Rick's office, Bill barged in explaining their deal and his predicament. Bill explained he doesn't like the way Ridge treats him. Bill asked Ridge and Rick to convince him why he should take their side. Bill commended Liam for protecting Caroline and Ivy. Ultimately, Bill chose to side with Rick under one condition, Maya, the face of Forrester Creations, has to go. Rick punched Bill and withdrew from the deal. Ridge became the new CEO with Steffy president and Liam vice president. Steffy and Liam were congratulating with champagne when Aly Forrester saw Steffy kiss Liam. Aly came by to confront Steffy about throwing herself at Liam. Steffy claimed it was a congratulatory kiss. Aly warned Steffy to leave Ivy and Liam's relationship alone. Aly claimed Ivy is a good model for Forrester Creations with morals. Meanwhile, Ivy told Liam she was encouraging Wyatt to ask Steffy out. Wyatt stated any man would fall in love with Steffy because she's incredibly intelligent and beautiful.

Wyatt was friendly with Steffy that they're both trying to get over similar situations. Wyatt started flirting with Steffy stating she's beautiful and intelligent and she should give him a chance. Wyatt kissed Steffy. Wyatt insisted he doesn't play second to his brother.

Quinn questions his love life and mentions Hope and Maya's little sister went south. Wyatt explained Nicole was fun but there might be a new woman in his life. Quinn was asking questions. Wyatt turned Steffy's picture around on Ridge's desk. Quinn was shocked but then stated "She's so hot!" Wyatt explained he told her to give them a chance, right after he kissed her.

Steffy stopped over at Liam's and explained that there might be another man in her life. Liam was bothered by this and asked who and Steffy stated he works at Forrester and has his last name. Liam was upset that out of all people it was Wyatt. Steffy stated that Wyatt kissed her and she just enjoyed it. Steffy stated there's only one person she wants to kiss, if he still wants her. Liam admit he has been feeling those feelings about Steffy again. Ivy walked in eavesdropping hearing Liam Liam tell Steffy he'll help Ivy understand over dinner tonight. Ivy was heartbroken and ran out crying. Quinn convinced Ivy to ask Liam to marry her so she won't be deported. Liam told Ivy he wants to help her understand something but Ivy stated she already knows. Liam wants Steffy back and Ivy mentioned she's being deported. Liam was shocked and angered. Ivy informed him that her father filled out the paperwork incorrectly. She has a week to pack her bags for Australia. And she'd have to register for another passport which could take months or years if that. Liam stated he wished there was another way and Ivy stated maybe there is. Ivy asked him to marry her,to which he agreed. They were married on June 16, 2015. However, when Steffy found out about the marriage, she was furious because she felt that Liam had created a situation where they could never be together. Steffy said she'd done with Liam because she won't share him with another woman again, especially not his wife! Steffy was enraged and rushed to the Forrester rooftop lounge where Wyatt comforted her and kissed her with Quinn seeing.

Agent McCaffrey returned to Liam and Ivy's to inform Ivy that they made a mistake. Ivy does indeed have dual citizenship, married to Liam or not. Ivy was worried about telling Liam he doesn't have to be married to her because of his feelings for Steffy. Quinn convinced Ivy not to tell him since he married her because he loves her. Ivy stated he doesn't love her the same way he loves Steffy. Ivy explained to Liam that he didn't have to marry her, she always had dual citizenship, and they made a huge mistake. Liam hugged Ivy. Liam rushed to Steffy with the information. Steffy didn't want him to explain anything at first but after he did she had mixed feelings. She was still mad that he married her in the first place. Ivy confronted Liam when Steffy questioned his intentions. Liam admit to Ivy he wants an annulment. Ivy explained she understands that they have history and she can't compete with memories. Steffy explained to Liam if he still feels anything for Ivy, she won't do this again.

Ivy confided in Aly who was uninformed about the surprise wedding. Aly went to confront Steffy who was having Liam feel her lingerie for the line. Aly snapped at Steffy claiming they replaced a tyrant with a slut. Liam stated Aly's out of line but Aly kept trying to convince Liam that he can't do this to Ivy and he married her because he loves her. Liam stated Aly's out of line. Liam left and Steffy changed back into her dress. Aly wouldn't drop it and Steffy mentioned Aly's "issues". Aly stated he issue is that Steffy's mother killed her mother. Steffy was shocked and stated Aly forgave her mother because she was there. Aly stated she was persuaded to say the words but she could never forgive Taylor for killing her mother. Steffy took the situation delicately and explained it was an accident. Aly blasted both of them by saying Taylor and Steffy are both sluts and use their sexuality to get whatever they want. As Steffy was trying to help Aly, Aly envisioned Aly saying the words "drunken mother" and "get rid of her". Steffy tried snapping Aly out of it. Steffy just figured they should stay away from each other. As Steffy was trying to work things out with Aly, Ridge stopped in to mention the meeting is in ten minutes. Aly asked if she could come and Ridge allowed her to. Ridge announced that Hope For The Future is over which offended Aly. Ridge announced to everybody the new line "California Freedom" which uses a lot of the morals and dignity of Hope For The Future but encourages women to be free with lines including lingerie and swimwear. Aly stated she'd expect this from Steffy but not Ridge. Aly asked if Steffy was going to model for the lingerie and Aly snapped at ridge for letting his daughter being viewed in underwear. Aly went off about the morals that her grandmother and grandfather instilled in this company and how they're being forgotten. Everybody else agreed it was a good idea and tried to placate Aly. Aly ended the meeting with irrelevantly bashing Steffy for killing Darla. Steffy tried to get through to Aly once again.

At the Forrester's Fourth of July party, Aly became hateful of Steffy and Maya for wearing bathing suits. Aly snapped at Oliver for allegedly checking out Steffy's body. Aly saw Darla tell Aly to get rid of Steffy again and her glow darkened into a sadistic looking dark glow. Aly snapped at Steffy for exploiting her sexuality in a public place. Steffy stated people wear bathing suits and their dad's grew up here, it's not even public. Steffy took Liam for a surprise. They left the mansion to run outside where Steffy held a message session. When Liam's head was down, Steffy got up and pretended to be the masseuse and felt lower and lower down his back and grabbed his butt cheeks much to his surprise and admitted liking. Liam stated he's still trying to sort out his feelings but his feelings for Steffy are coming back. Ivy asked Liam to schedule a date for them some time, just do do nothing and be very boring, nothing special. Liam stated he would like that.

Aly pops Steffy's tires to her car and lurks behind. At the after party, Ivy goes up to Aly's room to find her and is shocked to find the collage on Steffy and Maya pictures crossed out and scribbled on. Ivy shows Wyatt and Liam who are worried. Steffy gets in her car to go to the Forrester after party as Aly drives behind her and follows after. Steffy's car hits a flat and she can't believe it. Steffy gets out and gets her tire iron from her trunk and starts cranking at the tire. Aly is watching with her car parked behind her. Aly keeps hearing Darla's voice and has flashbacks of the accident. Aly pulls forward and drives close up to Steffy and Steffy yells in fear. Aly stops the car right in front of her. Steffy is scared and yells at her. Steffy pulls Aly out of her car and the two argue. Steffy realizes Aly was the one who popped her tire. Liam calls Steffy but her phone's in the car. Aly takes the tire iron and swings at Steffy who dodges the swings and tries to placate Aly. Steffy grabbed the tire iron from Aly. Steffy and Aly both fell to the ground. Aly picked up a rock and threatened to kill Steffy. Ivy was pulling up in her car and was shocked to see Aly and Steffy. Steffy hit Aly with the tire iron and she fell and hit her head on a rock, making her unconscious. Steffy threw the tire iron away. Steffy cried of sorrow and Ivy came out of her car and cried and Steffy explains what happened and that Aly attacked her. The paramedics came and tried to revive Aly and presumed her dead when she had no pulse. Steffy told

Steffy staggers into the Forrester Mansion very devastated. Liam rushes to her and comforted her. Steffy explains how her tires popped and she had to fix them with a tire iron and a car drives towards her and stops inche away. Liam asks what crazy idiot would do that . Steffy states it was Aly. Steffy informs him how she pulled Aly out of the car and Aly attacked her and she slipped and fell and died. Thorne comes downstairs, explaining he found out about the pictures and explains Aly's anger and hatred but she can be a good, happy person. Thorne asks where is daughter is. Steffy explains Aly tried to hit her with her car and attacked her. Thorne claims Aly isn't dangerous and didn't want to hear it. Thorne asks where she is and Steffy stated "She's gone". Thorne is devastated and leaves to find Aly.

Steffy feels guilty the day of Aly's funeral but Liam comforts her and the two show up at the funeral which her brother, Thomas, returns to L.A. for, but he couldn't get in contact with Steffy yet. After the members left, Ivy confronts Steffy about what really happened that night. Ivy believes Aly didn't just slip and fall and die. Steffy was upset for getting accused of something and explains she doesn't need to explain herself to anyone. Liam had a minute with Ivy and broke up with her at Aly's funeral which greatly upset her while Wyatt had a second with Steffy to guess that Liam's dropping the bomb on Ivy right now. Ivy had the video recording of Steffy hitting Aly with a tire iron but Wyatt convinced Ivy to keep it a secret. Ivy was still shaken up by this and Wyatt kissed her to distract her from her distress by Aly's death and Liam dropping her for Steffy. Liam continues to assure Steffy she has nothing to feel guilty about and that it's not her fault.

The two are now back together and engaged as of January 27, 2017. Steffy and Liam marry again for the third time on March 22, 2017 in Sydney, Australia