Dr. Caspary
Dr. caspary
Jacqueline Hahn as Dr. Caspary
The Bold and The Beautiful
Portrayed by Jacqueline Hahn
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 2005-2013, 2017
Gender Female
Occupation General Doctor
Residence Los Angeles, California
Dr. Caspary is one of the main doctors in the show's local hospital in Los Angeles. Dr. Caspary is most involved with the Logan/Forrester family when they're in need of medical attention. She is portrayed by Jacqueline Hahn.

Storylines Edit

Dr. Caspary has been with many characters within the show The Bold and the Beautiful.

Dr. Caspary had treated Caroline Spencer when Caroline's uncle Bill Spencer Jr. shoved her off a balcony and Rick, Caroline's boyfriend was also there for to support her.

Dr. Caspary was in the hospital room with Steffy Forrester Spencer and her mother, Taylor Hayes when Steffy was being examined and told them Steffy was pregnant. Steffy then had a miscarriage. When Katie Logan Spencer yelled at Steffy saying that Liam should be with her niece Hope Logan, Steffy fainted. Katie took Steffy to Dr. Caspary and Dr. Caspary told Steffy there was a tear in her body and she couldn't have kids anymore. Steffy later left to Paris, France miserable from having kids with Liam Spencer (Bill's son and her husband). 

Dr. Caspary came with a clipboard and papers and told Brooke Logan she was pregnant while in metapaws. Brooke was endangered and confused because she was pregnant with Bill Spencer her sister Katie's husband. Dr. Caspary then told Brooke that it's common for some women to be pregnant with metapaws. Later, Brooke fainted trying to tell Bill and Katie and Bill and Katie took Brooke bcak to the hospital. Dr. Caspary told Brooke in private that Brooke had a miscarriage.

When Taylor was in the hospital building, and Dr. Caspary left, Taylor read through Brooke's files and found out she had a miscarriage. Brooke didn't have to tell Bill or Katie until her enemy Taylor blurted it out at Brooke's birthday party at Bill and Katie's house. Bill and Katie got a divorce.

Liam couldn't stop thinking why Steffy left, so he went to Dr. Caspary to find out. Dr. Caspary told him that's only between Steffy and her and couln't tell him. But she did suggest he goes to Paris (which she said she's aware of) and ask her for the reason. Liam did and got it and returned home to restart his relationship with his girlfriend Hope Logan (Brooke's daughter) but she was partly in a relationship with Wyatt Fuller, who turns out to be Liam's half-brother.

Steffy came back to L.A. for just a doctor's appointment with Dr. Caspary. When Steffy flew back to Paris, Dr. Caspary gave her a call letting her know the procedure worked and Steffy could conceive full term again. Wyatt's mother Quinn Fuller overhears this call and continues to convince Steffy to return to Liam to break the engagement of Liam and Hope so Wyatt can have Hope.

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