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Eric Forrester and Quinn Fuller are fictional characters, and a couple from CBS's daytime soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful.

Eric is portrayed by John McCook and Quinn is portrayed by Rena Sofer. They are commonly referred to by the couple name "Queric".

Start of their relationship

Quinn was a "persona non grata" for all the Forresters and Spencers after it came out that she had kidnapped Liam Spencer. Eric Forrester still decided to give her a chance. They had a secret romance until Steffy Forrester spotted the two in Monte Carlo. Steffy slapped Quinn for seeing her grandfather. The rest of the family also reacted very badly, but Eric was convinced that Quinn is a changed woman. He decided to marry her. The only person from the Forrester family that attended the wedding was Ivy Forrester. Eric was heartbroken that all of the family decided to not come and when he confronted them he suffered a stroke. Quinn was devastated that Eric's family didn't even want her to see her own husband. Ridge Forrester tried to move Quinn out of the house she shared with Eric, but shortly after it came to light that Eric legally left control in Quinn's hands. One day Eric woke up from a coma. Quinn was ecstatic and the two were a very happy couple even thought Eric's family still hated her.

Quinn betraying Eric with Ridge

One evening Ridge accidentally saw Quinn naked. Since that moment he softened up to her and even started to defends her from the rest of the family. Ridge and Quinn shared even few kisses and were clearly infatuated with one another even if Quinn was married to Eric and Ridge was about to re-marry Brooke Logan Forrester. Quinn, Eric, Ridge and Brooke all travelled to Australia to attend Steffy's and Liam's wedding. After the ceremony Quinn and Ridge kissed on the beach and were spotted by Brooke. Brooke didn't want to listen to their excuses. Ridge and Quinn convinced Brooke to keep quiet, but later Sheila Carter, Eric's psychotic ex wife found out the truth and threatened to reveal it. Ridge and Quinn decide to confess. Eric is furious and finally understands why Brooke called off the wedding she and Ridge were supposed to have. Quinn begs Eric to forgive her, but he kicks Quinn and Ridge out of the mansion. Eric starts talking to Sheila and they even shared a kiss. He served Quinn divorce papers with a very bad settlement for Quinn. When she signed them Eric realized that Quinn was not about using him and he rips them. The couple goes back to each other despite Sheila making a play for Eric and him feeling sorry for her.

Sheila's scheme

Sheila doesn't want to give up on Eric even after he and Quinn made peace. She forms a plan to get rid of Quinn for good so she could have Eric back. She pays a young, handsome man Mateo to seduce Quinn. Mateo started working for Eric and Quinn. When Mateo tried to seduce Quinn she turned him down immediately. Eric found out about Sheila's scheme and she wasn't successful in destroying what Eric and Quinn had. The couple remained untouched by her manipulations.

Quinn's exile

Quinn began a war with Brooke Logan Forrester. The war started with Brooke attacking Shauna Fulton, Quinn's best friend. Brooke was furious that Shauna has been kissing her husband and she accused Quinn of encouraging Shauna making a play for her husband which was actually true. Brooke slapped Shauna and Quinn defended her friend by slapping Brooke as well. One day Shauna told Quinn that she recorded a kiss that Brooke and Bill Spencer Jr. have shared. Quinn decided to play the recording on a party full of people. Ridge walked out on Brooke and Katie walked out on Bill. Eric wasn't thrilled that Quinn exposed his daughter in law this way, but she was very pleased with what has happened. Ridge and Shauna went to Vegas and he got very drunk. Quinn instructed Shauna to take Ridge's mobile and send info to Ridge's lawyer pretending to be Ridge. Ridge's lawyer Carter Walton believed that the text message was real and he finalized Brooke's and Ridge's divorce that was already pending due to their crisis. Quinn also told Shauna to take a drunk Ridge to the chapel and marry him. Ridge came back to LA without any recollection of marrying Shauna. He wanted his life with Brooke back, but then Shauna came back and said they are married. Ridge decided to honor his vows, especially because he heard that Brooke still has feelings for Bill and he didn't care when she explained that these are just normal feelings for an ex husband. He was with Shauna, but missed Brooke however Quinn was very happy for her friend and convinced her that Ridge does love her and that she is way better for him than Brooke was. Quinn even convinced Ridge to give Shauna a proper wedding unlike the one in Vegas where he was drunk. Ridge agreed, but he found out that he never sent the text and it was all Quinn's and Shauna's scheme. Carter informed him that he and Brooke are still legally married because it wasn't him sending that text. Eric found out about everything. Both Brooke and Ridge started encouraging Eric to leave Quinn. He himself was furious with his wife and asked her to leave their home.

Going back to each other

Quinn stayed with her son Wyatt Spencer and his girlfriend Flo Logan and one day she discovered that Shauna is spending time with Eric. She was angry with her friend not knowing that Shauna was spending time with Eric only to convince Eric to take her back. Soon after Eric decided to take Quinn back. She was very happy, but when Shauna came to visit after some time has passed she told her friend that she and Eric do not have sex with each other anymore.

Quinn's betrayal with Carter

Quinn wanted to help Zoe Buckingham to win her ex fiancé Carter Walton back. She went to talk to him about her and encouraged him to forgive Zoe for trying to kiss another man. Carter said that he can't and the two started talking about how both of them are lonely and they miss intimacy. Quinn didn't get it from Eric and Carter was newly single after breaking up with Zoe. During one of their meetings they ended up making love. The two had amazing chemistry, but Quinn still wanted to remain married to Eric. Carter forgave Zoe when he realized that he did something worse than her by sleeping with his friends wife. Quinn also had a reason to be happy because she and Eric were making love again and were planning to re-new their vows. One day Zoe's sister Paris Buckingham overheard Quinn and Shauna talking about Quinn's affair with Carter. Before both Paris and Zoe were sure that Shauna was the one Carter slept with during his break with Zoe as Shauna took the blame to protect Quinn. Quinn pleaded with Paris and later threatened to destroy her life. During the renewal ceremony Brooke revealed Quinn's and Carter's secret that she has learned from Paris. Quinn was desperate and pretending that it's a lie, but Carter did the right thing and confessed. Eric demanded Quinn to be out of his house, life and company. He allowed Carter to keep his job as long as he stays away from Quinn. Carter, who fell in love with Quinn convinced Eric that getting rid of Quinn's jewelry line will be a bad financial move for Forrester Creations. Brooke and Ridge wanted Eric to get rid of it, but Eric listened to Carter. Quinn and Carter ended up secretly sleeping with each other. Quinn was worried that Carter might lose his job if it comes out, but the two couldn't stay away from each other.

Problems with intimacy and a shocking deal with Carter

One day Eric asked a shocked Quinn to come back home to him. She was torn and had a tearful conversation with Carter, who was ready to ditch his job at Forrester and be with her officially. Both of them agreed that Quinn should go back to Eric. Quinn was happy to be back with Eric, but soon discovered that Eric can't have sex with her again. He said that he has an erectile dysfunction. Quinn told him that she will support him, but was sad that they can't be intimate. One day Eric invited Carter over and told him and Quinn that they can have a sexual relationship while Quinn is still his wife because she deserves to have a sex life and he can't give it to her. At first both Quinn and Carter refused, but ended up agreeing. One day Justin Barber caught them in bed. Justin was hired by Ridge, Eric's son to spy on Quinn. Ridge was shocked upon learning that it was Eric's idea to allow Quinn and Carter to continue on having sex. Quinn decided that it's time to stop sleeping with Carter and she ended it and wanted to concentrate only on her husband. Carter was absolutely heartbroken.

Problems with the Logan sisters

Both Brooke and Katie Logan tried to encourage Eric to leave Quinn, but he didn't want to listen to them. The Logan girls didn't give up and when Brooke has learned that Eric got excited while he gave her sister Donna Logan a hug she encouraged him to go back to her. She also wanted to convince Donna to go after Eric, but Donna said she won't interfere with Eric's marriage. Eric and Donna has few inappropriate moments when Eric licked honey off Eric's finger and they embraced. While Donna woke Eric's desire he still couldn't make love to Quinn. Quinn has learned that Donna is able to get a reaction from Eric that she can't get since months. She was furious and went to Forrester Creations to threaten Donna and later asked Eric to eliminate Donna from their lives. Eric went to talk to Donna. He told her that he loves her and a lot of other compliments which gave Donna a hope just so in the end he could tell her that he has to respect his wife's wishes. He fired Donna from Forrester Creations as Quinn wanted it.

Eric's affair with Donna (2022)

While Quinn was dealing with her unresolved feelings for Carter and Eric still not being intimate with her Eric was secretly seeing Donna behind her back. Eric tried to stop seeing Donna and told her that it's over, but he couldn't resist and continued seeing her. Quinn, still hoping that she and Eric will work things out eventually, was worried about her husband and decided to give him a ring which tracked his heart rate. She noticed that when Eric leaves for "pickle ball" his heart rate goes up significantly. She had no idea that his "pickle ball sessions" were dates with Donna. She called Eric's daughter Bridget Forrester as she is a doctor and Quinn believed that she could help. Bridget was happy that her father's wife is so worried for him. While Eric and Donna were reconnecting Carter Walton, Quinn's ex lover, revealed to Quinn that he still loved her, but told her that he will move on with Paris Buckingham and marry her because he can't have her. Quinn felt guilty that Carter is marrying a woman he doesn't love because of her.

The end (2022)