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Caroline Spencer II †
Linsey Godfrey as Caroline Spencer II
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Linsey Godfrey (2012-16, 2017, 2018)
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 2012-2018
First appearance March 28, 2012
Last appearance March 19, 2018
Cause/reason Left town and later died
Created by Bradley Bell
Family Spencer family
Nickname(s) Lassie (by herself and Rick), Coco (by Rafael), Carol (by Maya)
Namesake(s) Caroline Spencer
Gender Female
Born 1987
Died 2019
Age 32 (at time of death)
Cause of death Blood clot
Occupation Fashion Designer
Head of The Caroline Spencer Cancer Foundation
Residence New York, New York (at time of death)
Parents Karen Spencer and Danielle Spencer
Spouses Rick Forrester (2013-15)
Ridge Forrester (2015-16)
Romances Thomas Forrester
Rafael (kissed)
Children Douglas Forrester (with Thomas)
Grandparents Bill Spencer Sr.
Aunts and
Caroline Spencer
Bill Spencer Jr.
First cousins Wyatt Spencer
Liam Spencer
Will Spencer

Caroline Spencer II (formerly Forrester) was a character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Linsey Godfrey from 2012 to 2018. She was named after her late aunt, Caroline Spencer.

Caroline Spencer II was the daughter of Karen and Danielle Spencer. She was named after her late aunt, Caroline Spencer Forrester, who died from leukemia in 1990, and like her aunt, she married Ridge Forrester (though she has also married Rick).


After discovering that her son, Rick Forrester, was secretly working on a new fashion line with his ex-wife, Amber Moore, his mother, Brooke Logan made it her mission to get Amber out of their lives once and for all and began searching for new designers around the country. She eventually came upon some sketches designed by Caroline Spencer, the niece of the late Caroline Spencer Forrester, daughter of Karen Spencer, and niece of Bill Spencer, Jr. Brooke called up Karen in New York to bring her and Caroline for a job at Forrester Creations. Karen convinced Caroline they were going to Paris for vacation, but Caroline soon realized that they were going somewhere else. Karen admits to Caroline they are heading to Los Angeles for a job interview. Caroline at first thinks it's a job interview for Karen, but Karen says the interview is for Caroline. Caroline is surprised that the interview is for Forrester Creations' new designer. Brooke and Ridge couldn't wait to rub it in Amber's face that she will no longer be a part of Rick's life or a member of Forrester Creations. Amber disbelieves that anyone or anything will ever come between her and Rick. Caroline and Karen soon arrive at Forrester Creations and everyone's attention is drawn to her. Brooke and Ridge are ecstatic that she's there, Rick and Thomas Forrester are amazed by her appearance, and Amber scoffs her off. Caroline is soon hired as Rick's design partner for his fashion line. But Brooke is hoping that Caroline will be more than a design partner for Rick. Rick and Thomas soon begin fighting for Caroline's attention and affection, continuing the Logan/Forrester feud. Thomas dates Caroline for a while, and she even introduces him to her mother, Karen and her longtime partner Danielle, but when he becomes intern CEO, she sees a change in him that she doesn't like. Rick and Thomas then get into a fight, and Caroline breaks up with Thomas after Rick falsely accused him of pushing him through a window. She and Rick start dating soon after.

Rick and Caroline's relationship goes well at first, but when he starts volunteering at Dayzee's coffeehouse, things begin to fall apart. Rick meets an employee named Maya Avant and starts spending time with her, resulting in Caroline feeling neglected. She resorts to scheming to try and get him to stay with her, but his connection with Maya proves to be too strong. Carter and Maya go out for a little bit, but Maya returns to Rick.

When Rick and Maya were dating again, Caroline maliciously made up female names starting with M to insult Maya. Such as Mariah (To Rick), Maria (To Maya), Misty (To Rick and Maya), Monica (To Rick), Melissa (To Rick), Marietta (To Carter), Mona (To Rick and Maya), and (after she took a break) Martha (To Rick).

Caroline confides in her uncle Bill about her troubled romance with Rick. Bill then [[Click to Continue > by PriceLess|hires]] his assistant Alison and his longtime associate and friend Justin Barber to dig up dirt on Maya. When he gets the info he needs, Bill has Maya's ex-boyfriend Jesse show up at a nightclub Rick takes her to. Allison then takes a picture of Jesse and Maya talking. When Bill threatens Maya, she breaks up with Rick, making room for Caroline to try and get back together with him. It works for a while, but Maya realizes that she can't allow herself to be bullied by people like Bill and Caroline and tells Rick what Bill did. Caroline is shocked, but Maya's revelation proves to be the end of Rick and Caroline's relationship. Rick lets Bill know that if he ever bullies Maya again, Caroline will lose her job at Forrester Creations. Caroline is crushed but also angry (she didn't hear Rick's threat). She confides in Carter Walton about her breakup with Rick. She also vows to make Maya pay.

Caroline has a friend of hers, Rafael, a movie and television producer, cast Maya and Carter in an Internet web series called Room 8, a show about a guy who lets a girl live with him after in his apartment, and they fantasize about each other. Caroline told Rafael about her and Rick, and she wants them back together. Rafael wrote some scripts, but Caroline edited almost all of them to make them "steamier" so they fall in love, and she can have Rick back.

Rafael and Caroline show up to Rick's Fourth Of July Party (partly to make him jealous, which fails), and Rafael shows Rick, Maya, Oliver, Thomas, Dayzee, and Marcus the edited episodes he did digitally. Rick and Maya had a small bickering but are still together. Maya, however, begins to wonder if someone other then Rafael is pulling the strings behind the scenes. For the next episode, Rafael brought in a couple of guinea pigs, but Caroline pushed for a water bed. Rafael and Caroline had a fight in which he accused Caroline of not caring about his career. Both guinea pigs and the water bed were kept, but Caroline apparently doesn't like rodents. During a scene involving the water bed, Maya admits to Carter that there's a boundary. An unsure Maya isn't able to do the scene the way it's written, which angers Rafael resulting in him getting into a fight with Caroline. Maya then walks in on their conversation and finds out Caroline was behind all of this. Carter comes in, and Maya pushes Caroline to admit tot what she did. Caroline's gig was up, and Rafael fired her. One of the guinea pigs escaped, going between Caroline's legs, which freaked her out resulting in her jumping on the water bed where her heels popped the bed, leaving Caroline soaked. Rick came and told Caroline he doesn't know what to believe with her sometimes. Caroline is beside herself with anger and regret.

Caroline met up with Rafael again, and he told her that was going to redo the web series but admit they did need to be steamier but not as steamy as she wanted it. Caroline agreed that he'd help her get Rick back some other way. Rick was in a business meeting with Eric, Thorne, Caroline, and Thomas where his contributions weren't high, and Eric felt Forrester Creations could use a new president. They all made an agreement if Caroline's contributions for Hope For The Future don't work out, Rick will be replaced. Caroline told Rick she'd make sure he would stay president, and Rick told her if she helped him stay he'd do anything. Caroline's hoping he would take her back, but she also fears that once he retains his position, he won't need her anymore and drop her. Rafael encouraged Caroline that Rick would like the happier less negative Caroline and when Caroline tried being nice around Maya, Maya didn't buy it. They all made an agreement if Caroline's contributions for Hope For The Future don't work out Rick will be replaced. Thomas and Thorne teamed up to kick Rick out (partly because of Thomas and Rick's bad history) and have Thorne be president and Thomas vice president. Thomas explained Thorne is someone he can trust. Thorne and Thomas confronted this to Eric and Rick, Thomas, Thorne, Eric, and Caroline had another meeting. Caroline babbled something about Hope For The Future. But Thomas and Thorne contradicted that even though the sales are up they need a profit. Eric let Rick stay president until further evidence of Hope For The Future Sales. Maya ran up to her apartment sad while Carter followed her. Carter insisted he stayed the night on the couch where they made out and that's all that happened. Rafael stole Maya's phone so she couldn't track all of Rick's messages. Rafael in the morning at Dayzee's saw Carter come out in the same clothes as the day before. Rafael told this to Caroline. The Hope For The Future Line had no response but was a hit. Rick kept his position and Caroline blurted out Maya's secret knowing Rick hates secrets (Amber, Caroline, Maya). Rick didn't believe her until Maya told him it's true and Rick stormed off to Caroline's place and got in bed.  Maya came when Rick left and Caroline and Maya had a few words with Maya winning. Carter proposed to Maya and she accepted and later on Rick proposed to Caroline.

In November 2013, Caroline called Maya Mona again and then Matilda (Nov. 5), and on November 6 when Maya decided to rejoin Forrester Creations, trying to make peace, Caroline still maliciously called her Myrna (/Mirna) and Maya fired back by calling her Carol.

Rick and Caroline were married at the Forrester Mansion on December 2, 2013 in an impromptu ceremony in front of family and friends.

When Ridge finds himself feeling uninspired and can't seem to design anything, Caroline, who has always idolized Ridge as a designer, offers to help him, which angers Rick because of his own personal hatred for Ridge. However, Caroline gets her chance to work with her idol, which begins to put a strain on her marriage. Maya noticed that Caroline and Ridge were working closely together on a couture line behind closed doors not letting anybody in, hoping there was something more. She told Rick she saw them hugging, but he had faith in Caroline and denied it. Maya tried to bring up the memories they shared, but Rick continued to stay faithful to his wife. Ever since Bill dumped Ridge into the Persian Gulf during an altercation at Bill and Brooke's wedding attempt, Ridge lost his ability to draw. He could coarse Caroline's hand and draw perfectly though. Caroline began getting frustrated with Ridge's perfectionist ways and asked why couldn't he do it himself but realized he can't. He admit to it and made Caroline promise that she wouldn't tell anybody, not even Rick. Katie walks in on them working closely and they explain their partnership. Katie begins to feel uncomfortable and discusses this with Rick, who is also secretly a bit uncomfortable. Rick got angry that Ridge is taking credit for Caroline's designs, but Caroline insisted she's happy to help him. Rick brought this up to Eric who decided to resign from CEO and will give his position to either Rick or Ridge. He asked Caroline who he should give it to, but she didn't have an answer. Caroline expressed her romantic feelings to Ridge, who then admitted that he has a crush on her. They then share a kiss, but Caroline is left feeling extremely guilty because of her marriage to Rick and knowing how much he hates and despises Ridge. The duo are exposed by Maya after Ridge is named CEO of Forrester Creations. Rick is devastated and leaves while Caroline breaks down in tears, extremely upset over what has happened. She tries to get a hold of Rick some time later, but he accuses her of letting Ridge walk all over them, which she denies. Rick ends up hanging up on Caroline and is later comforted by Maya, whom he ends up making love to. Caroline goes to Brooke's house the following morning to talk to Rick but is shocked and upset over seeing Maya there wearing nothing but a bathrobe. Rick angrily tells her that their marriage is over and that he intends to get a divorce. Maya then gives Caroline a piece of her mind, letting her know that she has lost Rick to her worst nightmare. Rick secretly stays with Maya but pretends to stay with Caroline so Eric with give him irrevocable control so he can run the company with Maya.

Caroline wanted to talk to Ivy at the Mansion. Caroline explained she's happy she got Rick back but she is still nervous about their relationship. Ivy supported Caroline until she got a call from a friend to check out his/her new apartment. Ivy arrived at the apartments and saw Rick kissing Maya. Rick got back to the Forrester Mansion and Ivy confronted him about what she saw. Rick claimed it was just a goodbye kiss but Ivy didn't believe it. Rick insisted Ivy didn't say anything or else she's fired. Caroline called from the cabin to the main house and asked if Rick's was there and Rick answered. Ivy confronted Maya at her apartment the next day about what she saw. Maya tried to pretend Rick is committed to Caroline and what they had was real and they will run the company. Rick and Maya both convinced Ivy to keep her mouth shut.

Eric signed the paper to give Rick irrevocable control. Rick was preaching to everybody in the meeting how he can do this for a year while Eric is away, with the help of a loyal woman by his side. Caroline thought Rick was talking about her when Rick called Maya in an announced that he is still with Maya.

Rick and Maya moved into the Forrester Mansion while Eric was briefly away and Maya kicked Ivy and Aly out for a day to have some privacy. Rick also took down Stephanie's portrait and hung up a portrait of Maya. Maya was a little nervous thinking how people would react but Rick insisted. The Forresters were offended by Rick's actions especially Stephanie's sister, Pamela Douglas. Ivy and Aly agreed that Rick's just doing this to get back at Caroline and that he still loves her. In a Forrester meeting, Rick was bothered by the success of Caroline and Ridge's art, he even turned down Aly's great design in shoes. Rick dismissed everybody and threatened to fire Caroline and Ivy. Liam Spencer rushed in and punched Rick to the floor! Rick started cracking up but let them keep their jobs.

Rick filed divorce papers and wanted to get rid of Stephanie's gun too. The lawyer forgot to take it with him at Forrester, so Rick took a stroll with it, and found Caroline and Ridge on top of each other, making out, in an office. Rick cracked open the door and fired gun shots at the wall. Ridge sprung up and Rick questioned both of them. Ridge took the gun away from Rick and emptied the bullets. Pam, Charlie, and Carter rushed over hearing gun shots. They were surprised to find out that Rick shot them. Rick still doesn't want Ridge with his wife, but Ridge stated that he doesn't want her anymore. Ridge was going to call Lieutenant Baker to file a report but Caroline convinced him otherwise. Rick returned to the Forrester Mansion to see his mother, Brooke Logan, back talking to Maya.  Maya informed Brooke about Caroline and Ridge's affair. Rick stated gunshots were shot at the office. Brooke and Maya were shocked. Rick stated he shot them at Ridge and Caroline. Brooke called Ridge and was concerned. Brooke was on Rick's side, shocked about Ridge and Caroline's affair. Ridge stated they'll have this conversation another time. Caroline signed the divorce papers without even reading them over. Ridge suggested running away with her and starting their own company.    

Steffy confronted Caroline about her relationship with her father. Steffy explained she thinks her father dating a woman her age is gross. Caroline through Steffy's relationship with Bill in her face but that didn't stop her. Steffy would not approve of their relationship.

Brooke arrived at Forrester Creations trying to control everybody by threatening to fire Ridge and insisting that Caroline and Rick work their marriage out of his relationship with Maya is over. However, Brooke's theory didn't work and Rick remained with Maya as well as Caroline remained with Ridge. Ridge and Caroline moved into an apartment together. Ridge decided to paint a portrait of her with her holding a sheet covering up her privates. After he was done, she stated she thought he meant he wanted to paint her and they began painting each others bodies. Brooke texted Ridge wanting to talk to him in person at the Logan Mansion. Ridge rushed over there and found Brooke in undergarments and an unbuttoned robe. Brooke explained she wanted to be with him and they have so much history. Ridge explained he's with Caroline and Brooke called their relationship a fling. Brooke asked him to look at her and tell her she's not in love. Ridge stated he is in love which Brooke thought was her but he stated he's in love with Caroline and left.  Steffy was explaining to Ridge in his apartment that she is leaving for Paris, at least for now, when Caroline arrived home. Before Steffy left back for Paris, she civilly said goodbye to Ridge and Caroline. Caroline took a trip to New York to be with her moms.

Caroline returned to L.A. with Ridge wheeling her in a wheelchair after she got hit by a car in New York. Ridge promised to take care of her. Caroline was shocked to hear her uncle Bill published the true story about Maya being transgendered. Maya's supporters online believe that Forrester Creations forced her to leave the company. Ridge asked her to come back and offered her the lead model position. Maya stated she'd love to work as lead model at Forrester again under one condition, that Rick can come back too. Rick was put in charge of International. Caroline gave Maya a heartfelt apology as they both got emotional and sorted out their differences, making peace. Caroline appeared at the Forrester's Fourth of July party bootless!

Thomas returns to Los Angeles to attend Aly's funeral and to support Steffy who killed her in self-defense. After the funeral, Thomas explained to Ridge and Caroline that he will be staying permanently in L.A. He asked Ridge for a job at Forrester Creations but Ridge kept giving him a hard time, stating there are no executive positions available and every employee has to earn their job. Thomas stated he actually wants to be part of the design team. Thomas explained with Ridge being CEO, he has many responsibilities and he prefers designing over crunching numbers. Ridge agreed to make him part of the design team.

Caroline saw Thomas working out and shirtless and Thomas joked with her about her relationship with his dad and asked how it all started. Thomas kept complimenting on Caroline's looks. Thomas drew a portrait of Caroline.

Thomas comes to Ridge's apartment to tell Caroline that Ridge tore his design. Caroline feels empathetic and talks with him on the couch while her feet hurt and Thomas massages them for her. Thomas then kisses her leg. Caroline feels wrong but Thomas locks the doors and kisses her. Thomas snaps out of the dream when Ridge arrives wondering why Thomas is here. Caroline and Thomas explain that he came looking for Ridge when he tore up his designs and he gave her a foot rub.

Caroline got emotional when her divorce from Rick became finalized. She just realized that she had so many goals and dreams she planned that ended. Caroline explained to Ridge she didn't expect their relationship but enjoys it. Caroline explained the one think she really wants is to be a mother. She began crying about this and asked Ridge if he'd have a baby with her. Ridge said no and Caroline said if it's between a baby and him, she'll choose him every time.

Thomas confides in Caroline that Ivy is blackmailing Steffy with the video on her phone. Caroline is very concerned but Thomas insists that Caroline cannot tell Ridge.

Brooke informs Thomas that Ridge is going to decide whether or not he'll have a child with Caroline. Ridge tells Caroline she'll be a wonderful mother and he wants her to raise her child. But not with him. He says the man she'll have a child with is lucky. Caroline is devastated and bursts out crying and leaves Ridge's apartment. Caroline rents her own apartment. Thomas calls Caroline to ask if his designs will be good enough for the California Freedom line for Ridge. She sounds upset and starts to cry and Thomas insists on coming over. Caroline explains she's not at Ridge's apartment and Thomas asks for her address. Caroline texts Thomas her address. Caroline takes some anti-anxiety pills she stole from Pamela Douglas. Thomas arrives at her apartment and Caroline confides in him about how Ridge broke her heart. Thomas pours them both a glass of wine and they continue to talk. Caroline lies on the bed and is drunk and high and calls Thomas a good friend. Thomas kisses Caroline. The next morning, Thomas and Caroline wake up in her bed. Caroline questions what happened and is shocked to hear that Thomas and her made love. Caroline is upset and devastated. Caroline doesn't remember making love to Thomas but Thomas explains they did after they talked and drank wine. Caroline tries to recollect and and accuses Thomas of taking advantage of her if she passed out. Thomas explains she wanted it too after they kissed. Caroline remembers taking Pam's anti-anxiety pills, making her unaware, accusing Thomas of taking advantage of her. Thomas explains they talked for a very long while and she was fully aware. Caroline leaves devastated. Ridge texts Caroline to come back to his apartment. Ridge apologizes and admits he wants to be with her. Ridge stated even though he doesn't really want to, he's willing to have a child with her. Caroline becomes emotional and happily accepts his offer. Ridge texts Thomas to come over. Ridge announces that they're back together and are trying to have a baby. Thomas congratulates them and Ridge claims he called Thomas over because he's had his doubts about their relationship.

Ridge and Caroline decide to get a marriage license and have a quick elopement and get married. Caroline visits the gynecologist. The doctor took the results and confirms Caroline's pregnancy, which shocks her. Caroline realizes the child is most likely Thomas's because the pregnancy is recent. The doctor notices Caroline's shock and questions her about it. Caroline confides in the doctor that the child may not be her husband's, but a man she was with on a one night stand the night Ridge broke up with her. Caroline questions whether she can get paternity results but the doctor states it's to early in the pregnancy to tell. Caroline realizes it's Thomas's child and is distraught. Caroline returns home to Ridge who insists on telling her some big news. Caroline asks if it can wait because it's really important but Ridge insists. Ridge informs Caroline about the vasectomy he had done last year and he had been planning to get it reversed as a surprise. Turns out, the vasectomy cannot be undone, so he can't be the father to her baby. Caroline is devastated and Ridge feels empathetic. Ridge asks what she wanted to tell him. Caroline explains that on the night they broke up, a friend comforted her in her apartment. She admits to using some of Pam's pills she picked up, which she was meaning to return, mixed with some alcohol, which he had been drinking as well. Caroline admits that she fell asleep and woke up and was informed they slept together. Ridge is angry and asks whether he took advantage of her but Caroline insists otherwise. Ridge asks about this guy and Caroline reveals his name to be Thomas. Ridge asks if it's his son and Caroline confirms it to be the one. Ridge is angry and asks what Thomas is to her, a friend, more than a friend, and Caroline bursted out that he's the father of her baby. Ridge is furious and throws a vase. Caroline is crying and sorry and Ridge is heartbroken that his son would do this to him. Caroline and Ridge feel their relationship is over when Ridge suggests raising her baby as their own without telling Thomas. Caroline was indecisive at first but soon after agreed.

Also during this time, Caroline called Thomas insisting on seeing him but Thomas insisted it isn't a good time. Caroline rushed over to the Forrester Mansion and arrived at the door of Thomas's room and noticed Charlotte the intern under the covers in his bed. Charlotte apologized and left. Caroline upset didn't want to tell him. Ridge arrived at the Forrester Mansion in the middle of Thomas kissing Charlotte. Charlotte apologized and left. Ridge scolded Thomas for having relations with an intern even though Ridge has been with plenty of them. Thomas vented his resentment towards Ridge for never being there when he was a kid and punched Ridge. Ridge ordered the private jet to fly Thomas back to Paris and Caroline stood by him. Thomas unhappily went off to Paris. Thomas returned shortly after. Steffy convinced Ridge to give Thomas his job back as co-designer with Caroline. Thomas walks in on Caroline and Ridge's sonogram at the hospital. He claims he was there for a check up and happened to see them here.

While Ridge is away on business, Thomas gives Caroline a genuine heartfelt apology and wishes her and Ridge the best. Caroline forgives Thomas and Thomas claims he's trying to change. Caroline starts having contractions so Thomas takes her to the hospital. The doctor informs Caroline that it's just contractions and that she's not going into labor. Caroline asks what could have caused the premature contractions. The doctor suggests it could have resulted from the use of drugs or alcohol even at he earliest stages of the pregnancy which worries Caroline. The doctor tells her that her baby boy looks healthy. Caroline is excited to find out the gender and Thomas is happy for her.

Ridge holds a get-together at the Forrester Mansion, inviting some of Eric and Stephanie's old friends. Ridge takes down Maya's portrait and hangs Stephanie's above the mantle. Eric is delighted but Rick throws a fit. Rick is angered by Ridge and tells him to put Maya's back up after the party. Ridge asks Eric to keep Stephanie's up while Rick defends Maya and her portrait and rehashes things with Ridge. Eric chooses Stephanie's portrait and Rick moves out of the Forrester Mansion with Maya and Nicole. Ridge decides to move in the Mansion with Caroline the next day, living with Thomas. Steffy is happy to hear that and admits that she doesn't feel comfortable living at Liam's anymore, since he left town, and decides to move in with them. Caroline is intrigued to be informed Steffy has moved on with Wyatt and is in a happy relationship with him. Caroline is even more ecstatic when Steffy announces she's engaged after a short while of dating. Steffy admits she's moving in with Wyatt.

Thomas visits Caroline at the Forrester Mansion and due to the stress from the fight between Ridge and Rick, Caroline falls into labor. Thomas prepares the main bedroom and she gives birth at home with Ridge by her side via a water birth. Ridge suggests naming the baby Douglas Forrester after his mother, Stephanie Forrester's, maiden name, which Caroline accepts for her son.

Ridge's vasectomy doctor, Dr. Wolin watches Ridge and Caroline at lunch with Douglas at Al Giodino. Caroline and Ridge both notice his repeated glances. Caroline admits to Ridge that she misses Douglas and Ridge allows her to go home while he takes care of the bill. Ridge walks over to Wolin's table. Wolin explains to Ridge that the baby could not possibly be his kid because he had zero sperm count. Ridge claims that he went to different doctors but Wolin assures him that he cannot be the father. Katie witnesses their conversation from afar while Ridge leaves the area. Katie sits down by Wolin and explains she's a good friend of Ridge's and is concerned about him and would like to know if he's hiding a secret. Wolin is initially resistant to tell her but then admits to Katie that he had a vasectomy back in Paris and could not possibly be Douglas's father. Wolin leaves and follows Ridge outside. He blackmails Ridge for a hundred grand in the next twenty four hours or he'll blow his secret out of the water. Ridge has no comment and begins to walk away while Wolin gets hit by a car. Ridge arrives at Forrester and tells Caroline about Wolin, which makes her very nervous.

Katie hears about Wolin's accident in the paper and confronts Ridge about it, accusing him of knowing anything about the incident, which makes Ridge very defensive. Katie admits to Ridge that Dr. Wolin informed her about the vasectomy. Ridge makes up the lie that they got sperm from a donor and they don't want people to know. Katie tells Caroline she knows the truth about Douglas's paternity. Katie tells her she kind of forced it out of Ridge and she met with Dr. Wolin who told her Ridge isn't the father. Caroline blurts out that Thomas is the father, believing Katie already knew. Katie is shocked to learn Thomas is Douglas's real father. Katie tells Ridge what Caroline admitted and encourages him to tell Thomas the truth. Ridge decides to tell Thomas that he is the biological father of Douglas. Thomas later tricks Pam and takes off with his son making Caroline panic. Caroline finds them and Thomas states that he will keep quite if he can be apart of his son's life and Caroline agreed.

Thomas asks Ridge and Caroline to spend some time with his son. Ridge dislikes Thomas calling Douglas his son and mandates him to go to Shanghai for five years to gain business experience. Thomas agrees and Caroline supports Ridge. At night, Caroline grabs something from the kitchen in The Forrester Mansion, where Thomas appears shirtless. Caroline is surprised to see him and Thomas explains that he was at the airport and decided he couldn't leave for five years and miss out on Douglas's life. Ridge enters the kitchen wondering what Thomas is doing back. Thomas demands that he starts having a stake in his child's life under his rules which Ridge reluctantly agrees to.

After the revelation had unraveled, Caroline and Ridge were distant for a period. After seeing his wife enjoying time with baby Douglas and Thomas, Ridge decided to let her be free with her new family. A night at the Forrester Mansion lead to Ridge telling Caroline how he feels this should be, and that they should end their marriage. While upset, Caroline accepted what has happened, and decided to end their marriage. They took off their rings, and filed for divorce. To have some time away from it all, and to show her parents, their grandson, Caroline took some time off to visit them in New York. 

After a few months away, Caroline decided to return to L.A. and back to her life - but with a motive.Thomas, who had started dating Sasha, received a surprise visit from Caroline and Douglas. Thomas overjoyed to see both of them, though Sasha felt uncomfortable as she felt she was drawing a verge between a family. After Caroline paid Thomas another visit at his loft, Sasha felt this was wrong and ended it with Thomas. Shortly thereafter, visiting Thomas again, Caroline told him that she has had a long time to think - and wants her family to be united - her, Douglas, and Thomas. Caroline an Thomas reunited and left for New York together with Douglas to visit Caroline's moms. Caroline broke up with Thomas while visiting her parents in New York, resulting in Thomas returning to L.A.

Learning that Thomas had moved on with Sally Spectra, the namesake great-niece of Spectra Fashions' former knockoff queen, Caroline brought Douglas to L.A. at Steffy's behest, wanting Thomas for herself. Caroline clashed with Sally and accepted Bill's offer to tear Sally and Thomas apart. However, Caroline was aghast when Bill told Thomas she was dying; Caroline refused to go along with it at first but kept silent when Thomas embraced her and said he wanted to spend her "last" days with her and Douglas. Caroline bonded with Thomas and their son in the Big Apple, but made two visits to L.A. one to tell Bill she was tired of lying to Thomas and another after Sally suffered smoke inhalation from Spectra Fashions burning to the ground. Caroline suspected that Thomas really loved Sally after all and that Bill was behind the fire at Spectra.

Caroline eventually confessed the truth to Thomas, which lead to their brief return to L.A. on the heels of Bill's shooting both of which as prime suspects. Infuriated by her uncle's actions which lead to her relationship's demise, Caroline visits him in hospital, strangles him, and attempts to unplug his life support device. Thomas, meanwhile, apologizes to Sally, resulting in a reconciliation and all moving back to New York. Sally later returns to L.A. with the news of Thomas' inability to stay away from Caroline, the mother of his child.

As of early 2019, Caroline was said to be happy with Thomas in New York. But a couple of months later, In March of 2019, both Taylor and Bill were called by Eric, revealing Thomas' news of Caroline's sudden death, due to a severe blood clot. With nothing left for them in New York, Thomas and Douglas move back to L.A.

Crimes Committed

Hospitalizations and Maladies

  • Flipped off a balcony after being pushed by her uncle, Bill Spencer (2012).
  • Shot at by Rick Forrester (2015)
  • Got hit by a car in New York and confined to a wheelchair (May 2015).
  • Got high off of anti-anxiety pills she stole from Pamela Douglas (Sep 2015).
  • Hospitalized for contractions (Mar 2016).
  • Suffered a fatally severe blood clot, resulting in her death (Mar 2019).



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