Coffee Shop/Cafe


Stephanie Forrester


Dayzee Leigh






Los Angeles, California


Steffy Forrester
Rick Forrester
Caroline Spencer
Maya Avant
Carter Walton

Dayzee's is a local coffee shop in Los Angeles in California in The Bold and The Beautiful. Stephanie Forrester bought C.J. Garrison's Insomnia (Former coffee shop) to give to her new friend Dayzee Leigh. Dayzee was a poor African American woman who lived in Skid Row, a broke undesirable part of Los Angeles. Dayzee is now an independent woman who married into the Forrester family. Dayzee hires workers from her Skid Row past to work in her restaurant. Dayzee's is a place many of the shows characters casually go to talk about problems or the company.

In 2013, Rick Forrester brought his girlfriend Caroline Spencer to Dayzee's to work as a soup kitchen volunteer.  Caroline got ticked off and walked off. Rick met this one pretty African American customer Maya Avant and they bonded. Maya went on stage and sang a song dedicated to Rick staring at him. Turns out Maya is formerly an ex-convict who didn't actually commit a crime. Dayzee told Maya to back off because of Caroline. Dayzee also let Maya live in an apartment directly above Dayzee's. Shortly after Rick began a relationship with Maya and Caroline got jilted hard. Even with a short break up Rick and Maya stayed together. During the short break up Maya dated Carter Walton who she met at Dayzee's but dumped afterward for Rick. Caroline and Maya fought hard over Rick but Maya had always seemed to win. Until after Maya and Carter's series premier (Room 8 produced by Rafael working with Caroline) and Rick was late to show up having to be with Caroline for business, Maya went back up to her apartment sad. Carter followed her and insisted her stayed on the couch all night and they made out but that was it. In the morning Rafael was drinking coffee in Dayzee's and saw Carter walk out in the same clothes he wore the night before. During The Hope For The Future Line that Rick was depending on for his position as president, Rafael told this to Caroline who was only focused on saving Rick. Eric Forrester (Rick's father) chose Rick to keep his position and Caroline told this to Rick. Rick didn't believe her and she walked off. Rick asked Maya as she was gonna tell him and she told him it was true. Rick got in bed with Caroline and Maya thought it was over.