Beth Spencer
Beth Spencer-0
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Rosalind Aune (Jan 2019 - Feb 2019)
Isabella de Armas (Jan 2019 - May 2019)
Redford Prindiville (Feb 2019 - Mar 2019)
Madeline Valdez (May 2019 - Present)
River Davison (May 2019 - Present)
Current status Present, Recurring
Duration 2019-
First appearance January 10, 2019
Family Spencer family
Logan family
Nickname(s) Beth
Namesake(s) Beth Logan
Gender Female
Born January 4, 2019
Age 1 year
Residence Los Angeles, California
Parents Hope Logan
Liam Spencer
Siblings Kelly Spencer (paternal half-sister)
Douglas Forrester (adoptive maternal half-brother)
Grandparents Brooke Logan (maternal grandmother)
Bill Spencer Jr. (paternal grandfather)
Deacon Sharpe (maternal grandfather)
Kelly Hopkins (paternal grandmother)
Great-grandparents Stephen Logan (maternal great-grandfather)
Beth Henderson (maternal great-grandmother)
Bill Spencer Sr. (Paternal great-grandfather)
Daryl Sharpe (maternal great-grandfather)
Aunts and
Bridget Forrester
Rick Forrester
Donna Logan
Katie Logan
Storm Logan
R.J. Forrester
Jack Marone
Wyatt Spencer
Will Spencer
Eric Sharpe
Other relatives Marcus Forrester
Rosie Forrester
Flo Fulton
Lizzy Forrester
Logan Knight
Elizabeth Avalon "Beth" Spencer (formerly Phoebe Forrester II) is the biological daughter of Liam Spencer and Hope Logan, and formerly the adoptive daughter of Steffy Forrester.

Biography Edit

Beth was born to Hope Logan on the island of Catalina on January 4, 2019. Dr. Reese Buckingham, told Hope and Liam their daughter had passed away during delivery. He also posed as an adoption agent and with the assistance of his former lover, Flo Fulton, who posed as the mother, and illegally adopted Hope's daughter out to an unknowing Steffy. Taylor paid $250,000 to Reese to assure that Steffy would be able to adopt Beth who she named Phoebe after adopting her after her twin sister. For the first few months of her life, she was raised and cared for by Steffy Forrester.

0000Hope & Beth her daughter with Liam

Beth with her mom Hope!

Beth had a bond with her parents from the start, Liam and Hope felt the bond as soon as they held her and it only grew from there. Steffy saw this too and took the girls under the premise that she wanted to give them the time to heal over losing Beth but the connection was still there even when she returned. Hope fought it the most, even ending her marriage to Liam and insisting that Liam go and be a father to Beth/Phoebe as well as Kelly which when she kicked him out, he went and moved in with Steffy to be near his daughters. Beth called Liam da da and even ended up saying mama to Hope as well which didn't sit too well with Steffy.

The truth about Phoebe Forrester II being Beth Spencer comes out thanks to Douglas, when he overhears his father Thomas on the phone threatening Flo about telling anyone the truth about Beth being alive and that she was Phoebe, if she does then, she would end up like Emma who he ran off the road, killing her but Douglas told Liam, Hope and Steffy anyway. Liam then went to confront Flo and get her to confirm that Phoebe was indeed Beth and when she did, he went straight to Hope to tell her that Beth is alive and that she is Phoebe. She is living with her parents now after they learned the truth that their daughter was alive and moved onto her grandmother's property.  

Liam & Hope-AN & Beth their daughter 2-0

Liam and Hope reunite with Beth at last.


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