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Finn Finnegan
Finn Finnegan.jpg
Tanner Novlan as Finn Finnegan
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Tanner Novlan
Current status Present, Contract
Duration 2020-
First appearance July 23, 2020
Introduced by Bradley Bell
Family Carter family
Finnegan family
Gender Male
Occupation Doctor
Parents Jack Finnegan (father)
Sheila Carter (mother)
Li Finnegan (adoptive mother)
Siblings Mary Warwick (maternal half-sister)
Diana Carter (maternal half-sister)
Ryder Callahan (maternal half-brother)
Daisy Carter (maternal half -sister)
Spouses Steffy Forrester (August 2021-)
Children Hayes Finnegan (son with Steffy)
Kelly Spencer (stepdaughter with Steffy)
Grandparents Molly Carter (maternal grandmother)
Aunts and
Sarah Smythe (maternal aunt; deceased)
Nieces and
Lucy Romalotti (maternal half-niece, via Daisy)

Dr. John "Finn" Finnegan is a character on the The Bold and the Beautiful. The character has been portrayed by Tanner Novlan since 2020. He is the son of the legendary villain of B&B, Sheila Carter.

Meeting Steffy Forrester and helping her addiction

Finn meets his patient Steffy Forrester after she wakes up from her motorcycle accident. Finn is there to help and treat Steffy. After Steffy is discharged, Finn checks on her and discovers that she used all of her pain pills that he prescribed. Finn cuts Steffy off the pain pills and talks with her. Steffy and Finn share a moment where they both kiss. Liam Spencer who is Steffy's ex-husband and the father of her daughter Kelly, questions Finn's motives. Finn assures Liam that he cares about Steffy and her health. Finn gets concerned when Liam and Steffy's father Ridge inform him that Steffy is addicted to pain pills, and is still getting them even after he stopped prescribing them to her, as well as her outbursts. Finn, Liam, and Ridge sets up an intervention for Steffy to get her into rehab. Steffy at first refuses to go, but after the three men get through to her she has a breakdown and realizes that she has an addiction. Steffy decides to go to rehab and Finn takes her and is their for support. After completing the program, Steffy and Finn return to her house. Steffy is happy that she is home and thanks Finn for his support. Liam at first does not support the relationship, but afterwards backs off and lets Steffy go for the sake of his wife Hope Spencer. Steffy and Finn officially made their relationship official. Finn meets her brother Thomas at Forrester Creations. Thomas expresses to Finn his dislike to Liam, when it came to him going back and forth with Hope and Steffy. Finn also notices Thomas's strange behavior.

Steffy's pregnancy and Paternity storyline

When Finn discovers that Thomas is at the hospital, he quickly operates on him to save his life. Steffy and Ridge rushes to the hospital after hearing this news. Finn tells Steffy and Ridge that Thomas has a growth on his brain and that he had to remove it or he would die. After Thomas survives his surgery, and recovers Steffy is relived. However Finn and Steffy's relationship is questioned when Steffy reveals that she cheated on him with Liam. Steffy explains that Liam thought Hope cheated on him with Thomas when he saw her brother kissing Hope, and that he confided in her and that they were drunk and had sex. However it was revealed that Thomas kissed a Hope for the Future mannequin that looked like Hope and because it was dark Liam assumed that it Hope. Steffy then tells Finn that she is pregnant but is unsure if he or Liam is the father. Steffy begs Finn for his forgiveness and Finn forgives her. Finn accepts Steffy's pregnancy but confronts Liam with sleeping with his ex-wife. Both men take paternity test to find out if they are the father of Steffy's unborn child. Steffy and Finn are devastated that the results prove that Liam is the father. Finn still tells Steffy that he will still be there for her. However Steffy feels guilty for Hope and Finn, packs her and Kelly's stuff for Paris. Thomas is suspicious of his friend Vinny who works at the same lab that Steffy's had done her paternity test. Also when Vinny kept hinting that Thomas has a chance to be with Hope again after the paternity results. Thomas later confronts Vinny about Steffy's paternity test. Finn walks in on Vinny and Thomas arguing. When Vinny is questioned by Finn about the test Vinny punches Thomas to escape, but is punched by Finn who demands the truth. Vinny finally tells Finn that Liam is not the father to Steffy's baby, and that he switched the paternity test for Thomas to be with Hope again. Finn is excided that Steffy is carrying his child and leaves.

Finn rushes to Forrester Creations to tell Steffy the news. Ridge warns Finn that Steffy is about to leave for Paris and tells him where she is. Finn thanks Ridge, and rushes over to Steffy's house. Steffy is about to leave when Finn arrives. At first Steffy tells him that she is leaving because she loves him and does not want to bother him being pregnant with another mans child. Before Steffy can run away from Finn, Finn shouts out to her that Liam is not the father to her child but that he is. Finn explains to Steffy what Vinny did, and declare his love for her. Steffy is happy and relieved that Finn is the father. Finn proposes to Steffy and she accepts. Steffy finally takes her and Liam's picture of her wall, and tells Kelly about her pregnancy. Steffy and Finn discovers that they are having a boy. Steffy and Finn decides to have a home birth, and Steffy then goes into Labor. Steffy and Finn welcome their son Hayes, named after her mother Taylor's surname.

Mysterious past and parentage revealed

In July 2021, Jack Finnegan comes to LA to visit Finn, Steffy and Hayes. Finn admits to Steffy that Jack isn't his biological father and still wants to know who his birth mother is. It seems like Jack knows more, but keeps the secrets to himself. Steffy and Finn are married at the Forrester mansion, but Finn excused himself. When Finn leaves, he see's a woman who congratulates him on his marriage before revealing himself as his real mother. Finn is shocked and the woman is none other than Sheila Carter. Sheila explains why she gave Finn up but wants to get to know her son. Finn is excited and asks Sheila to join him at his wedding reception. When he brings Sheila in the mansion everyone including Steffy is shocked that Sheila is here. When Ridge tries to get Sheila to leave Finn refuses to let him do that and Sheila reveals to everyone that she is Finn's real mother. Steffy and everyone does not believe her until Jack confirms Sheila's story. Jack tells his wife Li that Sheila had contacted him about the adoption, and discovered her misdeeds with the Forrester's. Steffy warns Finn that Sheila is dangerous to her family and will not allow her around Hayes. Finn is shocked and horrified when Brooke reveals that Sheila had shot both her and Taylor. Also robbing Steffy and Thomas years without their mother in their lives. RIdge gets Sheila out of the house, and Finn is devastated finding out about Sheila's past.