Ashley Abbott
Ashley abbott-0.jpg
Eileen Davidson as Ashley Abbott
The Young and the Restless
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Eileen Davidson
Current status Former, Contract (on B&B)
Current, Contract (on Y&R)
Duration 1982-present (on Y&R)
2007-2008 (on B&B)
First appearance March 9, 2007
Last appearance December 16, 2008
Created by William J. Bell
Family Abbott family
Nickname(s) Ash
Gender Female
Born April 29, 1960
Age 60
Occupation Chemist
Residence The Abbott Mansion
603 Glenwood Drive
Genoa City, Wisconsin
Parents Brent Davis (biological father)
Dina Mergeron (mother)
John Abbott (legal father)
Siblings Jack Abbott (maternal half-brother)
Traci Abbott (maternal half-sister)
Spouses Steven Lassiter (1988)
Victor Newman (1990-1993, 2009)
Blade Bladeson (1994-1995)
Cole Howard (1998-1999)
Brad Carlton (2000-2006)
Tucker McCall (2011-2012)
Romances Rick Bladeson
Kurt Cosner
Tom Fisher
Paul Williams
William Bardwell
Neil Winters
Rick Forrester
Ridge Forrester
Storm Logan
Ben Rayburn
Joe Clark
Children Abby Newman (daughter with Victor Newman)
Grandparents Robert Abbott (legal grandfather)
Aunts and
Ivan Abbott (legal uncle)
Nieces and
Keemo Voilen Abbott (nephew; via Jack)
Kyle Abbott (nephew; via Jack)
Colleen Carlton (niece; via Traci)

Ashley Suzanne Abbott is a former character in The Bold and the Beautiful. She currently stars on The Young and the Restless.

She is portrayed by Eileen Davidson.


Ashley Abbott met Rick Forrester in France while they are both on business trips. Ashley is a chemist and business woman. Much like Rick's mother Brooke who is later her rival. Ashley and Rick have an emotional affair. She then in L.A. works for Forrester Originals as a fragrance designer. Rick and Ashley swore to keep their relationship a secret and Rick then began a relationship with Phoebe Forrester. Ashley gets in a relationship with Ridge Forrester and get engaged. Ridge's became close to his ex-lover Brooke Logan who recently was raped. This causes tensions between Ashley and Ridge. When Ashley took a business trip to Paris, France, Ridge and Brooke reconnect and Ridge breaks off the engagement. Returning to L.A. Ashley doesn't think Brooke and Ridge are getting engaged but Brooke insisted they were. This is when Brooke and Ashley's rivalry began. Ashley told Brooke to pick one man (referring to Brooke's commitment issues and gets involved with everybody). Felicia Forrester (Ridge's half-sister) invited Ashley to Taylor Hayes' (one of Brooke's other enemies for breaking up her and Ridge) baby shower. Brooke later showed up and Ashley bailed not being able to stand the sight of her. Ashley began dating Brooke's brother Storm Logan but dumped him once she found out he shot Ridge's mother Stephanie Forrester (who is Brooke's other enemy for breaking up her and Eric Forrester) which Ridge told her about. Ashley broke it off because she wanted to save her security and Katie Logan (Storm's sister) thinking Storm was going to shoot Ashley took the gun away from him and Katie got shot. Bridget (Brooke and Eric's daughter) told Storm that her aunt Katie would die without a heart transplant so he committed suicide so Katie could have his heart to save her life. Felicia tells Ashley, Forrester Creations new fragrance line would be discontinued. Ashley left L.A. to work at fragrance a Forrester International in Europe, but Ashley later returned to Genoa City to be with her family.

Ashley's final appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful was at Phoebe Forrester's funeral.

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