Dino Damiano
The Bold and the Beautiful
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 2005-2006
Family Forrester family
Douglas family
Damiano family
Fullname Dominick Damiano
Nickname(s) Dino
Little D
Namesake(s) Domenick "Nick" Marone
Gender Male
Born 2005
Age 14
Residence Los Angeles, California
Parents Felicia Forrester
Dante Damiano
Grandparents Eric Forrester
Stephanie Douglas (deceased)
Aldo Damiano
Filomena Damiano
Great-grandparents Ann Douglas (deceased)
John Douglas (deceased)
Aunts and
Thorne Forrester
Ridge Forrester (maternal half-uncle)
Kristen Forrester
Angela Forrester (deceased)
Rick Forrester (maternal half-uncle)
Bridget Forrester (maternal half-aunt)
First cousins Alexandria Forrester (maternal cousin)
Steffy Forrester (maternal half- cousin)
Thomas Forrester (maternal half-cousin)
Phoebe Forrester (maternal half-cousin, deceased)
Zende Dominguez (maternal adoptive-cousin)
R.J. Forrester (maternal half-cousin)
Eric Forrester III (maternal half-cousin; deceased)
Nicole Marone (maternal half-cousin, deceased)
Logan Knight (maternal half-cousin, deceased)
Lizzy Forrester (maternal half-cousin)
Ivy Forrester (maternal first cousin)
Jessica Forrester (maternal first cousin)
Carlos Damiano (paternal first cousin)
Anabella Damiano (paternal first cousin)

Dominick "Dino" Damiano (born Marone) is the son of Felicia Forrester and Dante Damiano. He was named after Dominick "Nick" Marone.

Biography Edit

In 2004, Felicia had an affair with Nick Marone, and Nick found out Felicia had colon cancer. After many medical tests and such Felicia figured that her and Nick's relationship wasn't going to work out, so she left for Paris in January 2005. Felicia returned one year later with a baby son, who she believed the baby was Nick's, and named him Dominick Marone Jr. However, it was soon revealed that Dominick was the product of a one-night stand between Felicia and Dante Damiano in Paris, leaving Nick very much devastated.

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