Forrester Creations


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Eric and Stephanie Forrester


100 South Haragate Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90071

Owned by

Steffy Forrester (37.5%)
Eric Forrester (37.5%)
Ridge Forrester (20%)
Thomas Forrester (5%)

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Fashion and Cosmetics


Fashion • Cosmetics • HauteCouture • Apparel • Perfume • Jewellery • Fashion Accessory


Forrester International in Paris



Forrester Creations is a fictional fashion house from the CBS daytime soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful.


In 1958, Stephanie Forrester convinced her father, a businessman named John Douglas, to lend her and her husband Eric Forrester $50,000 to begin a company. They bought a building located in 100 South Haragate Avenue, Los Angeles, CA and started their work. The company thrived for many years becoming one of Los Angeles premiere fashion design houses.

In 1993, chemist, Brooke Logan Forrester gained 51% of stock and became CEO of Forrester. This is when the company could not buy her BeLieF product. The Forresters re-gained control and Eric was voted back in as CEO. In 2005, Stephanie discovered that she had a trust fund which stated that she has been full owner of Forrester since its beginning. She fired several employees such as Brooke and Eric. She made Thorne Forrester, President of the company. She later split shares between all of her children, Eric, Taylor and Brooke.

The company was then taken over by Nick Marone, who blackmailed the Forresters' into selling it to him. Then, Jackie Marone was made President of the company, and Clarke Garrison was made Head Designer. After the takeover, many employees (including Luigi) quit the company. Forrester Creations bought many of the boutiques in Los Angeles except for Fenmore Department Stores and became the only major buyer except for Lauren, until Forrester Originals opened their own line of boutiques.

Eric once again got the company back, becoming owner, chairman, and CEO. He later gave Ridge the CEO position, then said he would give the chairman position to Ridge after he retires. In late 2008, Rick Forrester was made president of the company. In mid-2009, Eric fired Stephanie Forrester from Forrester Creations. That same year, the company began facing problems when sales started going down; after Stephanie got fired by Eric, sales went further down. Thorne and Felicia quit, and Brooke took a leave of absence.

The company was late paying their bank loans and in order to save the company from total collapse he had to sell the company to Bill Spencer, Jr.. The agreement was that on the same employees stay with the company on a non-compete clause with Katie Logan Spencer becoming the new CEO.

Katie then offered Ridge the position of President, but he said he couldn't be an executive for Katie. Then she offered Thorne the position of Vice President but he also turned her down. When she then asked Brooke and Donna into those positions, they accepted it. Then Rick Forrester is again Head of the "Forrester International", and Steffy Forrester was promoted to Head of Public Relations and Marketing. Then Katie promoted Line "Hope for the Future" for her niece Hope Logan.

Then in 2010, Steffy Forrester successfully blackmailed Bill Spencer, Jr. into selling the company back to her family again. Then Ridge, Eric, Stephanie & Taylor became the owners of Forrester Creations, each owning 25% of the stock, which cost each of them to pay $50 Million. Ridge was named as CEO of the Company. Eric Forrester had his 25% of the company but after his divorce from Donna Logan, half of his 25% went to Donna as part of the settlement. Later on, Donna would sell her shares to Bill Spencer, Jr. vowing control of Forrester again.

In July 2010, Ridge fired Steffy from the company after the Brooke scandal was made public. Taylor later gave Steffy her shares in the company. In September 2012 Thomas was made interim CEO by Ridge (who went to Forrester International), then Eric, after Stephanie's death, decided to put himself on CEO position, with Rick as president and Thomas as vice-president. In mid-2013, Thorne and Thomas tried to convince Eric to fire Rick, but thanks to Caroline's buzz, Rick convinced his father not to. Then in mid-2013 Forrester Creations started a collaboration with Quinn Artisans Jewelry (owned by Quinn Fuller and Wyatt Fuller) for the re-launch of HFTF. The collaboration between the two companies with the HFTF Diamond was a success. At the beginning of 2014 Ridge Forrester wanted to rebuild the company and to become president, but CEO Eric Forrester named him and Brooke Logan Forrester Co-Vice Presidents. Thorne Forrester, and Thomas Forrester are in Paris at Forrester International. Eric named his son, Rick Forrester as CEO, originally picking Ridge Forrester first, but when his affair with Rick's wife, Caroline Spencer Jr. came out, Eric thought this wasn't loyal and that he wasn't for the position, so he picked Rick. It wasn't until June 2015, Ridge was named CEO, with shares of the company. He used his shares, Steffy's, Thomas's, and Liam's shares, which Bill Spencer gave him control of them, however Bill didn't give him control at all, and he wanted to see why Rick or Ridge should be CEO. He chose Rick first, but then Bill said in order for that, Maya had to be out of the company because she was transgender, which ended up with Rick punching Bill in the face. Rick's punch to Bill, made Bill side with Ridge and he became CEO, with Steffy being president, and Liam Vice-President. All of their shares combined were about 50%, which was well to take over the company.

In 2015, Steffy Forrester arrived back in Los Angeles, as well as transferring from international back to Forrester Creations, where she works full time, and is president of Forrester.

In 2016, after being persuaded by his lover, Quinn Fuller, Eric named himself the company's CEO again and Ridge was against this. Eric then had a stroke, and had originally given Quinn power of attorney after they wed. Ridge and Steffy then knew of this, and pretended that Ridge still had his power of attorney. Quinn then found out and she became the temporary CEO, while Eric was ill, and Eric had retired for the time being. Quinn and Eric then offered Steffy the CEO position and she accepted, and she is now CEO of Forrester Creations. Eric also made Quinn, President, leaving Rick and Ridge as Co-Vice Presidents of Forrester.

In August of 2018, Bill Spencer, Jr. gave his 12.5% stake in Forrester Creations to Steffy Forrester, making Steffy and Eric co-plurality shareholders of the company.

Current Lines

California Freedom


Lead Designer: Ridge Forrester

California Freedom is a line for Forrester Creations launched in 2015. It was created through the leadership of CEO, Ridge Forrester, and his daughter, president, Steffy Forrester. California Freedom brought an end to Forrester's previous line, Hope For The Future. The line's message took the same morals of HFTF but also encouraging women to be free with their natural bodies. It involved a lingerie line and swimwear.

The Forrester Couture line (sometimes referred to as Forrester Originals)


Lead designer: Eric Forrester
This line was and remains the bread and butter of Forrester Creations. With the start of the company, Head Designer Eric Forrester and wife Stephanie Forrester sought to create high end, classy and top notch products. Initially conservative in nature, with Ridge Forrester, Eric's son and protege, joining the design team, they sought to make their couture line more provocative but still hold to their ideals.

The Thomas Forrester's Men's Line


Lead Designer: Thomas Forrester
Originally controversially called Taboo, this line is a revision of the classic Forrester Men's line and was started by Thomas Forrester in 2011. The line was an in-company competition with the Hope For The Future line. Thomas was inspired by Brooke's scandalous first presentation of Brooke's Bedroom and decided to kiss her as the finale of the fashion show. Brooke was surprised by this, and most of the rest of the family was disgusted by Thomas' behavior. In the end, it created a buzz, and the line was considered a success.

The Brooke's Bedroom Lingerie Line and Intimates


Lead Designer: Eric Forrester
This line was first started by the company's then-CEO, Brooke Logan Forrester in 1998. It became a huge success and created much buzz as the line moved away from the conservative image of the company. The launch of the line caused a scandal as Stephanie Forrester made her disapproval of the line known to the press and attacked Brooke, falling onto a bed with her in the skirmish. In 2006, Stephanie admitted at a press conference that Brooke's Bedroom had become FC's most successful fashion line.[1] By 2010, the line had fallen off the radar multiple times and was recreated under the brand name "Intimates," which was lead and modelled by Steffy Forrester. This attempt proved to be a failure, as advertisers pulled out, and the line was pulled back and reduced in favor of focusing on the more family friendly Hope for the Future line, which, at the time, was a major success. In 2013, Bill Spencer, Jr., convinced Brooke to reintroduce the line; it was considered a success.

Former Lines and Products

  • The Ambrosia Fashion Line was created by Amber Forrester in 2002 and was one of Forrester's most promising lines in years. But when Ridge Forrester left the company and could argue Lauren Fenmore of Fenmore Department Stores to break off her business relationship with Forrester and take on the new collection of Spectra Fashion instead. After this move, Forrester Creations faced financial trouble. Amber and her husband Rick Forrester try to save the line through Telesave, which becomes a success.
  • The Forrester Fragrance was initiated by Eric Forrester in 2007 to be a part of the Forrester Originals line of products. To do this he brought in Ashley Abbott former President and CEO of Jabot Cosmetics to create the formula. However after a year of development and a merger of Forrester Creations and Forrester Originals into one company the fragrance line was dropped.
  • The BeLieF formula was created by Brooke Logan Forrester.  The B, L, and F are capitalized to signify her recurring name, Brooke Logan Forrester from being married to Thorne, Ridge, and Eric Forrester several times. It removed wrinkles from fabric. Brooke wasn't under contract at Forrester during the time the formula was created. That caused Eric Forrester and his then ex-wife Stephanie Douglas Forrester to lose the majority of 51% of the company in 1993.
  • Hope for the Future (HFTF)

Lead Designer: Caroline Spencer Forrester II, with concepts from Rick Forrester

This is a fashion line for young girls and also a campaign that was headed by Hope Logan and created to appeal to younger costumers in 2011. The line was an in-company competition for the Thomas Forrester's Men's Line. Hope for the Future became very successful but recently struggled because of Hope's personal life. In 2013, Rick appointed new spokesmodels, most notably Maya Avant. Thanks to the rebranding of Hope For The Future, recalled HFTF, Rick convinced Eric not to fire him. Thanks to the collaboration between Forrester Creations and Quinn Artisan Jewelers of Quinn and Wyatt Fuller, HFTF in 2013 had an important relaunch, like the introduction of "the Hope For The Future Diamond". It was cancelled in 2015 and replaced by a new line, California Freedom.

Current Ownership Breakdown


Management Team:

Desig — Head Designer

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