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Ivy Forrester
Ivy side profile
Ashleigh Brewer as Ivy Forrester
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Ashleigh Brewer
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 2014-2018
First appearance July 10, 2014
Last appearance February 9, 2018
Created by Bradley Bell
Introduced by Bradley Bell
Family Forrester family
Fullname Ivy Forrester
Nickname(s) Poison Ivy (by Bill)
The Plant (by Bill)
Hope Part 2 (by Steffy)
Pumpkin, Sugarplum (by John)
Gender Female
Born 1988
Age 31
Occupation Jewelry Designer Quinn Artisans Jewelry
Former model for Hope For The Future
Residence Sydney, Australia
Ivy opening theme
Opening Theme Headshot
Parents John Forrester and Claire Forrester
Siblings Jessica Forrester (paternal half-sister)
Spouses Liam Spencer (2015)
Romances Wyatt Spencer
Thomas Forrester
Aunts and
Eric Forrester
Stephanie Douglas (deceased)
First cousins Thorne Forrester
Felicia Forrester
Kristen Forrester
Angela Forrester
Rick Forrester
Bridget Forrester
Alexandria Forrester (first cousin once removed, deceased)
Eric Forrester III (first cousin once removed, deceased)
Nicole Marone (first cousin once removed, deceased)
Logan Knight (first cousin once removed)

Ivy Forrester (formerly Spencer) is a character on The Bold and the Beautiful. She portrays the daughter of John Forrester and the niece of Eric Forrester. She was portrayed by Ashleigh Brewer from 2014-2018.


Ivy is the niece of Eric Forrester and Stephanie Douglas and is the youngest daughter of John Forrester and Claire Forrester. After the firing of Wyatt Spencer and his mom, Quinn Fuller, Eric Forrester and Rick Forrester asked Ivy to work for the HFTF jewelry line.

She was uncertain because her company was in Australia and she had to keep running it. Eric suggested she go back and forth, but she still needed somebody to help her along with the jewelry line. Hope Logan and Liam Spencer automatically thought of Wyatt. They asked Wyatt to rejoin Forrester Creations, which he gladly accepted. Wyatt and Ivy started working on the jewelry line. Wyatt and Ivy bonded well, and Wyatt showed Ivy the Hope For the Future Diamond. Ivy was amazed and was told about Ricardo giving it to Wyatt.  Liam came in, and Wyatt said he had to show Hope the piece for the line. Ivy asked Liam to shoot a video on Ivy's tablet for her mom showing her Forrester Creations. Wyatt showed Hope the piece and she was amazed. Ivy filmed the balcony of Forrester and caught Hope and Wyatt hugging on her tablet after they had broken up, and Hope went back to Liam. Alexandria Forrester told her cousin Ivy that it was nice to have somebody her age around. Aly said Ivy needed to get a boyfriend. Ivy said Oliver Jones seemed nice, and Aly got defensive, telling her he's her first boyfriend. Aly brought up Ivy working with Wyatt for the HFTF line. Ivy said she hoped Hope wasn't just stringing the Spencer brothers along, and she thought Hope was a lot like her mother, Brooke Logan. Aly claimed she wasn't, and Ivy showed her the video and told her about the diamond. Aly doubted if Hope would accept the diamond. Liam had a fit about it to Hope and demanded she give it back. Wyatt was holding a live press conference and Hope was nervous up on stage. After a while, she decided to accept it. Liam got upset and stormed off afterwards. Ivy talked to Liam and agreed that she shouldn't have accepted a diamond from another man. Liam convinced Hope to give Wyatt back the diamond and only use it for the line.

Wyatt agreed on going to Paris, France to have a photo-shoot with Hope and the Hope For The Future Diamond. Hope and Liam planned to get married there. Ivy told Aly she couldn't go because she didn't have her work permit yet. Pamela Douglas told her her work permit came in and she could go to Paris and she had Liam have his father, Bill Spencer Jr.'s, assistant Alison Montgomery book her another ticket. Wyatt called his mother, Quinn Fuller, and informed her about Hope wanting Liam to meet her at the Eiffel Tower which Quinn decided to leave for Paris to stop the wedding. Quinn disguised herself and followed Liam to the airport. She sat behind Liam in the plane when Ivy sat next to Liam, who just got her work permit to go to Paris. Quinn noticed the attraction between Ivy and Liam and overheard them talking about her. When they arrived in Paris, Liam and Ivy took a taxi in heavy traffic. Quinn hijacked somebody's moped and drove after them. Ivy sat up on a ledge to take a picture of Liam when he gets to Hope. Quinn tapped Ivy and she fell back and plunged into the river. Ivy yelled and Liam stopped to help her, but she insisted he goes meet Hope. Instead, Liam jumps into the river and pulls Ivy to safety after which she thanked him and told him to get to Hope. However, he ends up returning to Los Angeles without Hope, who went off to Monte Carlo and married Wyatt after Liam didn't show up. He confides in Ivy his sadness over now having Hope as his sister-in-law. Ivy feels terrible for Liam and gives him a peck on the cheek.

At Hope and Wyatt's wedding party, Aly and Ivy convinced Liam to tell Hope he was there. Aly and Ivy distracted Wyatt with a bunch of questions about the wedding ceremony while Liam told Hope the dilemma in her bedroom. Wyatt decided to go see his wife soon after and realized the situation. Hope was teary but stayed faithful to Wyatt when Wyatt put the wedding rings on her. Aly began to notice that Ivy likes Liam. Ivy informed Aly she was thinking of inviting Liam to they party at Bikini Bar. Ivy asked Liam to go and he agreed wanting some fun. Ivy kissed Liam. Aly wanted to hear everything that happened between Liam and Ivy from Ivy. Hope eavesdropped hearing about the party and the kiss. Hope made herself present and Aly left. Ivy brought up the conversation and Hope claimed she shouldn't date Liam to give him more time. Ivy stated that Hope's married to Wyatt now and she can't have them both. Hope accused Ivy of purposely falling in the Seine. Ivy told Hope that she's a lot like Brooke. Hope got defensive telling her that she's her boss. Ivy said that her uncle hired her because she's talented and a Forrester. Hope's a Logan. Ivy invited Liam to a couple's party at her home, and she and Liam were the only persons not apart of a couple there. At the end, Ivy told Liam how she felt about him. She then opened the door for him to leave and he kissed her. Hope confronted Ivy once more about giving Liam space and she told her that she was helping him get through his heart break. Charlie and Pam came up to the conclusion after watching several camera footage that Quinn was in Paris and she was the one who pushed Ivy into the river purposefully so that he could miss Hope.

Ivy held an Australian themed party inviting: Aly and her boyfriend, Oliver Jones, Caroline Spencer II and Rick Forrester, and Liam hoping to share a moment with him. Everybody was having fun but Liam still had his head wrapped around the whole twist of fate. After everybody left, Ivy feeling guilty apologized to Liam and admit she has feelings for him but it's too soon. Liam kissed Ivy again. Hope was still fretting over this. While Ivy was conversing with Liam in his beach house after Wyatt wanted to move in to Liam's with Hope, Pamela Douglas and Charlie Webber stopped by. Charlie showed Liam and Ivy footage of Quinn arriving in Paris, stealing a random person's scooter, and pushing Ivy into the Seine. Charlie also dug up Quinn's arrival records from customs. Liam thought this could change everything while Ivy was nervous about her relationship. Whether this is true or not, Ivy told Pam she'd be happy if Liam was to get back with Hope if it makes him happy. Ivy compared Hope to Brooke again.

In October 2014, John surprised his brother, Eric, by showing up at Forrester Creations and the two catch up on everything that has happened since last seeing each other. John then asks Eric how Ivy is making out at the company, to which Eric says she is doing wonderful with her jewelry designs. He then lets John know that Ivy has been somewhat showing some interest in a new man, Liam. Ivy is ecstatic to see her father at a gathering at the Forrester mansion. John talks to Liam about his daughter. Later on, Liam and Ivy's relationship goes to the next level when he invites her over to his place for a romantic dinner.

Hope, Wyatt, and Ivy were set to have a fashion shoot in Amsterdam. Ivy didn't want to feel like a third wheel and decided to bring Liam along which bothered Hope. Hope and Ivy had words but agreed to keep it civil for the shoot. The four got on the Forrester jet to Amsterdam. They arrived and Ivy was advised to model alongside Hope. Hope agreed but Hope and Liam kept glaring at each other. Ivy confronted Hope to move on as Wyatt confronted Liam. Hope got all bent out of shape that she can't move on fast enough. Hope and Ivy both modeled. Wyatt arranged Ivy and Liam to have a romantic boat tour to help them move on to each other.

Hope had a miscarriage and flew away to Milan to be with her mother. Ivy questioned Liam why wasn't Wyatt with her in Milan and Liam said Hope just needs time to proccess all of this. Ivy asked if she wants Liam to help her with this. Liam explained they will always be part of each other's lives but Liam is happy with Ivy.

Caroline wanted to talk to Ivy at the Mansion. Caroline explained she's happy she got Rick back but she is still nervous about their relationship. Ivy supported Caroline until she got a call from a friend to check out his/her new apartment. Ivy arrived at the apartments and saw Rick kissing Maya. Rick got back to the Forrester Mansion and Ivy confronted him about what she saw. Rick claimed it was just a goodbye kiss but Ivy didn't believe it. Rick insisted Ivy didn't say anything or else she's fired. Caroline called from the cabin to the main house and asked if Rick's was there and Rick answered. Ivy confronted Maya at her apartment the next day about what she saw. Maya tried to pretend Rick is commited to caroline and what they had was real and they will run the company. Rick and Maya both convinced Ivy to keep her mouth shut.

Rick and Maya moved into the Forrester Mansion while Eric was briefly away and Maya kicked Ivy and Aly out for a day to have some privacy. Rick also took down stephanie's portrait and hung up a portrait of Maya. Maya was a little nervous thinking how people would react but Rick insisted. The Forresters were offended by Rick's actions especially Pam. Ivy and Aly agreed that Rick's just doing this to get back at Caroline and that he still loves her. In a Forrester meeting, Rick was bothered by the success of Caroline and Ridge's art, he even turned down Aly's great design in shoes. Rick dismissed everybody and threatened to fire Caroline and Ivy. Liam rushed in and punched Rick to the floor! Rick started cracking up but let them keep their jobs.

Forrester Creations was at war with Rick as CEO after Caroline and Ridge's affair. Liam told Bill he wants to take over Forrester Creations. Bill asked Liam how is he going to do that and Liam stated he was married to her. Bill was thrilled Liam wanted to use Steffy and Liam stated she's in L.A. because he followed her online post. Liam called Steffy and explained he wanted to meet with her and Steffy stated at his house. Steffy appeared at Liam's remembering all the great memories they've shared. Steffy asked if he missed her and he stated how could he. Liam and Steffy continued to talk and laugh. Liam explained he wants to take over Forrester Creations with her. Bill owns part of the company and Steffy and Thomas own a part that combined equals 30%. Liam told Steffy together they can take over Forrester Creations. Steffy was hesitant. Steffy and Liam reminisced about all their memories and hugged on the couch when Ivy came home from shopping. Ivy was a bit jealous and Steffy excitedly greeted Ivy who was equally happy to see her. Before Steffy left, liam told her tokeep it in mind which she agreed to. Liam and Bill got Wyatt in on the plan but were shocked he quit after Rick gave him attitude. Liam and Bill explained the plan and made Wyatt ask Rick for his job back. Steffy told Liam she couldn't do it. Liam convinced her she's strong, and independent, and a fighter! Steffy admit she can't come to work seeing him every day with Ivy, and he's doing this for Ivy not her! Steffy admit she's still in love with him! Liam stated he's moved on to Ivy and Steffy refused to go through with it. Liam told Ivy about the plan and the fact that Steffy's still in love with him. Ivy supported the plan. Liam told Bill that Ivy's on the plan and Bill got enraged that Liam tell another Forrester. Ivy told Steffy she supports the plan and wants her to control Forrester Creations. Steffy stated her father might still want to run the company and Caroline and Ridge might even be enough to motivate her. Ivy asked if there was another roadblock. Steffy stated the fact that she's still in love with Liam. Steffy stated all their history and she left after the miscarriage. Steffy insisted if she comes back, she comes back to it all. Bill encouraged Liam to dump the plant and go back to Steffy, the woman he was always meant to be with.

After Ivy left Liam's beach house, he called Steffy to meet him there. Steffy arrived at Liam's in a skimpy bikini and a towel around her waist which she took off. Liam was very attracted and Steffy stated she misses LA'S water so much. Paris only has one river, which nobody swims in, well except for Ivy. Steffy kept trying to convince Liam to go swimming in the ocean even when liam stated how cold the temperature was but they decided to go have fun. They came back from their swim, Liam stated how much he misses her, and Steffy kissed Liam. Steffy explained if he wants to run Forrester with her, they have to be lovers. Steffy tried explaining to Steffy he's in love with her cousin. Steffy explained she can't do this without their relationship and Liam stated any man would wanna be with her. Steffy kissed Liam on the couch and then layed him down and made out with him on top of him when Ivy arrived in the doorway. Ivy hid to the side and eavesdropped. Liam turned her down because of Ivy. Steffy was adamant about the deal but Liam stated they can do this another way. Ivy talked to Liam about what she overheard and Liam stated he loves her. Ivy had words with Steffy. Steffy explaining she and Liam have history, and Ivy explaining she thought Steffy would be a fun person to hang out with coming back to L.A., but this was unbelievable. Ridge tells Steffy that Liam told him the plan about Forrester. Liam told Ridge that Bill would sell his shares to him, so Bill would have no part of the company. Ridge stated Steffy still loves Liam and she admit she does. Ridge's main concern was the plan would be putting Eric out of business. Steffy stated it's the only thing to do with Rick. ridge stated Eric loved him and treated him just like a son. Steffy stated Eric is favoring his brother now. Liam stated to Steffy that they cannot do this as a couple and there has to be some other way. Steffy left for Paris.

Ivy was unhappy when Rick rehired Quinn to Forrester for work as competition for Ivy because some customers make demands for Ivy's designs and some for Quinn's.

Wyatt, Liam, and Ivy tried coming up with ways to remove Rick from his CEO position. Wyatt listened in on Maya and her little sister, Nicole, discussing something about a big secret that could ruin Rick's career and Forrester Creations. Wyatt informs this to Liam, Ivy, Bill and Katie. Liam also overhears something. Wyatt continues to converse with Nicole, developing a smitten relationship, insisting confidence about secrets and openness. Wyatt later informs the group that Nicole stated she has a secret about Maya stating "Maya is..." but then backed out. 

Wyatt arranged another date with Nicole and after he kept insisting honesty and confidence she admit to him that Maya, born Myron, is a transgender. Wyatt was speechless and Nicole explained she doesn't want anything bad to happen to Maya and hopes Rick stays with her. Wyatt promised to keep his word when Liam barged in after eavesdropping outside. Wyatt stated to Liam the huge secret that he wants all of Spencer to exploit it. Wyatt said he felt bad and Liam then tried to back out of it but Wyatt insisted they need to do this. While Liam and Wyatt were discussing this in Liam's office, Bill and Katie walked in. Wyatt explained the Myron transgender secret that he reeled out of Nicole. Bill decided to exploit it while Katie insisted it's too personal and so did Liam. But Bill inisted that's what Spencer Publications does. It publishes gossip. Katie insisted to Bill that he won't pubslish this and Bill argued with her but later agreed. Katie witnessed Bill tell Justin to pull the story. Bill later called Justin in to publish the story but Katie got suspicious. Bill claimed he wouldn't but secretly had Justin start working on it. Bill published Maya's story all over the media.

After Eric wouldn't appoint Ridge as CEO, Ridge called Steffy on the phone to meet him at Forrester. Steffy arrived informed that Maya is transgender and Eric won't remove Rick as CEO. Ridge insisted he needed Steffy and him to be a team to take over Forrester and she agreed. Ridge insisted this is bigger than her getting Liam back and him getting CEO. Rick arrived in his office giving them a hard time. Ridge called Liam to meet him at Forrester. Liam was happy to see Steffy and she was also pleased. Ridge convinced Liam to use Steffy's, Thomas's, Bill's controlled by Liam, and Thomas's to overpower Eric. Steffy stated there are no conditions this time. Liam agreed and Ridge insisted to Eric that they're taking over while Eric insisted he's in charge which Ridge stated he's in charge now. Ridge was the new CEO, with Steffy president, and Liam vice president, which he is also at Spencer's. Steffy and Liam agreed they would make a great team. Liam stated Steffy's change like a cool mountain stream. They remembered their time in Aspen by a stream. Steffy stated she is not afraid to state that she loves him and will always love him with Ivy overhearing.

Steffy, Liam, Bill, and Ridge were able to take over Forrester Creations with their shares. Ivy was encouraging wyatt to ask out Steffy because Wyatt stated she's incredibly intelligent and beautiful. Ivy explained this to Liam and asked if that would be uncomfortable and Liam claimed it wouldn't be.

An immigration officer arrived at Forrester handing Ivy deportation papers on her desk. He explained she is an illegal immigrant and her father filled out the papers incorrectly. Ivy thought that because her father is an American citizen and her mother is an Australian one that she had dual citizenship. The officer, however, told her she has a week to pack for Australia, and she broke the law. Ivy would have to resign for a passport which could take months or even years. Ivy became distressed that she'd be losing her boyfriend and her life in the States. After Quinn found out Wyatt had told Steffy to give them a chance and kissed her, Quinn tried being friendly with Ivy and was shocked when she picked up deportation papers on her desk. Quinn was very supportive and insisted on helping her. Ivy explained she'll lose her boyfriend and her life in the States because he dad didn't fill out the paperwork right. Ivy left to talk to Liam only to eavesdrop on Steffy over there and Liam stating he'll talk to Ivy to make her understand everything. Ivy ran out crying knowing her relationship was over. Ivy explained this to Quinn and Quinn stated she's not being deported or losing Liam. Quinn convinced her the only way to stay in the country is to ask Liam to marry her. Ivy stated he'd be saving her life here. Quinn rushed Carter over to Liam's beach house to marry them. Ivy and Liam said their vows and were wed on June 16, 2015.

Liam and Ivy agreed that the marriage is only on paper and that they're still dating because they're not ready for marriage. Ivy was thrilled to be married but assured Liam she understands that this is a marriage of convenience. Quinn was thrilled for Ivy that she and Liam got married. Quinn got Ivy to admit to her that she'd like something for out of this marriage but Ivy respected Liam's wishes. Agent McCaffrey stopped by the office and Ivy stated she is now married to an American citizen, whom Quinn explained was the Liam Spencer. McCaffrey found it quite suspicious how she didn't mention her engagement the last time they spoke. Ivy claimed they've been planning this for months. McCaffrey asked if she had moved in with him and Ivy confirmed that. McCaffrey stated he'd stop by later to question them. Ivy arrived at Liam's to overhear Liam tell an upset Steffy he loves her. Steffy was furiously upset and ended it with him because she's tired of sharing him and stormed out. Ivy told Liam she understands that he still has feelings for Steffy. Ivy explained after the agreement, he can go back to Steffy if that's what he wants or he doesn't have to stay married to her. Liam assured Ivy he wants to be married to her and likes getting to know her better. McCaffrey stopped by to investigate the validity of their marriage. He found suspicion in the broken vase on the table that Steffy smashed when she was enraged. Liam left so McCaffrey could speak with her privately. McCaffrey informed her that she does in fact have dual citizenship and that it wouldn't make a difference if she was married to Liam Spencer or not.

Ivy was worried about telling Liam he doesn't have to be married to her because of his feelings for Steffy. Quinn convinced Ivy not to tell him since he married her because he loves her. Ivy stated he doesn't love her the same way he loves Steffy. Ivy explained to Liam that he didn't have to marry her, she always had dual citizenship, and they made a huge mistake. Liam hugged Ivy. Liam rushed to Steffy with the information. Steffy didn't want him to explain anything at first but after he did she had mixed feelings. She was still mad that he married her in the first place.Ivy confronted Liam when Steffy questioned his intentions. Liam admit to Ivy he wants an annulment. Ivy explained she understands that they have history and she can't compete with memories. Steffy explained to Liam if he still feels anything for Ivy, she won't do this again. Ivy confided in Aly who was uninformed about the surprise wedding. Aly went to confront Steffy who was having Liam feel her lingerie for the line. Aly snapped at Steffy claiming they replaced a tyrant with a slut.

Ivy notices how dark Aly is at the Fourth of July party when Aly states"I don't understand people", then "Why do we let ourselves get all walked over" and when she expressed a strong hatred towards Steffy. Aly also has several outbursts in Forrester meetings against Steffy and Maya and California Freedom.

Katie stops by Forrester Creations and sees Wyatt and Ivy working together nicely. Katie encourages Ivy that she shouldn't let Liam string her along and Wyatt might be a safe place to land.

After the California Freedom fashion show, Ivy arrives at the Forrester Mansion along with Wyatt, Liam, Zende Dominguez, Maya, Rick, and Nicole for their after party. Liam and Wyatt were wondering where Steffy and Aly are. Ivy points out that Aly usually just goes up to her room. Ivy goes up to Aly's room to find a bunch of stuffed animals under the sheet. She checks in the closet only to find a collage of a bunch of crossed out and scribbled on pictures of Maya and Steffy, one with a nail through Steffy's head. Ivy is worried and concerned and calls up Liam and Wyatt who feel the same way. Liam leaves Steffy a message but the phone is in the car when Aly popped Steffy's tires and is threatening to kill her on the same road her mother killed her mother. The group was worried and wondering where Aly could be. Ivy points out she sometimes goes to the room in the basement where Thorne used to work to be alone. Rick adds that's all closed up. Ivy also makes a statment that she sometimes goes to the beach to walk around near the area her mother died. Liam wants to go with her but Ivy insists on going alone. Ivy was pulling up in her car and was shocked to see Aly and Steffy. Steffy hit Aly with the tire iron and she fell and hit her head on a rock, making her unconscious. Steffy cried of sorrow and Ivy cried and Steffy explains what happened and that Aly attacked her. The paramedics came and tried to revive Aly and presumed her dead when she had no pulse.

Wyatt could tell Ivy was visibly upset about her best friend's death. Ivy confided in Wyatt that she had a video recording of Steffy hitting Aly with a tire iron when she told police that Aly slipped and hit her head on a rock. Wyatt protected Steffy, stating Ivy doesn't have the full story. Ivy confronted Steffy after the funeral was over that Steffy knows what happened to Aly. Steffy and Ivy argued about what happened that night. Liam asked Wyatt and Steffy for a moment with Ivy. Liam broke up with Ivy at Aly's funeral, making Ivy even more upset. Wyatt comforted Ivy but told her that nobody could see that video. Thorne arrived at the office and Wyatt allowed him to enter. Thorne vented to Quinn, Wyatt, and Ivy that he doesn't have all the answers and he can't believe his little girl is gone.

Ivy vents to Wyatt that she feels she needs justice for Aly but Wyatt kept inisting on protecting Steffy. Ivy argued with him on this and Wyatt kissed her to distract her. Wyatt told Ivy he wants to help distract her from Aly's incident.Wyatt invited Ivy over for dinner and they had spicy curry Indian food which was too hot for Ivy. Wyatt and Ivy kissed over the table. Ivy got a flashback of Steffy killing Aly and froze up. Wyatt comforted her and hugged her. Wyatt let Ivy sleep in his bed while he slept on the couch. Wyatt greeted Ivy when she woke up. Ivy explained she overheard Ridge wanted a new face of Forrester and she wanted to be it along with Maya. Wyatt supported her on that. Ivy blackmailed Thomas to keep the video a secret if he convinces Ridge to make her the new face of Forrester. At the conference, Ridge was leaning on choosing Steffy when Ivy stated she'd like to give it a shot. Steffy and Ridge were initially concerned but Wyatt backed her up and Thomas spoke up and agreed that Ivy would be better because people are still talking about the incident with Aly. Steffy was angry with Thomas and he informed her about the blackmail and the video.

Steffy has a meeting with Wyatt, expecting a promotion. Steffy informs him she knows about the video.  Steffy is not happy that Wyatt is taking her side and states she thought they were friends which Wyatt states he thought that too. Wyatt defends Ivy because Steffy took her man and her best friend. Wyatt is also a bit upset that Steffy and him didn't get to have their "Summer of Fun" and that she chose Liam over him. Steffy keeps trying to convince Wyatt to delete the video and he complies with her. When Ivy goes to take a bath that Wyatt convinced her too, Wyatt takes her phone and tries to delete the video, when Ivy comes back out angry. Ivy decides to make love to Wyatt so he won't delete the video off her phone.

Steffy informs Liam that Ivy is blackmailing Steffy and Thomas to become the new Face of Forrester with a video that makes it look like Steffy murdered Aly. Steffy adds in that she asked Wyatt to delete the video which he has to. Liam enters Wyatt's beach house to fiind Ivy and Wyatt on the couch. Liam states he wants the best for them. Liam demands to see the video. Ivy hands Liam over the phone. Ivy keeps labeling Steffy as a murderer but Liam explains there was a rock and she can't see it in that angle. Liam states that they are blackmailing Steffy which is illegal.

Ivy gives Quinn attitude about the jewelry designs and storms out the door. Ridge calls a meeting and chose Steffy to be the new Face of Forrester. Ivy is visibly upset and Steffy asks for a few minutes alone with Ivy. Steffy informs her she knows about the video. Steffy explains to Ivy that she is using blackmail which is illegal. Ivy claims she's tryint to prove justice for Aly. Steffy explains that Ivy is using Aly's death to advance herself and Aly wouldn't have wanted her to act like this. Ivy claims there is no rock in the video and calls Steffy a murderer. Ivy claims she owns Steffy. Steffy grants Ivy the poition as the Face of Forrester. Steffy informs Liam about Ivy's blackmail. Liam is very unhappy and confronts Ivy. Liam brings up that he saved her from the Seine and more recently married her to stay in the country. ivy states he didn't love her which he admits he did but Ivy chimes in not the same way he loves Steffy. Liam tries to wake Ivy up and admits that Ivy is becoming colder and darker and the Ivy he knew wouldn't resort to blackmail. Ivy claims the Ivy he knew is tired of getting stepped on and she's gone. Ivy returns stating she's the new Face of Forrester making Quinn wonder. Quinn states the obvious choice would be Steffy because she's hot and has experience. Ivy asked what's wrong with her look and Quinn didn't care for them. Quinn still questioned why Ivy was given the position but Wyatt hinted she has something up her sleeve.

During the Forrester meeting, Ridge decides to hand the Face of Forrester position to Steffy but Steffy declines and allows Ivy to have it. Steffy is angry at Wyatt for not having the video deleted. Steffy arrives at Wyatt's beach house while Ivy is out and about to make sure the video deletion is completed. Steffy encourages Wyatt to delete the video but just as he's about the press the button, Ivy enters the beach house, angry at the situation. Wyatt is tired of the fighting and wants them to bury the hatchet. Steffy and Ivy apologize to each other. Ivy deletes the video. Steffy informs Liam they buried the hatchet and Liam is happy about that.

Steffy decides to fire Ivy from Forrester Creations because she can't work with people she can't trust. Ivy is shocked and Wyatt is unhappy but Liam stands by Steffy. Ivy refuses to leave the building and Steffy arranges security to escort Ivy out. Wyatt feels empathy for Ivy and proposes to his mother his new plan. Wyatt thought Bill could establish a fashion house under Spencer Publications. Wyatt and Ivy invite Bill and Katie over to propose the idea. Katie agrees it's a good idea but Bill is against it because Spencer Publications is a publishing company. Ivy returns to Forrester and begs Steffy for her job back. Steffy grants her the position and came up with an idea. Ivy promises she'd do anything Steffy says. Steffy proposes Ivy to be the lead model for the lingerie line. Ivy is hesitant but Steffy encourages her to go for it. Ivy models for Wyatt at the beach house but feels insecure about strutting in front of millions of viewers. Wyatt encourages her to embrace this position. At the photo shoot for Ivy's lingerie line, Liam stops the shoot. Liam states that it's wrong of Steffy to make Ivy do this and that Ivy and Steffy have both made mistakes. Ivy and Steffy genuinely soon make peace with each other.

Ivy and Wyatt attend a Halloween party hosted by Pam and Charlie with some of the Forrester employees, Thomas Forrester tags along as well. Thomas begins showing interest in Ivy, causing Wyatt to become a little concern after Thomas belittled the Spencer family during a Forrester meeting. During the party, Wyatt steps outside after hearing his car was playfully vandalized by a coworker, leaving Ivy alone with Thomas. As Ivy goes outside to check on Wyatt, Thomas pulls her out of the way when a spotlight suddenly fell off the ceiling. Ivy is grateful for Thomas saving her; Wyatt starts becoming more jealous that Thomas is seemingly getting more involved in Ivy's life. While alone in an office room, Thomas began flirting with her, causing Ivy to become uncomfortable, but allows him to kiss her twice. Ivy stops him and says it can never happen again. Later on, Thomas makes a bet with his sister Steffy that he could get Ivy for himself, but Steffy believes that Ivy will remain committed to Wyatt and would cheat on Wyatt. However, when Wyatt and his mom Quinn Fuller have to go to San Francisco for the night for business, Ivy decides to spend the night at the Forrester mansion.

During the evening, a thunderstorm rolls into Los Angeles and Ivy is left alone in the mansion with Thomas. Thomas continues his flirtation towards Ivy who continues to tell him that she is committed to Wyatt. While in her bedroom, Thomas comes in and continues to hit on Ivy; Ivy succumbs to Thomas' charms and makes out wit him in her bed. Ivy feels complete guilt over what happened and is unable to tell Wyatt when he returns home the next morning, fearing she would lose him. However, Steffy overhears Thomas and Ivy talking about what happened that night. After telling Liam about what she had heard, Liam demands that Steffy stay out of it and not say anything, but after seeing her later that day, Steffy reveals to Ivy that she knows everything that happened and gives Ivy an ultimatum: either Ivy tells Wyatt what happened or Steffy will. Ivy agrees to tell Wyatt right away, but instead agrees to tell him later that evening when they're alone.

Once again, Steffy is unable to keep her mouth shut and tells Wyatt about Ivy's infidelity. Wyatt is crushed and hurt and later confronts Ivy, but allows her to talk first about it. Wyatt is upset that Ivy made out with Thomas after only being gone for one night and telling everyone, including Thomas, that Ivy is not the kind of person that would be unfaithful. Wyatt leaves, angry and Ivy goes after Steffy.

Ivy finds Steffy backstage at Forrester while Steffy is watching over an old electric panel that begins shooting out sparks. Ivy and Steffy soon come to war of words and as Steffy tries to walk away, Ivy follows her. The two are standing extremely close to the exposed electric panel and when Steffy tries to retrieve her cell phone that Ivy threw, Steffy pushes Ivy into the panel Ivy is electrocuted. Steffy immediately calls 9-1-1 and begins administering CPR. The paramedics soon arrive and take Ivy to the hospital.

At first, things weren't looking good for Ivy but she eventually makes a full recovery. She and Wyatt make up, but Ivy admits to him that she is now afraid of Steffy. Steffy enters the room thankful she's okay but Ivy warns her to stay away. Steffy asks if Ivy's afraid of her. Lieutenant Baker enters the room with a restraining order for Steffy which makes her upset. The restraining order didn't permit Steffy and Ivy to work in the same building. Since the restraining order was filed against Steffy, she had to pack up her things and work from home. Wyatt explains to Steffy that the restraining order's only temporary.

Liam goes to Wyatt's beach house while Wyatt is at Forrester, to reason with Ivy. Ivy agrees to drop the restraining order under one condition. Ivy claims her near-death experience provoked some feelings she still has for Liam. Liam sticks up for his brother that he's been good to her which Ivy agrees and she claims she's very happy with. But Ivy asks if he ever thinks about what could've happened and Liam says he does. Ivy thinks they should explore their relationship and give each other another chance. Ivy kisses Liam. Steffy is very thankful to Ivy for dropping the restraining order and wants them to move on and become friends. Ivy keeps insisting on Liam that she's in love with him. Wyatt tells Quinn he is going to propose to Ivy which she isn't thrilled about. Quinn eavesdrops on Ivy telling Liam she's still in love with him at Forrester. Steffy and Liam are invited to Wyatt's while he proposes to Ivy in front of them. Quinn barges in and stops the proposal. Quinn calls Ivy out by saying "Tell him you you're really in love with". Wyatt and Steffy are confused while Ivy and Liam don't say a word and stare at each other. Quinn blurts out that Ivy's in love with Liam and Wyatt gets frustrated with his mother. Ivy is speechless and Liam eventually admits Ivy's feelings for him. Wyatt is upset and sends Steffy and Liam away. Wyatt is upset at Ivy and ends things with her for good.

Ivy gets ready to pack up for Australia. Steffy tells Liam she doesn't want Ivy contacting him at all. Liam warns Steffy not to go by Ivy. Steffy follows Ivy up the staircase at the Forrester Mansion. Ivy states she's just packing her things but Steffy warns her to not contact Liam. Steffy and Ivy argue and Ivy tumbles down the stairs. Liam arrives and is angry at Steffy. Liam dials 9-1-1 and Ivy is taken to the hospital. Ivy makes a safe recovery at the hospital. Wyatt is happy to see her okay. Liam agrees to take Ivy to the airport. Liam buys two seats on the plane for Ivy to lay her feet on. Liam boards the plane and sits with her to make sure she's okay. Liam goes into the bathroom and turns on the sink which splashes water everywhere and Liam slips and falls unconscious. The flight takes off while Liam's stuck in the bathroom. Liam is forced to fly to Australia and get a flight back to Los Angeles.

Crimes CommittedEdit

Maladies & InjuriesEdit

  • Pushed off a bridge into the Seine River in Paris, France by Quinn Fuller (July 2014).
  • Pushed by Steffy Forrester into surging wires and was electrocuted (December 2015).
  • Fell and hit her head on the floor after a talk with Steffy Forrester (December 2015).
  • Fell down a flight of stairs at the Forrester Mansion. Seen by Steffy Forrester and Liam Spencer (January 2016).
  • Developed a mild concussion after falling down a flight of stairs (January 2016).
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