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Bill Spencer
Don Diamont as Bill Spencer
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Don Diamont
Current status Present, Contract
Duration 2009-
First appearance May 12, 2009
Created by Bradley Bell
Kay Alden
Introduced by Bradley Bell
Family Spencer family
Fullname William Spencer, Jr.
Nickname(s) Spencer
Dollar Bill
Namesake(s) Bill Spencer, Sr.
Liam Spencer
Will Spencer
Gender Male
Occupation 49% Owner of Spencer Publications
Residence Spencer Estate
3197 Holden Drive
Los Angeles, California
Bill theme song.PNG
Opening Theme Headshot
Parents Bill Spencer Sr. (father)
Siblings Caroline Spencer Forrester (sister)
Karen Spencer (sister)
Spouses Katie Logan (2009-2014, 2015-16)
Brooke Logan (2017-18)
Romances Kelly Hopkins
Quinn Fuller
Shauna Fulton
Donna Logan
Steffy Forrester
Children Wyatt Spencer (son with Quinn)
Liam Spencer (son with Kelly)
Will Spencer (son with Katie)
unnamed child (with Brooke; miscarriage)
Grandchildren Steffy and Liam's Deceased Unnamed Son (grandson; via Liam, miscarried)
Hope and Wyatt's Deceased Unnamed son (grandson, via Wyatt, miscarried)
Kelly Spencer (granddaughter, via Liam)
Beth Spencer (granddaughter, via Liam)
Nieces and
Caroline Spencer (niece)
Other relatives Danielle Spencer (sister-in-law)

William "Bill" Spencer, Jr. is a fictional character on the daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. The character has been portrayed by Don Diamont since May 12, 2009. The character appeared briefly on The Young and the Restless in 2021.


Arrival in Los Angeles

Bill is the previously unknown son of publishing magnate Bill Spencer, Sr. and his mother, Marion Bradley Spencer whom they've never shown onscreen but was mentioned a few times by his father before he passed. They had never been close, but when the elder Spencer died in early 2009, Bill came to Los Angeles to carry out his father's last wish: to avenge his one true love, Stephanie Forrester, by destroying Eric Forrester and Forrester Creations. Bill encouraged Stephanie, who had defected to rival fashion house, Jackie M Designs, to rant about the Logans in a damaging video blog. Eric refused to sell Forrester to Bill, who blackmailed Eric with the knowledge that Eric had hired an illegal immigrant years ago. But Stephanie recorded the conversation and threatened to go public unless Bill backed off.

Meeting Katie

A consummate womanizer, Bill put the moves on an unresponsive Donna Logan Forrester, who remained committed to her marriage to Eric and refused to give into Bill's affections. Later, Bill met Donna's sister, Katie Logan. Fresh from a breakup with Nick Marone after she miscarried their child, Katie got drunk at the Cafe Russe, but Bill chose not to take advantage of her. Instead, Bill got to know Katie, who challenged Bill's tendency to be a shark. When Katie found the DVD of Bill's father laying out his mission to Bill, Katie questioned Bill's growing feelings. But Bill insisted his devotion was genuine, and proposed. Bill knew Katie wanted to do something special after a second chance at life via a heart transplant, so when Bill finally secured Forrester Creations, he made Katie its CEO.

Marriage to Katie and Affair with Steffy

Ridge's daughter Steffy Forrester was intrigued by Bill when he offers her the Head of Public Relations position at Forrester and kissed him. But Bill still married Katie in her old San Fernando Valley neighborhood. Resenting Bill's control of their company, the Forresters unsuccessfully tried to sabotage Bill by creating the ugly Dare fashion line. Steffy took things one step further and used Bill's attraction to set up a seduction. Steffy put on the brakes when they started to make out and stole Katie's engagement ring from Bill's bedroom and ran out. Steffy threatened to show it to Katie if Bill didn't sign Forrester over to Steffy. Bill fumed and vowed revenge, but secretly admired Steffy's ruthless behavior.

Bill befriended Donna, whose marriage to Eric was in trouble, and suggested Donna ask for half of Eric's Forrester stock in the event of a divorce. Bill began to think of the Logans as the family he never had, offering to join forces with Stephen Logan against Eric and blasting his right-hand man, Justin Barber, for exposing Brooke's "mistaken identity" sex to the world with Oliver Jones, who was dating her daughter, Hope Logan, at the time. But later, Bill had no problem exposing Brooke's older daughter, and Nick's wife, Bridget Forrester Marone, when she had her own paternity scandal involving a married Owen Knight, saying he'd already given the Logans' "a free pass." Bill also convinced Donna to sell him the 12.5% of Forrester she'd gotten from Eric after their divorce, and tried to buy an additional 25% from Steffy.

Meeting his son, Liam

Liam Cooper, an intern at Spencer Publications, revealed that his mother, Kelly Cooper, had died and sent him to Los Angeles in search of his father. Kelly had dated both Bill and Thorne Forrester, who insisted on a DNA test. Bill scoffed to find he had a son in the forthright Liam, but Katie encouraged Bill to develop their father-son bond. Bill wanted Liam to man up and disapproved of Liam dating the gentle Hope, so Bill tried to press Hope's ex-boyfriend, Oliver, into winning Hope back. Failing that, Bill arranged a coming-out party and introduced Liam to the press as "the world's most eligible bachelor," which made Liam uncomfortable. Bill backed off and accepted Hope.

Bill went ballistic when Amber Moore claimed that Liam was the father of her baby. After Amber's mother, Tawny Moore, managed to fix the paternity test, Bill offered Amber $500,000 to leave town. But Amber wanted more, so Bill bought a cliff house that had a faulty balcony and moved Amber in, hoping Amber would fall to her death. Steffy returned from working in Europe determined to have Bill for herself, and caught Bill luring Amber to the edge. A tree branch fell, almost doing the job for him, but Steffy saved Amber. Katie walked out when she discovered Bill's plot, but Steffy told Bill she "got" him and was better for him than Katie, who demanded Bill seek therapy.

Bill snarked his way through sessions with Steffy's mother, Dr. Taylor Hayes and seemingly made up with Katie off-screen.. But when Steffy's brother, Thomas Forrester and Brooke, went missing at sea after their jet crashed into the Pacific Ocean during a major storm, Steffy begged Bill for help. After Bill used his resources at Spencer to rescue Thomas, he reciprocated Steffy's declaration of love. Steffy had family problems and leaned on Bill for support, igniting a full-blown affair. Taylor caught them before they could make love and kicked Bill out of the house. Bill was ready to leave Katie, who surprised him with a vow renewal ceremony. But Katie had a heart attack when Taylor told her about the affair, and Bill chose to stay with Katie. Steffy was devastated, but fell for Liam after he saved her from drowning in her bathtub.

Steffy's father, Ridge, punched Bill over his involvement with Steffy, so Bill went to Nick with an offer to buy 50% of Jackie M in order to crush Forrester. Nick was tempted, but Nick's mother, Jackie Marone, ultimately nixed the deal. Bill again deemed Hope unsuitable for Liam, so he teamed with Steffy to get rid of Hope. On Bill's orders, Steffy kissed Liam at Liam's bachelor party. Hope saw it and left her engagement ring on Liam's mantel. Liam offered the ring to Steffy, and Bill capitalized on it by sending Steffy and Liam to his cabin in Aspen. When Hope followed, Bill arranged a wedding for Steffy and Liam, which Hope was forced to watch while trapped in the Silver Queen gondola, courtesy of Bill.

Katie was outraged when Bill gave Steffy a seat on the Spencer board and planned a "family vacation" to Cabo San Lucas. Bill stayed behind, helping from the sidelines when Hope and Thomas ended up at the same resort as Steffy and Liam. But Hope and Liam saw each other, and Steffy was injured in an ATV accident. Knowing that Liam wanted to return to Hope, Bill fixed Steffy's MRI to say she had a life-threatening blood clot that could worsen under stress. Liam felt obligated to stay with Steffy. Katie got suspicious, and soon uncovered Bill's plot. Bill locked Katie in a tower to keep her from exposing him, but when she escaped and told Liam, Bill found himself alone. Hope threatened to go public with Bill's crime, but never made good on it. Bill and Katie again resolved their issues off-screen, though one night Bill fantasized about Brooke during dinner.

Accepting Karen

Bill's half-sister, Karen Spencer, paid occasional visits from New York, but relocated to Los Angeles when her daughter, Caroline Spencer, took a job at Forrester. Bill raised an eyebrow when he met Danielle and assumed she was Karen's roommate. Fearful that Bill would be homophobic, Karen was adamant that Bill not find out Danielle was her spouse and that Caroline was their daughter, even as Karen arranged a job interview for Danielle at Spencer. Bill was intrigued by Danielle's international exploits as a freelance writer and thought that Danielle was coming on to him. But when Karen finally explained about her relationship with Danielle, Bill gave Karen his acceptance.

Recruiting Deacon

Discovering that Hope was taking anti-anxiety medication to cope with the press labeling her an adulteress, Bill stepped up his anti-Hope campaign and arranged for Hope to be besieged by paparazzi in Aspen. The scheme netted Bill a photo of Hope popping a pill, but Bill didn't use it. Instead, Bill sprung Hope's biological father, Deacon Sharpe, from jail as part of a plan to prevent Liam's wedding to Hope in Puglia, Italy. The scheme almost worked, but when Liam married Hope anyway, Bill publicly apologized to Hope and accepted her into the family. However, the union didn't last, and when Liam showed up to his do-over wedding with dyed hair and a tattoo after a night of clubbing with Steffy, Bill berated Liam for begging Hope's forgiveness on his knees wearing only underwear, and demanded that Liam start acting like a Spencer.

Birth of Will

When Katie told Bill she was pregnant, Bill insisted she get an abortion, fearing that during the birth, she would have complications due to her heart transplant and die and he would hate their child for it. Bill later softened and admitted he was only afraid Katie would die trying to carry a baby to term given her heart condition, and warmed to the idea of having another son. Later, Katie found Deacon in Bill's office, and the truth about Bill's misdeeds triggered Katie to go into an early labor. Bill found himself making an impassioned prayer in the hospital chapel as Katie flatlined on the operating table. Katie recovered, but couldn't forgive Bill for breaking the law and putting their family in danger. Bill told Donna and Brooke about Deacon when Katie slipped into postpartum depression; the sisters only agreed not to prosecute Bill for the sake of Katie and baby Will. Afterwards, Bill threatened to have Deacon killed when Deacon tried to blackmail Bill into giving him a job at Spencer.

Bill was mystified when Katie disappeared. He and Brooke followed clues to Aspen, where Bill found an envelope with Katie's wedding ring and a note asking for a divorce. Bill was sad, then angry; Brooke was worried that an unconscious Bill had committed suicide when she found an empty bottle of pills beside him, but he was only taking a nap. Bill and Brooke, who had just lost Ridge, comforted each other, and were surprised by a hot-air balloon ride that was arranged for them. They didn't know that Katie, in her melancholy, was paving the way for Brooke to replace Katie as Bill's wife and Will's mother.

Brooke was devastated when Stephanie died at the Big Bear cabin. Bill arrived to comfort Brooke, which led to a kiss. Afterwards, they were shocked to find Katie back home and ready to reclaim her life. Katie admitted to a guilty Bill and Brooke that she had been trying to set them up. Bill and Brooke swore each other to secrecy about the kiss, but Taylor overheard and told Katie about it. Bill and Brooke swore the kiss meant nothing, and Katie forgave them.

Meanwhile, Caroline overheard Bill and Katie discussing how he used Deacon to sabotage Hope and Liam's wedding. Caroline confronted Bill, who menacingly told Caroline he wouldn't let her tell Liam the truth. When Caroline accidentally fell over the balcony during the argument, many suspected Bill of pushing her due to him being drunk when it happened.

Bill brushed it off when Katie smelled alcohol on his breath at the hospital, but was aghast when Katie, Brooke, Taylor, Karen, and Danielle staged an intervention on him. Bill disagreed when Katie insisted he made bad decisions when drinking. Hope crashed the intervention literally by bashing her way into his house with a golf club, furious at having discovered how Bill sabotaged her wedding to Liam. Bill neither admitted nor denied Hope's claims, but was more forthcoming when Liam later demanded answers. Liam washed his hands of Bill, who stabbed himself in the chest with his sword necklace. Liam backed off, but Bill had purposely stabbed himself in his money pouch to further manipulate his son.

Bill was annoyed when Katie got rid of all his alcohol. It was revealed that he and Katie hadn't been making love, so Brooke arranged a night of passion for them, which backfired when Katie smelled whiskey on Bill's breath. Brooke pleaded Katie's case despite the sparks that remained between her and Bill, who thought of Brooke while in bed to Katie.

Bill's frustration escalated when Katie wanted to spend all her time with baby Will. Meanwhile, Brooke fretted over Taylor's increasing influence over Eric, who had begun dating Taylor. Bill encouraged Brooke to counter Taylor by becoming more active at Forrester, starting with rebooting the once successful Brooke's Bedroom lingerie line. Brooke stated she was too old to model lingerie, but Bill bolstered her confidence and talked her into showing off the undergarments she was already wearing.

With Bill's help, Brooke interrupted Thomas' marketing presentation with a mini showing of Brooke's Bedroom. Eric green-lit the project, and Bill celebrated with Brooke, who was still clad in the sexy skivvies. Taylor spotted them, but when Taylor berated Brooke, Bill told Taylor that Brooke would be a role model for women over 40 and that Taylor should get over her obsession with Brooke. At Taylor's urging, Katie interrupted Bill and Brooke's boozy flirting just as they fell onto the bed Forrester used as a prop. Katie blasted Bill, who felt it unnecessary to tell Brooke nothing was going to happen between them and decried what he felt were Katie's insecurities and regulations. Bill privately told Brooke he felt like he married the wrong sister.

Later, at home, Bill and Katie tried to come to terms, but when Bill wanted sex from his wife, Katie said she didn't have it to give. Bill drowned his frustration with booze, then swerved into Brooke's car while driving drunk. Brooke hid Bill's car and took him home to recuperate, not wanting Katie to find out. When Brooke called Katie and told her Bill was spending the night without revealing why, Katie marched over and found a shirtless Bill in Brooke's bed. Bill and Brooke explained about the accident, but Katie swore she was done with her marriage to Bill, and took off her wedding ring. Bill and Brooke took this to mean they were free to make love. As they reveled in their afterglow, the hospital called with news that Katie had suffered heart failure.

Brooke blamed herself when she found out Katie hadn't been taking her anti-rejection medication. Bill felt bad for Katie, but reiterated that his marriage was over. Bill responded to Taylor's questions by firing her as Katie's therapist and deriding Taylor's seeming vendetta against Brooke. Katie's first word upon awakening from her coma was "ring," so Brooke insisted Bill put it back on Katie's finger. Bill reluctantly agreed, surprised when Katie apologized for suspecting him and declared that she trusted him implicitly. Bill bought Katie expensive diamond earrings, saying only that he was committed to his family.

Bill was on hand when Liam married Steffy in an unusual ceremony that saw Steffy riding up the aisle on a motorcycle wearing a black dress/suit ensemble. Bill toasted the couple, and Steffy's uniqueness, but Justin half-jokingly remarked to Bill that Liam had finally married Steffy without any undue influence from Bill. Bill supported Liam when the pregnant Steffy had a motorcycle accident and miscarried. Liam was furious that Steffy had ridden her motorcycle after he'd told her not to, so Bill had Liam direct his anger at Bill instead, telling Liam that Steffy didn't need to hear it.

Bill helped Caroline put together a fundraiser for her cancer foundation, which was also designed to capture the attention of her boyfriend, Rick Forrester. When Caroline cried that Rick was interested in the wrongly convicted Maya Avant, Bill dug up dirt on Maya and found out she could be sent back to jail if she came within 500 feet of her ex-boyfriend, Jesse Graves. Bill had his assistant, Allison, send Jesse to the club where Maya was and snap photos of them. But Maya refused to be intimidated by Bill, so he made plans to ensure that the district attorney saw the photo of Maya talking to Jesse, which, as a violation of her parole, would send her back to prison and away from Rick. Maya at first ends things with Rick, but realizing that she can't allow herself to be bullied by people like the Spencers, Maya stands up to Bill and tells Rick what Bill did, which ends Rick's relationship with Caroline. Rick confronts Bill and gives him a taste of his own medicine.

Affair with Brooke revealed

Helping Caroline break up Rick and Maya becomes the least of Bill's problems when, at Brooke's birthday party, when Katie and Donna were admiring Brooke, Taylor reveals to everyone, including Katie, that Brooke got pregnant with Bill's child and miscarried it. Katie asked Brooke, and Brooke said nothing because she swore she could never lie to her sister. Feeling completely betrayed, Katie slaps Bill and hands him her wedding ring, indicating that their marriage is over. Despite his pleas, Katie is granted a divorce. During this Bill's opposing sister Karen has very close support for Katie and encourages Katie to divorce Bill. Through the divorce Katie only asked Bill for 1% of Spencer's knowing that wouldn't matter much and he'll say yes. Karen then had 50%, Bill 49%, and Katie 1%. Bill's bad luck continues when Katie, with permission from Karen, fires him from Spencer Publications. Karen then had another confrontation with her brother Bill stating Katie is going to win. Bill fired back saying he's accepted her so many of times even when he found out she was gay. Karen admit Bill's made some good and bad decisions and this was a bad one. Bill went to go confront Katie but she couldn't forgive him nor Brooke.

Connection to the Fullers

Hope Logan (Brooke and Deacon's daughter, who Bill hates) took a picture of Wyatt naked in the woods. Wyatt heard the snap and chased her. When she fell and was knocked out, Wyatt kissed her, and the two became friends. Hope noticed that Wyatt had the same sword necklace as Bill and Liam did. Wyatt stated that his mother's a jewelry designer and Hope decided that she wanted to meet her and ask. Hope did, and Quinn Fuller told her that it was one of a kind, and one of the first one's she made. Quinn also said Wyatt's father died when he was young but stated he was materialistic, self-centered, and a jerk. Hope later confided in her brother Rick about it, and they found that all the things that Quinn said about her son's father fit Bill Spencer perfectly. Hope later told Wyatt her suspicions about him possibly being Bill's son, making him Liam's half-brother, but Wyatt told her that that was impossible. Bill and Liam then eat at a well-known restaurant when Liam tells Bill he's engaged to Hope and Bill didn't support him because Hope's not outgoing enough to be a Spencer (in which Bill supports Liam's ex-wife Steffy instead). Hope admitted to Wyatt she and Bill aren't exactly fans of each other. Hope set up Wyatt and Quinn to show up at the same restaurant and they immediately recognize each other. Liam noticed Bill staring and encouraged unsure Bill to go and ask and Bill did. Bill introduced himself and Quinn denied knowing him. Bill motioned she made him very happy by making his pendant for him. Bill then mentioned her name Quinn Fuller and she ran off scared. Wyatt went after her and asked if Bill Spencer was his real father and Quinn said yes. Wyatt was raging and Quinn said she lied to him that his father died because she was a teenager and once she was pregnant Bill wanted nothing to do with either of them and handed her money for an abortion. Quinn didn't want to loose her child and had Wyatt without Bill knowing. Wyatt yelled at Bill for not wanting him and Quinn for not giving him the choice if he wanted his father in his life. Wyatt then drove off angrily. Liam then drove up to Bill and Quinn in his car and Bill hopped in and told Liam to follow the green car. Quinn then went back to the restaurant for her purse when Hope Logan decided to pop out. Quinn attacked Hope by yelling saying she had no reason to stick her pampered nose into this situation and she ruined everything. This started their rivalry. Hope and Quinn got into a huge fight when Hope's mother Brooke Logan came out to protect her daughter. Quinn walked off angrily. In their fight Quinn mentioned she thinks Hope's rich, pampered, and young. Quinn also told Hope she doesn't want her anywhere near her son. Wyatt drove to his apartment packing his stuff. Bill and Liam were trying to welcome him in as family. Wyatt was outraged at first but then Bill and Wyatt hugged when Quinn came in. Quinn then told Bill not to touch her son. Wyatt, still angry at his mother for lying to him, ended up living in Liam's house with Bill since Katie kicked him out. Bill then had dinner with Liam, Wyatt, and Hope.

Spied on by Katie

Later, Katie lied that she was working late and asked Brooke and Bill take care of Will while she spied on them through a spy book. Donna came in and tried to convince her that was wrong but Katie had to know if she could trust them again. Katie then put in another spy camera but placing a bottle of alcohol (mainly for Bill) on the table and re-asked both Brooke and Bill to babysit Will again. Bill went for the alcohol and asked if it was alright and Brooke said she didn't mind at all. Bill realized that he had a bad addiction to alcohol and swore to stop for Will. Brooke flew to a business trip to Monte Carlo with Donna. Bill alone at Katie's home heard a beep by the baby monitor. He went over and found a spy camera and looked around and found the rest. Donna convinced Katie that she should take Bill back. Katie returned home asking Bill to move back in with her. Bill showed her the spy camera he found (the first one) and told her about the rest. They got into an argument and Bill whipped the box at Katie and left. Bill flew to Monte Carlo to be with Brooke.

Back to Brooke

Brooke and Bill planned to marry and go off the show but Brooke wanted to tell and confront Katie in person. Katie begged for Bill back. Bill told her straight out no. Bill escalated the confrontation and Brooke snapped at Katie and defended Bill once again. Katie blamed the whole thing on Brooke and Katie stated Brooke and Bill have been blaming her for everything the whole time.  The three got into an argument and Bill stormed off. Katie told Brooke that Brooke did this to Eric, Thorne, and Deacon (even though she did this to many more) and now she did it to her husband.  Brooke had been devastated by the fight with her little sis.  While at her apartment, she was startled to find Bill there shirtless, confused and only wearing a towel.  He approached her and took her into his manly embrace.  Brooke insisted (kind of) that their love was forbidden.  But, they passionately kissed and ended up in Brooke's bed. Katie called Brooke to her office to tell her she's leaving town with Will for good but she'll still run Spencer Publications. Katie returned 3 episodes later with Will to Bill and Brooke and wanted Bill back. Afterwards, Bill proposed to Brooke.

A Change Of Fate

Bill and Brooke went rock climbing in Aspen, Colorado. After Bill dangled on a cliff, his life flashed before his eyes. Returning to Los Angeles, Bill ended it with Brooke and wanted his family back with Katie. Katie took Bill back and immediately Justin showed up with papers at the doors leasing his company back. Katie without thinking signed them with shared custody of Will. Bill then went back to Brooke and the two were arguing about this. Bill lied to Katie just to get his life back. Katie walked in hearing this, both Logans against Bill. Bill got his office back and Alison returned with Justin. Brooke replaced the papers with leaves. Bill got angry at her but Brooke didn't give them to him. Brooke threw Bill out and Bill moved back in with Liam agreeing to support Liam and Hope's on-and-off relationship. Bill agreed to always support Liam, and tried to tell Wyatt to back off from Hope in which Wyatt wouldn't listen. Quinn came in and Wyatt then left. Quinn then stabbed Bill in the chest with his sword pendant that she made for him and sucked the blood from her fingers.

Seduced by Quinn

Quinn went to Bills and Liam's beach house to find lonely Bill shirtless punching a punching bag. He was angry Brooke was going to remarry Ridge. Quinn kissed Bill to see if it still felt the same. On the day Brooke and Ridge were supposed to get married, Quinn came over to find lonely Bill drinking drunk and decided to drink with him explaining they're both lonely. They admit they don't have very many friends and she admit people do care for Bill. Quinn took drunk Bill who was stumbling to his room while they made out, slammed each other against the furniture breaking things, and taking each other's clothes off. Liam came back in from a jog and heard thuds and came up and opened the door a little bit and was astonished closing the door again. According to soap opera network, Bill and Quinn will not have a relationship and it was just a one night stand at least to Bill.

While talking with Pam, Quinn nicknamed Charlie "Upchuck" because of his woodchuck like appearance and name and rattled off that old woodchuck tongue twister. Alexandria Forrester, who disliked Wyatt and has major anger management issues asked Pam what that was about when Pam threatened Quinn about Wyatt.

Reunited with Brooke again

Eric made Ridge and Brooke both co-vice presidents of the company. Eric told Ridge that is he left Katie and went back to Brooke, he can take over his place as CEO. Ridge and Katie were having sex when ridge told her about this. Katie was shocked because she thought that Eric liked her but told him to do it for the position. Ridge decided not to. Bill went to Brooke's and let her know that he has been patient with her and won't take no for an answer. The two had sex and were in love yet again. Brooke decided to call Katie and let her know that her and Bill are back together as Katie and Ridge were having sex. Katie thought Brooke did this to make Katie jealous or something. Katie went to Eric's office to discuss this. Eric told her that they work well together and it's a business decision. Katie told Eric that she thinks it's more than that and this is because he wants Ridge with Brooke as Brooke listened closely. Eric left as Brooke came in and Katie blasted Brooke briefly before leaving.

Karen Spencer came back to L.A. and just got done discussing with Justin Barber and Katie Logan that Spencer Publications sales have been going down since Katie took over. Brooke called Karen to have lunch with her at a restaurant. Brooke wanted Karen to fire Katie and either chose herself or Bill to run it. Karen had knew that Bill and Brooke are back together. Brooke secretly called Bill to show up and he did. Bill made the point that he accepted Karen's gay when she didn't expect him to.  Karen heard both of their points but decided it was best to keep Katie head of the company. Karen admit that they're a good match for each other. Brooke still kept the papers that Katie signed to return the company to Bill and joint custody of Will.

Unintentional Attempted Murder of Ridge

After Katie lost the company, Ridge proposed to her Katie a ribbon. When Brooke came over to Katie's, she asked her what is that. Katie rubbed it in Brooke's face and told her that Ridge and her are getting married. Bill then proposed to Brooke and promised a trip to Abu Dhabi and Dubai to get married. Donna told this to Katie. Katie was fine with that but Ridge didn't want Bill raising R.J. or marrying Brooke. Before Bill and Brooke left, Ridge told Brooke not to marry Bill. Brooke left with Bill. Bill and Brooke left for Abu Dhabi and Dubai. At a Forrester meeting, Ridge disliked Quinn and Wyatt's jewelry and was distressed about Bill and Brooke. Quinn sent some jewelry photos and the picture of Bill and her to Ridge. Quinn told Ridge that they had an affair even though it really wasn't an "affair". Before leaving, Ridge told Eric who was shocked. Eric confronted Quinn about this because he thought she hated Bill. Quinn claimed she was lonely and "what you and I had, well that's not really relevant right now." Ridge left for the Middle East and sent called Katie telling her about it and sent her Quinn's picture. Katie confronted Quinn and was upset that Quinn was the reason her fiancé was half way around the world with her sister. Just after Bill and Brooke exchanged their vows, Ridge showed up to break them up. After Bill and Brooke said their "I-Do's", Ridge arrives and yells" Logan."  Ridge shows them the picture which shocks Brooke. Ridge punches Bill to the ground and ran off with Brooke pulling her by the hand. Ridge took Brooke into the helicopter, Bill nodded to the pilot. The chopper flew up when Bill said into his walkie-talkie "Cool him off." The pilot swayed the chopper as Ridge felt his arm and on the sleeve had a Spencer Publications symbol and a black face turned around as Ridge recognized  Justin Barber to be the pilot. Ridge fell into the Persian Gulf. Brooke was freaking out. Katie and Eric heard the news and flew to Dubai. Thorne was later called to show up. Thorne supported Katie who was engaged to Ridge. Bill told Justin not to tell anybody and Justin claimed who would he tell and why would he. Word got out and after Liam made the accusation that Quinn may be the reason Ridge is dead. Rick fired Quinn and Wyatt from the company. Everybody thought Ridge was dead when Brooke found Ridge walking alone on the beach. 

Back in Los Angeles, Justin tells Bill that he thinks Ridge might have seen him before he fell off. Bill yelled at Quinn about the picture. He decided to stay out of Wyatt, Liam's, and Hope's love triangle. Quinn tried to murder Liam but he was saved by Wyatt. Bill is shocked to her that Quinn threatened Liam with a sword she made. Everybody was relieved when Wyatt got a phone call and a doctor said that Quinn checked herself into the mental health facility last night. The doctor told Wyatt that she still loves him and will reach out to him when she can. Everybody was happy for Quinn. Quinn texted Wyatt that she's sorry for Hope, Liam, and Wyatt.

Justin told Bill he thinks Ridge saw his face after Justin piloting a helicopter dumped him into the Persian Gulf once Ridge ruined Bill and Brooke's wedding in Abu Dhabi. Ridge suffered amnesia after being presumed dead and when he got back to L.A. he started regaining memory. Ridge accused Bill being the cause for the accident. Alison made sure she'd take care of it. She deleted a document of it and deleted the footprints. Alison left and when Justin turned around, Ridge pulled his shirt and yelled at him for piloting the plane. Bill came in and stopped the fight. Ridge accused Bill off masterminding this whole accident. Bill and Katie confronted Bill and Brooke. Bill explained to Ridge that he is trying to put the pieces back together but he's forcing them too quickly. Brooke liked the fact that Bill was very respectable towards Ridge. Deacon stopped over by the Logan Mansion while Hope, Brooke, and Katie were talking about the possibility of Bill attempting to kill Ridge. Deacon took responsibility for not being there for Hope's childhood, ruining Hope's marriage, and taking part in Ridge's accident. Hope didn't want to talk about that now. Deacon went upstairs to make Hope a mango lemon ice packet when he came down Brooke was explaining the accident. Deacon overheard and asked about Justin. Then Alison's name was brought up and Deacon described her as Bill's blond dishy assistant. Hope stated that she's a brunette now. Katie made a negative comment that that's the only natural thing about her. Deacon questioned that she doesn't like her. Katie told him the feeling's mutual. Deacon has a flashback about Alison and him kissing in Italy and told Brooke he thinks he knows a way. Deacon called up Alison and asked if she still has a soft spot for bad boys. She said she does and he asked her who's the baddest bad boy she knows and she said him. He let her know he's coming over to Spencer Publications and spoke to her in Italian.

Deacon stopped by Alison's office. Deacon spoke to her in Italian. Deacon and Alison hugged and her told her he's been thinking about the time they shared in Italy. All of those hours alone in the farmhouse. He was looking at the model helicopter Bill has on his shelf and pretended like her wanted to take Alison on a trip somewhere maybe Santa Maria because she has access to it. Alison blurted out that the helicopter's on the yacht in The Middle East. Bill called and sounded happy because he was getting married to Brooke but didn't tell Alison. Deacon told Ridge and Katie about what Alison blurted out.

Ridge recognized on the sleeve of the pilot had a Spencer Publications symbol and a black face turned around as Ridge recognized Justin Barber to be the pilot. Ridge fell into the Persian Gulf. Brooke was freaking out. Katie and Eric heard the news and flew to Dubai. Thorne was later called to show up. Thorne supported Katie who was engaged to Ridge. Bill told Justin not to tell anybody and Justin claimed who would he tell and why would he. Word got out and after Liam made the accusation that Quinn may be the reason Ridge is dead. Rick fired Quinn and Wyatt from the company. Everybody thought Ridge was dead when Brooke found Ridge walking alone on the beach. Katie found Brooke and Ridge hugging. At first Ridge couldn't remember Katie that well. He had suffered some amnesia. After Katie recited their poem, he spoke the last line and remembered her. Back in L.A., the Forresters held a welcoming back party for Ridge and Katie didn't want to rush him but wanted to get married and start where they left off.

Ridge regains his memory and admits Bill drove the chopper. Ridge attacks Bill on his desk at Spencer's while Brook breaks them up. Brooke is disgusted with Bill and breaks up with him. Wyatt and Hope get married in Milan, Italy, because Liam showed up to late to meet Hope. Deacon returns to L.A. and tries to woo Brooke but fails. Brooke later leaves for Milan and tells Katie and Bill they can have a chance to be together. Hope had a miscarriage, falling down the Logan Mansion patio, when Quinn was talking with her, making her nervous. Hope left for Milan to be with Brooke and Wyatt and Hope get a divorce. 

Plan to take over Forrester Creations and Remarriage to Katie

Forrester Creations was at war with Rick as CEO after Caroline and Ridge's affair. Liam told Bill he wants to take over Forrester Creations. Bill asked Liam how is he going to do that and Liam stated he was married to her. Bill was thrilled Liam wanted to use Steffy and Liam stated she's in L.A. because he followed her online post. Liam called Steffy and explained he wanted to meet with her and Steffy stated at his house. Steffy appeared at Liam's remembering all the great memories they've shared. Steffy asked if he missed her and he stated how could he. Liam and Steffy continued to talk and laugh. Liam explained he wants to take over Forrester Creations with her. Bill owns part of the company and Steffy and Thomas owns a part that equals 30%. Liam tells Steffy that together they can take over Forrester Creations.  Steffy was hesitant. Steffy and Liam reminisced about all their memories and hugged on the couch when Ivy came home from shopping. Ivy was a bit jealous and Steffy excitedly greeted Ivy who was equally happy to see her. Before Steffy left, Liam told her to keep it in mind which she agreed to.

Liam and Bill got Wyatt in on the plan but were shocked he quit after Rick gave him attitude. Liam and Bill explained the plan and made Wyatt ask Rick for his job back. Steffy told Liam she couldn't do it. Liam convinced her she's strong, and independent, and a fighter! Steffy admit she can't come to work seeing him every day with Ivy, and he's doing this for Ivy not her! Steffy admit she's still in love with him! Liam stated he's moved on to Ivy and Steffy refused to go through with it. Liam told Ivy about the plan and the fact that Steffy's still in love with him. Ivy supported the plan. Liam told Bill that Ivy's on the plan and Bill got enraged that Liam tell another Forrester. Ivy told Steffy she supports the plan and wants her to control Forrester Creations. Steffy stated her father might still want to run the company and Caroline and Ridge might even be enough to motivate her. Ivy asked if there was another roadblock. Steffy stated the fact that she's still in love with Liam. Steffy stated all their history and she left after the miscarriage. Steffy insisted if she comes back, she comes back to it all. Steffy then congratulated Rick on his CEO position. Bill convinced Liam to dump the plant and go back to Steffy, the woman he was always meant to be with. Steffy then warned him she likes that chair. Liam wouldn't agree to leave Ivy for Steffy, and Steffy left for Paris.

Bill proposed to Katie and she said yes. They planned to get married the next day as Bill tells Wyatt and Liam to take a day off work for his wedding. Bill had a hard decision but decided to make Wyatt his best man because of his rough patch he is going through. Bill and Katie got remarried on February 12, 2015.

Wyatt, Liam, and Ivy tried coming up with ways to remove Rick from his CEO position. Wyatt listened in on Maya and her little sister, Nicole Avant, discussing something about a big secret that could ruin Rick's career and Forrester Creations. Wyatt informs this to Liam, Ivy, Bill and Katie. Liam also overhears something. Wyatt continues to converse with Nicole, developing a smitten relationship, insisting confidence about secrets and openness. Wyatt later informs the group that Nicole stated she has a secret about Maya stating "Maya is..." but then backed out. 

Wyatt arranged another date with Nicole and after he kept insisting honesty and confidence she admit to him that Maya, born Myron, is a transgender. Wyatt was speechless and Nicole explained she doesn't want anything bad to happen to Maya and hopes Rick stays with her. Wyatt promised to keep his word when Liam barged in after eavesdropping outside. Wyatt stated to Liam the huge secret that he wants all of Spencer to exploit it. Wyatt said he felt bad and Liam then tried to back out of it but Wyatt insisted they need to do this. While Liam and Wyatt were discussing this in Liam's office, Bill and Katie walked in. Wyatt explained the Myron transgender secret that he reeled out of Nicole. Bill decided to exploit it while Katie insisted it's too personal and so did Liam. But Bill insisted that's what Spencer Publications does. It publishes gossip. Katie insisted to Bill that he won't publish this and Bill argued with her but later agreed. Katie witnessed Bill tell Justin to pull the story. Bill later called Justin in to publish the story but Katie got suspicious. Bill claimed he wouldn't but secretly had Justin start working on it. Katie was furious with Bill when he published the Maya story in the headlines.  When Rick read these headlines at Big Bear Cabin, he called Bill enraged but Bill stated it was revenge from him hurting Caroline and Ivy.

After Eric wouldn't appoint Ridge as CEO, Ridge called Steffy on the phone to meet him at Forrester. Steffy arrived informed that Maya is transgender and Eric won't remove Rick as CEO. Ridge insisted he needed Steffy and him to be a team to take over Forrester and she agreed. Ridge insisted this is bigger than her getting Liam back and him getting CEO. Rick arrived in his office giving them a hard time. Ridge called Liam to meet him at Forrester. Liam was happy to see Steffy and she was also pleased. Ridge convinced Liam to use Steffy's, Thomas's, Bill's controlled by Liam, and Thomas's to overpower Eric. Steffy stated there are no conditions this time. Liam agreed and Ridge insisted to Eric that they're taking over while Eric insisted he's in charge which Ridge stated he's in charge now. Ridge was the new CEO, with Steffy president, and Liam vice president, which he is also at Spencer's.

Rick and Eric were getting nervous that Steffy, Ridge, and Liam were going to use Ridge's, Steffy's, Thomas's, and Bill's shares to take over Forrester Creations. Rick came to Bill to make a business proposition. Rick tried convincing Bill to use his shares to his and Eric's advantage and he'll have more control around the company. In the middle of the meeting in Rick's office, Bill barged in explaining their deal and his predicament. Bill explained he doesn't like the way Ridge treats him. Bill asked Ridge and Rick to convince him why he should take their side. Bill commended Liam for protecting Caroline and Ivy. Ultimately, Bill chose to side with Rick under one condition, Maya, the face of Forrester Creations, has to go. Rick punched Bill and withdrew from the deal. Ridge became the new CEO with Steffy president and Liam vice president. Steffy and Liam were congratulating with champagne when Aly Forrester saw Steffy kiss Liam. Aly came by to confront Steffy about throwing herself at Liam. Steffy claimed it was a congratulatory kiss. Aly warned Steffy to leave Ivy and Liam's relationship alone. Aly claimed Ivy is a good model for Forrester Creations with morals. Meanwhile, Ivy told Liam she was encouraging Wyatt to ask Steffy out. Wyatt stated any man would fall in love with Steffy because she's incredibly intelligent and beautiful.

Bill and Katie decide to attend Rick and Maya's wedding. Katie and Bill enter the Mansion and Rick demands that he can't stay but Bill requests to stay and apologize to Maya. Rick, Katie, and Bill go upstairs so to see Maya which upsets her. Bill states he's not sorry about the profit but maybe later she can put her full story in a magazine. Maya allows Bill and Katie to attend the wedding.

Katie began to get worried with Brooke being alone in her Mansion all the time. Katie invited Brooke to Spencer Publications where she asked Brooke to start working at Spencer with her and Bill. Brooke was hesitant but Katie kept trying to convince her and so did Bill. Brooke agreed to work at Spencer. Bill arrived at the Logan Mansion to speak to Brooke. Brooke was having second thoughts about Spencer. Bill tried to convince her to work with him and Katie. Brooke claimed she isolated herself because of her feelings for him. Bill and Brooke shared a passionate kiss. Brooke restated her reason. Katie walked in expecting to find Bill here. Katie comforted Brooke and gave her a hug. Bill continued to have fantasies about Brooke at work. Brooke admit to Bill that she's still in love with him and that Katie could never know with Katie overhearing. Katie began having stress related issues and left to another room and collapsed crying. Brooke found her and asked what was wrong. Katie was livid at her and didn't want her to touch her. Katie told Brooke about what she heard her say to Bill. Katie warned her to stay away from her and her family. Katie vented to Bill about her frustration but didn't blame him.

Brooke invited Katie and Bill over for dinner. Brooke claimed to be sorry and just wanted a relationship with Katie. Katie claimed she wanted that to. Katie brought up family and storm and wanted to look at photo albums. Katie brought out Brooke's photo albums and opened an album of pictures of Bill and Brooke. Katie was upset to see them but realized they were engaged. Katie and Bill left after that. At Bill and Katie's, Katie vented to Bill about her insecurities. While Bill was playing with Will, Will ran down stairs to wake up Katie who was sleeping on the ouch with an empty glass on the table. Katie wanted to make love to Bill but he rejected the idea. She knew something was wrong but Bill stated he is concerned about her.

Brooke invites Katie and Bill over for dinner again. Katie apologizes to Brooke for her insecurities and informs her she is currently getting help with her depression, which Brooke is glad to hear. They eat salad and chicken while Brooke and Bill are laughing and getting along. Katie looks underneath the table to see Brooke's leg rubbing up and down Bill's. Katie becomes angry and shouts "You're flirting." Brooke and Bill claim they don't know what she's talking about. Katie claims they were flirting right in front of her. Brooke leaves and Bill assures Katie nothing is going on. Katie takes a swish of vodka and then rinses with mouthwash. Katie climbs in bed with Bill in lingerie and he becomes suspicious of her breath. Katie claims it's just mouthwash and Bill states it's mixed with something and questions if she's been drinking. Katie assures Bill she has not been drinking.

Wyatt asks Bill to be his best man for the wedding which he agrees. While talking to Bill, Wyatt takes his shirt off to take a shirtless selfie for Steffy because she asked Caroline to be her maid of honor before Wyatt asked Bill to be his best man. At the wedding, Bill includes in his speech that he married a strong woman and now Wyatt is marrying a strong woman and that Wyatt is a loyal, patient man. Wyatt and Steffy get married on April 1, 2016 on the beach where their love first blossomed.

Katie invites Brooke over to her house to apologize for the other day. Katie informs Brooke about Wyatt and Steffy's wedding which Brooke is generally happy for. Will cries from the other room and Katie leaves to tend to him. Brooke finds a bottle of vodka when Katie reenters the room. Brooke is disappointed but Katie convinces Brooke to keep it a secret and assures her it's only once in a while. Brooke promises to keep her word. Later, Brooke enters Bill and Katie's while Katie is out. When Bill tends to Will, Brooke pours some alcohol in a small bottle trying to pass it off as water. Bill returns and Brooke asks for a glass of water from the small bottle and tells Bill it smells funny. Bill realizes what's going on and Brooke admits Katie has been drinking again. Katie returns from shopping while Bill scolds her about the alcohol. Katie justifies herself with all the stress she's been going through and blames it on Brooke.

Wyatt finds Liam making out with Quinn at Quinn's cabin in the woods. Quinn admits that Liam fainted and she put him in her car and she aided him back to health. She admits that Liam had amnesia and she convinced him that his name is Adam and she's Eve and that they're married. Wyatt takes Liam to see Steffy, who he still thinks is his fiancée. Bill is happy to see Liam again. Liam is angry to discover that Wyatt and Steffy are married and tries convincing Steffy to get an annulment

Bill calls a Spencer family meeting in his office. Bill tells Liam in front of Steffy, Wyatt, and Katie to respect his brother's marriage and move on, while Katie tries to get Liam to understand. Liam reluctantly agrees to respect Wyatt's marriage to Steffy. Liam tells Steffy in private that he will try his best to respect her marriage but he will always have feelings for her.

Liam hears noises in his house one night and takes a flashlight to search for an intruder. He sees a man in the dark and hits him over the head with a shovel. Liam calls Wyatt and Wyatt tells Steffy he's going to the police station. At the station, Liam picks out the man who entered his house. Wyatt realizes that the man's Reverend Rydell who married him and Steffy. The reverend greets Wyatt while Liam is confused. Wyatt informs Liam that he is the reverend who married them. Wyatt admits that he found him online. Liam believes he could be a fraudulent reverend and rushes off to his house where Steffy is. Liam tells her that if her marriage isn't real, she's free to be with him. Steffy makes clear that her vows to Wyatt were real and the love they share is real. Liam gives her a seashell to remember him. Meanwhile, Bill and Wyatt have Bill's old friend, Emmy, research files about Rydell. She concludes that Wyatt's marriage to Steffy is valid. Steffy returns home to hear the good news and is happy to hear the marriage is valid. Bill warns Liam to back off Steffy and respect Wyatt's marriage.

Wyatt and Liam meet with Bill to discuss business propositions in Bill's office. Liam pitches the idea of taking a portion of Spencer's profits to donate to charities to fix major world issues. Wyatt and Bill both object stating that Spencer Publications is a business and not a charity. Steffy enters the office and she is filled in on the debate. Liam asks if Steffy agrees with him bu she is more or less stuck in the middle. Wyatt states they need money for his future kids with Steffy. Bill and Wyatt don't decide to support Liam's idea. Bill hires a caterer, Marcy, to set up a table of caviar and expensive wine for Wyatt and Steffy which they greatly appreciate. Bill claims they're shining stars in his cloudy life. Wyatt wonders if Bill has any problems which Bill evades answering directly. Marcy states she is a photographer and takes a picture of Steffy eating caviar and is also a model and takes a picture of both of them. Wyatt and Steffy inform Bill how much attention social media attracts. Wyatt persuades Bill and Steffy to market Steffy's face on social media for Spencer Publications, which Steffy agrees to. Liam enters and is filled in but still wants to fund a foundation. Steffy agrees with Liam's idea but Wyatt and Bill still object to it.

Brooke enters Bill's office to tell him that they need to forget their feelings and respect his marriage to Katie. Bill takes Brooke to the back room which used to be his personal gym and is now a private room with a bed and candles. Brooke rambles about how wrong their relationship is but Bill insists one more time. Brooke unlocks the door and tries to leave but Bill pulls her back. Bill makes out with Brooke and they make love on the bed. Afterwards, Liam is surprised to find the room unlocked. He looks around the room and finds an earring on the bed. Liam asks Alison about Bill's new room. Alison lies that Bill's been reading up on magazines about napping and made his own "napping room". Bill returns home to Katie and Will who are baking cookies and joking about starting "Spencer's Cookies!". Bill jokes around with Will and tells Katie how much he appreciates her.

As Katie had suspected the entire time, Bill had began an affair with Brooke. As Brooke was considered the "good girl" in all this, she decided to come out to Katie about the affair. Katie told Brooke that she wishes to have nothing to do with either Brooke or Bill, and that Katie would always think the best of her. Coming home, Katie was shocked to find that Will was missing, and Bill told her that her care is unsafe for Will to be in, due to mental instability and alcoholism. Katie refused to let that happen, and kept Will.

While Bill was trying to seduce Brooke, Katie begins to organize another divorce, but is having second thoughts about it, and wonders whether she should take the wrong in the situation and give Bill another chance. However, Bill has offered a lavish offer to Brooke - she may have Bill's 12.5% of Forrester Creations if she marries him. After a lot of thinking, Brooke accepted his offer, unbeknownst to Katie.

Losing Brooke to Ridge again

In 2016, RJ returns at 16, much to his parents' pleasure. He informs them how he moved here from boarding school to live with them. Therefore, Brooke and Ridge allow him to move back into the Forrester Mansion. However, from the start, RJ encourages his parents to get back together for their family. Brooke informs RJ that she's currently engaged with Bill, much to RJ's dismay. However, the three of them begin to bond through having family dinners and looking through photo albums. Brooke and Ridge start to feel that sentimental spark again. RJ encourages Ridge to try to woo Brooke back for their family. Ridge tries to win back Brooke but Brooke keeps declining. Ridge tells Brooke that she feels obligated to marry Bill to inherit his 12.5% to kick Quinn out of the company. But Brooke feels that she is truly in love with Bill. Ridge takes Brooke to a cliff above the beach. Ridge shows Brooke a giant heart he and RJ made in the sand for her, with their names in it. Brooke feels deeply touched by this and decides to be with Ridge, ending her engagement to Bill. However Bill tells Brooke he'll wait for her, believing her relationship with Ridge, the playboy, won't last.

Marriage to Brooke

Bill finally got Brooke to the altar but fumed when he found Ridge trying to sway Brooke's affections just before the ceremony. Feeling the day was tainted, Bill walked out on Brooke, swearing she would still be Mrs. Spencer one day. Bill agreed to a day of bonding with R.J., teaching the boy to box and showing him a secret bunker filled with guns and money. Bill soon announced to Brooke they were eloping and that she should tell Ridge to back off, but Bill got the surprise of his life when Brooke came back from confronting Ridge only to reveal she was returning to him. A persistent Bill repeatedly insinuated himself into Brooke's life and tried to drive home his point that Ridge was only going to hurt her again.

Bill wanted to build a high-rise on the spot of the old Spectra Fashions building, which had fallen into rack and ruin. Annoyed when its owner, C.J. Garrison, decided to give his cousin, Sally Spectra, a chance to revive the business instead, Bill published a scathing review of Sally's first fashion collection in an attempt to drive her out. Later, Bill attended Liam's wedding to Steffy in Australia, wowed when Steffy zip-lined into the ceremony in front of the Sydney Opera House. But Bill spent most of his time Down Under moping over Brooke's upcoming marriage to Ridge until Bill went for a walk and found Brooke alone on her wedding day, pulling her into a hug.

Sights on Spectra and Caroline's "Illness"

Bill happily accepted Brooke's proposal and readied to swoop in on Spectra Fashions so he could build his skyscraper until Sally's boyfriend, Thomas, invested $100,000 in Spectra and saved the company. Bill licked his wounds by arranging a wedding for Brooke, overjoyed to finally exchange vows with her and honeymoon in Paris. Bill returned home and couldn't believe Katie was being questioned for shooting at Quinn; Bill made jokes about people wanting Quinn dead but apologized to Wyatt for his insensitivity about Wyatt's mother. Bill was unsurprised to learn that Deacon had tried to kill Quinn and refused his request for bail money off-screen. When Caroline came back from an extended trip to New York wanting Thomas back, Bill tried and failed to coerce Thomas to return to her. Realizing tearing Thomas and Sally apart would allow him to also tear down Spectra and finally put up his building, Bill lied to Thomas that Caroline was dying so he would run back into her arms for the sake of their son, Douglas Forrester. Later, Bill let himself into Katie's house to visit Will and found Katie in bed, amused she was hiding a man in her bathroom. Bill wasn't sure what to think when he found a Spencer Publications folder in Katie's living room. With Thomas out of his way, Bill set his sights on Spectra, talking Caroline out of telling Thomas she wasn't sick and ordering Liam to write a new battery acid review about Spectra's latest fashion preview. When Liam confronted him about making up Caroline's illness, Bill threatened to disown him if he didn't get on board. After learning a small electrical fire had broken out during Spectra's preview because of a faulty socket, Bill took Justin's suggestion to capitalize on it and arranged to burn Spectra down. While Bill successfully lied to Caroline about his involvement, he smugly admitted his deed to Liam and menaced him into keeping quiet. Bill didn't realize his second confession was being recorded; when Liam threatened to go to the police if Bill didn't step down as CEO of Spencer Publications, Bill punched Liam in the face.

Burning Down Spectra

With Brooke asking continued questions about his sudden leave of absence, Bill confessed he'd arranged the Spectra fire, which caused Brooke to walk out on him. Bill agreed with Steffy's attempt to broker peace between him and Liam, but when Liam refused to back down, Bill angrily dared Liam to call the cops on him. Bill found himself more appreciative of Steffy, who seemed to be the only family member to offer any real support. Bill blamed Liam for Brooke's desertion and vowed revenge, but limited his actions to hiring a hacker to delete Liam's recording of his confession. Taking his CEO seat back, Bill installed Liam and Wyatt as his equal right-hand men but really made the arrangement so he and Wyatt could vote against Liam to demolish Spectra. Having been told by Justin that Liam and Sally had abandoned their protest sit-in, Bill pushed the button, only to discover in horror that Liam had gone back into the building first.

One Night Stand with Steffy

Bill and Steffy endangered their own safety searching for Liam and Sally in the rubble, eventually saving them; Bill's conciliatory offer to finance Spectra's relocation and new start fell on deaf ears. Learning that Liam had kissed Sally while trapped, Bill told a devastated Steffy that Liam wasn't good enough for her and wound up making love to her. Feeling it had been Steffy all along, Bill arranged to take her away on a romantic trip but went along grudgingly when Steffy declared she was staying with Liam and swore Bill to secrecy about their tryst. Bill sulked to the point of distraction as Liam's newfound appreciation for him grated on him. When Steffy revealed she was pregnant, Bill realized the child could be his and talked Steffy into having a DNA test to be sure. The father was proven to be Liam.

Return to Katie

In May 2019, Shauna shows up at Bill's, pours him a drink, and then sneaks into his bedroom, where she tries to seduce him. Spencer rejects her and confesses that he wants to unite his family. Meanwhile, Katie changes her mind about the proposal, because she believes in the sincerity of her ex-husband's intentions. He also confesses that she put him to the test and she sent Shauna to him. However, Spencer understands her actions. Will is overjoyed to hear that his parents will be getting married again.

In June 2019, when the bride and groom visit Steffy and Liam, Bill again apologizes to them for breaking up their family and marriage. Liam and his father decide to forget the past and try to have a relationship again. Meanwhile, Brooke confesses to Bill about her fears about Thomas having feelings for Hope.

In August 2019, it comes to light that Flo helped fake the death of Beth, who is actually "Phoebe", unwittingly adopted by Steffy. Detective Sanchez arrests Flo, despite Shauna's plea for mercy. The Spencers express their anger at the actions of Thomas, who concealed the truth about Beth so that he could marry Hope. Soon, when Brooke pushes Thomas away from Hope because he was grabbing her, he falls off the cliff at Steffy's house. Ridge accuses his wife of deliberately pushing him when she was just trying to protect her daughter. Bill understands and believes what Brooke says but Ridge does not.

In September 2019, Bill understands when Brooke wants to hold Thomas responsible for his actions in all the things he has done the last several months. Bill proclaims that Thomas will be punished for keeping the secret about Beth. He also warns Ridge that he will not be able to help his son, who is also suspected of causing Emma's death. Brooke lets Bill search Thomas's car and admits she had searched it earlier, but they both don't find any evidence of scratches or dents. Spencer wants to work with Brooke to hold Forrester accountable. She doesn't want to plot with him behind Ridge's back. Meanwhile, the investigation into Emma's death is again discontinued and Flo Logan gets out of jail when Ridge Forrester decided to drop the charges on her because he was scared that during her testimony she would reveal the involvement his son had in the cover up of Beth's identity. Flo tries to win back her family's love, but nobody including Bill and Katie wanted to have anything to do with her. Soon things changed when Katie needed a kidney transplant and Flo was the anonymous donor. When Katie came through her surgery and was deemed okay by the doctors, both Bill and Katie forgave her. Bill was happy that he didn't lose Katie, but he soon destroyed it by kissing Brooke. They both decided to keep this a secret, but Shauna Fulton saw and recorded it and Quinn Fuller, who hated Brooke, played the recording during a family gathering so that Ridge would break Brooke's heart and get together with Shauna. Katie left Bill and he was fought a long time to win her love once again but it never happened.

Crimes and Misdeeds

Maladies and Injuries