Casper Knight
Casper Knight-3
Brandon Beemer as Casper Knight
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Brandon Beemer
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 2009
First appearance August 19, 2009
Last appearance August 21, 2009
Created by Bradley Bell
Family Knight
Gender Male
Residence San Diego, California
Siblings Owen Knight (identical twin brother)
Nieces and
Logan Knight (nephew)
Casper Knight was temporarily portrayed by Brandon Beemer in 2009, who also played Owen Knight.

Biography Edit

In 2009 while in San Diego, Owen Knight was prepping for a live-TV interview with a local reporter to discuss the new Indulge line for Jackie M Designs, as well as his marriage to the owner, Jacqueline Marone. In the moments following his phone call to Jackie and before heading to the station for the interview, Owen was put into a limousine and drove him around San Diego all day, and his twin brother Casper took over the role of his brother during the interview. Casper then humiliated Jackie by saying that her marriage to Owen was like a wild surf ride and that she had been punked, leaving Jackie stunned.

Humiliated by the hurtful things Owen said on TV, Jackie turned to Whip Jones for comfort until Owen called her saying that he would explain what had happened.

Returning to her apartment, Owen insisted that Jackie listened to him and that everything that was said during the live interview wasn't true, let alone even him. Unable to get Jackie to listen, Owen decided that someone else would explain: Casper, his identical twin brother.

Dressed like a beach bum with tattoos and piercings, Casper admitted that he pranked Owen and Jackie by switching places with his brother before the interview by getting a man that Owen thought was the producer's assistant and say that the location of the interview had changed, leaving Casper the opportunity to highjack the interview. Casper then said that Owen deserved it due to Owen living the high-life in Los Angeles while he was working a menial job in San Diego. When Owen had found out what Casper had done, he demanded that he accompanied Owen back to Los Angeles and explain himself to Jackie or Owen would press charges against his brother. Casper apologized, but admitted that it was the ultimate prank of pranks before being sent back to San Diego. Owen and Jackie later reconciled.

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