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Kelly Spencer
Remington Blaire Evans as Kelly Spencer
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Gabriel Sporman (June 2018-Oct 2018)
Zoe Pennington (Nov 2018-Feb 2020)
Chloe Teperman (Dec 2018-Mar 2019)
Colette and Avalon Gray (Feb 2020-2022)
Sophia Paras Mckinlay (Apr 2022)
Remington Blaire Evans (July 2022-present)
Current status Present, Recurring
Duration 2018-
First appearance June 4, 2018
Family Forrester family
Marone family
Douglas family
Hamilton family
Ashford family
Hopkins family
Spencer family
Fullname Kelly Rose Spencer
Namesake(s) Kelly Hopkins
Gender Female
Born June 4, 2018
Age 5
Residence Los Angeles, California
Parents Steffy Forrester
Liam Spencer
Siblings Beth Spencer (paternal half-sister)
Hayes Finnegan (maternal half-brother)
Grandparents Ridge Forrester
Taylor Hamilton
Bill Spencer Jr.
Kelly Hopkins
Great-grandparents Massimo Marone (maternal)
Stephanie Douglas (maternal)
Jack Hamilton (maternal)
Sharon Ashford (maternal)
Bill Spencer Sr. (paternal)
Ann Douglas (maternal great-great)
Aunts and
Thomas Forrester (maternal)
Phoebe Forrester (maternal)
R.J. Forrester (maternal)
Wyatt Spencer (paternal)
Will Spencer (paternal)
First cousins Douglas Forrester (maternal first cousin)
Dino Damiano (maternal once removed)
Zende Dominguez (adoptive maternal)
Caroline Spencer II (paternal once removed)
Other relatives Hope Logan (step-mother)
Finn Finnegan (step-father)

Kelly Rose Spencer is the daughter of Steffy Forrester and Liam Spencer. She was born on June 4, 2018. She is named after her late paternal grandmother, Kelly Hopkins.

Kelly is the first born child of Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester. She has a younger maternal half-brother Hayes Forrester Finnegan, a deceased older brother Aspen Forrester-Spencer and also a younger paternal half-sister Elizabeth “Beth” Spencer. Kelly was named after her late grandmother, Kelly Hopkins.

Early childhood (2018-)

When Kelly was conceived her parents were happily married, but when Kelly was born they were divorced. Once Kelly appeared in their lives they decided to get back together. Liam Spencer, Kelly's father moved in with Kelly's mother Steffy Forrester. Liam and Steffy got engaged and happily looked into the future however there was a twist. Liam's ex fiance Hope Logan was pregnant with his child. Hope and Liam were engaged when Steffy and Liam were torn apart due to Steffy's one night stand with Liam's father and Kelly's grandfather Bill Spencer Jr. and due to Bill's schemes after the betrayal. Steffy was heartbroken when she found out that during Hope's and Liam's short engagement they managed to create a new life, but she said that they have to be there for Hope and her baby as a married couple. While Steffy wanted to marry Liam he said that he is in no position to get married as he still doesn't know what Hope's pregnancy means for them. While Liam was torn between the two women and told his brother Wyatt Spencer that he doesn't know who he will choose Steffy was sure that she will be the one that will remain with Liam and she said it to Hope and assured her little daughter about it as well. During a fashion show for Hope For The Future line Liam was enamored by Hope and he kissed her in the dressing room. Steffy, who was warned by Bill that something is going on between Hope and Liam went to Forrester Creations and caught the two kissing. She was livid and decided to pay a visit to Bill Spencer. She agreed to marry him under one condition- he will give her his FC shares. Liam was looking for Steffy and when she arrived home she informed Liam about her and Bill. Liam pleased with Steffy, but she said that she is not an option anymore. Liam moved on with Hope and got engaged to her. Bill prepared a beautiful nursery for Kelly and showed it to Steffy, but she changed her mind and said she can't marry him. Bill was emotional and decided to give Steffy FC shares anyway. Steffy became a single mother to Kelly, but she gained more control in her family's company. When she came to work she decided to put Hope's line on the backburner and she started her own Intimates line instead.

Liam married Hope and while they were waiting for the birth of their baby girl Kelly saw her father from time to time during visitations. One day Kelly got high fever so Steffy called Liam and informed him about it. Hope and Liam were about to travel, but instead Hope travelled alone and Liam was supposed to check on Kelly and arrive later. When Hope arrived on the Catalina island she went into premature labor. Liam couldn't go to the island due to sudden weather change. The only open clinic had only one available doctor Reese Buckingham. He had gambling debts and thugs told him that if he doesn't give them the money back they will hurt his daughter Zoe Buckingham. Reese knew that Steffy wanted to adopt a sister for Kelly and that Taylor was willing to pay any amount for the adoption so when Hope passed out during labor he stole the healthy baby girl and exchanged her with a body of a dead child of another patient. When Hope was awake she saw a sad Liam who informed her that their child is dead. Steffy was heartbroken that Kelly lost her sister, but soon she got a chance to adopt a beautiful baby girl. Reese asked 250k for the adoption. Taylor was surprised by the amount, but since money was not an issue to her she decided to pay. For eight months Beth Spencer lived with Steffy and Kelly and they had no clue that she is Kelly's biological sister. Hope and Liam both felt close to the child. Hope decided to annul her marriage to Liam and convinced him to live with Steffy and the girls. Liam lived with Kelly, Steffy and Beth (who was named Phoebe by Steffy) for some time, but after the whole scheme was exposed Steffy was forced to give the child she raised back to Hope and Liam. Liam went back to Hope and Kelly again was living alone with her mother without her father and little sister.

After some time Kelly's mother was in an accident and got addicted to pain medication. Steffy went to rehab and Kelly stayed with Liam, Hope, Beth and her cousin Douglas Forrester while her mother was getting help. When Steffy went out of rehab she was overjoyed to see Kelly and soon Steffy's ex doctor Finn Finnegan became a frequent guest at their home. Finn was very much in love with Steffy and was taking good care of Kelly even after he found out that Steffy cheated on him with Liam Spencer when by mistake he believed that Hope cheated on him with Thomas Forrester (which turned out to be untrue). Kelly's mother discovered that she's pregnant and had to take a paternity test. When the results came back and Steffy heard that the baby belongs to Liam she felt bad and wanted to run away with Kelly to Paris before Finn will start resenting her, but it came out that the test results were not correct because Vincent Walker messed with them wanting to help Thomas Forrester to get a chance with Hope Logan. Finn proposed to Steffy and they went on a trip with Kelly to celebrate. After their son Hayes Finnegan was born they got married. Kelly had a new baby brother and a loving step father until Finn's psychotic mother accidentally shot him while trying to shot Steffy. After losing her step father Kelly saw her mother at the hospital, but she was the only child that Steffy remembered as she didn't remember Finn and their baby boy Hayes. Once Steffy regained her memory she mourned Finn. After listening to her mother's advice Steffy took Kelly and Hayes to Europe to spend some time away from her house that was full of memories of Finn.

Maladies and Injuries: