Charlie Baker
Mykel Shannon Jenkins as Charlie Baker
Mykel Shannon Jenkins as Charlie Baker
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Mykel Shannon Jenkins (2007-2009, 2010, 2012)
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 2007-2010, 2012
First appearance November 21, 2007
Last appearance July 26, 2012
Family Baker
Gender Male
Occupation Detective
Residence Los Angeles, California
Parents Lieutenant Baker (father)

Det. Charlie Baker is a fictional character on the soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. He is portrayed by Mykel Shannon Jenkins.

Storylines Edit

When, Stephanie Douglas is shot in the Forrester Creations showroom, backstage her husband, Eric Forrester hears a suspicious sound. Elsewhere in the building, Storm Logan calls the police to file a restraining order against Stephanie, then his sister Donna Logan enters the showroom and is stunned to find Stephanie lying on the floor. Then, Eric shows up and sees Donna with blood on her hands... A shocked Eric calls the paramedics and orders a lockdown for the building! . Brooke Logan and Storm learn that Stephanie has been shot as Eric comforts his son and daughter with Stephanie, Thorne Forrester and Felicia Forrester who lashes out at Donna for shooting her mother. Nick Marone comes in, angry that he's not allowed to leave the building. Lt. Baker and some CSI arrive. Baker is joined by his son Charlie, a fresh detective, who reports of Storm's complaint against Stephanie. Charlie and the rest of the LAPD get permission to search Stephen Logan's hotel suite, as advised by Storm.

He withdraws it just too late after a probable murder gun is found. Stephen is supported by Storm, although Stephen keeps proclaiming his innocence, he is processed for formal arrest at the LAPD precinct. He is seen throughout the rest of this case still talking to both the Forresters' and the Logans', but then they prove that Storm actually shot Stephanie, and that he let Stephen take the fall. It was later announced by Brooke Logan and Katie Logan that the Storm was getting help. He is then seen making guest appearances, then for Graham Darros's attempted rape for Hope Logan, and rape for Agnes Jones, then the case of Marcus Forrester accused of hitting a pedestrian named, Anthony before his wedding day to Dayzee Leigh.

During his wedding night, Marcus tells Dayzee the whole truth, then visits Anthony in hospital, where he's scolded and grilled again by the Baker police detectives, who get him to admit having lost sight of the road by texting and driving, and Marcus is arrested, but then with the help of Thomas Forrester and Caroline Spencer II, it was determined Marcus hit a pothole, and that someone else hit the pedestrian, making the Baker detectives, and LAPD to release Marcus. Charlie hasn't been seen since.

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