Gabriela Moreno
Gaby moreno
Shanelle Workman as Gabriela Moreno
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Shanelle Workman
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 2005
First appearance March 24, 2005
Last appearance October 27, 2005
Cause/reason Left town
Family Moreno family
Nickname(s) Gaby, Gabrielle Moreno (legal name on marriage certificate)
Gender Female
Parents Helen Moreno
Father listed as N/A on birth certificate
Spouses Thomas Forrester (2005)
Other relatives Ridge Forrester (ex-father-in law)
Taylor Hamilton (ex-mother-in law)
Steffy and Phoebe Forrester (ex-sisters-in law)
R.J. Forrester (ex-brother-in law)

Gabriela "Gaby" Moreno (formerly Forrester) is a former fictional character on The Bold and the Beautiful. She was portrayed by actress, Shanelle Workman in 2005.


Gabriela is an illegal immigrant. She was the daughter of Stephanie Douglas's maid Helen Moreno. Thomas Forrester reunited with his former girlfriend who was also Hispanic, Caitlin Ramirez. Their relationship was torn to pieces because of Thomas's good friend Gaby. For Gaby to stay a resident in L.A. and the country Thomas had to marry her. Thomas's parents, Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hamilton had opposing views on this. Ridge wanted an annulment but Taylor was more accepting of their relationship and marriage. Taylor allowed the two to move into the Forrester mansion as long as they don't do anything sexual. They both gave into temptations and did and Thomas's sister Phoebe Forrester found Thomas's protection wrapper. Taylor was enraged and had them contact the immigration department. Taylor and Gaby's bitter rivalry ended when Taylor went to great lengths to keep Gaby in the country and did. Gaby realized Taylor was right about their marriage and ended it. Thomas and Gaby annulled and Gaby left town.

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