Becky Moore Garrison
Becky Moore
Marissa Tait as Becky Moore Garrison †
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Marissa Tait
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 1999-2000
First appearance March 1999
Last appearance June 23, 2000
Family Moore family
Garrison family
Nickname(s) Becky
Gender Female
Died June 23, 2000
Cause of death Cancer
Residence Los Angeles, California (at time of death)
Parents Joe Moore (father)
Tilly Moore (mother)
Spouses C.J. Garrison
Romances Deacon Sharpe
Children Eric Sharpe (son with Deacon)
Grandparents Gertrude Moore (paternal grandmother)
Aunts and
Tawny Moore (aunt)
First cousins Amber Moore (cousin)
April Knight (cousin)
Other relatives Rosie Forrester (daughter of cousin)
Rebecca "Becky" Moore Garrison is Amber Moore's cousin, Eric Sharpe's mother and the late-wife of C.J. Garrison on The Bold and the Beautiful. Becky was portrayed by Marissa Tait.


Becky is the cousin of gold-digger Amber Moore who lived in Paris, France. Becky gave her baby who she didn't want to Amber and her husband Rick Forrester. Once Rick's ex-girlfriend Kimberly Fairchild found out Deacon was the father that and gave a chance for Rick's ex-girlfriend Kimberly to get back. Kimberly flew to France to talk to Becky. Becky told her that Rick and Amber's marriage was a mistake and that Kimberly was the only woman Rick ever really loved. Around this time, CJ Garrison found Becky had cancer. Wanting to make her happy in her final days, CJ married Becky as she died soon after from this illness. Becky wanted CJ and Amber to raise Little Eric together, but Kimberly knowing Rick wasn't Little Eric's father went to confront Amber when her mother Tawny pointed a gun in her face. Kimberly reveiled Amber lead Rick to believe Eric lll was theirs but Deacon Sharpe was actually the father. Deacon came to town and all was revealed and proven, another one of Amber's lies was the final straw for her marriage to Rick. Afterwhich, Amber was engaged to C.J. to keep custody of Little Eric (due to him being Becky's widower), but when Deacon interrupted their wedding ceremony, Amber broke up with C.J. figuring she'd have better odds of Little Eric's custody if she reunited with Rick. Kimberly got Rick back but eventually she pushed him away and right back to Amber.

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