Kelly Hopkins
The Bold and the Beautiful
Family Hopkins family
Namesake(s) Kelly Spencer
Gender Female
Died 2010
Romances Bill Spencer Jr.
Thorne Forrester
Children Liam Spencer (son with Bill)
Grandchildren Steffy and Liam's Deceased Unnamed Son
Kelly Spencer (via Liam and Steffy)
Beth Spencer (via Liam and Hope)
Other relatives Steffy Forrester (ex-daughter-in-law)
Hope Logan (daughter-in-law)

Kelly Hopkins is the mother of Liam Spencer. She never appeared on the screen because she died before Liam appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful.


When Kelly was young, she had an affair with Bill Spencer Jr. and Thorne Forrester. She became pregnant by Bill and she gave birth to Liam Spencer. After she died in 2010, Liam arrived to Los Angeles to find the biological father. Her son Liam's first child Kelly is named after her.

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