Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez
Mario Lopez as Christian Ramirez
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Mario Lopez
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 2006
First appearance March 20, 2006
Last appearance September 7, 2006
Family Ramirez
Gender Male
Occupation Doctor
Residence Los Angeles, California
Siblings Hector Ramirez
Romances Felicia Forrester
Nieces and
Caitlin Ramirez
Jimmy Ramirez (adoptive nephew)
Dr. Christian Ramirez is a fictional character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Mario Lopez.


Christian Ramirez was born and raised in Los Angeles along with his older brother, Hector Ramirez. Christian first appeared in 2006 as the doctor that Stephanie Forrester had hired to save her dying daughter, Felicia Forrester. He was called in and came onto the case after the rest of the Forresters believed she had died from her battle with colon cancer. But Stephanie spirited her away to a clinic when the doctors found a very faint pulse. Felicia was instead comatose and on life support.

After his initial examination, Christian informed Stephanie that with radiation, chemotherapy, and a liver transplant, Felicia had a slender chance of recovering. In the subsequent days, Christian treated Felicia, constantly calling Stephanie to inform her of changes in her daughter's condition. Stephanie gave Christian a video tape of Felicia's life she had made and pleaded that he watch it, believing it would not give up on her once he saw the high-spirited woman who wasn't afraid of a fight. After watching it, Christian was intrigued by Felicia's strong will to survive, but unfortunately she continued to decline the battle. She reached the point that Christian actually removed her from life support to see if she could breathe on her own and also placed her name on a donor list for livers. It wasn't until Stephanie brought in Felicia's son, Dominick, to her bedside she began showing improvement and a liver donor was found at the last moment.

Christian then called Stephanie to inform her that Felicia was progressing well and her body hadn't rejected the new liver, but warned her it was still too early to tell. Christian soon reunites with Hector who jokingly bashed Christian for not staying in touch or even telling him that he was in town. Believing his little brother needed a break from the hospital, Hector took Christian to meet Bridget Forrester, who was also a doctor.

While at Dante Damiano's house, Christian meets Bridget. He is then stunned when Bridget and Dante bring out Dante's son, Dominick. He instantly recognizes the infant, but doesn't say anything.

Felicia eventually regains consciousness and returns home to the Forrester guesthouse after a long recuperation. Felicia began flirting with the handsome young doctor and even offered him to finish clipping off her hair due to the chemo. Christian had a brief rivalry with Dante when Christian revealed his feelings for Felicia, but Dante warned him to stay away.

Christian took a job working at the local hospital and was the doctor who examined Bridget for her immunizations before her trip to Africa, however, the trip was halted when she became pregnant with Dante's child.

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