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Hope Spencer
Hope Logan-4.jpg
Annika Noelle as Hope Spencer
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Rachel and Amanda Pace (2004-2009)
Kim Matula (2010-2014, 2015, 2016)
Annika Noelle (2018-)
Current status Present, Contract
Duration 2002-2016, 2018-
First appearance July 2, 2002
Created by Bradley Bell
Family Logan family
Sharpe family
Fullname Hope Logan
Other names Hope Logan
Hope Sharpe
Gender Female
Born July 2, 1992
Age 28
Occupation Spokes model for the Hope For The Future fashion line at Forrester Creations clothes designer
Residence Logan cabin
Hope1 Logan-Kim Matula.jpg
Kim Matula as Hope Logan
Amanda and Rachel Pace.jpg
Amanda and Rachel Pace as Hope Logan
Parents Brooke Logan
Deacon Sharpe
Siblings Rick Forrester
Bridget Forrester
R.J. Forrester
Jack Marone
(maternal half)
Eric Sharpe (paternal half)
Spouses Wyatt Spencer (2014-2015)
Liam Spencer (2012; 2018-2019; 2020-Present)
Thomas Forrester (2019)
Romances Oliver Jones
Children Dylan Spencer (Miscarried Son with Wyatt)
Elizabeth "Beth" Spencer (daughter with Liam Spencer)
Douglas Forrester (adopted son with Thomas Forrester)
Kelly Spencer (stepdaughter with Liam Spencer)
Grandparents Stephen Logan (maternal grandfather)
Daryl Sharpe (paternal grandfather)
Beth Henderson (maternal grandmother; deceased)
Great-grandparents Helen Logan (maternal great-grandmother)
Aunts and
Storm Logan (maternal uncle; deceased)
Donna Logan (maternal aunt)
Katie Logan (maternal aunt)
Nieces and
Logan Knight (maternal half-nephew)
Lizzy Forrester (maternal half-niece)
Nicole Marone † (maternal half-niece deceased)
First cousins Marcus Forrester (maternal cousin)
Flo Fulton(maternal cousin)
Will Spencer (maternal cousin)
Rosie Forrester (first once removed)
Other relatives Bill Spencer Jr. (Father-in-law)

Kelly Hopkins (Mother-in-law) Kelly Spencer (Step-Daughter)

Hope Spencer (née Logan, formerly Forrester) is a character from the CBS Daytime soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful, currently portrayed by Annika Noelle. Hope is the daughter of Brooke Logan Forrester and Deacon Sharpe.

Between the years of 2002 and 2009, the character was played by child actresses, and appeared as a young girl around 5 years old by 2007. On December 4, 2009, it was announced that Hope was to be dramatically aged and portrayed by Kim Matula. Matula signed on as a contract character. Matula began taping The Bold and the Beautiful on November 19, 2009. Her first airdate was January 11, 2010. On November 5, 2014, Matula announced after five years she will depart the series. She taped her final scene on November 6 and will make her final appearance on December 12. Matula made three more guest appearances in April 2015 and March 2016.

In November 2017, the character was recast with Annika Noelle taking over the role. Noelle began taping her scenes on November 29 and debuted on-screen January 8, 2018.

The young adult character of Hope was first described as "A polar opposite of what her mother Brooke once was, Hope makes no secret of her more traditional and reserved views on sex and marriage". Matula has described Hope as "Unlucky in love". Speaking about the character's dramatic aging and her storyline, head writer Bradley Bell stated: "Aging the character of ‘Hope’ to a teenager allows us to bring the next generation of ‘Logans’ to the forefront, as well as play a broader range of the ‘Forrester’ vs. ‘Logan’ story. ‘Hope’s’ presence at Forrester Creations, as well as in ‘Brooke’ and ‘Ridge’s’ home, sparks an intense competition between ‘Hope’ and her step-sister ‘Steffy’ as well as creates new conflict between long-time rivals ‘Brooke’ and ‘Taylor’ as each woman is determined to protect her own daughter."

Character History

Hope was born as the result of a scandalous affair between Brooke Logan and Deacon Sharpe, who at the time was married to Brooke's oldest daughter, and Hope's older sister, Bridget Forrester. Whip Jones married Brooke to give the baby a name and hide its paternity, but Brooke was disgraced when the truth came out. Brooke hid at the Big Bear cabin, where she went into labor. Brooke's nemesis, Stephanie Douglas, had actually been trying to help Brooke turn over a new leaf and came to the rescue along with Bridget, and together, Stephanie and Bridget delivered Brooke's baby. To observe Brooke's new point of view, Bridget suggested naming the baby Hope. Deacon wanted to be a part of Hope's life, but Brooke forbade it, even after Deacon quit drinking, became respectable, and settled into a relationship with Macy Alexander. Macy encouraged Deacon to visit Hope and her older brother, Eric Sharpe, and attempt custody rights. Brooke became engaged to Nick Marone, who wanted to adopt Hope. Deacon balked, but Nick promised visitation rights if Deacon complied. Nick became a second father to Hope.

Swimming in a hot tub in the back part of Brooke's house, Nick got distracted and didn't see little Hope experimenting with holding her breath underwater. Hope's hair got caught in the drain, and she almost drowned. Hope suffered two seizures and went into a coma, but made a full recovery. Later, Hope called 9-1-1 after she and her little brother, R.J. Forrester, were unintentionally left alone all night, arousing the concern of Child Protective Services. But after Hope and R.J. set the living room on fire, and the children were removed from Brooke's care, sparking a custody battle with Stephanie. Hope inadvertently caused Thorne Forrester and Taylor Hamilton to call off their wedding when Hope told Thorne's daughter, Alexandria Forrester, that Taylor had run down Alexandria's late mother, Darla Einstein, with her car. Hope was ultimately raised by Brooke's on-again-off-again husband, Ridge Forrester.

In 2010, teen-aged Hope became an intern at Forrester Creations and found herself the flashpoint of a power struggle set off by Bill Spencer Jr.'s takeover of the company. Hope's step-sister, Steffy Forrester, didn't want to share Ridge with Hope at work, too, and felt slighted when Hope's idea for a fashion line was chosen over Steffy's. Hope overheard Brooke and Ridge discussing Hope's scandalous paternity, and when Ridge referred to Hope as a "stain on the family name," Hope ran to photographer Graham Darros, unaware that he had raped Agnes Jones years earlier. Graham drugged Hope's drink and tried to rape her, too, but Nick arrived and saved Hope from Graham.

Hope met Agnes's brother, Oliver Jones, and began a sweet romance with him. Steffy decided she wanted Oliver for herself, and tried to use her sexuality to best Hope, who was a virgin. However, Oliver didn't take the bait. Steffy further harassed Hope by sabotaging Hope's first Hope For The Future showing, making the sign read "HO For The Future." Hope had a huge graduation party where all the guests wore masks and identical clothes. Oliver thought Hope whispered "I'm ready" as a signal she was ready for sex, and made love to her on the terrace. But Oliver was horrified to learn he had made love to Brooke, who thought Oliver was Ridge. Hope was devastated and tried to recreate the party in an attempt to understand what happened. Hope forgave Oliver, but couldn't get the image of Oliver and her mother out of her head.

Hope helped newcomer Liam Spencer adjust to the fact that Bill was his long-lost father. Hope started dating Liam and forgot about Oliver, who wanted to win Hope back. Steffy made a play for Liam, too, but Liam had fallen for Hope. Bill thought Liam could do better and upset Hope by announcing to the media that Liam was "the world's most eligible bachelor". Liam got drunk at the party and was escorted home by social climber Amber Moore. Liam hit his head and woke up next to Amber, who soon insisted she was carrying Liam's baby. Liam couldn't remember what happened, and he and Hope went through a dizzying array of makeups and breakups, trying to decide between their love and what was best for the baby. All the while, Oliver was there trying to convince Hope to return to him.

The night Amber's baby was born, Hope was considering Oliver's proposal at the Big Bear cabin. But when Amber's child was born with some Sub-Saharan African phenotypes it was revealed that the real father was Marcus Forrester, Liam raced to the cabin in time to stop Hope from accepting. Liam and Hope reunited, but Hope still wanted to remain a virgin until her wedding night, and layered that message into Hope For The Future. Frustrated Liam proposed to Hope during a fashion show. Hope accepted privately, but her family wouldn't let Hope move up the wedding because of her public stance in the media. Steffy, who had fallen in love with Liam after a disastrous tryst with Bill, declared herself sexually available. Hope caught Liam kissing Steffy in a limo and broke up with Liam in a cell phone message, leaving her engagement ring on Liam's mantel. A confused Liam immediately offered the ring to Steffy.

Hope knew she could clear things up with Liam if she had a chance to talk to him. Steffy and Bill did, too, so Bill sent Steffy and Liam to Aspen. Hope followed, but Bill arranged to have Hope trapped in a gondola, where she was forced to watch Liam and Steffy exchange vows. Steffy's brother, Thomas Forrester, took a liking to Hope and swept Hope off her feet by proposing to her in Cabo San Lucas, not knowing that Steffy and Liam were at the same resort. Steffy and Thomas tried to keep Hope from seeing Liam, which resulted in an ATV chase on the beach. Liam found Hope and kissed her, while Steffy was injured falling off her ATV.

Bill knew Liam wanted to return to Hope, so Bill fixed Steffy's MRI to suggest she had a life-threatening blood clot that could worsen under stress. Liam felt obligated to stay with Steffy until Katie Logan - Hope's aunt and Bill's wife - found out what Bill had done. Hope threatened to go public with Bill's crime, but ultimately didn't. Hope was livid when Steffy held out for a proper divorce and refused to sign Liam's annulment papers, aborting Hope's first attempt to marry Liam. Hope felt she could take her power back from Steffy if she simply moved in with Liam, but Hope had a deep-seated fear of becoming like her openly sexual mother, Brooke, and froze up in bed.

Hope sought therapy with Dr. Stacy Barton, who prescribed a small dose of anti-anxiety pills. Rather than deal with her issues, Hope latched on to the pills so she could finally make love to Liam. Hope was labeled an adulteress when a photo of Hope and Liam leaked to the press, but Dr. Barton wouldn't renew Hope's prescription, so the frantic Hope didn't question the bottle that showed up on her desk with a note from the therapist. Amber had forged the note and unwittingly bought potentially tainted pills for Hope on-line as a bargaining tool. Hope increased her dosage as the press hounded her, becoming so disoriented that she almost drowned after falling into the Forrester pool. Hope told Liam about the pills and promised to stop taking them.

Bill still wanted Hope out of Liam's life, so he arranged to have Hope besieged by reporters while she was in Aspen with Liam. A photographer snapped a panicked Hope downing another pill, though Bill never used the photo. However, Hope got so high on the slopes that she was barely aware of crashing into Steffy, who was in Aspen promoting her new ski line. Hope merrily dashed off, but Liam stayed with Steffy, who had hurt her knee. Hope apologized profusely when Liam raged about the accident, and swore off pills forever before going home to Los Angeles by herself. Hope didn't know that Liam, who felt drawn to Steffy again, kissed Steffy passionately after ripping up Steffy's signed annulment papers.

When Liam returned, Hope gently moved out, saying she could only live with Liam as husband and wife. Brooke found out about the annulment papers and agreed not to tell Hope, instead planning a sumptuous wedding for Hope and Liam in Italy. Meanwhile, Hope was unaware that Liam was waffling on whether he wanted to be with Hope or Steffy. And Bill, continuing his anti-Hope campaign, found Hope's father, Deacon Sharpe, serving time in a Genoa City jail and offered to spring Deacon if he would help stop Hope's wedding.

On Hope's wedding day in Puglia, Italy, Hope was stunned to find Deacon at her door. Hope was overjoyed to see her father and asked him to walk her down the aisle, which he politely refused. Hope accepted Deacon's apology for not being there for her growing up, then rushed to her wedding, working around the many obstacles Bill had put in her path. Liam had left the church by the time Hope finally got there, so Hope raced back to the hotel and explained everything to the angry Liam. Hope was thrilled to marry Liam later that day, blissfully unaware that Liam had kissed Steffy again and was ready to run off with her, which an iPad accidentally recorded.

Hope and Liam married, inspiring Hope to create the Hope's Perfect Wedding fashion line. But when Hope discovered the video of Liam and Steffy kissing, Hope refused to sign the papers that would legalize the union, instead insisting on a "do-over" wedding. Liam arrived with dyed hair and a tattoo after partying at a club with Steffy the night before. Liam begged for forgiveness in his underwear, but Hope told Liam he didn't deserve her. Hope's half-brother, Rick Forrester, had a friend, Othello, who was a DJ at the club. Othello told Hope he'd seen Liam and Steffy in a passionate embrace there, but Hope didn't know Rick had gotten Othello to lie to keep Hope from reuniting with Liam. Rick pushed Hope toward Thomas in an attempt to have Thomas' girlfriend, Caroline Spencer II, for himself. A conflicted Thomas kissed Hope, but Hope told Thomas they could only be friends.

Hope and Liam bonded when Katie almost died in childbirth, but Hope rebuffed Liam's attempt at a reconciliation. Later, Hope was hurt when she found out Liam had gone back to Steffy and made love to her. When Caroline started dating Rick, Hope took a clandestine photo of Thomas and Caroline's embrace to show to Rick. But it wasn't long before Hope realized she wasn't over Liam, and started thinking about getting him back.

Hope felt betrayed when Rick finally confessed he had gotten Othello to lie about Liam and Steffy. Later, Dayzee Leigh let it slip that Marcus had overheard a conversation in which Bill was plotting to sabotage Hope's wedding in Italy. Enraged, Hope busted into Bill's house with a golf club when he denied her entry, and confronted him. Bill neither admitted nor denied the stunt, but Hope ran straight to Liam with the information, insisting they were due a chance to be together. Liam was moved and kissed Hope, which a pregnant Steffy saw. When Steffy went out of town and gave Liam permission to work through his feelings for Hope, the formerly frigid Hope became more aggressive and turned on the charm. Hope told Liam he should ask Steffy to move out so he'd be in a better place to make a choice between them.

While Liam deliberated, Hope and Steffy argued, culminating in Hope shoving Steffy into a desk when Steffy berated Brooke. Meanwhile, Brooke threw Hope and Liam a surprise wedding, complete with the priest who had officiated at their ceremony in Italy. Liam was about to put the ring on Hope's finger when Steffy rushed in, announcing she was pregnant. Initially, Hope felt that she and Liam could raise Steffy's baby themselves, but later, when Liam said his place was with the baby and its mother, Hope told Liam he should marry Steffy before the baby came. Hope floored Steffy by asking her to leave Forrester Creations, insisting that she couldn't take seeing Steffy there every day.

Hope became increasingly sullen as Liam's wedding day approached, despite Oliver's attempts to cheer her up. When Hope decided to ambush the wedding, Brooke and Rick managed to talk her out of it, but it didn't stop Hope from sending Liam a congratulatory text on his wedding night. Thomas and Oliver, who had moved in together at Taylor's old beach house, invited Hope over for surfing to keep her occupied, but when Steffy came over and told Thomas how happy she and Liam were, Hope overheard and burst into tears. Steffy empathized with Hope, who broke down and said she was happy for Steffy. Moved by Hope's admission, Steffy hugged Hope, who allowed herself to be comforted by her rival.

Hope tried to bury herself in her rebooted Hope for the Future line, which was now being represented by Maya Avant. But when Thomas found out that the pregnant Steffy had been in a motorcycle accident, Hope took Thomas to see her at the hospital. Hope wasn't sure she should be there, considering, but Bill uncharacteristically asked her to stay. When Steffy miscarried her baby, Hope felt bad but began to wonder if Steffy's part in the accident might prompt Liam to divorce her. Taylor told Hope to stay away from Liam, suggesting that Liam and Steffy would soon be trying for another baby. But Hope called Liam over anyway, telling Liam that he had another choice now and emphasized her position by planting a kiss on him.

When Steffy ends her marriage to Liam, telling him that he's better off being with Hope then her, and leaves for Paris to spend time with her father, Hope, with Brooke's encouragement, goes over to console him and see if they still have a chance as a couple. Liam, however, is confused and upset over Steffy's decision to leave him, which in turn upsets Hope. Brooke, however, organizes a little getaway for them to the Forrester family cabin in Big Bear. While there, Hope comes to the realization that she and Liam can't get back what they once had, and that she may always be looking over her shoulder when it comes to him. She tells Liam that it's over. He goes back to Los Angeles while she stays behind in Big Bear where she decides to go take a walk in the woods by herself.

During her walk, Hope comes across a campsite where she sees a very handsome guy taking what is known as a "Solar Shower". Intrigued, she takes out her cell phone and snaps a picture of him, which causes him to notice her. Fearing his reaction, she runs off but slips and falls giggling pretty much the whole time running. The handsome guy, Wyatt Spencer, finds Hope knocked out and revives her. He later finds her cell phone and goes to the Forrester cabin where he not only gives her the phone back but also introduces himself. He also gives her a gentle kiss, which takes Hope's breath away. He even goes with Hope as her date to Rick's 4th of July party where he notices how tense things are between Hope and Liam. When Liam leaves after Hope told him to, Wyatt lets her know that he thinks Liam is an idiot for how he has treated her. After giving her a kiss, Hope is shocked to see that Wyatt is wearing a sword necklace similar to the one that both Liam and Bill wear. Liam decides to fly to Paris, France to find out why Steffy left him. Wyatt takes Hope o his mother's jewelry company after Hope asks about the necklace again. Hope meets Quinn Fuller, Wyatt's mother, and asks her about the necklace, which Quinn doesn't deny designing. After Hope leaves, Quinn tells Wyatt that she doesn't think Hope's the one for him, which shocks him. Hope and Rick believe Bill Spencer's Wyatt's father because Quinn stated he was materialistic, self-centered, and a jerk but died when he was young which they felt was a lie. Hope tells Wyatt she thinks Bill Spencer is his dad and Liam's his half-brother. Wyatt then brings this up to his mother and Quinn denies it again and she doesn't want Wyatt hanging around Hope and tells him he can find way better women in L.A. then Hope Logan. Hope then makes Liam take his ring off then leaves. Later Liam takes Hope for a walk then takes Steffy's ring out of the fountain and proposes to her. Hope was very hesitant but said yes. Rick called her and Hope told him she's engaged and Rick told Brooke. Hope and Liam then have an intimate bond with candles. Wyatt can find much better girls in L.A. than Hope Logan. Quinn then told Wyatt to take his sword pendant off. Hope admit she and Bill aren't exactly fans of each other. Wyatt found out Hope was engaged but stayed friends and Wyatt told her to stop about the necklace. Hope wondered why questions about a man she doesn't know upset Quinn. Hope then told Wyatt to have him and his mother meet up at the same restaurant Liam and Bill were at to see what would happen. Quinn and Bill instantly recognized each other and stared at each other. Liam noticed Bill staring and encouraged unsure Bill to go and ask and Bill did. Bill introduced himself and Quinn denied knowing him. Bill mentioned she made him very happy by making his pendant for him. Bill then mentioned her name Quinn Fuller and she ran off scared. Wyatt went after her and asked if Bill Spencer was his real father and Quinn said yes. Wyatt was raging and Quinn said she lied to him that his father died because she was a teenager and once she was pregnant Bill wanted nothing to do with either of them and handed her money for an abortion. Quinn didn't want to loose her child and had Wyatt without Bill knowing. Wyatt drove off angrily. Liam then drove up to Bill and Quinn in his car and Bill hopped in and told Liam to follow the green car. Quinn then went back to the restaurant for her purse when Hope Logan decided to pop out. Quinn attacked Hope by yelling saying she had no reason to stick her pampered nose into this situation and she ruined everything. This started their rivalry. Hope and Quinn got into a huge fight when Hope's mother Brooke Logan came out to protect her daughter. Quinn walked off angrily. In their fight Quinn mentioned she thinks Hope's rich, pampered, and young. Quinn also told Hope she doesn't want her anywhere near her son. Wyatt drove to his apartment packing his stuff. Bill and Liam were trying to welcome him in as family. Wyatt was outraged at first but then Bill and Wyatt hugged when Quinn came in. Quinn then told Bill not to touch her child.

When Liam's taking a shower, Wyatt kisses Hope, which leaves her confused, resulting in her leaving. The next day, Wyatt randomly brings up Steffy's message to Liam on his tablet about her not wanting an annulment but wanting a divorce making Hope and Liam wait 6 months to get married, which stresses Hope out like crazy because of what happened before in the past. This gives Wyatt an opportunity to mess up their relationship. Hope demands Liam fly to Paris and make Steffy sign the annulment papers, or they don't get married. Liam had to do something at work but Wyatt kissed Hope twice by the time Liam came back. Liam punched Wyatt down to the ground making his lip bleed. Bill texted Wyatt to return to his house and Liam and Wyatt became more brotherly.Hope was acting ditsy about the whole thing, and Liam, realizing that he can't trust his brother, decided to throw Wyatt out of his house, but Bill overruled his son, allowing Wyatt to move back in.

Seeing Liam as weak, Wyatt increasingly felt that a place at Spencer was his birthright. Also wanting Hope for himself, Wyatt believed that Liam was the only person keeping him from both. After heading back to the Quinn Jewelry to get more of his belongings, he refused to forgive his mom for keeping him in the dark about his father and stated his intentions regarding Liam and Hope, even telling his mom that she needed to accept his relationship with Bill or she'd be left behind. Soon, Wyatt met Bill's soon-to-be ex-wife, Katie, who just separated from Bill due to his infidelity and unfaithfulness after he slept with her sister, Brooke. Katie also told Wyatt about Bill's fling with Steffy. Angry that his baby half-brother, Will, would suffer the same result of growing up without a father, Wyatt confronted Bill and alienated him so much that Bill kicked him not only of the house, but also cut him out of his life. Liam then confronted Wyatt, calling him two-faced and threw him out of the house again, saying he'd just be happy if he never saw Wyatt ever again.

Hope arrived back at Liam's house seeing Wyatt packing up. Wyatt told Hope everything that had happened and how inappropriate his father's relationship was with her mom, to which Hope agreed. Hope didn't want Wyatt to leave and offered to have them wait for Liam to come back and they could talk it out, but Wyatt wanted to leave anyway, even offering her to come with him and dump Liam. She politely turned down the offer, but still didn't want him to leave. Wyatt returned to Quinn and she welcomed him back home. He told his mom everything about what had happened with Bill and admitted that she was right about him all along. Later, Hope was looking through some jewelry for her clothing line. She managed to find the perfect set for her campaign and when Marcus told her the jewelry was designed by Quinn Artisan Jewelry, she was stunned. She ran over to Wyatt and Quinn and offered them a deal they couldn't refuse: have Quinn's jewelry join forces with Forrester Creations to design accessories for her campaign, to which both Wyatt and Quinn accepted. When Liam found out, he was furious that Wyatt wasn't out of his or Hope's lives. Wyatt smugly told Liam that Hope is still fair game until the day she walks down the aisle and says "I do" to Liam. Desperate, Liam tells Hope to cut off her contract with Quinn and Wyatt, which she did indeed try to do, but Eric turned her down saying the papers were already signed. When Wyatt found out about this, he went to Hope and offered to walk away himself. Hope's reassurance calmed Wyatt, but after Liam, out of desperation, finally convinced Steffy to sign an annulment, Hope was ecstatic. Wyatt was afraid now that the annulment was granted and ultimately pushing Hope's wedding to Liam up, Wyatt was afraid that Hope would kill the Forrester partnership. Quinn sold an idea to Wyatt to have him and Hope go down to Mexico to retrieve a special diamond for Hope For The Future, a recreation of the famous Hope Diamond. When Wyatt offered the trip idea to Hope, she agreed to go down just for business. While in Mexico, Wyatt and Hope see the diamond and asked the owner if they could loan it for her campaign. The diamond supposedly is magically and leads people to their destinies once they've seen it. Wyatt also confesses his true feelings towards Hope and again tells her to not rush into marriage with Liam.

During the fashion show Quinn found Liam's tablet and watched his marriage tribute video of Steffy, knowing he made one for Hope previously. Quinn sent it to her phone and deleted the thread. Pam saw that Quinn sent an email on her phone to Hope, but Quinn lied saying it was to Wyatt. While, Hope and Liam were at Big Bear, Cabin; Hope received the video and had a fight about Steffy with Liam, and Hope left back to L.A. Hope returned home and explained everything to Brooke about what happened. Brooke suggests that maybe it was time to end all of the heartbreak with Liam and be loved by a man who would only think of Hope, someone like Wyatt. Wyatt shows up and is livid that Liam has once again hurt Hope. Intrigued by his devotion towards her daughter, Brooke tells Wyatt to go see Hope at her cabin. Wyatt comforts Hope and once again suggests that she should end it with Liam and be with him. Liam shows up at Brooke's, demanding to know where Hope is so they could fix their relationship. At first, Brooke doesn't tell Liam until Bill shows up. Brooke finally tells Liam that Hope is at the cabin, but she is not alone. At the cabin, Hope finally has had enough of Liam's indecisiveness and takes off her engagment ring and kisses Wyatt as Liam watches.

Steffy returned to L.A. for a doctors appointment and came to see her grandfather Eric again where she met Quinn. Quinn gets a smile to see Steffy. While Steffy was getting on her plane to fly back to Paris, Quinn told Eric she'd meet at Forrester International in Paris and catch the flight with Steffy. Quinn arrives on the jet and convinces Steffy to break up Hope and Liam. Quinn continues to pressure Steffy into returning to Los Angeles and reuniting with Liam so Hope can be with Wyatt, to which Steffy shows no interest of doing. After more pressure, Steffy is forced to reveal to Quinn the reason why she left Liam and Los Angeles due to her miscarrying Liam's baby after a motorcycle accident. Arriving at Forrester International, Quinn apologizes to Steffy for making her relive the pain. Steffy then gets a phone call from Dr. Caspary informing Steffy that after several medical procedures is now finally able to conceive a child to full term. Quinn overhears the phone call. Quinn agains tries to convince Steffy to return to Los Angeles to reunite with Liam and deliver the spectacular news about her being able to conceive again, but Steffy still shows no interest whatsoever in going back, but still can't let go of her deep feelings she still has for Liam. Quinn finally convinces Steffy to go back.

Quinn had Wyatt text her where Liam was which he got from Oliver. Quinn told Steffy to tell Liam in the cabin. Steffy thought hard about it but backed off when Liam saw her through the window. He noticed her and inside she told him she can conceive which Liam was happy for her. Quinn planted a letter in Hope's bedroom that Liam wanted to meet her at the cabin before their wedding. This is when Hope saw Liam talking to Steffy. Fed up with Liam and upset over what she saw, Hope calls off the wedding and not only rehires Quinn Artisian Jewelers but also goes to Hawaii with Wyatt. Liam, however, finds out where they are and goes to Hawaii himself. He finds Hope and tells her that he is the man for her and that he loves her. He even suggests eloping, but she refuses, having had enough of Liam's waffling. Hope ends the relationship, and a heartbroken Liam goes home to Los Angeles. Wyatt, in the meantime, lets Hope know that they have their whole lives to be together, and that when the time is right, he would love to marry her. He then gives her a beautiful necklace as a gift as well as an amazing kiss. However, their relationship is put in jeporady when a vengeful Liam reveals Wyatt's part in a jewelry heist. Hope considers terminating both her professional partnership with Quinn Artisian Jewelers as well as her romance with Wyatt, but he pleads with her for another chance, swearing that he will do everything he can to prove himself to her. She gives him another chance and agrees not to terminate the deal with his mother's company. Hope then tells Liam what she has decided. He tries to get her to change her mind, making it clear that Wyatt cannot be trusted, but Hope tells Liam that she loves Wyatt and is committed to him. She later goes on a business trip to Paris with her mother. Wyatt sneaks onto the Forrester jet and surprises Hope, which makes her happy. Hope thinks she is pregnant with Wyatt's child and wasn't with it for a while. She went by Liam's and through a receipt for a pregnancy test in his bushes which he found and went over there. Hope tells this to Wyatt as Liam rushes in. She retakes it and realizes she isn't pregnant. Hope is selfishly relieved and tells Wyatt she is even thought Wyatt somewhat wanted a child. Liam is dead relieved. Wyatt and Hope feel this is between them but Liam insists this affects him to. Wyatt is getting ready to take Hope camping again. Liam hops in the truck and kidnaps Hope, which freaks her out. She calls Wyatt who is alerted but can't stop Liam. Liam drives her to his place and they both can't let go of each other and fear losing each other. Liam demands equal time and for her to date them both if she shows up for dinner tonight. Wyatt tells Quinn that if Hope goes over to Liam's tonight she'd be dating them both (which Hope's mother Brooke has done with two half-brothers). Quinn wanted Wyatt to fight for her but Wyatt trusted Hope but didn't know what she was going to do. Of course, Hope does and dates them both which she goes back to talk to Wyatt who only cares about romancing her right now.

Bill and Brooke flew to Abu Dhabi and Dubai to get married. Ridge Forrester didn't like the Fuller's jewelry because he was upset that his ex-wife was marrying Bill Spencer. Quinn showed Wyatt the photo. Wyatt was against her using it because of his job and relationship with Hope. Quinn sent Ridge an e-mail of some jewelry pictures and the sex photo. Ridge was shocked and confronted Quinn who told him they had an "affair". Ridge showed this to Eric before he left for the Middle East. Eric confronted Quinn and Wyatt. Quinn brings up her relationship with Eric but that wasn't really relevant. Eric assured her she won't be losing her job. Ridge flew to Dubai and after they exchanged their "I Do's" yelled "Logan." and showed them the photo and Brooke was freaking out. Ridge punched Bill and took off with Brooke. Bill chased after them and Ridge and Brooke got in a helicopter. Bill nodded to the pilot and once they lifted Justin Barber the pilot swayed and Ridge fell in the middle of The Persian Gulf. Everybody thought Ridge could have been dead. Liam blamed Quinn for the possible death of Ridge Forrester. Rick fired Quinn and Wyatt from the company. Liam was badmouthing Quinn and Wyatt punched Liam down to the floor. Hope dumped Wyatt for the punch and Quinn's involvement. Wyatt called Hope to come to Big Bear to win her back over but Hope was confused and chose Liam. Quinn entered a bar and started drinking. Deacon sat next to her and started talking to her. Quinn explained she had a terrible day. She lost her job,son, and life. Quinn later mentioned that her son, Wyatt Spencer, is in love with a girl which she later mentions as Hope Logan. Quinn saw his face and asked if he knew her. Deacon said "Know her? Honey, I'm her daddy." Quinn was shocked to hear this. Deacon lets Quinn know that he talked to Hope and Ridge is still alive. Quinn was happy and relieved. Quinn and Deacon talked about Hope, Liam, and Wyatt.Deacon got a text from Quinn to come over to Quinn Artisan Jewellers Penthouse. Quinn asked if he has heard of Wyatt fro Hope in which he said he has. Quinn plans for her and Deacon to get Wyatt and Hope together again. Deacon needed something in exchange and told her he needed a place to stay. He asked to stay there and Quinn allowed him to stay in the penthouse. Deacon told her he can see what he could do. Hope had told Brooke and Liam that Deacon paid her a visit. Deacon asked Hope if she was over Wyatt while Hope stalled the situation. He told her she didn't answer the question. Wyatt came by the Forrester Mansion to tell her how happy he was for her that Ridge is alive at Ridge's welcoming back party. Liam came out and interrupted. Quinn told Deacon she's going to kill Liam. Deacon shows up at Wyatt's beach house and they had a couple friendly drinks while talking about Hope, Liam, and Wyatt.

Quinn stabbed Liam with his sword and says "Live by the sword, die by the sword." Liam saw this as a threat. Quinn came by Liam's at night and scared him while he took a flashlight and looked out the window and saw Quinn's face. Liam was shocked and tripped spraining his ankle. Liam told this to Hope who told Wyatt. Hope came over to the penthouse and questioned Quinn while Deacon eavesdropped unseen. Quinn lied to Hope and went to Liam's again. Quinn kicked him and told him she'll kill Hope too before she sees him with you. Liam and Hope told Wyatt who talked to Quinn. Later, Quinn made a sword and finally let Deacon see. Quinn left as Wyatt came. Deacon informed Wyatt about Quinn. Wyatt left while Quinn was threatening to kill Liam with the sword. Wyatt arrived just in time to push Quinn out of the way and save Liam.Wyatt told her she's done and Quinn teared and left. Wyatt thought about contacting the police but Liam told her to let her go. Wyatt, Liam, and Hope told Bill and Brooke about this and Wyatt got a phone call. A doctor said that his mother checked herself in to the mental care facility last night and she's getting help. She told him Quinn still loves him and will reach out to him when she gets better. They were all happy for Quinn. Quinn texted Wyatt and apologized for what she did to him, Liam, and Hope.

The man from Mexico who lent Wyatt the Hope For The Future Diamond, Ricardo Montemayor, has passed away and had no family or heir to pass it down to. He left it in the hands of Wyatt. Wyatt showed to Deacon and Wyatt said he promised to give it to Hope one day. Eric and Rick hired Eric's niece, Ivy Forrester, from Australia to work for the HFTF Jewelry line. She was uncertain because she has her company is Australia she has to run. Eric suggested she goes back and forth but still. She needed somebody to help her along with the jewelry line. Hope and Liam automatically thought Wyatt. They asked Wyatt to rejoin Forrester in which he gladly accepted.

Wyatt is stunned to see Quinn back home and she insists that she is better, but is still in treatment for her issues. Wyatt filled her in on everything that has happened since she's been gone from Hope going back to Liam, getting rehired at Forrester, and Ricardo willing him the Hope Diamond necklace after his sudden death. During a press conference, Wyatt reveals the Hope Diamond in his possession and, keeping his promise, gives it to Hope. Feeling humiliated and believing that Wyatt is back to his old tricks again, Liam tells Hope to give the diamond back to Wyatt and fire him again. Wyatt and Hope then leave for Paris for photo shoot business trip. Hope insisted that Liam go with her, but is hesitate since Wyatt is also there as well. After convincing from Ivy and Aly, Liam decides to go to Paris and meet Hope at the Eiffel Tower where they can finally be able to solidify their relationship. Ivy tags along with Liam, unbeknownst to both that Quinn is following them. After the photo shoot and a walk around Paris, Hope tells Wyatt that she plans to stay with Liam. As she waits for Liam at their special spot by the tower, Wyatt secretly watches from beyond, hoping that Liam will not show up. Liam finds Hope patiently waiting for him while Ivy planned to snap a picture of them together. While sitting up on a ledge, Quinn discretely pushes Ivy into the river and Liam jumps in to save her. Quinn arrives at a rooftop restaurant near the Eiffel Tower and steals a tourist's binoculars and secretly watches Hope getting aggravated waiting for Liam. Liam ran to get to Hope and mistook her for another girl. Hope had left and was on the Forrester jet to Monte Carlo with Wyatt. Quinn called Wyatt and after informing her, Quinn convinced him to marry Hope there. Wyatt took Hope on a romantic boat ride. Wyatt asked her to marry him and she agreed. The boat's captain held the marriage ceremony and in Hope's vow she said he dives right in and Wyatt asked her to dive in with him. Hope ran to the back of the boat and held her arm out and Wyatt and Hope both jumped into the water. The captain pronounced them man and wife.

At Hope and Wyatt's wedding party, Aly and Ivy convinced Liam to tell Hope he was there. Aly and Ivy distracted Wyatt with a bunch of questions about the wedding ceremony while Liam told Hope the dilema in her bedroom. Wyatt decided to go see his wife soon after and realized the situation. Hope was teary but stayed faithful to Wyatt when Wyatt put the wedding rings on her. Aly began to notice that Ivy likes Liam. Ivy informed Aly she was thinking of inviting Liam to they party at Bikini Bar. Ivy asked Liam to go and he agreed wanting some fun. Ivy kissed Liam. Aly wanted to hear everything that happened between Liam and Ivy from Ivy. Hope eavesdropped hearing about the party and the kiss. Hope made herself present and Aly left. Ivy brought up the conversation and Hope claimed she shouldn't date Liam to give him more time. Ivy stated that Hope's married to Wyatt now and she can't have them both. Hope accused Ivy of purposely falling in the Seine. Ivy told Hope that she's a lot like Brooke. Hope got defensive telling her that she's her boss. Ivy said that her uncle hired her because she's talented and a Forrester. Hope's a Logan. Ivy invited Liam to a couple's party at her home, and she and Liam were the only persons not apart of a couple there. At the end, Ivy told Liam how she felt about him. She then opened the door for him to leave and he kissed her. Hope confronted Ivy once more about giving Liam space and she told her that she was helping him get through his heart break. Charlie and Pam came up to the conclusion after watching several camera footage that Quinn was in Paris and she was the one who pushed Ivy into the river purposefully so that he could miss Hope.

Ivy held an Australian themed party inviting: Aly and her boyfriend, Oliver, Caroline and Rick, and Liam hoping to share a moment with him. Everybody was having fun but Liam still had his head wrapped around the whole twist of fate. After everybody left, Ivy feeling guilty apologized to liam and admit she has feelings for him but it's too soon. Liam kissed Ivy again. Hope was still fretting over this. While Ivy was conversing with Liam in his beach house after Wyatt wanted to move in to Liam's with Hope, Pam and Charlie stopped by. Charlie showed Liam and Ivy footage of Quinn arriving in Paris, stealing a random person's scooter, and pushing Ivy into the Seine. Charlie also dug up Quinn's arrival records from customs. Liam thought this could change everything while Ivy was nervous about her relationship. Whether this is true or not, Ivy told Pam she'd be happy if Liam was to get back with Hope if it makes him happy. Ivy compared Hope to Brooke again.

Hope was thinking what it would be like to start a family with Wyatt. A curious Hope took a pregnancy test, and was shocked to learn that this time, she was actually pregnant with Wyatt's child. A terrified Hope rushed to Liam and told him the news. Liam at first was mad with Hope, but then seen it her way, and tears filled their eyes wondering what the future will be like. However, Liam decides to let Hope go and pursue a relationship with Ivy.

Hope and Wyatt agreed that Quinn can't be part of this child's life. As Wyatt left to tell her, Quinn stopped by. Quinn stopped over while Hope was spazzing. Quinn apologized once more and Hope eventually calmed down but restricted her from her grandchild's life and their house. Quinn thought this was unfair and argued with Hope. Wyatt was going to tell Quinn the same thing. At the same time, Deacon started having romantic feelings for Quinn and had kissed her twice. Deacon stopped by Hope and Wyatt's to announce he has a woman in his life. Quinn came in and Hope spazzed. Hope didn't want to accept this and exiled Quinn from the baby's life and Deacon if he'll stay with Quinn. Hope tried to convince Deacon that Quinn is using him but he denied it.

Hope, Wyatt, and Ivy were doing a photo shoot in Amsterdam and Quinn is excited to hear that Ivy invited Liam to tag along. Quinn suggested to Deacon flying over there but Deacon insisted she doesn't. Quinn is excited to hear that Wyatt arranged a boat tour for Liam and Ivy to help get Hope and Liam over each other. Quinn stops by the Forrester Mansion for Thanksgiving bringing yams when Hope comes to the door and insists that she's not welcome.

Hope was having her baby shower which Quinn was uninvited to. Quinn overheard Deacon talking to Hope on the phone about it. Quinn planned on stopping by but Deacon tried to convince her otherwise. Quinn walked up to the balcony and hid behind a fake plant watching Hope receive her presents. Quinn dreamt her coming down the stairs begging for Hope's acceptance, and Hope calling her mom and hugging her. While all of the ladies see their way to the garden to play party games, Quinn strolls down the staircase and steals a slice of cake with a napkin over it and leaves. Meanwhile, Liam stopped by Quinn's because he called Ivy making sure Quinn wasn't gonna crash, and was informed that Deacon was with Quinn were together which disgusted him. Quinn entered her penthouse to find Liam asking where she was. Quinn claimed she was out and Liam observed the piece of cake questioning her. She claimed she went to a bakery because she has a sweetooth. Liam called Hope to meet with her and when they did he told her Quinn had the same piece of cake. Hope was all stressed out and Liam left after telling her he'll always be protective over her. Quinn stopped by and had an argument with Hope. They took it out to the garden. Hope agreed to drop it. Quinn apologized and as she was walking away, pregnant Hope tripped down the patio steps. Quinn ran down to help when Liam rushed to her rescue, rushing her to the hospital. Hope was okay with minor injuries however she lost the baby. Hope awoke the next morning. She wrongly blamed Wyatt for not keeping Quinn away. Wyatt told Hope her problem is that she always wants what she doesn't have. Wyatt tried to convince Hope to work it out but Hope didn't want Quinn in her life anymore and left to go to the Logan Mansion by the patio. While Hope was remembering the incident, Liam came to her and hugged her. Hope decided to leave for Milan to go be with her mother that day.

Brooke stated she's not going to Quinn and Deacon's wedding. Quinn asked her to come for Deacon's sake Brooke claimed she wouldn't. Brooke called Hope from Milan to stop Deacon and Quinn's wedding. On Deacon and Quinn's wedding day, Wyatt was the only guest at his Beach House. Brooke crashed the wedding with a tablet showing a live video chat with Hope. Hope tried guilt tripping Deacon into not marrying Quinn. Hope stated it would strain their relationship threatened to exclude him from her life once again. Deacon told Hope sorry and told Brooke to leave. Wyatt gave Quinn and Deacon his blessing. Quinn had Carter pull out her surprise and he pulled out a jeweled cloth and tied it around their intertwined hands symbolizing them being tied to each other and they end up marrying each other.

Hope returns to Los Angeles in early 2018 as a late-Christmas present surprise for Brooke from Ridge. She tells her mom that she is back in town permanently and is eager to show everyone at Forrester Creations everything she learned while abroad as well as hoping to relaunch her Hope For The Future campaign. Upon her return to Forrester Creations, she meets Sally Spectra II who informs Hope that Liam and Steffy have start to have problems with their marriage, but refuses to tell Hope where Liam is staying. Hope then contacts Liam and goes to see him at the hotel he's staying at. She offers her support and friendship to both Liam and Steffy hoping they both can get through whatever trouble they have for the sake of their unborn daughter. However, as time goes on, Hope begins spending more and more time with Liam and Liam begins to confide more in Hope which causes Steffy to become a little insecure that Hope is going after Liam again. Hope eventually finds out from her mom that Steffy cheated on Liam with his father Bill. During an argument with Steffy, Hope lets it out that she's still in love with Liam and still holds resentment towards Steffy for all the manipulations she has done over the years.

In January 2019, Hope and Liam are devastated when their infant daughter Beth is "stillborn". It is revealed that Dr. Reese Buckingham stole Hope and Liam's daughter Beth Spencer and gave them a stillborn baby girl. Reese later brought baby Beth Spencer to his apartment and his friend Flo pretended to be the birth mother. Steffy adopted the baby not knowing her true identity and named her Phoebe after her late sister.

Beth's story and marriage to Thomas

In February 2019, Hope assures Steffy that she doesn't regret her adoption. When she first takes Phoebe in her arms, she experiences an inexplicable feeling, like Liam. The spouses return to work, where Eric reveals that he and Ridge decided to restore the HftF collection. Hope can't stop thinking about the events of Catalina. The Logan Sisters keep her company, but she can't stop thinking about Phoebe. Liam apologizes to his wife that he was not with her at Catalina. However, she reveals that thanks to Phoebe she felt like a mother and thus received new hope. Steffy agrees to Hope help her with her daughters, especially Phoebe, who makes her feel comfortable. Hope convinces her mother that taking care of Phoebe helps her not to think about painful loss. However, he believes that the girls' lives would look completely different if Steffy was with Liam. Brooke doesn't like her daughter's position when she states that Liam's place is next to Kelly and Phoebe. She doesn't want to get pregnant again to risk losing another child. Hope shocks Liam by asking him to go to Steffy and her children, suggesting the same to Ridge's daughter. She pulls the wedding ring off her finger, despite her husband's persistent prayers. Liam reminds her of her marriage vow and then puts the ring back on her finger. In March 2019, Hope refuses to listen to the assurances that one day they will become parents again. However, Liam declares that he will never give up their marriage. Soon, Hope is accosted in a bikini by the bartender Florence Fulton.

Their conversation is interrupted by Zoe, who states that Flo is Phoebe's biological mother. Surprised Hope ensures that the girl is loved by the whole family. The woman tells everything to her husband. He also doesn't want to have dinner with Sally and Wyatt, but Liam thinks they can't let Beth's death paralyze them. During the evening together, Hope is surprised to see Florence, who is not only Phoebe's biological mother, but also Wyatt's high school sweetheart. Flo makes a big impression on Liam's wife and she would like to get to know her better. Soon, Steffy informs Liam and Hope that he is going to Europe on business matters and taking both daughters with him. She asks them to use her absence to rectify their marriage. Soon, the Forrester family and loved ones are shaken by information about Caroline's sudden death. Thomas and Douglas move to Los Angeles. Hope tries to divert the boy's attention from his mother's death. At Douglas' request, Hope prepares a dish with him according to the recipe of the deceased Caroline. They both talk about heaven because Hope is still mourning Beth's death, Thomas is grateful to the woman for taking the time to Douglas. He also admits that they didn't pair with Caroline. They both become stunned when the boy asks if Hope could become his mother. She mentions this to Liam and does not hide the move, glad that she can help a needy child. He assures Douglas that he will always be with him.

In April 2019, Zoe suggests Hope make her husband get another child. Soon, when Thomas visits Hope with Douglas, he complements her and states that her extraordinary charm captivated him years ago when they were meeting each other. Meanwhile, Zoe is not thrilled when Hope reveals that she would like to contact Flo, who had dealt with the pain after her daughter's adoption, so she could also help her come to terms with Beth's death. Liam's wife meets Flo, but their conversation is interrupted. They hear that Flo's father is the late Storm Logan. Hope and Flo are amazed when they discover that they are cousins ​​to each other. The delighted woman introduces her to her mother and aunts who welcome her and her mother, Shauna, into the Logan family. She shocks everyone when she announces that her daughter was never pregnant, so she can't be Phoebe's biological mother. Flo explains to his newly found relatives that her mother did not know anything. Liam is amazed when Hope tells him about his relationship with Florence.

When Liam tries to approach his wife, she moves away from him and he shows forgiveness. Hope urges Liam to fly to Europe to see his daughter. However, he insists that his place is with her. Meanwhile, Thomas offers to become the designer of her collection. He also reveals that he often thinks about her. Soon, Liam surprises his wife with a romantic meal with candles and champagne. Despite initial objections, Hope agrees to Liam's request and makes love to him for the first time since Beth's death. Meanwhile, Thomas shows Hope a recording in which Kelly calls her dad. Forrester convinces Hope to send her husband to Paris to be with her daughter. At his wife's request, Spencer agrees to fly to Europe.

Meanwhile, Hope offers Flo a job at FC. In May 2019, Flo accepts a job offer on the Hope collection on his birthday. Meanwhile, Thomas simply announces to Hope that they could raise Douglas together, while Liam would return to Steffy and the girls. Forrester kisses his daughter Brooke, but she moves away from him. He reveals that Caroline knew about his feelings and wanted her daughter Brooke to be present in his and Douglas's life if something had happened to her. He shows her the engagement ring he wanted to give her in Cabo San Lucas years ago and declares that he wants to create a family with her. Hope confesses to Flo about sending Liam to Steffy. He also mentions Thomas's feelings, but Flo announces to her cousin that she should not part with her husband. Liam returns to Los Angeles and demands that Forrester end his manipulations, as he will not leave his wife. Thomas suggests that Spencer return to Steffy to take care of Phoebe and Kelly. When Liam asks Hope to make a choice and she gives Thomas a hint that she will not leave her husband. Soon, Hope hears Flo and Zoe's conversation, during which the name Beth is said. When she demands an explanation, they both explain that they admire her for bravery after losing her daughter.

Meanwhile, Thomas reads to Unconscious Hope a counterfeit letter, which shows that Caroline wanted her mother for Douglas if something happened to her. Daughter Brooke finds herself in this description. When she and Thomas calm down Douglas, who had a bad dream, promises the boy that he will always be with him. Hope declares to her husband that they must part, for the sake of Phoebe, Kelly and Douglas. Spencer thinks his wife is being manipulated by Thomas. However, he gives up and decides to accept the decision of a desperate wife, for whom the future of children is most important. Brooke believes that his daughter is driven by the fear of having another child. Hope visits Steffy who is returning to the city and convinces her of her decision. She declares that she is ready to be with Douglas, but he moves away from Thomas when he kisses her. He asks him not to expect too much, because the only man he will always love is Liam. Meanwhile, he and Steffy unsuccessfully try to convince her to change her decision to part. Liam prepares a farewell dinner for his wife. In June 2019, Flo also tries to convince Hope to change his mind. However, she asks Carter to prepare marriage annulment documents. Thomas offers her comfort. When Hope and Liam are to sign, their meeting is unexpectedly interrupted by Xander. He goes out, however, when his car sounds an alarm, but does not come back. Hope and Liam sign the annulment, tenderly saying goodbye to each other. Soon, Thomas informs Hope that Liam has moved into Steffy's house. She promises that together with Douglas, she will help her shape her life again. She, however, moves away from Thomas when he kisses her. Brooke warns his daughter about his feelings, which she thinks are obsessed. At his request, Hope is trying on a dress he created as part of HftF. Thomas is enchanted by her, kisses her and re-expresses her hope for a future together, though she doesn't want to give him false hopes. Meanwhile, Liam also warns his ex-wife about Forrester. Ridge, in turn, encourages her to give his son a chance and create a family with him for Douglas. Soon, Hope experiences the death of Emma, ​​who died in a car accident, using a phone while driving and wanting to send her a message.

Pamela remembers Brooke and her daughter that Thomas was arguing with the deceased shortly before her death. Forrester explains that the girl wanted to dance again during the fashion show, but it did not go along with his vision and projects. Soon, Steffy and Liam are organizing a children's beach party, to which Hope, Thomas and Douglas are also invited. When Hope holds Phoebe in his arms, he calls her "Beth", for which he quickly apologizes. When Liam assures her that he is sleeping in the guest room, she is happy to see him taking care of Phoebe and Kelly. Liam unwittingly drinks the drink to which Thomas added the drug.

Spencer falls into euphoria, which outrages Hope, according to whom he ceased to suffer after the death of their daughter. Thomas suggests that Steffy and Liam are already a couple. In July 2019, Hope is devastated when Liam apologizes to her for behaving from the party and confesses that he spent the night with Steffy. Brooke's daughter tells him to return to his ex-wife and their children. He notes that their fate would have been different had Beth lived. Former spouses profess love. While watching the fireworks show together, Douglas pulls an engagement ring from his pocket and asks Hope to become his mother, and thus Thomas's wife. He assures that he knew nothing. When a woman accepts a proposal, Forrester wants to make love to her, but she asks them to wait. Liam and Brooke, however, urge Hope to break the engagement, but she puts Douglas's good at the forefront. Brooke asks his daughter not to rush her wedding, until she loves Thomas.

The man wants to make love to her, but she moves away from him and does not know when she will be able to approach him. Steffy agrees to Hope's request and agrees to be her bridesmaid. Brooke asks his daughter not to marry a man she doesn't love or sacrifice her future. However, she walks to the altar, but hesitates when taking the marriage vow, looking at Douglas, Brooke and Liam. Meanwhile, Phoebe unexpectedly grabs her wedding dress and repeats the word "mom". Despite the disruption, Hope and Thomas remain married. The woman decides to spend the wedding night in Douglas's room. Thomas convinces his son not to agree. When Hope is unable to give in to her husband and make love to him, he shows her forbearance, despite his frustration. Liam breathes a sigh of relief when she discovers that Hope did not make love to her husband. Meanwhile, Thomas rents a hotel room where they can spend their wedding night. As Hope and Liam talk about Beth's death, Douglas unexpectedly announces that the girl is alive. They both take his words as a metaphor, though he insists he repeats that Beth is not dead. At the hotel, Thomas wants to make love to Hope, but she confesses that she can't stop thinking about Liam and Beth, despite her husband's efforts.

In August 2019, Thomas presents Hope with a gift, which she agrees to wear. Unexpectedly, however, he takes his wife to FC, from where they are to fly off by helicopter on his journey. Liam quickly finds Hope and tells her that Beth is still alive. Hope at first didn't want to believe what Douglas said but Liam then reveals that he confronted Flo, and she confirmed that she lied about being Phoebe's birth mother. There is a fight between him and Thomas, which Forrester loses and escapes. Liam and Hope reunite with their daughter with joy. Hope is shocked when it turns out that Reese's debts and Zoe's life threatening forced him to fake the death of the child, which he then transferred to paid adoption, which the unaware Steffy decided to do. Flo agreed to pretend to be the biological mother of "Phoebe". Also Dr Buckingham was able to pull this off when Hope passed out for giving birth, and that his other patient's child was born stillborn and gave Hope the woman's child. Hope is horrified when Liam reveal's that Zoe knew about Beth but didn't want her father to be arrested, along with Xander and Emma. However Liam tells Hope that Emma had found out about Beth when she overheard Xander and Zoe arguing and was on her way to tell her the truth before she died.

Finally Liam reveals to Hope that Thomas has know about Beth since around the time they had gotten an annulment and that he was chasing Emma in his car. Hope is devastated that Thomas knew about Beth for months and didn't say anything so that she wouldn't leave him. When Steffy arrives back with Kelly, Liam and Hope break the news to her about Phoebe being Beth. Steffy doesn't believe this story and is not going to let them take Beth, who she cared for all those months and thought of as her daughter. Liam connives Steffy to let Hope take Beth home because she was robbed out of being Beth's mother, and it lead to her blaming herself, and getting depressed. Hope and Liam take Beth back to the cabin, and both discussing Thomas. Hope apologizes to Liam for marrying Thomas and tells him that she never stopped loving him. Hope takes of her wedding ring in disuse, after learning how far Thomas would go to get what he wants. Douglas arrives, and Hope thanks him for telling the truth.

Liam and Hope have a celebration on having Beth back with the family. Meanwhile, Flo and her mother is at the cabin, to get the Logan family to forgive her. When Hope arrives at the cabin with Beth, she see's Flo. After putting Beth down, Hope confronts Flo for lying to her for months Flo apologizes to her cousin and wants to know how she can be forgiven. Hope cheeks her with fury and announces that she will never forgive her. Detective Sanchez arrests Flo, despite Shauna's plea for mercy. Later Liam and Hope talk to Justin about undoing the adoption and to serve Thomas with annulment papers , although Liam warns that this may upset Forrester. However, Hope calls Thomas and informs him of her decision. Hope also asks Liam to consider looking after Douglas. Thomas surprises Hope at the cliff house and tries to explain himself to her. However, Hope cannot forgive him for concealing the truth from her and declares that everything is finished between them. Brooke walks in between them and pushes Thomas away, who then falls off the cliff. The event is witnessed by Ridge, who is afraid of his son's life and accuses his wife of deliberately causing his accident, because he knows that she hates his kids. Hope tries to explain to his astonished mother that Thomas did not threaten her, but only tried to apologize.

Brooke explains that she just wanted to protect her daughter, but it was clearly not an accident, she clearly pushed him because she hates him. When Hope hates unconscious Thomas, the man wakes up from a coma. Detective Sanchez asks him about the circumstances of the fall, and he claims that he had an accident, protecting Brooke from prison. Brooke breathes a sigh of relief. In September 2019, the contrite Forrester apologizes to loved ones for the wrongs he has done and explains that he only wanted to provide Douglas with his family. Soon, Liam makes a surprise visit to Steffy's house with his daughter, Beth (Phoebe). Steffy is happy to see Liam and Beth, the baby who they cared for all those months. Later on, Hope finds out about the visit and sees a text message and rushes to Steffy's house and harasses her and starts yelling at her, Hope thinks that her and Liam are still married, but the truth is that they are not officially a couple, they are just living together, Steffy said to Hope. Liam sides with Steffy and confirms that he still loves Steffy which makes hope feel entitled and she starts to get very angry. Steffy tried to keep things civil and mature but Hope caused a huge scene in Steffy's house. Liam defends Steffy and reminds her that she had to give up Beth for them.

Having legal custody of Douglas

When expressing her feelings to Brooke about wanting to be a mother to Douglas, Brooke urges Hope to fight for rights to Douglas, and have Liam adopt Douglas as well. Hope presses Thomas to give up his rights to Douglas, but he refuses. After Douglas leaves with Thomas, Hope becomes more determined to adopt Douglas, which Liam questions if Thomas is manipulating the situation to have her again. Hope tricks Thomas into letting her adopt Douglas. When Hope is granted being Douglas's legal parent, Thomas manipulates the entire situation. To where at one point Hope and Thomas got into an argument, when Hope thinks Thomas did something to Douglas. When Hope and Thomas are alone in the Chemical room at Forrester, Thomas tries to kiss Hope to where she pushed him, and Thomas fell into acid. Hope tires to find Thomas but couldn't. Hope later tells Brooke that she killed Thomas, but has rights to Douglas. Ridge and Steffy confronts Hope about having legal rights to Douglas, and pushing Thomas into Acid(When it was reveal that he was pushed into cleaning products.). However Thomas shows up to his home and surprises Hope, to whom is relieve that he survived.

Break up with Liam

Hope and Liam's relationship turns rocky when both argue about Thomas. Also Hope need's a designer to win the show down against Steffy. So she finally asks Thomas to be her designer after getting rejected by Sally, and Quinn. Hope spread boundaries between them to which Thomas accepts.

When Liam set's up a romantic evening for Hope, he proposes to her. However under the condition that she gives up her rights to Douglas, so that Thomas won't be popping up every time at the cabin and causing them drama. When Hope tries to compromise with Liam, he storms out of the cabin. Liam stays at Steffy's Clift house, while Hope goes over there to fix their relationship.

Hope is heartbroken when she see's Liam and Steffy kiss outside. Angry, Hope breaks up with Liam and kicks him out of the cabin. Thomas is there to comfort her. Hope deals with Zoe returning to Forrester creation's and being in a relationship with Thomas. Due to her still not forgiving Zoe for knowing about Beth still being alive.

Douglas expresses to Hope that even though he likes Zoe, he does not want her to be with his father because he doesn't want to lose his new mom. Douglas encourages Hope many times to marry Thomas so that they can be a family. Hope assures Douglas that she will still be his mother. Hope later confronts Thomas on rushing his relationship with Zoe and having Douglas lashing out.

Thomas tells Hope that he loves Zoe and that they want to be married, and that she won't be around to see Douglas that much. Hope and Liam argue when Liam believes that Thomas is still being manipulative. Hope and Zoe defend Thomas against Liam. One day before Thomas and Zoe's wedding, Douglas pleads with Hope again to stop the wedding and marry Thomas, so that he can still see her. When Thomas stops by the cabin he assures Hope that he wants to marry Zoe right away, and that Douglas would get over it. Hope and Liam talk and Liam still believes that Thomas is still up to no good. Hope thinks that Thomas has changed, but wished he wait longer to get married for Douglas and thinks that she is letting down Beth. Liam apologies for kissing Steffy and made a mistake, and assures Hope that she could never let Beth down. When Thomas drops by with Douglas, he assures Hope that he is still getting married to Zoe. Douglas pleads with Hope to marry Thomas. Before Hope can answer, Liam calls her to get over Steffy's house.

Exposing Thomas at his wedding with Zoe

When Hope arrives at Steffy's house, Liam reveals to Hope that Steffy has something to tell her. Steffy reveals to Hope that it was all her fault, that Liam is not with her and Beth. Steffy confesses that her kiss with Liam was planned. Steffy reveals that Thomas called her when Hope was on her way to compromised with Liam, and that he manipulated her into kissing him, and that he saw it go down. Also Steffy goes on to reveal that when Thomas called her phone it was the signal to kiss Liam and to let Hope see them.

Steffy warns Hope that Thomas is still obsessed with her, and that his wedding with Zoe is a ruse to get her to marry him. Hope also learns that Thomas made the show stopper dress for Hope for the Future for her to marry him, when he dumps Zoe at the alter. Hope is disappointed in Steffy for going along with Thomas's plan. However Liam, Hope and Steffy realizes that Thomas is mentally abusing Douglas and needs to get him away from his father.

Liam apologizes for hurting Hope and that he should have never gave her an ultimatum. Liam tells Hope that they can be a family again, with Douglas, and proposes to her. Hope accepts, and Steffy is relieved and happy. Hope then realizes that Liam and her mother were right about Thomas all along. Hope is furious at Thomas using Douglas, and manipulating her again. Hope, Liam and Steffy plan to expose Thomas at his wedding.

At Thomas and Zoe's wedding, Steffy and Brooke warns Zoe about Thomas using her, but Zoe doesn't believe them and still wants to marry him. Before the wedding starts, Douglas reveals to Hope that Thomas told him that the only way that they can be a family and not having to loose another mother is if she marries him. Hope tells Douglas that she want what is best for him, and that she won't lose him. When the ceremony starts Douglas has a meltdown and runs upstairs. Hope chases after him.

Before Thomas can say "I do", Hope comes downstairs with the showstopper gown on while holding Douglas's hand. Thinking that his plan had worked Thomas chooses Hope over Zoe, which lead to her slapping him. Thomas is happy that Hope wants to marry him to be a family. However Hope tells Thomas that she put the gown on to expose him.

Hope confronts Thomas when she informs him that Steffy told Liam and herself what he has been up. Thomas tries to lie, but Hope knows what she is talking about, and confronts him on using Douglas and preyed on his feeling and insecurities, by having him to believe that making a future with Zoe would cut her out of his life. When Thomas tells Zoe that this is a misunderstanding and wants to marry her still, Zoe doesn't believe him.

Zoe tells Thomas that Hope already told her about his plan before the wedding. However hoped that Thomas would prove Hope wrong. Zoe then went along with Hope's plan. Upon realizing that he used her to get to Hope. Zoe tearfully tells Thomas that she really loved him but realized she and Douglas was pawns in his game. Thomas tries to get Zoe to change her mind but refuses to be someone's constellation prize, and refuses to marry him. Thomas is shocked when Steffy reveals that she told Hope and Liam about manipulating her into kissing Liam. Steffy tells her brother that Hope already knows about the showstopper gown that he created just for her to marry him again. Also they know that Thomas would reveal his true intentions at the wedding, when Hope put on the showstopper gown.

Everyone is disappointed by Thomas's action's and for using Zoe and Douglas. Thomas tries to justified his actions to his family and that he did this for Douglas. Douglas pops up and Thomas puts him on the spot and ask his son to tell everyone that he did this for him, which angers his friend Vinny.

Hope tells Thomas that Douglas is fine, and reveals that they had a long talk before the wedding on why Zoe and herself refuses to marry his father. Also Hope reveals to everyone that Thomas was encouraging Douglas to beg her to marry his father or he won't have a mother. Thomas is in shocked that Douglas knew about Hope exposing him.

Douglas tells Thomas that it was wrong that he lied to Hope and Zoe and made him feel that he was losing another mother again. Douglas tells Thomas that he wants to live with Liam, Hope and Beth, and not him. Ridge apologizes to Brooke for not believing her about his son. When Thomas asks for Ridge's support, Ridge lashes out at him for using Zoe and Douglas, and playing him.

Thomas breaks down after he is exposed. Hope tearfully tells Thomas that she will provide a home for Douglas and that she is threw letting him hurt her family. When Thomas tearfully begs Hope to be with him and that he loves her, Hope rejects him. When everyone turn there backs on Thomas, he leaves. Realizing that Hope will never love him, and lost all respect to his family, and son.

After the wedding Hope and Liam have a small ceremony with Douglas and Beth. Both Liam and Hope decides to get married at the court house.

Hope and Liam officially gotten married for the third time off-screen in a possible time-jump which Hope became‘s Hope Spencer again and Kelly step-mother once a again.

Misdeeds and Crimes

  • Slapped Oliver Jones after hearing that he had sex with her mother Brooke Logan Forrester (2010)
  • Slapped Steffy (2012).
  • Vandalized Liam Spencer's house (2012).
  • Vandalized Bill Spencer Jr.'s house with a golf club.
  • Crashed into Steffy on a ski slope while high on pills (2012)
  • Broke into Bill Spencer's house by smashing a window with a golf club (2013).
  • Pushed Steffy into a desk, not knowing that Steffy was pregnant (2013).
  • Kissed Liam while he was married to Steffy (2013)
  • Kissed Wyatt while she was engaged to Liam (2013)
  • Accused Quinn Forrester of being evil (2015)
  • Told Deacon Sharpe not to marry Quinn Forrester (2015)
  • Yelled at Sally and told her she will never design at Forrester Creations (2018)
  • Slapped Flo Fulton after hearing her role in the baby switch drama. (2019)
  • Told Flo Fulton that she is not her cousin and called her a bastard (2019)
  • Tried to take Douglas Forrester away from his abusive father, Thomas Forrester (2019)
  • Manipulated Thomas Forrester into giving her custody of Douglas Forrester (2019)
  • Accidentally Pushed Thomas Forrester into an acid vat, presumably killing him (2019)
  • Lied and kept a secret about what really happened to Thomas (2019)

Maladies and Injuries

  • Had two seizures as a result of nearly drowning in a hot tub (2005).
  • Almost raped by Graham Darros (2010).
  • Became addicted to anti anxiety medication (2012).
  • Almost drowned after falling into a pool while under the influence of anti-anxiety medication (2012).
  • Accidently crashed into Steffy Forrester on a ski slope while high on pills not knowing they were bought on the Internet (2012).
  • Hit head in a fall after running from Wyatt Fuller in the woods (2013).
  • Tripped down patio stairs while pregnant and had a miscarriage with Wyatt Spencer child. (Dec 2014)
  • Given Birth To Daughter Beth Spencer Completely Natural (Jan 2019)
  • Passed Out While Given Birth To Daughter Beth Spencer (Jan 2019)