There have passed a lot of families through the years in The Bold and the Beautiful. Some stayed, some dissappeared. Let's go back in time on this page!

In 2019, the show counts 12 current families from the 98 families (1987-2019) overall. 6 of those families debuted in the late 80's, when the show also aired for the first time. The Logan (20), Henderson (19), Forrester (22), Douglas (17), Marone (14) and Spencer (11) families are the biggest families on the soap through the years. At the moment, the most important families in The Bold and the Beautiful are the Forrester, Douglas, Logan, Marone, Spencer, Fuller and Fulton family.

The first 13 years of The Bold and the Beautiful, the show focused on the:

Families since the 80's

Families since the 90's

Families since the 00's

Families since the 10's

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