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Donna Logan
Donna Logan-1.jpeg
Jennifer Gareis as Donna Logan
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Carrie Mitchum (1987-91, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2001)
Mary Sheldon (1991)
Jennifer Gareis (2006-15, 2016, 2017, 2018-)
Current status Present, Contract
Duration 1987-91, 1994-96, 2001, 2006-
First appearance March 23, 1987
Created by William J. Bell
Introduced by William J. Bell (1987)
Bradley Bell (2006)
Family Logan family
Henderson family
Barber family
Nickname(s) Donna Hogan (by Pam)
Other names {{{othernames}}}
Gender Female
Occupation Co-receptionist at Forrester Creations (shares duties with Pamela Douglas)
Former vice president of Forrester Creations
Former co-host of The Catwalk
Former lead model for Forrester Creations
Former "Face of Brooke's Bedroom"
Former publishing intern at Spencer Publications
Former model for Tommy Bayland's agency
Former waitress at Griffey's Diner
Worked in a department store
Residence 371 Willow Hill Road
Beverly Hills, California
Carrie Mitchum.jpg
Carrie Mitchum as Donna Logan
Parents Stephen Logan
Beth Henderson (deceased)
Siblings Storm Logan (deceased)
Brooke Logan
Katie Logan
Spouses Eric Forrester (2008-2010)
Justin Barber (2011)
Romances Mark Mallory
Rocco Carner
Nick Preston
Ridge Forrester
Thorne Forrester
Jake Maclaine (dated)
Owen Knight
Bill Spencer Jr. (kissed)
Nick Marone
Children Marcus Forrester (son with Justin)
Grandchildren Rosie Forrester
Grandparents Helen Logan † (decaesed)
Nieces and
Rick Forrester
Bridget Forrester
Hope Logan
R.J. Forrester
Jack Marone
Flo Fulton
Logan Knight (grand-nephew)
Lizzy Forrester (grand-niece)
Beth Spencer (grand-niece)

Donna Logan (formerly Forrester and Barber) is a fictional character on CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautifulportrayed by Jennifer Gareis since 2006. Carrie Mitchum originated the role from 1987 to 1991 and made several guest appearances from 1994 to 2001.  


Donna was born to Stephen Logan and Beth Henderson. She was raised in San Fernando Valley, California. She is the sister of Storm Logan, Brooke Logan, and Katie Logan, and granddaughter of Helen Logan.


Donna was concerned about her younger sister Katie Logan, who had low self esteem due to excessive acne, and convinced her classmate, Rocco Carner, to date her. Rocco was attracted to Donna, but she was already involved with Mark Mallory and was residing with him. One day, in the heat of the moment Donna and Rocco kissed. Katie, however, walked in on them but did not tell them that she saw them. When Donna realized Mark wasn't right for her, she kicked him out of her life, but she and Rocco were never able to make a go of their relationship. Donna was hired to model for Tommy Bayland, who who referred her to agent Nick Preston, who convinced Donna to pose nude for a magazine in Europe. Bill Spencer Sr. saw the photos and published them in a US magazine, leading Donna to join forces with Nick and Rocco to take nude pictures of Bill to publish in his own magazines. Donna eventually confessed to what she did to Bill and asked Bill to transfer her father, Stephen Logan, who worked for Bill's company, back to Los Angeles from Paris, but Stephanie Douglas opposed the idea. After a failed relationship with Thorne Forrester, Donna left Los Angeles for San Francisco with her brother Storm Logan, and returned for special occasions.

Donna returned to Los Angeles in 2006, and immediately began trying to persuade her sister Brooke Logan to take Ridge Forrester back, reminding her of how long she had fought to keep him, despite that Brooke was now married to Ridge's half-brother, Nick Marone. When Donna was unsuccessful in convincing her sister to return to Ridge, she pursued Ridge herself. This eventually failed, when she realized that Brooke and Ridge would always be connected.

She allied herself with Nick, especially after witnessing an argument between Stephanie and Nick's mother, Jackie Payne which ended with her going over the balcony and into the hospital in a coma. In fact, Donna was the one who told Nick that his mother's injuries were no accident, thus leading to Nick ordering Stephanie to give up Forrester Creations or go to jail. She worked with Nick who had appointed her his new head model and face off the company.

When Marcus Forrester came to town he was revealed as Donna's mix raced child with laywer Justin Barber and were reunited. Because Marcus was living with his step-father Eric Forrester after a while he later became known as Marcus Barber Forrester.

Donna's sister Brooke Logan had numerous marriages. One of them was patriarch Eric Forrester who Donna eventually fell in love with. Matriarch Stephanie Forrester does not like people who mess with other people's marriages especially hers. That's why Stephanie couldn't stand Brooke Logan the most, Stephanie also didn't like Deacon, Donna, Sheila, or Sally. Donna went after Eric after he was with Brooke. Stephanie played many pranks on Donna splashing a pail of water on her back in a sauna. Or being turned around in a chair looking like Eric, while Donna's talking about her, and turns around.

More serious was Stephanie's psychotic bipolar sister Pamela Douglas, who continually went insane on Donna because she wanted her sister and Eric to be together. Pam pranked Donna before Eric and Donna's marriage by turning streaks of her hair and teeth green and giving her a terrible tan line. Pam also threatened Donna with a loaded rifle and a fake gun that shot nnothing but had a piece of paper roll down saying Bam! During Donna and Eric's dating patterns Donna took out a jar of honey in a bear and call him honey bear, so Pam tied Donna up in a chair poured honey over her and let a wild grizzly bear come in and attack her, and Owen Knight let it out of the cabin. Pam also threatened Donna many time with her wild attacking doberman named Tiny. Pam is known for making bake goods especially lemon bars. One time Tiny was barking at Donna so she fed him a bad lemon bar and Donna killed him. Pam was so shocked and immediately blamed Donna. Donna stated Pam trained that dog to hate her.

Once Donna and Pam got to go on Pam's favorite TV show The Price is Right, with Donna "Like A Dead Fish" as Pam said she was on the audition. The host picked Donna Forrester who was amazed. Pam was shocked. Donna won everything easily taking all the risks. Donna won a jar of honey in a bear, baking pans, lemon bar mix, and dog food. In the end it's revealed Pam got to keep the lemon bar mix and baking pans. Pam probably got the dog food too that was "Tiny's favorite".

Eric & Donnas wedding.jpg

During Donna's marriage with Eric, Eric and Stephanie's three children Thorne, Ridge, and Felicia Forrester especially Felicia fought against Donna because their sorrow over their parent's divorce and tried to kick Donna out of the Forrester Creations because they stated she's done nothing for the company. Felicia also had hatred for the Logans.

Pam also let the back door rise and Donna got locked into an exterminator's truck with possums and rats. Eric and Stephanie then kissed getting back together.  Donna and Eric did get divorced and Donna's name returned to simply Donna Logan.

Donna eventually reconnected with and married Justin Barber, but the two soon decided they weren't right for each other and respectfully parted ways. Shortly thereafter, Donna briefly dated Nick Marone, but she broke up with him after he confessed to helping Pam steal designs from Forrester in return for dates with him.

When Brooke's ex-lover and Katie's husband Bill Spencer drinks and drives, he crashes into Brooke. Brooke is in better condition and drags Bill to her house for aid. Katie later comes worried that Brooke answered Bill's cell phone and rushed over. Katie was angry and devastated she didn't hear about this and the fact that they crashed into each other and took off her ring and said Brooke and Bill should be together and left. Brooke and Bill did it and Brooke later became pregnant. Brooke only told two people at the time Donna and Eric. Brooke later had a miscarriage while fainting ready to tell Katie and Bill and later told Bill. Katie had a birthday party for Brooke at her house and to celebrate the unity of the Logan girls. Donna and Katie were admiring Brooke and Taylor (Brooke's one of enemies) Blurted it out hearing the lies. Katie asked Brooke if this was true and Brooke couldn't say anything because she could never lie to her sister. Bill and Katie later got in a divorce. Donna then had a confrontation with Brooke. Donna told her this isn't Katie's fault and Katie's never going to forgive her if she keeps sticking up for Bill. Katie lied about working late and asked Brooke and Bill to babysit Will and secretly spied on them through a spy book. Donna walked in and told her that was wrong but Katie had to know if she could trust them again.

Second Aspirations with Eric

At Thanksgiving for the Forresters, Hope had the family and friends specifically paired up to thank each other and Pam got Donna. Pam stated Donna was the most annoying person she ever met. Pam then said she's her best friend and they hugged. Donna thanked Eric. Rick and Caroline got married after Thanksgiving dinner in the Forrester mansion. Cleaning up after dinner, Donna said to Eric that it brought back memories from they got married there. Wyatt's mother, Quinn Fuller , got jealous. Quinn insisted that she and Donna would finish cleaning up. Quinn and Donna had some words.  Donna (with Quinn watching) poured honey on Eric's finger and licked it. Quinn said to Donna that she knows a slut when she sees one. Donna said to Quinn is trouble. Donna tried to get Eric back with her while Quinn watched and Donna and Eric kissed. Eric went to bed. Quinn broke a picture frame of Eric and Donna on the floor which Donna heard and found. Quinn stared outside the glass sliding doors.

Donna eavesdropped in on Eric's office and saw Quinn and Eric kiss. Walking out of Eric's office after Donna was obviously eavesdropping Quinn said "Shut up, Donna".    

Return to LA

Donna decided to make L.A. her home again and was pleasantly surprised to pick up a friendship with Pam; Donna was finally able to put Pam's past behavior toward her in perspective. Donna butted heads with Eric's wife, Quinn, and took it into consideration when Pam suggested Donna would be a more suitable wife for Eric. Donna attended a family dinner and noticed how uncomfortable Thorne was watching Bill and Katie function as a family with Will; when Thorne left Katie suggesting she still had feelings for Bill, Donna concurred and agreed to help Justin reunite Bill and Katie. Donna played dumb when Bill and Katie kept finding themselves in romantic situations, but it turned out Will was arranging them with his father's credit card.

Donna was shocked when that led to the discovery of Florence Fulton, a daughter Donna's brother Storm never knew he had. Donna and her sisters were happy to embrace their new niece until they learned Flo had been part of a cover-up started by Reese Buckingham, an obstetrician who stole Hope's baby, switched it with a dead one, and used money from its adoption to pay gambling debts. Donna helped celebrate the return of Hope's child, who had been named Beth after Donna's mother, but joined in rebuking Flo and her mother, Shauna Fulton, for their part in the secret.

Donna was more inclined to forgive Flo than most when Katie nearly died from kidney failure and Flo donated one of her kidney's to save Katie's life. Donna also served as a sounding board for Brooke, whose marriage to Ridge was crumbling over their intense disagreement over Ridge's son, Thomas Forrester, who'd known Hope's baby wasn't dead but married Hope anyway. After Ridge and Brooke reunited, Donna attended a reunion party whose highlight was a video of Brooke kissing Bill, which had been uploaded to a digital picture frame by Quinn. Donna stood by Brooke and gently tried to get Katie to forgive their sister for kissing Bill again, later comforting Brooke after Ridge drunkenly wed Flo's mother, Shauna Fulton, in Las Vegas.

Along with her sisters, Donna agreed to finally forgive Flo for her part in Beth's illegal adoption. Donna also concurred that Flo be allowed to take the Logan name. Later, Donna pinged when ex-husband Eric seemed unusually sullen and referred to Quinn as his "current wife." Despite the amount of time that had passed since her divorce from Eric, Donna continued to pine for him.

In 2021, after hearing about Quinn's affair with Carter and that Eric was able to get aroused while he hugged her sister Donna, but he couldn't get aroused by Quinn, Brooke Logan encouraged her sister to make a play on Quinn's husband Eric Forrester even though Eric had already forgiven Quinn for her affair with Carter. Brooke Logan and Katie Logan also encouraged Eric to go back to Donna, especially because she makes him sexually feel what Quinn can't. At first Donna tells her sisters that she doesn't want to interfere in Eric's marriage, but later she starts hoping for a future with him. Quinn overhears Brooke telling Eric to leave Quinn. Eric's wife also finds out that while her husband is unable to have sex with her he got excited when he gave his ex a hug. First Quinn threatens Donna and tells her to stay out of Eric's life. She also demands from her husband to not be anywhere near Donna anymore, and she tells him to fire Donna from Forrester Creations. In the end, Eric respects his wife's wishes and fires Donna Logan from Forrester Creations.

Crimes Committed

  • Became pregnant by her boyfriend Justin Barber, but kept it a secret and gave her son up for adoption when she was 16 years old because she felt that she was too young to raise her baby. (80's)
  • Unintentional prostitution while working for Tommy Bayland (didn't seal the deal). (80's)
  • Convinced Rocco Carner to ask her sister Katie Logan behind Katie's back. (80's)
  • Donna and Rocco Carner kissed behind Katie's back while Donna was in another relationship. Donna falls in love with him, but decides to not act on it for Katie. (80's)
  • Donna and Rocco Carner come up with a plan to discourage Katie from developing feelings to an uninterested Rocco so she doesn't have to suffer. (80's)
  • Goes to look for her father Stephen Logan in secret without informing her family. (80's)
  • Encouraging her sister Brooke Logan Forrester to date a married Eric Forrester. (1990)
  • Lied to Thorne Forrester that her sister doesn't have an affair with his father (1990)
  • Worked with Jackie Marone Knight to split up Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester (2007)
  • Donna decides to marry Thorne Forrester as a revenge on Stephanie Forrester for tormenting her sister Brooke Logan Forrester. (2007)
  • Kissed Eric Forrester while he was married to Stephanie Forrester. (2007)
  • Became Eric's Forresters lover while he was married to Stephanie Forrester. (2008)
  • Was making out with Owen Knight while her husband Eric Forrester was in a coma (2008)
  • Decided to keep Bill Spencers schemes a secret from Hope Logan after witnessing Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester making love shortly after Hope broke things off with Liam Spencer instead revealing to her niece that she and Liam were framed because she decides that maybe it's better for her niece to not stay with Liam. (2012)
  • Keeps Brooke's secret about being pregnant with Katie's husband from Katie. (2013)
  • Destroyed the proof of Brooke's and Bill's kiss to not hurt her sister Katie Logan. (2020)
  • Slept with legally married Eric Forrester, months after his wife Quinn Forrester cheated on him with his employee, which he forgave her for but he avoided having sex with her as she told her ex lover, Carter at Forrester in his office. (May 2022)

Maladies and Injuries