Caitlin Ramirez
Kayla Ewell
Kayla Ewell as Caitlin Ramirez
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Kayla Ewell
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 2004-2005
First appearance January 21, 2004
Last appearance July 22, 2005
Created by Bradley Bell
Family Ramirez
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Gender Female
Born May 9, 1987
Age 26
Residence New York City
Parents Hector Ramirez
Samantha Kelly
Siblings Jimmy Ramirez (adoptive brother)
Romances Thomas Forrester
Rick Forrester
Grandparents Preston Kelly (maternal grandfather)
Priscilla Kelly (maternal grandmother)
Aunts and
Christian Ramirez (paternal uncle)
Caitlin Ramirez is a fictional character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Kayla Ewell from 2004-2005.


Caitlin Ramirez is the daughter of Samantha Kelly and Hector Ramirez. Caitlin had believed that her mom had died while giving birth and frequently had nightmares that Hector was unable to help her ease her self-guilt. After relocating to Los Angeles in 2004, Caitlin took an intern job at Forrester Creations, which her father was dead-set against due to his hatred of the Forresters. This meant that she had to lie to him about her job and her growing friendship with Forrester heir, Thomas Forrester. When Hector finally discovered Caitlin's new job, he forced her to quit working for Forrester and she soon moved to another intern position at Logan Designs, owned by Brooke Logan. She soon began working with Samantha and the two became very close, not even realizing that Samantha was actually her very-much alive mother. It wasn't until Caitlin's 17th birthday she finally discovered that Samantha was not only alive, but also her mom.

With her parents reunited, Caitlin was able to concentrate better on her design work and her relationship with Thomas, which soon turned romantic. After Thomas insisted that the Forresters look at Caitlin's designs, she met Rick Forrester and was immediately smitten. She continued dating Thomas while also seeing Rick on the sidelines, until the day of the fashion show when Thomas saw Caitlin and Rick kissing each other. Heartbroken, he broke up with her and she soon pursued her relationship with Rick, relieved that they no longer had to hide their relationship. However, Caitlin was worried how her father would react to the fact that his underage daughter was dating a man in his mid-20s and has been divorced twice. However, Caitlin and Rick's relationship ended when neither could commit to each other the way they wanted.

After a breakup with Rick, Caitlin tried resuming her relationship with Thomas, supported by his father, Ridge Forrester's efforts to breakup Thomas and Rick's ex-wife, Amber Moore. The two enjoyed a playful relationship until Thomas stated that he only wanted to be just friends with Caitlin, devastating her.

In 2005, after not being seen or heard from in a while, Hector revealed that Caitlin and Samantha moved to New York.

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