Graham Darros
Graham Darros-1
Justin Baldoni as Graham Darros
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Justin Baldoni
Current status Former, Guest
Duration 2010
First appearance January 15, 2010
Last appearance February 3, 2010
Cause/reason Jailed
Created by Bradley Bell
Gender Male
Occupation Former Photographer for Forrester Creations
Residence Los Angeles, California
Romances Agnes Jones (raped)
Hope Logan (attempt to rape)
Graham Darros is a fictional character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Justin Baldoni in early 2010.


Graham Darros was a photographer whom Steffy Forrester hired at Forrester Creations to work on her new campaign, but it was over before it even got started. So instead, Steffy's rival, Hope Logan brought him on to work on her "Hope For The Future" campaign. Graham took a liking to Hope and she confided in him when she found out about how she was conceived. Graham invited Hope to his place for a party, but ended up drugging her drink. When Hope passed out, Graham made his next move to rape her, but was interfered by Nick Marone and Sandy Somers. Sandy recognized Graham as the guy who had raped her five years earlier at a party. Nick rescued Hope while Sandy confronted Graham, telling him that after the assault, she was so traumatized she changed her identity. The police eventually arrive just as Sandy was ready to smack Graham with a lead pipe. Graham is arrested for raping Sandy and attempted to rape Hope and is currently serving jail time.

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