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Douglas Forrester
Henry Joseph Samiri as Douglas Forrester
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Abigail and Brielle Rivera (as an infant)
Unknown actors (2016-2017)
Henry Joseph Samiri (2019-present)
Current status Present, Contract
Duration 2016-2017, 2019-
First appearance March 8, 2016
Last appearance January 28, 2022
Family Forrester family
Douglas family
Marone family
Hamilton family
Ashford family
Spencer family
Fullname Douglas Forrester
Namesake(s) Stephanie Douglas
Gender Male
Born March 8, 2014
Age 8
Residence Los Angeles, California
Parents Thomas Forrester
Caroline Spencer II (deceased)
Hope Logan (legal mother)
Siblings Beth Spencer (legal maternal half-sister)
Grandparents Ridge Forrester
Taylor Hamilton
Karen Spencer
Danielle Spencer
Great-grandparents Massimo Marone
Stephanie Douglas
Jack Hamilton
Sharon Ashford
Bill Spencer Sr.
Marion Bradley Spencer
John Douglas (great-great grandfather)
Ann Douglas (great-great grandmother)
Aunts and
Steffy Forrester (paternal aunt)
Phoebe Forrester (paternal aunt; deceased)
R.J. Forrester (paternal uncle)
Thorne Forrester (paternal great uncle)
Felicia Forrester (paternal great aunt)
Kristen Forrester (paternal great aunt)
Zach Hamilton (paternal great-uncle)
Caroline Spencer (maternal great-aunt; deceased)
Nick Marone (paternal great uncle)
Bill Spencer Jr. (maternal great uncle)
Pamela Douglas (paternal great-great-aunt)
First cousins Kelly Spencer (paternal first cousin)
Dino Damiano (paternal first cousin once removed)
Jack Marone (paternal first cousin once removed)
Liam Spencer (maternal first cousin once removed; stepfather)
Wyatt Spencer (maternal first cousin once removed)
Will Spencer (maternal first cousin once removed)
Other relatives Zende Dominguez (paternal adoptive cousin)
Oscar Marone (paternal cousin)

Douglas Forrester is a character on The Bold and the Beautiful, currently being portrayed by Henry Joseph Samiri. He is the son of Thomas Forrester and the late Caroline Spencer II. Douglas is named after his great-grandmother, Stephanie Douglas. He is the first living grandchild of Taylor Hayes, Ridge Forrester and Karen Spencer. His maternal grandfather is unknown. Douglas currently lives in the Logan cabin with Hope Logan, who is a legal guardian of Douglas. Thomas and Hope have a shared custody agreement.

Everyone finding out that Douglas is Thomas' son

Ridge Forrester and Caroline Spencer II share a couple of passionate kisses when Caroline helped him to regain his design skills after he lost them during a dangerous fall. The two get closer. Caroline's husband Rick Forrester learns the truth about their kissing and breaks up with his wife. At first Caroline fights to get her husband back, but eventually stops and gives in to her feelings for Ridge. She and Ridge have an argument and they split for a brief moment. Caroline is distraught over their fight because she loves Ridge but she takes strong medications when she's alone in a hotel room. Thomas Forrester, Ridge's son and Caroline's ex boyfriend visits her and she nearly passes out and is clearly not in the right mindset. Thomas takes advantage of the situation because he has wanted her for so long. In the morning, a horrified Caroline tells him that she took something and wasn't thinking clearly. Caroline and Ridge got back together and Caroline discovers that she's pregnant, but Ridge says he had a vasectomy when he was in Paris. Caroline tells Ridge the truth about what happened with Thomas. Ridge is furious with Thomas and he decides to marry Caroline and pass his own grandson as his son. He convinced Caroline to keep her son's paternity a secret. Thomas feels conflicted after he spends some time with Douglas. Caroline feels guilty seeing how Thomas is with son without knowing he is the father. Ridge is adamant to keep the secret. After Katie Logan found out that Thomas is the real father, she convinces Ridge and Caroline to tell Thomas the truth, but Ridge still wants to raise his grandson with his young wife. With time Ridge sees Thomas with his son and decides to let everyone know that Thomas is Douglas' father.

Caroline, Thomas and Douglas move away to New York, but when they split for some time, Thomas comes back to LA and briefly dates Sally Spectra II. The two seem very in love when Caroline comes to LA and wants Thomas back. At first Thomas doesn't want it and he stands by Sally, but he leaves LA and goes back to NY with Douglas's mother after learning that Caroline is terminally ill. He doesn't know that it's a lie made up by Caroline's uncle Bill Spencer Jr. and Steffy goes along with Bill's lies because she wanted to protect her brother and didn't want Sally Spectra to be romantically involved with her brother because of Sally's past misdeeds. Thomas goes back & forth between Caroline & Sally a few times before he goes back to New York once again to Caroline to try and make it work but alas, we do not find out that they were living together platonically in New York and were no longer romantically involved.

Caroline's death and Thomas's secret

In March 2019, Caroline dies as a result of a sudden blood clot. Thomas and Douglas move to Los Angeles where Thomas reveals that he and Caroline secretly split up, but were co-parenting for Douglas's sake. Hope tries to divert the boy's attention from his mother's death. At Douglas' request, Hope prepares a dish with him according to the recipe of the deceased Caroline. They both talk about heaven because Hope is still mourning the "death" of her daughter Beth. She and Thomas are stunned when the boy asks if Hope could become his mother. She assures him that his mother will always be with him and she will be there for him also. In May 2019, Thomas manipulates Douglas and suggests to him to draw a heart for Hope, asking his son to tell her how much he needs her. Soon, Hope and Thomas calm Douglas down, who had a bad dream. The woman promises the boy that she will always be present with him. In June 2019, Hope and Liam annul their marriage because she is grieving so badly for their daughter.

In July 2019, Thomas explains to Douglas that he intends to propose to Hope. He asks his son to do it with him together, emphasizing that Hope will replace his deceased mother, Caroline. He instructs him on how to propose to Hope on his behalf and for him to ask her to become his mother. While watching the fireworks show together, Douglas pulls an engagement ring from his pocket and asks Hope to become his mother, and thus Thomas's wife.

Thomas installs a projector, unbeknownst to an unsuspecting Douglas, under the bed that displays a ghost on the wall. It really frightens him and Hope calms the terrified child and decides not to delay the wedding ceremony, to Thomas's delight. The man removes Caroline's photos from his son's room and replaces them with Hope's photos. He also asks Douglas to be his best man. Soon, Hope and Thomas become married. Hope decides to spend the wedding night in Douglas's room, but Forrester convinces his son not to agree. Soon thereafter, the boy eavesdrops on his father's phone conversation, which Thomas says that Beth Spencer is still alive and that Beth is Phoebe. Thomas tries to convince Douglas that he has misunderstood what he overheard and firmly demands that he forget about Beth. But when Hope and Liam talk about the death of their daughter, Douglas reveals that Beth is alive. They both take his words as a metaphor, though he insists upon it and he repeats that Beth is not dead. Soon Liam finds Douglas looking at "Phoebe" and calling her name Beth. Liam gets shocked when he starts to put the pieces together what Douglas really means.

In August 2019, Thomas panics when Douglas calls him and announces that he has told Liam the truth about Beth. Everyone is grateful to the boy for revealing the secret, and in the meantime he is worried about the absence of his father who does not even contact his family after the truth is revealed. When Amelia is babysitting Douglas, Thomas asks her to bring his son to him. The woman agrees because the boy wants to spend time with his father. He is, however, mad at Douglas, blaming him for breaking up his marriage. The boy hides from an angry Thomas. Talking with his son, however, prompts him to admit his mistake and apologizes and ensures him that they will rebuild their family. That never happens because the truth that Beth is alive comes out and then he tries to kidnap Hope but Liam stops him and Hope and Liam finally reunite with their daughter Beth.

They move onto her mother's property in a log cabin with Beth and eventually Douglas after Thomas agrees to shared custody because his son had grown to love and think of Hope as his second mom and had even been calling her mom for a while.

Revealing Brooke's secret kiss with Deacon

On New Year's Eve, Douglas tries to find his stuffed bunny and ends up sneaking up to Brooke's house to retrieve it and accidentally sees a drunk Brooke Logan Forrester and Deacon Sharpe, wearing a Santa hat, sharing a kiss on her couch. After some time, he tells Liam Spencer that he saw Grandma kissing Santa. Liam brushes it off thinking that Douglas is just being a kid, influenced by an old song. Douglas tries to explain it to both Hope Logan and Liam on another occasion and he makes it clear that he isn't talking about a song, but that he actually saw Brooke kissing Santa and unbeknownst to all of them, it was Deacon, wearing a Santa hat that night. He asks Hope if he's in trouble and she explains that he's done nothing wrong and leaves to discuss it with her mother. Brooke is shocked when she heard that Douglas saw her kissing Deacon and she asked him to not talk about it with anyone however Douglas told Thomas that he saw Brooke kissing Santa again and after being prompted by Thomas to remember more, he added that Santa was in fact Deacon. Thomas shared this info with Steffy right away. Then they reveled in the fact that this could lead to their parents getting back together. Steffy and Thomas illegally obtained the proof of Brooke's kiss with Deacon by getting footage from Brooke's private security system from Charlie Webber who set the security system up himself. They saw Deacon leaving Brooke's house and assumed the two had sex. Steffy and Thomas shared this information with their mother,Taylor Hayes, in an attempt to break up Brooke and their father's marriage.