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Forrester International is Forrester Creations' Headquarters located in Paris, France. Many employees fly to Paris and decide to move out there and still work for Forrester.


At the end of 2012, after matriarch Stephanie Douglas' death, her son Ridge Forrester flew off to Paris continuing to work at International.


Steffy Forrester had a tragic miscarriage and a deep depression. Katie Logan badgered her about leaving Steffy's husband, Liam Spencer, and Katie's niece, Hope Logan, alone and caused Steffy to faint and took her to the hospital. They ran tests and found out Steffy could no longer have kids. Steffy pushed Liam to be with Hope and flew off to Paris to be with her father.

Taylor Hamilton exposed Brooke Logan's affair and with Bill Spencer Jr. and the miscarriage at Brooke's birthday party when Brooke's sisters Katie and Donna Logan were admiring her. Taylor was dating Eric Forrester who was formerly married to Brooke and they had a fight due to Taylor and Brooke's rivalry. Taylor left for Paris to work at International and later so did Thomas Forrester.

Steffy came back to L.A. for a doctor's appointment with Dr. Caspary. When she was leaving for Paris, (Liam's half-brother recently dicovered Wyatt Spencer who's dating Hope Logan month's before Steffy's reappearance), Wyatt's mother, Quinn Fuller, tried to persuade Steffy to stop another of Liam and Hope's wedding's which had never happened. Steffy denied doing that until Quinn said that she doesn't know what it's like being a mother. Steffy teared and told Quinn about the miscarriage and Quinn was very sorry. They got back to Forrester International when Steffy got a call from Dr. Caspary saying that her procedures worked and she can conceive again. Quinn overheard that and encouraged Steffy to stop another of Hope and Liam's weddings and even though Steffy didn't do it deliberatelt, Hope freaked out. Quinn convinces Steffy to go back to L.A. and to meet with Liam in the cabin. Quinn leaves a note in Hope's bedroom before her wedding with Liam that Liam wanted her to meet him in the cabin despite tradition. Steffy backed away when Liam saw her through the window and brought her in to talk. Steffy told Liam the great news in which he was happy for her. Hope trailed down and saw them talking and called off the wedding running off. Hope flew to Hawaii with Wyatt and rehired Quinn Artisans Jewelry. Hope remained loyal to Wyatt and Steffy flew back to Paris.

Ridge and R.J. Forrester then moved back to L.A. shortly after.


Thorne Forrester decided to fly out and move to Paris and work at Forrester International.

Hope and Brooke went on a business trip for Hope For The Future to Paris when Hope was gonna explain why Katie faked fainting at Ridge and Brooke's wedding because Katie and Ridge have feelings for each other.