Bill and Brooke's Unborn Child
The Bold and the Beautiful
Current status Deceased
Duration 2013
Last appearance July 2013
Cause/reason Death
Family Logan family
Spencer family
Gender Unknown
Born Miscarried (Never Born)
Died 2013
Cause of death Miscarried after the child's mother, Brooke fainted.
Parents Bill Spencer
Brooke Logan
Katie Logan (stepmother; maternal aunt)
Siblings Rick Forrester
Bridget Forrester
Hope Logan
R.J. Forrester
Jack Marone
(maternal half)
Liam Spencer
Wyatt Spencer
Will Spencer
(paternal half)
Grandparents Stephen Logan
Beth Logan (deceased)
(maternal grandparents)
Bill Spencer, Sr.
Marion Spencer
(paternal grandparents)
Great-grandparents Helen Logan (maternal great-grandmother; deceased)
Aunts and
Karen Spencer
Caroline Spencer Forrester (deceased)
Danielle Spencer
Storm Logan (deceased)
Donna Logan
Katie Logan
First cousins Caroline Spencer
Will Spencer
Marcus Forrester
The miscarried child of Brooke Logan and Bill Spencer.

Time of Conception Edit

When Brooke Logan slept with Bill Spencer, she got pregnant at the time when Bill was married to Brooke's sister, Katie Logan. Dr. Caspary told Brooke that it wasn't menopause, but she was pregnant Brooke ran over to Bill and Katie's to tell them, but fainted and then had a miscarraige. Then Brooke said it was nothing. Brooke later did tell Bill who had been concerned about her distant and distracted behavior. Bill then held Brooke and she'd tears for their lost child. When Katie threw a birthday party for Brooke, it was later revealed by Dr. Taylor Forrester about Brooke and Bill's affair. Taylor snook through Dr. Caspary's files, and found out about the miscarriage.

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