Hector Ramirez
Hector Ramirez-0
Lorenzo Lamas as Hector Ramirez
The Bold and The Beautiful
Portrayed by Lorenzo Lamas
Current status Former, Regular
Duration 2004-2006
First appearance February 18, 2004
Last appearance December 5, 2006
Family Ramirez
Gender Male
Occupation Firefighter
Siblings Christian Ramirez
Romances Samantha Kelly

Taylor Hayes

Children Caitlin Ramirez

Jimmy Ramirez
(adoptive son)

Hector Ramirez is a fictional character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Lorenzo Lamas.


Hector played against Ridge Forrester in soccer growing up and he was born and raised in Los Angeles. In his twenties he fell in love with underage Samantha Kelly and began to make plans for their future together. Samantha got pregnant at 17 and said she and Hector planned to raise the baby together. Priscilla Kelly was at Hector's door with a baby forcing him to sign papers stating he would avoid contact with Sam who didn't want his baby. Hector slept with underage Priscilla and promised never to see Sam again or he'd lose his daughter. Hector raised Caitlin on his own telling her, her mother was dead, and then adopted a boy Jimmy who's parents died in a fire. Years after Hector was furious when he found out Caitlin went to work for the Forresters, a lifestyle her mother pursued and turning her back on her daughter. Her forced her to quit which she did but got rehired for Logan Designs which is part of Forrester Creations. He found out but Caitlin didn't tell him Sam was her boss and he didn't object. Caitlin began having nightmares about her mother so Hector felt it was time to tell her (with Amber's assistance) and apparently Sam thought her daughter was dead. Caitlin and Sam had a tender reunion. Hector and Sam reunited but she unexplainably fell off the show and Hector fell in love with Taylor Hayes. Even though he knew she was married he still pursued his love for Taylor. Hector agreed if her husband Ridge Forrester wasn't back by New Years Eve, she'd kiss him. This led to Taylor telling Ridge her indescretion again and they annuled.Hector tried to pursue single Taylor but Taylor continued to resist. Hector was blinded by a fire the night Taylor revealed she accidently ran over Thorne Forrester's wife Darla. Hector moved into Taylor's home but when Taylor reunited with Thorne he moved into Thorne's to watch over it.

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