Grant Chambers
Grant Chambers-1
Charles Grant as Grant Chambers
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Charles Grant
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 1996-1998
First appearance April 12, 1996
Last appearance October 9, 1998
Family Chambers
Gender Male
Died 1998
Cause of death Cancer
Occupation Fashion designer
Spouses Brooke Logan (1997)
Macy Alexander (1998)
Romances Taylor Hamilton
Sheila Carter

Grant Chambers is a fictional character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Charles Grant.


Grant Chambers was a old friend of Taylor Hamilton, Grant came to town to make a name for himself in the designing field. Taylor and Grant were ex-lovers in college and Taylor kissed Grant and begged him not to tell Ridge Forrester of their past affair in college since she was on the verge of remarrying Ridge again after he was deciding on whether or not to choose to marry her or Brooke Logan. While Brooke was still with Ridge, engaged to be married, Grant Chambers developed a crush on Brooke. Getting caught kissing Grant 'goodbye' as a rejection of his proposal for them to date, Brooke was devastated when it was revealed to Ridge that someone had witnessed a more than 'friendly' kiss between Brooke and Grant. Ridge therefore, proposed to Taylor on a runway, having lost faith in Brooke and with her mainly because of Rick and Bridget Forrester Brooke tried to explain to Ridge that the kiss was nothing more than a friendly goodbye, but Ridge refused to believe her and stated he would be marrying Taylor, his former wife. Brooke decided to try to blackmail Ridge, threatening to marry Grant on a boat if he didn't come stop her and marry her himself. Leaving Taylor at a party to try to stop Brooke from making a mistake and marrying Grant. Ridge raced to stop the boat but was unsuccessful and Brooke decided to marry Grant despite not wanting to. After their marriage, she turned on Ridge and put Grant in charge of Forrester Creations in both an attempt to get him to leave Taylor and to try to encourage him to come back to her.


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