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Jack Finnegan
Ted King as Jack Finnegan
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Ted King
Current status Present, Recurring
Duration 2021-
First appearance July 30 2021
Created by Bradley Bell
Spouses Li Finnegan

John Finnegan is a character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Ted King since July 30, 2021.

In 2021, Finn’s parents were on their way to Los Angeles to meet their soon-to-be grandson. Now that baby Hayes Finnegan is here, daytime veteran Ted King will make his The Bold and the Beautiful debut as Finn’s father Jack Finnegan on Friday, July 30, 2021. When he arrives at Steffy Forrester's place, Finn can't keep it secret anymore that Jack is his adopted father and Li Finnegan isn't his birth mother but she adopted him along with Jack who turned out to be his biological father as well.

It was later revealed that Jack is Finn's biological father, conceived through an affair with Sheila Carter, and Finn and Li have not been privy to this information. Sheila blackmails Jack with this secret, in order, to have more access to Finn and Hayes.

Ted King is returning as Finn’s (Tanner Novlan) dad. Look for Jack Finnegan to turn up on Friday, November 12, 2021.

Arriving in LA with a secret

Jack and his wife Li Finnegan arrived in LA and were happy to meet their son's fiance and their grandson Hayes Finnegan. Finn and his partner Steffy Forrester had no idea that Jack is having a horrible secret about him being Finn's biological father and Sheila Carter being Finn's biological mother. Jack was wondering if he should tell them the truth, but he decided not to reveal that the women who shot Steffy's mom is his son's mother. Jack got nervous when he realized that Steffy and Finn publicly informed the world about their upcoming wedding. Jack's worst nightmare came true when he saw Sheila on the reception. When Steffy and her family saw the infamous villain they were furious and skeptic that Sheila is really Finn's mother, but Jack confirmed that Sheila is telling the truth.

Helping Sheila

Sheila asked Jack to organize a meeting between her, her son, Finn and her grandson, Hayes. She promised that after that she will be out of LA. Jack, being afraid that Sheila will reveal that they had an affair and he is Finn's biological father agrees and gives her Finn's address. He puts his son in an uncomfortable situation and tells him that Sheila is on her way to his home. Sheila arrives and holds her grandson Hayes in her arms when Steffy, who was supposed to be away on a business trip, enters the house. She is in shock and tells both Jack and Finn off. She argues with Sheila and ends up slapping her. She warns her once again to stay away from Finn and Hayes.

Revealing that he is Finn's father

Jack had a conversation with Sheila and she convinced him that their son should know the truth. Jack decides to first confess to his wife Li Finnegan. Li decided that Finn has to know. They visit Finn and Steffy where Jack tells his son that he is not only his adoptive father, but his biological dad. Finn learned that Jack cheated on Li and is furious. He can't understand how he could lie to him all of his life and refuses to forgive Jack which devastates him.


  • Cheated on his wife Li Finnegan with Sheila Carter which resulted in a pregnancy. (1980s)
  • Convinced Sheila Carter to give up her baby so he can raise it with his wife instead. (1980s)
  • Didn't tell his family that he and Sheila are Finn's biological parents, but instead lied that he is only Finn's adoptive father, all his life because he didn't want him to know that he had cheated on Li Finnegan and he didn't want him to know what a horrible person, his biological mother, Sheila Carter really was. (1980s-2021)
  • Gave Sheila Carter, Steffy's address without permission. (2021)
  • Convinced his son Finn Finnegan to allow Sheila Carter to see him and Hayes Finnegan behind Steffy's back (2021)